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GenKY - Local History Files

The Kenton County Public Library maintains a collection of local history vertical files detailing the history of the Northern Kentucky region. Local history files are grouped by subject and include historical information on regional groups, people, places, and events.

Number of Records: 7,801

SubjectFolderSoundexGenKY ID
SubjectFolderSoundexGenKY ID
"Bellefort" Nature RetreatBurlingtonB416210820
"Pap" Fromandi's Beer SaloonLewisburg P653210824
"Soldiers and Sailors Lot" Evergreen CemeteryFort Thomas S436210827
(Terry) Moore HouseHistoric Houses - (Terry) Moore HouseT656210835
100 ClubNightclubsC410342088
101 ClubNightclubsC410342089
1232 ClubNightclubsC410342090
14 Club, Inc.NightclubsC415342091
1600 CafeNightclubsC100342092
1st United Pentecostal Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - First United Pentecostal Church - CovingtonS353210836
21st (S. #609)Covington - Historic PlaquesS320210837
222 ClubNightclubsC410342093
316 ClubNightclubsC410342094
345 ClubNightclubsC410342095
4-HAssociations - 4HH000210770
4-H ClubsAgricultureH241210839
4-H Clubs (Boone Co.)Fairs H241210840
404 ClubNightclubsC410342096
409 Social ClubAssociations - 409 Social ClubS424210838
430 CafeNightclubsC100342097
4th Street BridgeBridges - 4th Street BridgeT236210841
514 ClubNightclubsC410342098
529 ClubNightclubsC410342099
5th Street (East 112)Covington - Historic PlaquesT236210842
5th Street (East 116)Covington - Historic PlaquesT236210843
619 CafeNightclubsC100342100
627 ClubNightclubsC410342101
633 ClubNightclubsC410342102
A-OK Worm FarmBusinesses - CovingtonA265210935
A. L. Greer HouseHistoric Houses - A. L. Greer HouseA426467203
A.A.R.P.Associations - A.A.R.P.A610210844
A.G. Simrall & Co.Businesses - CovingtonA256210846
A.J. Jolly ParkParks - A.J. Jolly County Park (Heritage Village)A241210847
A.J. Jolly ParkParks - Campbell CountyA241210848
AA HighwayHighways - Double AA200210849
Abbott, DorothyBiography - Abbott, DorothyA130215471
Abbott, Edward F.Biography - Abbott, Edward F.A130215472
ABC Chili ParlorNightclubsA124342103
Abele, Melchoir State RepresentatiiveChurches, Catholic - Mother of GodA140215473
Abeln, Paul (Rev.)Churches, Catholic - Saint AugustineA145215474
AbortionAssociations - Northern Kentucky Right to Life CommitteeA163210852
AccountantsBiography - Mohr, Mackey McNeilA253210853
Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)Biography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)A265215475
Act For CovingtonCovington Business CouncilA231210854
ActorsBiography - Curtis, DickA236210855
ActorsBiography - Starling, PatA236210857
ActorsBiography - Power, TyroneA236210856
Adams, AaronGrant County - HistoryA352215476
Adams, Samuel W.ErlangerA352215480
Adams, Charles S.Biography - Adams, Charles S.A352215477
Adams, Samuel W.Biography - Adams, Samuel W.A352215479
Adams, FentonBiography - Adams, FentonA352215478
Adapt ProgramAssociations - Adapt ProgramA313210858
Adapt With the Senior TimesHealth ServicesA313210859
AddvisorNorthern Kentucky Area Development DistrictA312210860
Ader, Frank G.Biography - Ader, Frank G.A360215481
Adlin, MoragNorthern Kentucky Area Development DistrictA345215482
AdoptionAssociations - RSVPA313210862
AdvocateAssociations - Women's Crisis CenterA312210864
Aeschbacher, TinaBiography - Aeschbacher, TinaA212215483
African MethodistChurches, Protestant - Saint Paul A.M.E. - NewportA162210866
African MethodistChurches, Protestant - Saint James A.M.E. - CovingtonA162210865
Afro-AmericansBiography - Howard, Benjamin F.A165210867
AgedHealth ServicesA230210868
Aging ServicesBiography - Colston, RitaA252210869
Agle, Lawrence E. (Larry)Urban Planning - Model CitiesA240215484
Agricultural Extension Service - Boone CountyAgricultureA262210870
Agricultural Society of Campbell CountyAlexandria A262210871
Agriculture - Boone CountyBoone County - HistoryA262210873
Agriculture - Kenton CountyAgricultureA262210874
Agriculture - Kenton CountyKenton County - DescriptionA262210875
Agricultureal Extension Service - Boone CountyBoone County - History A262210876
Ahern, CorneliusChurches, Catholic - Saint PaulA650215485
Ahlerling, George H.Biography - Ahlerling, GeorgeA464215486
Ahmann, I.M. (Rev.)Churches, Catholic - Saint AloysiusA500215487
Aids EducatorHealth ServicesA323210878
Aids Volunteers of Northern KentuckyAssociations - AIDS Volunteers of Northern KentuckyA321210879
Air QualityIndustry - Filon-SilmarA624210880
Air ShowsAviationA620210881
Airplane CrashesAirplane CrashesA614210882
Airports (Suggested) - Kenton CountyKenton County - DescriptionA616210891
Airports - Boone CountyAirports - Greater Cincinnati AirportA616210884
Airports - Greater Cincinnati AirportAirports - Greater Cincinnati Airport - Annual ReportsA616210886
Airports - Greater Cincinnati AirportBoone County - HistoryA616210888
Airports - Greater Cincinnati AirportBoone County - DescriptionA616210887
Airports - Greater Cincinnati AirportAirports - Greater Cincinnati AirportA616210885
Airports - KentonAirports - Kenton CountyA616210889
Airports - Lunken Airport (Cincinnati)Airports - Greater Cincinnati AirportA616210890
Akers, John FarrisAssociations - Kenton County Boys ClubA262215489
Akers, GaryBiography - Akers, GaryA262215488
Al Schenider BridgeBridges - Al Schenider BridgeA425210892
Al's CafeNightclubsA421342107
Alban Wolff PrintingBusinesses - Wolff PrintingA415210893
Albiez, L.Biography - Albiez, L.A412215490
Albright, A.D.Biography - Albright, A.D.A416215491
Albro, HarrietHistoric Houses - Albro HouseA416215492
Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Northern Kentucky IncAlcohol and Other Drugs Council of Northern Kentucky Inc.A424210894
AlcoholismAssociations - TransitionsA424210895
Aldemeyer, Robert B.Biography - Aldemeyer, Robert B.A435220628
Aldemeyer, Robert B.Biography - Aldemeyer, Robert B.A435215493
Aleikum TempleAssociations - Aleikum TempleA425210896
Alerding's CafeNightclubsA463342104
AlexandriaAlexandria A425210897
Alexandria CemeteryAlexandria A425210898
Alexandria FairAlexandria A425210899
Alexandria FairFairs A425210900
Alexandria Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Alexandria MethodistA425210901
Alford, Thomas A.Biography - Alford, Thomas A.A416215494
Alfred Mathers Church OrganChurches, Protestant - Madison Avenue BaptistA416210903
Alibi ClubNightclubsA412342105
All Nation Temple - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - All Nation Temple, CovingtonA453210904
All Saints Church - WaltonWalton A425210905
All Saints Church - WaltonChurches, Catholic - All Saints - WaltonA425210906
Allen, Robert S.Biography - Allen, Robert S.A450215496
Allen, PaulBiography - Allen, PaulA450215495
Allen, WarnerBiography - Allen, WarnerA450260277
Allender, ToniBiography - Allender, ToniA453215497
Alliance Primary CareHospitalsA452220587
Allingham's CafeNightclubsA452342106
Allison, JohnBiographyA425215459
Allison & Rose Funeral HomeFuneral Homes - Allison & RoseA425210907
Alumni MagazineColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University A452210908
American Association of Retired PeopleAssociations - A.A.R.P.A562210909
American Automobile Association - CovingtonAssociations - American Automobile Association - CovingtonA562210910
American Business Women's AssociationAssociations - American Business Women's AssociationA562210911
American Cancer SocietyAssociations - American Cancer SocietyA562210912
American Citizen LeagueAssociations - American Citizens LeagueA562210913
American Diabetes AssociationAssociations - American Diabetes AssociationA562210914
American LegionAssociations - American LegionA562210915
American Legion (Edgar B. Ritchie)Ludlow A562210916
American Legion (Newport)NightclubsA562342108
American Legion AuxilliaryLudlow A562210917
American Legion HomeNightclubsA562342109
American Legion Latonia Post 203NightclubsA562342110
American Legion PostNightclubsA562342111
American National BankBanks - American National BankA562210918
American National BankNewportA562210919
American Red CrossAssociations - American Red CrossA562210920
American TurnerbundAssociations - Covington TurnersA562210921
American Typewriter ExchangeBusinesses - American Typewriter ExchangeA562210922
Amnesty InternationalAssociations - Amnesty InternationalA523210923
Amphibians of KentuckyAssociations - Baker-Hunt FoundationA515210924
Amsterdam RoadStreets A523210925
Amsterdam VillageCrescent SpringsA523210926
AnagramHistoric Districts - Covington - AustinburgA526210927
Ananian, MichaelBiography - Ananian, MichaelA500215498
Anchor GrillNightclubsA526342112
Anchor Tobacco WorksBusinesses - Covington A526210928
Anderson, KenBiographyA536215501
Anderson, JacobBiography - Anderson, JacobA536215499
Anderson, JoeBiography - Anderson, JoeA536215500
Anderson, JoeSports - BoxingA536215453
Anderson FerryFerriesA536210929
Andrews, Michael L. (Mike)Associations - Nature ConservancyA536215503
Andrews, FrederickBiography - Andrews, FrederickA536215502
Andrews, Michael L. (Mike)Biography - Andrews, Michael L.A536215504
Angel, VeraBiography - Angel, VeraA524215505
Animal SheltersBiography - Rominger, AlineA542210931
Animal SheltersAnimal SheltersA542210930
Annexations, MunicipalMergersA523215507
Annexations, Municipal - Bromley - LuldowCourthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonA523215508
Annexations, Municipal - FlorenceAnnexation - FlorenceA523215506
Annexations, Municipal - ElsmereAnnexation A523215511
Annexations, Municipal - Bullock PenAnnexationA523215509
Annexations, Municipal - CovingtonAnnexation A523215510
Annexations, Municipal - ErlangerAnnexation A523215512
Annexations, Municipal - IndependenceIndependenceA523215513
Annexations, Municipal - Kenton HillsAnnexationA523215514
Annexations, Municipal - LudlowLudlow A523215515
Annexations, Municipal - Taylor MillBiography - Wichmann, LawrenceA523215516
Anshutz, Thomas PollackBiography - Anshutz, Thomas PollackA523215517
Ante, RobertBiography - Ante, RobertA530215518
Anti-Saloon LeagueAssociations - Anti-Saloon LeagueA532210934
Apostolic ChurchLudlowA123210937
Aquariums - Oceanic Adventures - NewportAquariums - Oceanic Adventures - NewportA265210940
Arbegust, CharlesBiography - Arbegust, CharlesA612215519
Arcaro, EddieBiography - Arcaro, EddieA626215520
Arcaro's RestaurantNightclubsA626342113
Arcaro's Restaurant & BarGamblingA626210942
ArcarosRestaurants A626210941
Archaeology - Boone CountyArchaeologyA624210944
Archaeology - Campbell CountyArchaeologyA624210945
ArchitectsBusinesses - Bankemper ArchitectsA623210948
ArchitectsBiography - Hayes, Robert E. A623210947
ArchitectsAssociations - Northern Kentucky Chapter of the A.I.A.A623210946
Architectural Iron WorksBiography - Buecker, H.F.A623210949
ArchitectureUnited StatesA623210951
Architecture - ChurchesChurches, Jewish A623210953
Architecture - ChurchesChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionA623210952
Architecture - Greek RivivalHistoric Houses - General James Taylor Mansion A623210954
Architecture - Italian VillaMount Saint Martin A623210955
Architecture - Northern KentuckyArchitectureA623210956
Architecture - Northern KentuckyBiography - Hayes, Robert E. A623210957
Architecture - Northern KentuckyHistoric Houses - Carneal HouseA623210958
Architecture - Northern KentuckyHistoric Houses - General James Taylor Mansion A623210960
Architecture - Northern KentuckyHistoric Houses - Elmwood Hall A623210959
Aring NewsletterAssociations - Beech AcresA652210961
Arkansaw TravelerBiography - Faulkner, SandyA625210962
Arkansaw TravelerBiography - Tosso, JoeA625210963
Arlinghaus, SteveBiography - Arlinghaus, SteveA645215521
Armbruster, H.O.Garden of HopeA651215522
Armed ForcesBiographyA653210964
Armistice DayWorld War IA652210965
Armour, Walter E. "Gene"Biography - Armour, Walter E. "Gene"A656220631
Armour, EugeneBiography - Armour, EugeneA656215523
Arnett, EdgarBiography - Arnett, EdgarA653215524
Arnett, Louis Wagner - State RepresentativeBiographyA653215525
Arnold, James GrimsleyCovington - HistoryA654215526
Arnold, JeanBiography - Arnold, JeanA654215527
Arnold, WilliamGrant County - History A654215528
Arnzen, BobRestaurants A652215529
Art ExhibitsArt ExhibitsA632508214
Art GalleriesArt GalleriesA632260241
Art Schools - Duveneck School (Proposed)Biography - DuveneckA632210966
Art TileIndustry - Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Co.A634210967
Art TileIndustry - Latonia Tile Co.A634210968
Art TilePottery - Kenton Hills Porcelain Co.A634210969
Arthur, William E.Biography - Arthur, William E.A636215530
Arthur, William EvansApartments A636215531
Arthur, William EvansCemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryA636215532
Arthur ApartmentsApartments A636210970
Arthur ApartmentsRestaurants - CovingtonA636210971
ArtifactsMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumA631210972
ArtifactsMuseums - Behringer-CrawfordA631220577
ArtistsBiography - Gibeau, BlaineA632210988
ArtistsBiography - Brothers, DarrellA632210976
ArtistsBiography - Buck, KenA632210902
ArtistsBiography - Gibeau, ArleneA632210987
ArtistsBiography - Gaither, TomA632210986
ArtistsBiography - Wessel, Bessie HooverA632211002
ArtistsBiography - Williams, CarolineA632211003
ArtistsBiography - Page, KenA632211001
ArtistsBiography - Leon, JohnA632210996
ArtistsBiography - McLaughlin, CharlesA632210997
ArtistsBiography - Burkhardt, RayA632210978
ArtistsBiography - Bunning, Mary TheisA632210977
ArtistsBiography - Christenson, FabienneA632210979
ArtistsBiography - Hazelwood, DuncanA632210990
ArtistsBiography - Davis, Andrew BarnettA632210980
ArtistsBiography - Frankenstein, GodfreyA632210985
ArtistsBiography - Dine, JimA632210982
ArtistsBiography - Doll, Gertrude DormanA632210983
ArtistsBiography - DuveneckA632210984
ArtistsBiography - Devney, George R.A632210981
ArtistsBiography - Witt, SamA632211004
ArtistsBiography - Kukla, CynthiaA632210994
ArtistsBiography - Lee, Young HiA632210995
ArtistsBiography - Michaels, RicciA632210998
ArtistsBiography - Neumeister, Donald H. Sr.A632211000
ArtistsBiography - Mitchell, MonicaA632210999
ArtistsBiography - Ananian, MichaelA632210973
ArtistsBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterA632210974
ArtistsBiography - Bombach, WalterA632210975
ArtistsBiography - Jowaisas, NealA632210993
ArtistsBiography - Gierosky, Elizabeth GoshornA632210989
ArtistsBiography - Jaquish, Peter D.A632210992
ArtistsBiography - Hopkins, George EdwardA632210991
ArtistsBiography - Waite, Charles W.A632211005
Artists - Beatrice, BarbaraBiography - Beatrice, BarbaraA632215533
Artists - Driesbach, WalterBiography - Beatrice, BarbaraA632215534
Artists - Steele, MarleneBiography - Steele, MarleneA632215535
Artists - Venables, John W.Biography - Venables, John W.A632215536
ArtsAlso - CultureA632211006
ArtsColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University - Art & DramaA632211007
Arts & Sciences VistaColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University A632211009
Arts - Carnegie Arts CenterAssociations - Northern Kentucky Arts CouncilA632211008
Arts Council - Northern KentuckyAssociations - Northern Kentucky Arts CouncilA632211010
Asbury, JosephineBiography - Asbury, JosephineA216260293
Asbury United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Asbury United Methodist ChurchA216211011
Ascent at Roebling's BridgeHousingA253260239
Ashland Avenue Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Ashland Avenue Baptist ChurchA245211012
Ashland Inc.Ashland Inc.A245260285
Ashley, SusanNorthern Kentucky Area Development District A240215537
AssociationsAlso - UnionsA235211013
AssociationsCovington Community CenterA235211014
AssociationsWhite VillaA235211015
Astles, JohnBiography - Astles, JohnA234215538
At WorkUnited WayA362211016
Athey, Robert A. - Mayor - CovingtonMayors - CovingtonA300215540
Athey, Robert A.Biography - Athey, Robert A.A300215539
AthletesBiography - Ruehl, BeckyA343211017
Atkinson, Mildred M.Biography - Atkinson, Mildred M. (Mrs. Glenn)A325215541
ATs CottageNightclubsA323342114
Attic GalleryAttic GalleryA324211019
AttorneysBiography - Perkins, George GilpinA365211021
AttorneysLawyers - Strauss & TroyA365211022
AttorneysBiography - Edmondson, GarryA365211020
Attorneys - (Kenton Co.) Named (1899)Courthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonA365211023
Attorneys - (Kenton Co.) Named (1899)Covington - HistoryA365211024
Attorneys - Campbell CountyAttorneysA365211025
AtwoodKenton County - HistoryA300211026
Auction Houses - Sandford & Hall (Est. 1878)Businesses - Covington A235211027
Auction Houses - T.W. Sandford & Co. (Est. 1880)Businesses - Covington A235211028
Audubon, John J.Biography - Audubon, John J.A315215542
Auge, RogerBiography - Auge, RogerA200215543
Augur's CafeNightclubsA262342115
AustinburgKenton County - HistoryA235211033
AustinburgHistoric Districts - Covington - AustinburgA235211032
Austinburg Neighborhood AssociationAssociations - Austinburg Neighborhood AssociationA235211034
AuthorsBiography - Guilfoile, ElizabethA362211038
AuthorsBiography - Mathews, JillA362211039
AuthorsBiography - Bronner, MiltonA362211036
AuthorsBiography - McNamara, MaryA362211040
AuthorsBiography - Messick, HankA362211041
AuthorsBiography - Schulkers, Robert F.A362211043
AuthorsBiography - Ross, George HamlinA362211042
AuthorsBiography - Still, JamesA362211044
AuthorsBiography - Williams, Iva A362211045
AuthorsBiography - Wiseman, RuthA362211046
AuthorsBiography - Wolff, RuthA362211047
AuthorsBiography - Berry, WendellA362211035
AuthorsBiography - Fitzgerald, AnneA362211037
Authors - Gaither, TomBiography - Gaither, TomA362215544
Authors - Minogue, Anna C.Biography - Minogue, Anna C.A362215545
Automobile RepairBusinesses - B&B Tire and BatteryA351211048
AVANKAssociations - AIDS Volunteers of Northern KentuckyA152211050
AVANK AdvocateAssociations - AIDS Volunteers of Northern KentuckyA152211051
Avenue ClubNightclubsA152342116
Averdick, MikeBiography - Averdick, MikeA163215550
Averdick, H.G. (Dr.)Biography - Averdick, James A.A163215546
Averdick, James Andrew (Dr.)Biography - Averdick, James A.A163215549
Averdick, James A.Biography - Averdick, James A.A163215547
Averdick, James Andrew (Dr.)BiographyA163215548
Aylor, Earl M.Biography - Aylor, Earl M.A460215552
Aylor, BillBiography - Aylor, BillA460215551
Aylward, KernBiography - Aylward, KernA463215553
B&B Tire and BatteryBusinesses - B&B Tire and BatteryB365211053
B. & G. Bar and GrillNightclubsB216342117
Back HolmesSchools, Public - Holmes High SchoolB245211054
Baesler, ScottyBiography - Baesler, ScottyB246215554
Bailey, William S.Biography - Bailey, William ShreveB400215559
Bailey, Clay WadeBridgesB400215556
Bailey, ElizabethInstitutions - Home For Aged & Indigent WomenB400215558
Bailey, Clay WadeBridges - Clay Wade Bailey BridgeB400215557
Bailey, Clay WadeBiography - Bailey, Clay WadeB400215555
Bailor, Joseph (Tailor)Businesses - Covington B460215560
Baker, MikeBiography - Baker, MikeB260215566
Baker, Leander EvansMayors - CovingtonB260215565
Baker, BenBiography - Baker, BenB260215561
Baker, John W.Churches, Protestant - Trinity EpiscopalB260215563
Baker, Leander EvansBiography - Baker, Leander EvansB260215564
Baker, Richard TarvinHistoric Houses - Baker HouseB260215567
Baker, HarryCrescent Springs B260215562
Baker, W.H. (First Pres. Erlanger Deposit Bank)ErlangerB260215568
Baker Hunt Art & Cultural CenterAssociations - Baker-Hunt FoundationB265211055
Baker-Hunt FoundationAssociations - Baker-Hunt FoundationB265211056
Baker-Hunt Foundation NewsletterAssociations - Baker-Hunt FoundationB265211057
BakeriesBusinesses - Vogelmann BakeryB262211058
Bakeries - Charles Leininger (Founded 1873)Businesses - Newport B262211059
Bakeries - Covington Vienna Bakery & Confectionery (Founded 1885)Businesses - CovingtonB262211060
Bakeries - Michele Grau (Est. 1868)Businesses - Newport B262211061
Bakeries - Mrs. Emma Flander "Home-Made Bakery"Businesses - Covington B262211062
Bakeries - Mrs. Mary Vesper (Founded 1873)Businesses - Newport B262211063
Bakers' ClubAssociations - Northern Kentucky Bakers' ClubB262211064
BakewellStreets B240211065
Bamberger, JerryBiography - Bamberger, JerryB516215569
Bandler, Anne LeeBiography - Patterson, Anne LeeB534215570
Bands (Music)Bands (Music)B532211070
Bands (Music)Associations - Northern Kentucky Band Director's AssociationB532211069
Bank of BurlingtonBanks - Boone CountyB521211071
Bank of DaytonDaytonB521211072
Bank of IndependenceBanks - Peoples LibertyB521211073
Bank of KentuckyBanks B521211074
Bank of the CommonwealthBanks B521211075
Bank of the United StatesKenton County - HistoryB521211076
Banklick Woods ParkParks - Banklick WoodsB524211077
Banks, DennisSobriety Pow WowB520215572
Banks, DennisBiography - Banks, DennisB520215571
Banks - Boone CountyBoone County - History B521211079
Banks - NewportBanks - Newport B525211080
Baptisms - St. John's Lutheran ChurchChurches, Protestant - Saint John's Lutheran ChurchB325211081
Baptist Children's HomeInstitutions - Independence Baptist Children's HomeB323211082
Baptist Convalescent CenterInstitutions - Baptist Convalescent CenterB323211083
Baptist Home of Northern KentuckyInstitutions - Baptist Convalescent CenterB323211084
Bar CafeNightclubsB621342118
Barbara Beatrice Art StudioBiography - Beatrice, BarbaraB616211085
BarbersBiography - Judd, Kenneth "Buck"B616211086
Barbers - LudlowLudlow B616211088
BarleycornsRestaurants B642211090
Barnes, JohnBiography - Barnes, JohnB652215573
Barnhorn, Clement J.Biography - Barnhorn, Clement J.B656215574
Barnhorn, Clement J.Biography - DuveneckB656215575
Barnhorn, Clement J.Churches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionB656215576
Barnum, P.T.Ludlow B650215577
Barr, John W.Biography - Barr, John W.B600215578
Bars & BarroomsBars & BarroomsB621211091
Barth, BobBiography - Barth, BobB630215579
Bartle, JohnCampbell County - HistoryB634215581
Bartle, JohnBiography - Bartle, JohnB634215580
Bartleson, PeterBiography - Bartleson, PeterB634215582
Bartlett, GregBiography - Bartlett, GregB634215583
BaseballBiography - Camnitz, Samuel Howard "Howie"B214211092
BaseballBiography - Weaver, James "Big Jim"B214211093
BaseballSports - Baseball/SoftballB214211094
Baseball (A.H. Tarvin)Biography - Tarvin FamilyB214211096
Baseball - Ludlow White SoxMiscellanyB214211095
Baseball/SoftballSports - Baseball/SoftballB214211098
Baseball/SoftballLudlow B214211099
Baseball/SoftballWillow RunB214211100
Baseball/SoftballCrescent Springs B214211097
BasketballSports - BasketballB231211103
BasketballBiography - Cowens, DaveB231211101
BasketballBiography - Wooden, JohnB231211102
Basketball (Girls)Crescent Springs B231211105
Basketball - LudlowSchools, Public - LudlowB231211104
BatesBiography - BatesB320211106
Bates, John W.Biography - BatesB320215585
Bates, Charles N.Biography - BatesB320215584
Battaglia BrothersBusinessesB324211107
Bauer, GaryBiography - Bauer, GaryB600215586
Baueries CafeNightclubsB621342119
Baumeister, Bernard (Rev.) - Pastor - St. StephenChurches, Catholic - Saint Stephen's ChurchB523215587
Bavarian Beneficial SocietyAssociations - Bavarian Beneficial SocietyB651211108
Bavarian Brewing Co.Biography - Meyer, John G. (Dr.)B651211109
Bavarian Brewing Co.Businesses - Covington B651211110
Bayless, John Clark (Rev.)Churches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonB420215589
Bayless, John C.Biography - Bayless, John C.B420215588
BB RiverboatsSteamboatsB616211111
Be ConcernedAssociations - Be ConcernedB252211112
Beach, George T. Mayor - CovingtonMayors - CovingtonB200215592
Beach, George T.Biography - Beach, George T.B200215591
Beach, George J.Biography - Beach, George T.B200215590
Beaches - DaytonDaytonB235211114
Beaches - LudlowLudlow B243211115
Beacon InnNightclubsB250342120
Beagle, RayBiography - Beagle, RayB240215593
Bear Cat DenWalton B623211116
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts of AmericaBridgesB630215596
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts of AmericaBiographyB630215594
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts of AmericaBridges - Daniel Carter Beard BridgeB630215597
Beard, James Henry - Father of Dan BeardHistoric Houses - Beard HouseB630215601
Beard, James Henry - Father of Dan BeardBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterB630215600
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts of AmericaHistoric Houses - Beard HouseB630215598
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts of AmericaBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterB630215595
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder, Boy Scouts of AmericaKenton County - Description B630215599
Bearden's PlaceNightclubsB635342121
Beatrice, BarbaraBiography - Beatrice, BarbaraB362215602
Beatty, John L. (Capt.)BiographyB300215603
Beaume FamilyBiography - Power, TyroneB515211118
BeauticiansBiography - Clifton, ShariB325211119
Beauty PageantsBiography - Patterson, Anne LeeB312211120
Bed and BreakfastsBed and BreakfastsB353211121
Bedford, Walter J.RUrban Planning - Model Cities B316215604
Bedinger, Hanna - Named ErlangerErlangerB352215607
Bedinger, George M.Kenton County - HistoryB352215606
Bedinger, George M.ErlangerB352215605
Beech AcresAssociations - Beech AcresB262211122
Beehan, TomBiography - Beehan, TomB500215608
Beer Barrel TavernRestaurants B616211124
Beer BottlersBreweriesB613211125
Beer Bottlers - Dueppe & Co. (Est. 1879)Businesses - Covington B613211126
Behan, BillAssociations - Kenton County Boys Club B500215609
Behler, Mary PatBiography - Behler, Mary PatB460215610
Behringer, WilliamMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumB652215611
Behrman FamilyBiography - Burman, Ben LucienB651211127
Beierle, DorisBiography - Beierle, DorisB640215612
Beirne, KenBiography - Beirne, KenB650215613
Beiting, Edward J. Jr.Fort Thomas B352215614
Beiting, Edward J. Jr.Institutions - Diocesan Catholic Children's HomeB352215615
Belew, AdrianBiography - Belew, AdrianB400215617
Belew, AdrianBiographyB400215616
Bell, DonBiography - Bell, DonB400215618
Bell, William C.Historic Houses - Beard HouseB400215619
BelleviewCampbell County - HistoryB410211129
Belleview (Grant)Boone County - History B412211130
Belleview Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Belleview BaptistB413211131
Belleview CemeteryCemeteries - Boone CountyB412211132
BellevueHistoric Districts - Bellevue - Fairfield Ave.B410211134
BellevueHistoric Houses - Foote-Fister MansionB410211136
BellevueHistoric Districts - Bellevue - Taylor's DaughtersB410211135
Bellevue High SchoolSchools, Public - Bellevue High SchoolB412220638
Bellevue Veterans ClubAssociations - Veterans ClubsB413220642
Bellevue VetsInstitutions - Campbell LodgeB413211137
BellsCourthouses - Boone County B420211139
BellsChurches, Catholic - Sacred HeartB420211138
Belmont ClubNightclubsB453342122
Belt, John W.Biography - Belt, John W.B430215620
BenedictinismMonte Casino B532211140
Benham, RobertCampbell County - HistoryB500215621
Benjamin Leathers (First Bank)BanksB525211141
Benjamin Leathers (First Bank)Covington - History - Founding B525211142
Benjamin Stephens HomeHistoric Houses - Benjamin Stephens HomeB525467202
Bennedorf & Co.Insurance Companies - Bennedorf & Co.B536211143
Bennett, John - State SenatorCemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryB530215622
Bennett, PhilAssociations - Kenton County Boys ClubB530215623
BensonsBusinesses - BensonsB525211144
Benton, Mortimer Murray - First Mayor of CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Trinity EpiscopalB535215626
Benton, Mortimer Murray - First Mayor of CovingtonBiography - Benton, Mortimer MurrayB535215624
Benton, Mortimer Murray - First Mayor of CovingtonMayors - CovingtonB535215629
Benton, Mortimer Murray - First Mayor of CovingtonCemeteries - Highland CemeteryB535215625
Benton, Mortimer Murray - First Mayor of CovingtonCovington - HistoryB535215628
Benton, Mortimer Murray - First Mayor of CovingtonCovington - CentennialB535215627
Benton & BonarWalton B535211145
Berean Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Berean Baptist Church - IndependenceB651211146
Berean Baptist ChurchIndependenceB651211147
Berean Baptist Church - IndependenceChurches, Protestant - Berean Baptist Church - IndependenceB651211148
Bergen, EdgarNorthern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau B625215631
Bergen, EdgarMuseums - Vent Haven B625215630
Berger, William ShakespearIndustry - Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Co.B626215632
Berger, William ShakespearMuseums - Vent Haven B626215633
Berger, William ShakespeareBiography - Berger, William S. B626215634
Berling & Schulte Modern Food MarketBusinesses - Berling & Schulte Modern Food MarketB645211149
Berndt & BerkemeyerBusinesses - B&B Tire and BatteryB653211150
Bernstein, Ben & ShirleyBiographyB652215454
Bernstein, BenBiography - Bernstein, BenB652215635
Bernstein, ShirleyBiography - Bernstein, BenB652215636
Berry, Albert S.Biography - Berry, A.S.B600215637
Berry, Albert S. - Mayor - Newport, State Senator, U.S. RepresentativeCivil War B600215638
Berry, Nicholas R.Biography - Berry, Nicholas R.B600215639
Berry, R.L.Biography - Berry, A.S.B600215640
Berry, Washington & AliceBiography - Berry, Washington & AliceB600215641
Berry, Washington J. & AliceCampbell County - HistoryB600215642
Berry, Washington J. & AliceCemeteries - Campbell CountyB600215643
Berry, Washington J. & AliceDaytonB600215644
Berry, WendellBiography - Berry, WendellB600215645
Bertelsman, Willilam O.Biography - Bertelsman, William O.B634215646
Best, RuthBiography - Best, RuthB230215648
Best, Benjamin D.Biography - Best, Benjamin D.B230215647
Bethany Lutheran ChurchChurches, GermanB354211151
Bethel, William E.Businesses - Covington B340215649
Bethel CemeteryCemeteries - Mason CountyB342211152
Bettie Carter Morgan ClubAssociations - Bettie Carter Morgan ClubB326211153
Betty and Red's TavernNightclubsB353342123
Betz CafeNightclubsB321342124
Beuttel, WilliamBiography - Beuttel, William Jr.B340215650
Beuttel, William Jr. - Mayor - CovingtonBiography - Beuttel, William Jr.B340215651
Beuttel, William Jr. - Mayor - CovingtonMayors - CovingtonB340215652
Beverly Hills C. C.NightclubsB642342125
Beverly Hills Land ProposalsCampbell County - HistoryB642211154
Beverly Hills Supper ClubCampbell County - HistoryB642211155
Beverly Hills Supper ClubFires - Beverly HillsB642211156
Bib Bone Lick AssociationParks - Big Bone LickB542211157
Bicentennial - KentuckyBicentennial - KentuckyB253211158
Bicentennial - NewportNewport - BicentennialB253211159
Bicycle Race - 1982SportsB246211160
Bicycle TrailParks - Banklick WoodsB243211161
Bide-a-Wee InnNightclubsB350342126
Bierman, EarlCrime & Criminals - Bierman, EarlB650215653
Big Bone Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB215211163
Big Bone Baptist ChurchBoone County - Description B215211162
Big Bone LandingBig Bone LandingB215211164
Big Bone Lick State ParkBoone County - DescriptionB215211165
Big Bone Lick State ParkHistoric SitesB215211168
Big Bone Lick State ParkCampbell County - HistoryB215211167
Big Bone Lick State ParkParks - Big Bone LickB215211169
Big Bone Lick State ParkBoone County - HistoryB215211166
Big Bone Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Big Bone MethodistB215211170
Bill Deters TavernRestaurants B436211171
Bingham, EulaBiography - Bingham, EulaB525215654
BingoAssociations - ElksB520211172
Bintz SiteArchaeologyB532211173
Biography - ABiography - AB261211174
Biography - BBiography - BB261211175
Biography - CBiography - CB261211176
Biography - DBiography - DB261211177
Biography - EBiography - EB261211178
Biography - FBiography - FB261211179
Biography - GBiography - GB261211180
Biography - Gillham, CharlesBiography - Gillham, Charles585728
Biography - HBiography - HB261211181
Biography - Hannigan, Atlantic OceanBiography - Hannigan, Atlantic Ocean607365
Biography - JBiography - JB261211182
Biography - KBiography - KB261211183
Biography - LBiography - LB261211184
Biography - NBiography - NB261211185
Biography - OBiography - OB261211186
Biography - SBiography - SB261211187
Biography - Summers, Jane Roberta Whatley "Janie"Biography - Summers, Jane Roberta Whatley "Janie"B420211222
Biography - TBiography - TB261211188
Biography - VBiography - VB261211189
Biography - WBiography - WB261211190
Biography - ZBiography - ZB261211191
Bird, AtwoodAtwoodB630215655
Bird, Thomas (Dr.)Churches, Protestant - Trinity EpiscopalB630215656
Birds of KentuckyBirds of Kentucky365787
Birkett's CafeNightclubsB623342127
Birth Mothers SharingAssociations - Birth Mothers SharingB635211192
Bishop, CatholicBiography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)B210215657
Bishop, Catholic - Muench, RobertBiography - Muench, Robert (Bishop)B210215658
Bishop's Plat (Subdivision)Churches, Jewish B212211198
BishopsBiography - Hughes, William (Bishop)B212211194
BishopsBiography - Lamy, John BaptistB212211195
BishopsBiography - Carrell, George (Bishop)B212211193
BishopsBiography - Mulloy, William T. (Bishop)B212211196
BishopsBiography - Toebbe, Augustus MaryB212211197
Bissinger CandyBusinesses - Newport B252211199
Black, KevinBiography - Black, KevinB420215662
Black, BarbBiography - Black, BarbB420215465
Black, BradyBiographyB420215659
Black, BradyBiography - Black, BradyB420215660
Black, Isaac E.Biography - Black, Isaac E.B420215661
Black Hall of FameBiography - Howard, Benjamin F.B424211200
Blackburn, J.M.Biography - Blackburn, J.M.B421215663
Blackburn, William B. (Rev.)Biography - Blackburn, William B. (Rev.)B421215664
BlacksBiography - Kelly, A.D. B420211216
BlacksBiography - Lightfoot, GeorgeB420211217
BlacksBiography - Howard, Benjamin F.B420211214
BlacksAssociations - Aleikum TempleB420211201
BlacksAssociations - N.A.A.C.P.B420211202
BlacksBiography - Washington, AnnaB420211223
BlacksChurches, Protestant - First Baptist - ErlangerB420211224
BlacksBiography - Garner, MargaretB420211210
BlacksChurches, Protestant - First Born Church of the Living GodB420211225
BlacksChurches, Protestant - Robbins Street Christian ChurchB420211226
BlacksBiography - Jones, FredB420211215
BlacksChurches, Protestant - Saint Paul A.M.E. - NewportB420211227
BlacksCivil War B420211228
BlacksBiography - Murphy, Isaac BurnsB420211219
BlacksBiography - Gaines, Wallace ArkansasB420211209
BlacksBiography - Haggard, CharlesB420211211
BlacksBiography - Payne, William HermanB420211220
BlacksBiography - Merry, Henry RaymondB420211218
BlacksBiography - Davis, Kathryn G.B420211208
BlacksBiography - Black, Isaac E.B420211205
BlacksAssociations - Prince Hall Grand LodgeB420211204
BlacksBiography - Blackburn, William B. (Rev.)B420211206
BlacksBiography - Hill, JackB420211213
BlacksBiography - Hargraves, Annie (Mrs.)B420211212
BlacksBiography - Bradley, JamesB420211207
BlacksAssociations - Northern Kentucky African American Heritage Task ForceB420211203
BlacksBiography - Smith, MarvinB420211221
Blacks - HistoryBlacks - HistoryB423211230
Blacks - SchoolsSchools - BlacksB424211231
Blacksmith Shops - A.M. Schweinefus (Est. 1889)Businesses - Covington B425211232
Blakely, JohnBiography - Blakely, JohnB424215665
Blakely, Stephens LaurieAssociations - Blakely ClubB424215667
Blakely, Stephens L.Biography - Blakely, Stephens L.B424215666
Blakely, Stephens LaurieWorld War I B424215669
Blakely, Stephens LaurieBiography - Blakely, Stephens L.B424215668
Blakely ClubWorld War IB424211234
Blakely ClubAssociations - Blakely ClubB424211233
Blank's CafeNightclubsB452342128
Blankenship, Randy J.Biography - Blankenship, Randy J.B452215670
Blas, H.F.Businesses - Covington B420215671
Bledsoe, R.W. (Dr.)Biography - Bledsoe, R.W. (Dr.)B432215672
Blenke, Joseph A. (Rev.) Pastor - St. Aloysius ChurchChurches, Catholic - Saint AloysiusB452215673
Blessed Sacrament ChurchChurches, Catholic - Blessed SacramentB423211235
Block WatchAssociations - Block WatchB423211237
Bloemer, DonnaBiography - Bloemer, Donna B456260249
Blount, Mary LouBiography - Blount, Mary LouB453215674
Blue Bonnett TavernNightclubsB415342129
Blue Grass Council #40 J.O.U.R.A.M.Ludlow B426211238
Blue Grass Diner NightclubsB426342130
Blue Grass Gun ClubNightclubsB426342131
Blue Lick BattlefieldParks - Blue Lick BattlefieldB421211239
Blue Rock GardensNightclubsB462342132
Bluebird Boxes/Ryland HeightsBiographyB416211240
Bluegrass DinerNightclubsB426342133
Bluegrass Grandmothers Chapter 1 of KyLudlow B426211241
Bluegrass InnNightclubsB426342134
Bluegrass State GamesBluegrass State GamesB426211242
Blunt, NeilBiography - Blunt, NeilB453215675
Boats & BoatingSteamboatsB321211243
Bob JonesRestaurantsB252211244
Bob's Stag BarNightclubsB232342135
Bobby Mackey's Music WorldBars - Bobby Mackey's Music WorldB525211245
Boberg, JoanBiography - Boberg, JoanB620220650
Boehmer, Albert L.Covington - Historic PlaquesB560215676
Boers, Edward WilliamBiographyB620215677
Bogenschutz, CharlesBiography - Bogenschutz, CharlesB252215678
Boheckers Business CollegeColleges & Universities - Boheckers Business CollegeB262211246
Bohman, Craig T.Biography - Bohman, Craig T.B500215679
Boles, Sanford "Sandy"Biography - Boles, Sanford "Sandy"B420215680
Bollinger, AlbertChurches, Protestant - Trinity B452215681
Bolte, GeorgeBiography - Bolte, GeorgeB430215682
Bolton, Sarah T.Biography - Bolton, Sarah T.B435215683
Bombach, WalterBiography - Bombach, WalterB512215684
Bonar, DouglasBiography - Bonar, DouglasB560215685
Book DonationsColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky UniversityB235211247
Boone, DanielBiography - Kenton, SimonB500215686
Boone, DanielBoone County - HistoryB500215687
Boone, DanielParks - Big Bone LickB500215688
Boone BlockHistoric SitesB514211248
Boone Board of RealtorsAssociations - Kenton County Board of RealtorsB516211249
Boone Career Development CenterInstitutions - Boone Career Development CenterB526211250
Boone CountyHistoric Houses - Boone CountyB525211251
Boone County - ReminisencesBoone County - HistoryB525211252
Boone County - HistoryChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB525211254
Boone County - HistoryCourthouses - Boone County B525211255
Boone County - HistoryChurches, Catholic - Saint PaulB525211253
Boone County CliffsBoone County CliffsB525211256
Boone County Deposit BankBanks - Boone CountyB525211257
Boone County Deposit BankBanks - Boone County Deposit BankB525211258
Boone County DescriptionBoone County - HistoryB525211259
Boone County FairFlorence B525211262
Boone County FairBoone County - History B525211260
Boone County FairFairs B525211261
Boone County Geriatrics CenterInstitutions - WoodspointB525211263
Boone County Historical SocietyHistorical Societies - Boone CountyB525211264
Boone County JayceesAssociations - JayceesB525211265
Boone County Preservation PrioritiesBoone County - HistoryB525211266
Boone County Recorder (Est. 1875)Florence B525211269
Boone County Recorder (Est. 1875)Biography - Bushelman, GloriaB525211267
Boone County Recorder (Est. 1875)Boone County - History B525211268
Boone FamilyHistoric Houses - ErrondaleB515211270
Boone Links Golf CourseSports - GolfB545211271
Boone Woods ParkParks - Boone Woods ParkB532211272
Boothe, LeonColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University B300215690
Boothe, LeonBiography - Boothe, LeonB300215689
BootleggerBiography - Remus, GeorgeB342211273
Borden, GailFerriesB635215466
Borg-WarnerIndustry - Northern Kentucky B626211274
Bornhorn, Paul F.Biography - Bornhorn, Paul F.B656215692
Bornhorn, John J.Biography - Bornhorn, John J.B656215691
Boston Union ChurchChurches, Protestant - Boston UnionB235211275
Botany Hills Neighborhood AssociationAssociations - Botany Hills Neighborhood AssociationB354260244
Bottling Companies - Durfee's Knickerbock Root BeerBreweries - Bavarian Brewing CompanyB345211276
Boundaries - Newport/CovingtonMapsB536211277
Bouscaren, Louis GustaveBiography - Bouscaren, Louis GustaveB265215693
Bouzek, JoeInstitutions - Covington Protestant Children's Home B200215694
BowlingSports - BowlingB452211279
Bowling, William A.Biography - Bowling, William A.B452215695
Bowman, CarlBiography - Bowman, CarlB500215696
Bowman, DennyBiography - Bowman, DennyB500215697
Bowman, JohnCovington - HistoryB500215698
BoxersBiography - Anderson, JoeB262211280
BoxersBiography - Nocero FamilyB262211281
BoxingBiography - Guerra, Frank "Midge"B252211282
Boy ScoutsAssociations - Boy ScoutsB232211283
Boy Scouts of AmericaChurches, Protestant - Saint Paul United Church of ChristB232211288
Boy Scouts of AmericaBridges - Daniel Carter Beard BridgeB232211287
Boy Scouts of AmericaHistoric Houses - Beard HouseB232211289
Boy Scouts of AmericaMuseums - Boy ScoutsB232211291
Boy Scouts of AmericaKenton County - Description B232211290
Boy Scouts of AmericaBiography - Hatfield, James T.B232211285
Boy Scouts of AmericaBridgesB232211286
Boy Scouts of AmericaBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterB232211284
Boy Scouts of America - LudlowLudlow B232211292
Boyer & Konersmann (Est. 1877)Businesses - Covington B625211293
Boys Club of AmericaBiography - Hatfield, James T.B241211294
Boys Clubs - Kenton CountyAssociations - Kenton County Boys Club B241211295
BPO Elks. Covington Lodge 314NightclubsB421342136
Bracht StationBracht StationB623211296
Bracht StationKenton County - HistoryB623211297
Bracken CountyBracken CountyB625211298
Bracken CountyPost OfficesB625211299
Bradley, JamesBiographyB634215700
Bradley, Allan (Rev.)Biography - Bradley, Allan (Rev.)B634215699
Bradley, JamesBiography - Bradley, JamesB634215701
Bradley, VirginiaAssociations - Baker-Hunt FoundationB634215702
Bramlage, Benjamine - President - 1st National BankBanks - First National BankB654215703
Brann, Barry J.Biography - Brann, Barry J.B650215704
Brannen, CharlesBiography - Brannen, CharlesB650215705
Brannon, Horace S., Dr.Biography - Brannon, Dr. Horace S.B650365791
Braun, BobLudlowB650215707
Braun, BobBiographyB650215706
Braun, Tom A. Jr.Biography - Cunningham, L.R. "Bud"B650215709
Braun, MarieBiography - Braun, MarieB650215708
Braun's Crossroad TavernNightclubsB652342137
Breckinridge, JohnBiography - Breckinridge, JohnB625215710
Breckinridge, Madeline McDowellWomenB625215711
Brennan, RonaldBiography - Brennan, RonaldB650215712
Brent Spence BridgeBridgesB653211300
Bresser, JaneBiography - Bresser, JaneB626215713
Bresser, Louis JohnBiography - Bresser, Louis JohnB626382289
Bresser FamilyBiography - Bresser FamilyB626211301
Breweries - Bavarian Brewing CompanyBusinesses - Covington B621211303
Breweries - Dorsel & WulftangeBreweries - Dorsel & WulftangeB623211304
Breweries - John Seiler (Orginally Lang & Knoll Brewery)Businesses - CovingtonB625211305
BrewworksBreweries - BrewworksB620211306
Bridge CafeNightclubsB632342138
Bridge CompaniesBridge CompaniesB632211307
Bridge to SuccessAssociations - Northern Kentucky Human Resource AssociationB632211308
Bridges - Brent Spence BridgeBiography - Spence, BrentB632211310
Bridges - Brent Spence BridgeBridges - Brent Spence BridgeB632211311
Bridges - C & O BridgeBridges - C & O BridgeB632211312
Bridges - Carroll L. Cropper BridgeBiography - Cropper, Carroll L. (Judge)B632211313
Bridges - Covered BridgesBridges - Covered BridgesB632211314
Briggs, David BarryBanks - First National Bank B620215714
Bright, JesseBiography - Bright, JesseB623215715
Brighton CenterAssociations - Brighton CenterB623211315
Brighton CenterAssociations - Brighton CenterB623211316
Brimestone, ThomasBiography - Brimestone, ThomasB652215716
Brink, James H.Biography - Brink, James H.B652215717
Brinker, Helen L.Biography - Brinker, Helen L.B652215718
Brinkman & Hyland LandscapingBusinesses - Boone County B652211317
Bristow, Frank L.Biography - Bristow, Frank L.B623215719
Brock, James "Jack"BlacksB620215720
Brockman, Cy T.Biography - Brockman, Cy T.B625215721
BromleyKenton County - HistoryB654211319
BromleyChurches, Protestant - Immanuel United Church of ChristB654211318
BromleyLudlow B654210801
BromleyRestaurants B654211320
Bromley Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Bromley Christian ChurchB654211321
Bromley FamilyUrban Planning - Covington Riverfront Redevelopment B654211322
Bromley Veterans of World War IIAssociations - Veterans of Foreign WarsB654211323
Bronner, MiltonBiography - Bronner, MiltonB656215722
Brooklyn - Kentucky - HistoryDaytonB624211324
Brooks, KimBiographyB620215723
BroomsLudlow B652211326
Brossart, Ferdinand (Rev.) - Bishop of CovingtonBiography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)B626215724
Brossart, Ferdinand (Rev.) - Bishop of CovingtonChurches, Catholic - Saint Stephen's ChurchB626215725
Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Etc.UnionsB636215726
Brothers, J.P.Limaburg B636215727
Brothers, DarrellBiography - Brothers, DarrellB636215460
Brothers of the Poor of Saint FrancisBrothers of the Poor of Saint FrancisB636211327
Brown, MarkBiography - Brown, MarkB650215729
Brown, CharlesBiography - Brown, CharlesB650215728
Brown, Thomas C.Biography - Brown, Thomas C.B650215730
Brownfield, Harvey A.Biography - Brownfield, Harvey A.B651215731
Brownfield, J.A.Businesses - Covington B651215732
Brubacher, HenryBiography - Brubacher, HenryB612215733
Bruce, John Wesley "Skipper"Fire Departments - Ludlow B620215736
Bruce, Ely M.Biography - Bruce, Ely M.B620215735
Bruce, EliCemeteries - Highland CemeteryB620215734
Bruce FamilyBiography - Bruce FamilyB621211328
Brue, HeimanBiography - Brue, HeimanB600215737
Brueggeman, Anna MarieUrban Planning - Model Cities B625215738
Bryan, J. LymanBiographyB650215739
Bryan, James William - State Senator, Lt. GovernorBiographyB650215740
Bryan, PearlHistoric HousesB650215744
Bryan, Mary Boone - Sister - Daniel BooneCampbell County - HistoryB650215741
Bryan, PearlFort Thomas B650215743
Bryan, Mary Boone - Sister - Daniel BooneCemeteries - Mary Boone Bryan Cemetery B650215742
Bryan, PearlHistoric Sites B650215745
Bryan, Pearl MurderCrime & Criminals - Bryan, Pearl MurderB650215746
Bryan, SamuelCemeteries - Mary Boone Bryan Cemetery B650215747
Bryan, SamuelGrant's Lick B650215748
Bryant, Lynda - Murder ofFlorence B653215749
Buchanan, RobLudlow B250215750
Buck, KenBiography - Buck, KenB200215751
Buckner, Hubbard T. (Col.) - Commander - 3rd RegimentCivil War B256215752
Buckner, ThomasErlangerB256215753
Buckner, ThomasHistoric Houses - Mansion on the HillB256215754
Buckner, ThomasKenton County - HistoryB256215755
Budget - CovingtonBudget - CovingtonB323211329
Budget - Kenton CountyKenton County - Description B323211330
Buecker, H.F.Businesses - Newport B260215757
Buecker, H.F.Biography - Buecker, H.F.B260215756
Buena VistaImmigration, GermanB512211331
Buena Vista CemeteryCemeteries - Mother of GodB512211332
Buena Vista Hill - aka Prospect Hill/Thompson's Winery & PropertyMonte Casino B512211333
BuilderBusinesses - Robert P. Price ContractorB436211334
Building & Loan AssociationsSavings & Loan AssociationsB435211335
Building & Loan Associations - Dixie Building and LoanErlangerB435211336
Building & Loan Associations - Erlanger Perpetual Building & Loan AssociationErlangerB435211337
Bullett, CharlesBiography - Bullett, CharlesB430215758
Bullitt, Thomas - Surveyed LouisvilleChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB430215759
Bullitt's Bottoms - now called North Bend BottomsChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB432211338
BullittsburgCampbell County - HistoryB432211339
BullittsburgChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB432211340
Bullittsburg Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - BaptistB432211344
Bullittsburg Baptist ChurchBoone County - HistoryB432211342
Bullittsburg Baptist ChurchCampbell County - HistoryB432211343
Bullittsburg Baptist ChurchBoone County - Description B432211341
Bullittsburg Baptist Church CemeteryCemeteries - Boone CountyB432211345
Bullock, Henry H.Biography - Bullock, Henry H.B420215760
Bullock, WilliamBiography - Bullock, WilliamB420215761
Bullock, WilliamBiography - Carneal, Thomas D.B420215762
Bullock, WilliamHistoric Houses - Closson HomeB420215763
Bullock, WilliamHistoric Houses - Elmwood Hall B420215764
Bullock, WilliamKenton County - HistoryB420215765
Bullock, WilliamLudlow B420215766
Bullock PenAnnexation B421211346
Bullock Pen Creek DamCreeks - Banklick CreekB421211347
Bungener, B. (Barney)Crestview Hills B525215767
Bunning, JimBiography - Bunning, JimB520215768
Bunning, Mary TheisBiography - Bunning, Mary TheisB520215769
BurglaryCrime & CriminalsB624211348
Buring, DonBiography - Buring, DonB652215770
BurkardsMonte Casino B626211350
Burke, ThomasBusinesses - Covington B620215772
Burke, JohnBiography - Burke, JohnB620215771
Burke's CafeNightclubsB621342139
Burkhardt, RayBiography - Burkhardt, RayB626215773
BurlingtonBoone County - History B645211351
BurlingtonChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB645211352
BurlingtonHistoric Houses - Renaker HouseB645211354
BurlingtonCourthouses - Boone County B645211353
Burlington Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchB645211355
Burlington Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Burlington BaptistB645211356
Burlington High SchoolSchools, Public - Boone CountyB645211357
Burlington United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Burlington United MethodistB645211358
Burman, Ben LucienBiographyB650215774
Burman, Ben LucienBiography - Burman, Ben LucienB650215775
Burns, John E.Biography - Burns, John E.B652215776
Burns, MichaelBiography - Kelly, Mary AnnB652215777
Burr, AaronHistoric Houses - General James Taylor Mansion B600215779
Burr, AaronFlorence B600215778
Burris, PeteBiography - Burris, PeteB620215780
Burton, NelsonBiography - Burton, NelsonB635260248
Bus GarageBuses - TANK ( Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky)B262211359
BusesCrescent Springs B200211361
Buses - ErlangerErlangerB264211362
Buses - Green LineBuses - TANK ( Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky)B265211363
Buses - SchoolCrescent Springs B240211364
Bush, JohnBiography - Bush, JohnB200215781
Bush, JohnBoone County - History B200215782
Bush, Philip S.Biography - Bush, Philip S.B200215783
Bushelman, GloriaBiography - Bushelman, GloriaB245215784
Bushelman, Lisa OsborneBiography - Bushelman, Lisa OsborneB245260250
Bushong FamilyTaylor Mill B252211365
Business, CovingtonCovington LandingB252215785
Business CollegeColleges & Universities - Boheckers Business CollegeB252211366
Business DecisionNorthern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce B252211367
Business DirectoriesBusiness DirectoriesB252211368
Business District - Covington - LatoniaLatoniaB252211369
Businesses - AlexandriaBusinesses - AlexandriaB252211370
Businesses - Bankemper ArchitectsBusinesses - Bankemper ArchitectsB252211371
Businesses - BellevueBusinesses - BellevueB252211372
Businesses - Boone CountyBusinesses - Boone County B252211373
Businesses - BurlingtonBusinesses - BurlingtonB252211374
Businesses - Campbell CountyBusinesses - Campbell CountyB252211375
Businesses - CarrolltonBusinesses - CarrolltonB252211376
Businesses - CovingtonBusinesses - CovingtonB252211377
Businesses - Crestview HillsBusinesses - Crestview HillsB252220580
Businesses - Dry RidgeBusinesses - Dry RidgeB252211378
Businesses - EdgewoodBusinesses - EdgewoodB252211379
Businesses - ElsmereBusinesses - ElsmereB252211380
Businesses - ErlangerBusinesses - ErlangerB252211381
Businesses - FalmouthBusinesses - FalmouthB252211382
Businesses - FlorenceBusinesses - FlorenceB252211383
Businesses - Fort MitchellBusinesses - Fort MitchellB252220582
Businesses - Fort ThomasBusinesses - Fort ThomasB252211384
Businesses - Fort WrightBusinesses - Fort WrightB252211385
Businesses - Kenton CountyBusinesses - Kenton CountyB252211386
Businesses - LewisburgLewisburg B252211387
Businesses - LudlowBusinesses - LudlowB252211388
Businesses - LudlowLudlowB252211389
Businesses - MaysvilleBusinesses - MaysvilleB252211390
Businesses - NewportBusinesses - NewportB252211391
Businesses - Northern KentuckyBusinesses - Northern KentuckyB252211392
Businesses - UnionBusinesses - UnionB252211393
Bussis, J.J. SonsIndustry - Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Co.B200215786
Butch's Old Heidelberg InnNightclubsB324342142
Butche's CafeNightclubsB321342141
Butche's Old Heidelberg InnRestaurants - CovingtonB324211394
Butler, Thomas L.Parks - General Butler B346215789
Butler, William P.Office BuildingsB346215795
Butler, William P.BiographyB346215794
Butler, William O. - U.S. RepresentativeParks - General Butler B346215793
Butler, William O. - U.S. RepresentativeMexican WarB346215792
Butler, Thomas R.Biography - Butler, Thomas R.B346215790
Butler, Helen MayBiography - Butler, Helen MayB346215787
Butler, Helen MayBiography - Young, Helen MayB346215788
Butler, WilliamBiography - Butler, WilliamB346215791
Butler American Corp.Office BuildingsB346211395
Butter and Cheese - F.A. Rohol & Co. (Est. 1886)Businesses - Covington B365211396
Buttermilk Pike HouseChurches, Protestant - Dry Creek BaptistB365211397
ByrdCovington - HistoryB630211398
C. & C. GrillNightclubsC640342143
C.A. Billerbeck & Son (Est. 1862)Businesses - Newport C146211399
C.A. Fieger (Est. 1884)Businesses - Newport C126211400
C.A.C. ChateauAssociations - Northern Kentucky Bakers' ClubC300211401
C.H. Lansdale (Est. 1885)Businesses - CovingtonC452211402
Cable CapsuleTelevision - CableC142211403
Cable ScanTelevision - CableC142211404
Cafe, 501NightclubsC100342144
Cahill, M. KathyBiography - Cahill, M. KathyC400215796
Caldwell, BarryBiography - Caldwell, BarryC434215797
California - formerly OregonCampbell County - HistoryC416211406
California Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - California Methodist ChurchC416211407
Callahan, JimBiography - Callahan, JimC450215798
Callery, ButchBiography - Callery, ButchC460215799
Calme, TomBiography - Calme, TomC450260264
Calvary Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Calvary Baptist ChurchC416211408
Calvary United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Calvary United MethodistC416211409
Cambridge Art Tile WorksIndustry - Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Co.C516211410
Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Co.Industry - Cambridge Tile Manufacturing Co.C516211411
Camco Chemical Co. Inc.Businesses - Boone County C525211412
Cameron, Wesley M.Civil War C565215800
Camnitz, Samuel Howard "Howie"Biography - Camnitz, Samuel Howard "Howie"C532215802
Camnitz, Samuel H.Biography - Camnitz, Samuel Howard "Howie"C532215801
Camp SpringsHistoric Sites C512211413
Camp SpringsCamp SpringsC512210775
Camp Three ReveilleAssociationsC513220612
Campbell, JohnBiography - Campbell, JohnC514215804
Campbell, John State - Senator, Campbell Co. NamesakeAlexandria C514215805
Campbell, John State - Senator, Campbell Co. NamesakeCampbell County - HistoryC514215806
Campbell CountyParks - A.J. Jolly County Park (Heritage Village)C514211414
Campbell County - DescriptionCampbell County - DescriptionC514211415
Campbell County - Economic DevelopmentCampbell County - Economic DevelopmentC514211416
Campbell County - FormationCampbell County - HistoryC514211417
Campbell County - HistoryFalmouth C514211420
Campbell County - HistoryCampbell County - HistoryC514211419
Campbell County - HistoryNewport - HistoryC514211421
Campbell County - HistoryWilmington C514211422
Campbell County - HistoryAlexandriaC514211418
Campbell County - Land Grants, Deeds, EntriesCampbell County - Land Grants, Deeds, EntriesC514215803
Campbell County - PioneersCampbell County - HistoryC514211423
Campbell County Agricultural AssociationFairs C514211424
Campbell County Baptist AssociationsChurches, Protestant - BaptistC514211425
Campbell County Historical and Genealogical SocietyHistorical SocietiesC514220598
Campbell County History ReminiscencesCampbell County - History ReminiscencesC514211426
Campbell County InfirmaryInstitutions - Lakeside Place Home for the AgedC514211427
Campbell County Sunday School AssociationFairs C514211428
Campbell County Woman's Welfare ClubAssociationsC514211429
Campbell LodgeInstitutions - Campbell LodgeC514211431
Campbell LodgeHistoric Houses - Farney HouseC514211430
Campion, Michael J.Civil War C515215807
Campus DigestColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University C512211433
Canby, Edward Richard - Civil War GeneralBiography - Bruce, Ely M.C510215808
Canby, Edward Richard SpriggsBiography - Canby, E.R.S.C510215812
Canby, Edward Richard - Civil War GeneralHistoric Houses - Winfield CottageC510215811
Canby, Edward Richard - Civil War GeneralBiography - Piatt, JacobC510215810
Canby, Edward Richard - Civil War GeneralBiography - Canby, E.R.S.C510215809
Cancer ResearchBiography - Carter, JuliaC526211434
Cancer Treatment - Saint LukeHospitals - Saint Luke HospitalC526211435
Candy Manufacturers - LudlowLudlow C535211437
Candy ShopRestaurants - CovingtonC532211438
Cappel, BillParks - Goebel ParkC140215813
Captain Joe Shaw Ross BridgeBridges - Captain Joe Shaw Ross BridgeC135211439
Captains LogSteamboatsC135211440
Care Brother/Care Sister ProgramAssociations - Mental Health Association of Northern KentuckyC616211442
Caregiver Assistance NetworkAssociations - Caregiver Assistance NetworkC621211443
CarilionParks - Goebel ParkC645211444
Carl, harry (Mrs.)Historic Houses - TimberlakeC640215814
Carl, TerryBiography - Carl, TerryC640215815
Carlisle, John Griffin - U.S. Senator/Representative, State Representative,Historic Sites C642215821
Carlisle, John Griffin - U.S. Senator/Representative, State Representative,Cemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryC642215819
Carlisle, John Griffin - U.S. Senator/Representative, State Representative,Biography - Carlisle, John G.C642215818
Carlisle, John G.Biography - Carlisle, John G.C642215816
Carlisle, John Griffin - U.S. Senator/Representative, State Representative,Banks - First National Bank C642215817
Carlisle, John Griffin - U.S. Senator/Representative, State Representative,Historic Houses - Carlisle House C642215820
Carlisle, Napoleon H., Rev.Biography - Carlisle, Rev. Napoleon H.C642497475
Carlisle ClubAssociations - Carlisle ClubC642211445
Carlisle ParkWilderC642211446
Carmack, Louis VernonBiography - Carmack, Louis VernonC652215822
Carmel ManorHistoric HousesC654211447
Carmel ManorInstitutions - Carmel ManorC654211448
Carneal, SallyBiography - Carneal, SallyC654215823
Carneal, Thomas D.Biography - Carneal, Thomas D.C654215824
Carneal, Thomas D.Covington - History - Founding C654215825
Carneal, Thomas D.Historic Houses - Carneal HouseC654215826
Carneal, Thomas D.Historic Houses - Elmwood Hall C654215827
Carneal, Thomas D.Kenton County - HistoryC654215828
Carneal, Thomas D.Ludlow C654215829
Carneal HouseHistoric Houses - Carneal HouseC654211449
Carnegie Arts CenterArts - Carnegie Arts CenterC652211450
Carnegie Arts CenterAssociations - Northern Kentucky Arts CouncilC652211451
Carnivores in ActionCarnivores in ActionC651211452
Carolina TroubadorsBiography - Taylor, Ballard "Pappy"C645211453
Carpenter, Owen J. - "Father of Ft. Mitchell"BiographyC615215831
Carpenter, J.P.Businesses - Covington C615215830
Carpenters & Builders - Jones & Sine (Est 1884)Businesses - Covington C615211454
Carr Bros.NightclubsC616342145
Carran, SherryBiography - Carran, SherryC650260261
Carrell, George - 1st Bishop of CovingtonHospitals - Saint Elizabeth C640215836
Carrell, George - 1st Bishop of CovingtonChurches, Catholic - Saint Stephen's ChurchC640215835
Carrell, George - 1st Bishop of CovingtonChurches, Catholic - Mother of GodC640215834
Carrell, George - 1st Bishop of CovingtonBiography - Carrell, George (Bishop)C640215833
Carrell, George - 1st Bishop of CovingtonImmigration, GermanC640215837
Carrell, George - 1st Bishop of CovingtonBiography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)C640215832
Carroll, JulianParks - Goebel ParkC640215839
Carroll, MarkBiography - Carroll, MarkC640215840
Carroll, JerryBiographyC640215838
Carroll Chimes Clock TowerParks - Goebel ParkC642211456
Carroll CountyCarroll CountyC642211457
Carroll L. Cropper BridgeBridges - Carroll Cropper BridgeC642211458
CarrolltonParks - General Butler C643211461
Carter, Burwell Y.Grant County - History C636215841
Carter, HenryBiography - Carter, HenryC636215842
Carthage United Methodist Church (Mt. Gilead)Churches, Protestant - Carthage United Methodist (Mt. Gilead)C632211462
Carvolth, ArtBiography - Carvolth, ArtC614215843
Casey, James B. - State SenatorBiography - Casey FamilyC000215844
Casey, John B.Biography - Casey FamilyC000215845
Casey, John B.Crestview Hills C000215846
Casey, Lewis E.Covington - HistoryC000215847
Casey FamilyNewspapersC154211465
Casey FamilyBiography - Casey FamilyC154211463
Casey FamilyCrestview Hills C154211464
Cassidy, GeraldBiography - Cassidy, GeraldC300260275
Castleman, BenBiography - Castleman, BenC345215848
Castleman, D.E.Park Hills C345215849
Castleman PontiacBusinesses - Covington C345211466
Catchen, DonBiography - Catchen, DonC325215850
Catchen, DonBiography - Reichert, Robert (Dr.)C325215851
CathedralChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC364211467
Cathedral Art GalleryChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC364211469
Cathedral Art GalleryChurches, Catholic - Cathedral - Cathedral Art GalleryC364211468
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionBiography - Mulloy, William T. (Bishop)C364211472
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionBiography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)C364211470
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC364211473
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionBiography - Barnhorn, Clement J.C364211471
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionHistoric SitesC364211475
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionCovington - HistoryC364211474
Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionKenton County - Description C364211476
Cathedral Foundation Inc.Churches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC364211477
Catholic Athletic AssociationChurches, Catholic - Saint AgnesC342211478
Catholic Athletic ClubLudlow C342211479
Catholic Childrens HomeInstitutions - Diocesan Catholic Children's HomeC342211480
Catholic Social Service BureauAssociations - Catholic Social Service BureauC342211481
Catholic Social Service BureauBiography - Moser, MaryC342211482
Catholic War VeteransAssociations - Catholic War VeteransC342211483
CatholicsBiography - Lamy, John BaptistC342211485
CatholicsBiography - Butler, Thomas R.C342211484
Cats - Wampus CatMiscellanyC325211486
Cauthen, SteveWalton C350215853
Cauthen, SteveBiography - Cauthen, SteveC350215852
Cavalcade of Homes (1991)HousingC142211487
Cave JohnsonHistoric Houses - Cave JohnsonC125211488
Cave SpringsDistilleries - PebblefordC121211489
Caywood, James A.Biography - Caywood, James A.C300215854
CBC DigestCovington Business CouncilC123211490
CBC NewsCovington Business CouncilC125211491
Celeron, Chevalier De Explorer for French ArmyCovington - HistoryC465215855
Celsius Energy Co.Businesses - Celsius Energy Co.C425211492
Cemeteries - Baker, StewardParks - Big Bone LickC536215856
Cemeteries - Boone CountyCemeteries - Boone CountyC536211493
Cemeteries - Campbell CountyCemeteries - Campbell CountyC536211494
Cemeteries - Kenton CountyCemeteries - Kenton CountyC536211495
Cemeteries - Mason CountyCemeteries - Mason CountyC536211496
Cemeteries - Pendleton CountyCemeteries - Pendleton CountyC536211497
CensusPark HillsC520211499
Center Civic OperaArts - Center Civic OperaC536211500
Center Civic OperaMusicC536211501
Center for Great Neighborhoods of CovingtonCovington Community CenterC536211502
Center LineInstitutions - Northern Kentucky Community CenterC536211503
Central BranchAssociations - YMCAC536211504
Central BridgeBridgesC536211505
Central BridgeBridges - Central BridgeC536211506
Central Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Central Christian Church - NewportC536211507
Central Christian Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Madison Avenue ChristianC536211508
Central Christian Church - NewportChurches, Protestant - Central Christian - NewportC536211509
Central Covington Development Plan - 1973Urban Planning - Covington Riverfront Redevelopment C536211510
Central Covington Development Plan - 1973Urban Planning - CUREC536211511
Central Savings Bank & Trust Co. of CovingtonBanks - Peoples Liberty C536211512
Centro de AmistadCentro de AmistadC536220654
Ceramic TileBusinessesC652211513
Cerebral Palsy of Northern Kentucky (United)AssociationsC616211514
Cetrulo, SusanneBiography - Cetrulo, SusanneC364215857
Chabert's CafeNightclubsC163342146
Chamber of CommerceHistoric SitesC516211516
Chamber of CommerceAssociations - Chamber of CommerceC516211515
Chamber of CommerceNorthern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce C516211517
Chambers, Vactor T.Biography - Chambers, Vactor T.C516215858
Champion Ice CompanyIndustry - Champion Ice CompanyC515211518
Chandler, A.B. "Ben"Biography - Chandler, A.B. "Ben"C534215859
Chapel of Dreams ChurchGarden of HopeC141211519
Chapin, Edward YoungBoone County - HistoryC150215860
Chapin, Edward YoungPetersburgC150215861
Chapin Memorial LibraryPetersburgC156211520
Chapman, LenaUrban Planning - Model Cities C150215862
Chapple, JoyceUrban Planning - Model CitiesC140215863
CharitiesMarch of DimesC632211521
CharitiesUnited WayC632211524
CharitiesParish KitchenC632211522
CharitiesSalvation ArmyC632211523
Charles Spinks (Est. 1866)Businesses - Newport C642211525
Charley's CafeNightclubsC642342147
Charlie McKeeversRestaurants C645211526
Charlies' CafeNightclubsC642342148
Chase, Salmon P.Biography - Chase, Salmon P.C000215864
Chase, Salmon PortlandBiographyC000215865
Chase Law SchoolColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University C424211527
ChatterAssociations - RSVPC360211528
Chellgren, PaulBiography - Chellgren, PaulC426215866
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad BridgeBridgesC126211530
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad BridgeBiography - Bailey, Clay WadeC126211529
Chez PareeNightclubsC160342149
ChickensAssociations - Northern Kentucky Pigeon Fanciers AssociationC520211531
Child AbuseCrime & Criminals - Bierman, EarlC431211532
Child LaborCovington - HistoryC434211533
Childers, HenryGrant County - History C436215867
Children Inc.Children Inc.C436211535
Children's Crisis Network IncAssociations - Children's Crisis Network Inc.C436211536
Children's Home of Northern KentuckyInstitutions - Covington Protestant Children's HomeC436211538
Children's Home of Northern KentuckyInstitutions - Children's Home of Northern KentuckyC436211537
Children's HomesInstitutions - Diocesan Catholic Children's HomeC436211539
Children's Law Center, Inc.Children's Law Center, Inc.C436220602
Children's ProgramsLibraries - Kenton County Public - Children's ProgramsC436211541
Childrens House Montessori Preschool - CovingtonSchools C436211540
Childrens Psychiatric Hospital of Northern KentuckyHospitals - Covington - Kenton County HospitalC436211542
Childress, T. JeffMapsC436215868
Chili BowlNightclubsC414342150
Chipman, SomerSchools, Public - Grant CountyC150215869
Choeky's CafeNightclubsC100342151
Christ Church - Fort ThomasChurches, Protestant - Christ Church - Fort ThomasC623211543
Christ Evangelical & Reformed Church - Fort ThomasChurches, Protestant - Christ Evangelical & Reformed Church - Fort ThomasC623211544
Christenson, FabienneBiography - Christenson, FabienneC623215870
Christian ChurchChurches - Protestant - 1st Christian - CovingtonC623211545
Christian Church - LudlowLudlowC623211546
Christian Church - PetersburgBoone County - HistoryC623211547
Christian Church - WaltonWaltonC623211548
Christian Church of FlorenceChurches, Protestant - Christian Church of FlorenceC623211549
Christo ReyChurches, Catholic - Christo Rey - Boone CountyC623211550
Christoph, Aegidius Pastor - St. JosephChurches, Catholic - Saint Joseph - Crescent SpringsC623215871
Christopher Gist Paper (Dec. 1962)Banks - Huntington BankC623211551
Church of Christ of LatoniaChurches, Protestant - Church of Christ of LatoniaC621220593
Church of GodChurches, Protestant - Church of God Trinity AssemblyC621211552
Church of God - WaltonWaltonC621211553
Church of God AssemblyLudlowC621211554
Church of God Trinity AssemblyChurches, Protestant - Church of God Trinity AssemblyC621211555
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsChurches - Mormon - Lakeside ParkC621211556
Church of the Immaculate ConceptionMusical Instruments - OrgansC621211557
Churches, CatholicChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC620215874
Churches, GermanImmigration, GermanC620215876
Churches, Catholic - Diocese of Covington ChurchChurches, Catholic - Diocese of CovingtonC620215875
Churches, CatholicBiography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)C620215873
Churches, JewishChurches, Jewish C620215877
Churches, Protestant - Grant CountyGrant County - HistoryC620215884
Churches, Protestant - Baptist (Ludlow)LudlowC620215879
Churches, Protestant - BaptistChurches, Protestant - BaptistC620215878
Churches, Protestant - Dry RidgeChurches, Protestant - Dry RidgeC620215882
Churches, Protestant - Methodist - Boone CountyBoone County - HistoryC620215885
Churches, Protestant - Baptist Church (Black)ElsmereC620215880
Churches, Protestant - Campbell CountyChurches, Protestant - Campbell CountyC620215881
Churches, Protestant - Methodist - Northern KentuckyChurches, Protestant - Shinkle MethodistC620215886
Churches, Protestant - Methodist - WaltonWaltonC620215887
Churches, Protestant - Presbyterian - LudlowLudlowC620215888
Churches, Campbell CountyChurches, Campbell CountyC620215872
ChurchesSalvation ArmyC620211560
Churches, Protestant - EpiscopalChurchesC620215883
ChurchesBusinesses - Wm. A. Dobson Co.C620211558
ChurchesNorthern Kentucky Interfaith CommissionC620211559
Churches (First in Covington)Covington - HistoryC621211566
Churches - Boone CountyChurches, CatholicC621211562
Churches - Boone CountyFlorence C621211563
Churches - Boone CountyBoone County - HistoryC621211561
Churches - Mormon - Lakeside ParkChurches - Mormon - Lakeside ParkC625211564
Churches - Mormon - Lakeside ParkChurches - Mormon - Lakeside ParkC625467197
Churches - NewportChurches - NewportC625211565
Churches - NewportChurches - NewportC625467198
Ciangetti, Paul (Pastor - Mary Queen of Heaven)Churches, Catholic - Mary Queen of HeavenC523215889
Cincinnati - ArtsCincinnati - ArtsC525211569
Cincinnati - AssociationsCincinnati - AssociationsC525211570
Cincinnati - Bicentennial 1988Cincinnati - Bicentennial 1988C525211571
Cincinnati - BiographyCincinnati - BiographyC525211572
Cincinnati - BusinessesCincinnati - BusinessesC525211573
Cincinnati - ChurchesCincinnati - ChurchesC525211574
Cincinnati - DescriptionCincinnati - DescriptionC525211575
Cincinnati - Fountain SquareCincinnati - Fountain SquareC525211576
Cincinnati - Historic DistrictsCincinnati - Historic DistrictsC525211577
Cincinnati - Historic HousesCincinnati - Historic HousesC525211578
Cincinnati - HistoryCincinnati - HistoryC525211579
Cincinnati - LibrariesCincinnati - LibrariesC525211580
Cincinnati - MuseumsCincinnati - MuseumsC525211581
Cincinnati - Music HallCincinnati - Music HallC525211582
Cincinnati - ParksCincinnati - ParksC525211583
Cincinnati - SchoolsCincinnati - SchoolsC525211584
Cincinnati - TheatersCincinnati - TheatersC525211585
Cincinnati - Union TerminalCincinnati - TerminalC525211586
Cincinnati - ZooCincinnati - ZooC525211587
Cincinnati and Covington CemeteryCemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryC525211588
Cincinnati Bell - HistoryTelephoneC525211589
Cincinnati EnquirerNewspapers - EnquirerC525211590
Cincinnati Fire UnderwritersInsuranceC525211591
Cincinnati Insurance BoardInsuranceC525211592
Circle of MercyHospitals - Saint ElizabethC624211593
Cities (Kentucky)Cities (Kentucky)C325211595
Citizen's Urban Renewal Planning CommissionUrban Planning - Citizen's Urban Renewal Planning CommissionC325211606
Citizens Bank of ErlangerErlangerC325211596
Citizens Concerned for Community ValuesPornographyC325211597
Citizens for Efficient GovernmentAssociations - Citizens for Efficient GovernmentC325211598
Citizens NationalBanks - Citizens NationalC325211599
Citizens National Bank of CovingtonBusinessesC325211601
Citizens National Bank of CovingtonBanks - Citizens NationalC325211600
Citizens Organized to End Poverty in the CommonwealthAssociations - Citizens Organized to End Poverty in the CommonwealthC325211602
Citizens Patriotic LeagueWorld War I C325211605
Citizens Patriotic LeagueAssociations - Blakely ClubC325211603
Citizens Patriotic LeagueAssociations - Citizens Patriotic LeagueC325211604
City Drug Store - J.R. Yungblut, ProprietorBusinesses - Newport C362215890
City HallCity HallC340211608
City Hall - Covington - 1987Act for CovingtonC342211609
City Halls - CovingtonCourthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonC342211610
City Planning & Zoning CommissionKenton County - DescriptionC314211611
Civil DefenseCivil DefenseC143211612
Civil WarFort MitchellC146211623
Civil WarCovington - History - FoundingC146211619
Civil WarMiscellanyC146211630
Civil WarBridges - Suspension BridgeC146211618
Civil WarHistoric Houses - LandmarkC146211626
Civil WarHistoric Houses - Lookout HouseC146211627
Civil WarBridgesC146211617
Civil WarCrescent SpringsC146211620
Civil WarBiography - Bruce, Ely M.C146211615
Civil WarBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterC146211614
Civil WarMonte Casino C146211631
Civil WarHistoric SitesC146211628
Civil WarBiography - Mitchel, Ormsby M.C146211616
Civil WarErlangerC146211622
Civil WarKenton County - HistoryC146211629
Civil WarDaytonC146211621
Civil WarHistoric Houses - Gaines HouseC146211625
Civil WarFort Thomas C146211624
Civil WarBiographyC146211613
Civil War - Boone CountyBoone County - DescriptionC146211632
Civil War - Boone CountyFlorence C146211634
Civil War - Boone CountyBoone County - HistoryC146211633
Civil War - Grant CountyGrant County - HistoryC146211635
Civil War Batteries - Johns Hill Artillery BatteryHistoric SitesC146211636
Civil War Batteries - Phil Kearny BatteryFort Thomas C146211637
Civil Way Batteries - Hold (Brigadier General J Holt Wiggins(Samuel Wiggins)WilderC141211638
Civilian Conservation CorpsBiography - Reib, GeorgeC145211639
Civilian Conservation CorpsCivilian Conservation CorpsC145211640
Clair, Matthew W. (Bishop)Biography - Clair, Matthew W. (Bishop)C460215891
Clare, RalphBanks - Citizens NationalC460215892
Clark, Frank A. (Dr.)Biography - Clark, William F.C462215893
Clark, William F.Biography - Clark, William F.C462215902
Clark, SteveBiography - Clark, SteveC462215899
Clark, George M.Biography - Clark, George M.C462215894
Clark, H.C. (Dr.)Biography - Clark, H.C. (Dr.)C462215897
Clark, George RogersCovington - HistoryC462215895
Clark, George RogersKenton County - HistoryC462215896
Clark, WilliamParks - Big Bone LickC462215901
Clark, ThomasGrant County - History C462215900
Clark, RussellPark HillsC462215898
Clarkson, J.M.Businesses - Covington C462215903
Clause, MartinBiography - Clause, MartinC420215904
Clay, FifiBiography - Rockefeller, Fifi ClayC400215905
Clay, JimNorthern Kentucky Area Development District C400215908
Clay, James P.Urban Planning - Model Cities C400215906
Clay, JennieBiography - Clay, JennieC400215907
Clay CountyClay CountyC425211641
Clay Wade Bailey BridgeBiography - Bailey, Clay WadeC431211642
Clay Wade Bailey BridgeBridgesC431211643
ClergyBiography - May, O. WorthC462211652
ClergyBiography - Finn, Thomas B. (Rev.)C462211649
ClergyBiography - Dejaco, Francis (Rev.)C462211647
ClergyBiography - Bayless, John C.C462211644
ClergyBiography - Blackburn, William B. (Rev.)C462211645
ClergyBiography - Carrell, George (Bishop)C462211646
ClergyBiography - Fedders, Edward (Bishop)C462211648
ClergyBiography - Hughes, William (Bishop)C462211651
ClergyBiography - Mulloy, William T. (Bishop)C462211653
ClergyBiography - Murphy, John F. (Msgr.)C462211654
ClergyBiography - Tappert, HenryC462211655
ClergyBiography - Toebbe, Augustus MaryC462211656
ClergyBiography - Goeke, John (Rev.)C462211650
Cleveland, Levi - Cleveland, OH, named for brotherCrescent Springs C414215909
Clifton, ShariBiography - Clifton, ShariC413215910
Clifton 1888 - 1935Newport - HistoryC413211657
Clooney, NickBiographyC450215912
Clooney, RosemaryBiographyC450215914
Clooney, NickBiography - Clooney, NickC450215913
Clooney, RosemaryBiography - Clooney, RosemaryC450215915
Clooney, GeorgeBiography - Clooney, GeorgeC450215911
Clothes StoresBusinesses - Fram Bros.C432211658
clownsBiography - Sherman BrothersC452220584
Club 314NightclubsC410342152
Club 326, Inc.NightclubsC415342153
Club AlexandriaNightclubsC414342154
Club KeenelandNightclubsC412342155
Club KentonNightclubsC412342156
Club MadisonNightclubsC415342157
Club Zamba WangaNightclubsC412342158
Clyde's Riverview TavernNightclubsC432342159
CNACAssociations - CNACC520211660
Co-Op OpportunitiesColleges & Universities - Thomas More College C163211741
Cochran, AndrewBiography - Cochran, Andrew M.J.C650215916
Cochran, Andrew M.J.Biography - Cochran, Andrew M.J.C650215917
Cochran, Melville - 1st Commanding Officer - Ft. ThomasFort Thomas C650215918
Coconut GroveNightclubsC532342160
CocosRestaurants - CovingtonC000211662
Cody RestaurantHistoric Houses - Mansion on the HillC362211664
Coers, MorrisGarden of HopeC620215919
Coffee, W.A. Major - Woolford RegimentCivil War C100215920
Coffey, ThomasBiography - Coffey, ThomasC100215921
Coflin, S.W.Biography - Coflin, S.W.C145215922
Cohen, SandyBiography - Cohen, SandyC500215923
Cold SpringCold SpringC432211665
Coleman, Ruth T.Biography - Coleman, Ruth T.C450215924
Coleman & OssenbergBusinesses - Covington C452211666
Colemansville - Harrison CountyColemansville - Harrison CountyC452211667
Colleges & UniversitiesKenton County - Description C425211668
Colleges & Universities - BlacksBlacksC425211669
Collett, JimBiography - Collett, JimC430215925
Collett Bros.NightclubsC431342161
Collins, JohnGrant County - History C452215929
Collins, Martha LayneBiography - Collins, Martha LayneC452215931
Collins, KarenBiography - Collins, KarenC452215930
Collins, W.L.Biography - Collins, W.L.C452215932
Collins, Dewitt C.Crescent Springs C452215928
Collins, Charles - Planned BromleyBromley C452215926
Collins, Charles - Planned BromleyHistoric Houses - LandmarkC452215927
Collins & Riley Carriage & Wagon ManufacturingBusinesses - Newport C452211670
Colonial Dames of the 17th CenturyAssociations - National Society of the Colonial Dames of the 17th CenturyC454211671
Colquohoun, Mr.Parks - Big Bone LickC425215933
Colston, RitaBiography - Colston, RitaC423215935
Colston, RawleighKenton County - HistoryC423215934
Columbus DayParadesC451211672
Colwell, Ricardo W.Crime & CriminalsC400215936
ComairAirlines - ComairC560211673
Combs, DickBiography - Combs, DickC512215937
Combs-Hehl BridgeBridges - Combs-Hehl BridgeC512211674
Comets - HalleysComets - HalleysC532211675
Comisar, NathanBiographyC526215938
Committee for KidsAssociations - Committee for KidsC531211676
Common CauseAssociations - Common CauseC520211677
Commonwealth E.M.S.Commonwealth E.M.S.C543211678
Commonwealth Preservation AdvocatesOrganizations - Commonwealth Preservation AdvocatesC543211679
CommuniqueCovington Community CenterC520211680
CommuniqueOrganizations - Commonwealth Preservation AdvocatesC520211681
Community Action CommissionNorthern Kentucky Community Action CommissionC532211682
Community Bank (Erlanger)Banks - Community Bank (Erlanger)C531211683
Community Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Community Baptist Church - CovingtonC531211684
Community Baptist Church CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Community Baptist Church - CovingtonC531211685
Community CenterCovington Community CenterC532211686
Community Center - Northern KentuckyAssociations - B C532211687
Community ChestUnited WayC532211688
Community CollegeColleges & Universities - University of Kentucky - Northern Community CollegeC532211689
Community ConnectionTelevision - CableC532211690
Community Development Block GrantsCommunity Development Block GrantsC531211691
Community EducationSchools, Public - Kenton CountyC532211692
Community Home Land Trust, Inc.Associations - Community Home Land Trust, Inc.C535215939
Community of Faith Presbyterian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Community of Faith Presbyterian ChurchC531211693
Community Pentecostal ChurchChurches, Protestant - Community Pentecostal ChurchC531211694
Community Program CenterCommunity Program CenterC531211695
Comp CareAgencies - Comp CareC512211696
ComposersBiography - Martin, CharlesC512211697
ComposersBiography - Schroll, Eleanor AllenC512211698
Comprehensive Care CentersNorthern Kentucky Mental Health - Mental Retardation Regional BoardC516211699
Comprehensive Community Child CareAssociations - Comprehensive Community Child CareC516211700
ComputersAssociations - SpeciaLinksC513211701
ConcertsBiography - Walsh, John R.C526211702
Condit, Joseph T.Urban Planning - Model Cities C530215940
Condominiums - Governors PointCondominiumsC535211705
Condominiums - Governors PointHistoric Districts - Covington - Riverside DriveC535211706
Cones, Nancy FordBiographyC520215941
Cones, Nancy FordBiography - Cones, Nancy FordC520215942
Confectionaries - Robert H. Eckert (Est. 1875)Businesses - Covington C512211707
Confederate Hot Rod ClubLudlow C513211708
Congo ClubNightclubsC524342162
Congressional Medal of HonorBiographyC526211709
CongressmenBiography - Tibbatts, John W.C526211728
CongressmenBiography - Carlisle, John G.C526211713
CongressmenBiography - Smith, Green ClayC526211724
CongressmenBiography - Menzies, John W.C526211719
CongressmenBiography - Jones, Thomas L.C526211718
CongressmenBiography - Bunning, JimC526211712
CongressmenBiography - Rhinock, Joseph L.C526211722
CongressmenBiography - Morehead, James T.C526211720
CongressmenBiography - Rouse, Arthur BlytheC526211723
CongressmenBiography - Southgate, William WrightC526211725
CongressmenBiography - Stevenson, John W.C526211726
CongressmenBiography - Newhall, Judson LincolnC526211721
CongressmenBiography - Ware, Orie S.C526211729
CongressmenBiography - Berry, A.S.C526211711
CongressmenBiography - Swope, Samuel FranklinC526211727
CongressmenBiography - Arthur, William E.C526211710
CongressmenBiography - Gooch, Daniel LinnC526211717
CongressmenBiography - Gaines, John PendletonC526211716
CongressmenBiography - Dickerson, William WorthC526211714
CongressmenBiography - Ernst, Richard P.C526211715
Conn, John Y.Biography - Conn, John Y.C500215943
Connelley, Alexander - 1st Covington PostmasterBiographyC540215944
Conner, JeffBiography - Conner, JeffC560215946
Conner, JacobFlorence C560215945
Conner, JimBiography - Connor, JimC560215947
Conner, Samuel ShepardBiography - Conner, Samuel S.C560215950
Conner, OwenChurches, Protestant - Hopeful Evangelical Lutheran C560215948
Conner, Samuel S.Biography - Conner, Samuel S.C560215949
Connor, JimBiography - Connor, JimC560215461
Conrad, JohnGrant County - History C563215951
Conrad, WilliamGrant County - History C563215952
Conservation DistrictNorthern Kentucky Conservation DistrictC526211731
Conservation DistrictKenton County Conservation DistrictC526211730
Consolidated District Baptist AssociationChurches, Protestant - First Baptist - ErlangerC524211732
Consolidated Telephone Co.TelephoneC524211733
Consolidated Telephone Co. - FlorenceBoone County - Description C524211734
ConstableBiography - Marsh, ChesterC523211736
ContractorBusinesses - Robert P. Price ContractorC536211738
Convention FacilitiesNorthern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau C515211739
Conventions - VentriloquistMuseums - Vent Haven C515211740
Cook, ArtParamedics C000215953
Cook, Willilam A. (Dr.)Biography - Cook, William A. C000215956
Cook, Marlow W.Biography - Cook, Marlow W.C000215955
Cook, Cordelia E.World War IIC000215954
Cook , JimBiography - Cook, JimC000260266
Cooney, LelaBiography - Cooney, LelaC500215957
Cooney, M.Businesses - Covington C500215958
Cooper, John R.Businesses - Covington C160215960
Cooper, David G.Biography - Cooper, David G.C160215959
Cooper, Steven R.Biography - Cooper, Steven R.C160215961
Coordinating Committee for Church PlanningAssociations - Interfaith CommissionC635211742
Copa ClubNightclubsC124342163
Coppin, WilliamBusinesses - Coppins Department Store C150215963
Coppin, WilliamBiographyC150215962
Coppin BuildingAct for CovingtonC151211743
Coppins Department StoreBusinesses - Coppins Department StoreC152211744
Coppins Department StoreBusinesses - Covington C152211745
Coppins WoodsParksC152211746
Coquard, Leon Architect of CathedralChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC630215964
Corbin, William F.Biography - Corbin, William F.C615215965
CordovaGrant County - History C631210776
CorinthGrant County - History C653211748
Corinthian Baptist Church - NewportChurches, Protestant - Corinthian Baptist Church - NewportC653211749
Corneau, M & SonsLatoniaC650215966
CornerstonesCourthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonC656211750
CornerstonesLibraries - Kenton CountyC656211751
CornerstonesPolice Department - CovingtonC656211752
Cornstalk MilitiaCornstalk MilitiaC652211753
CoronerBiography - Reichert, Robert (Dr.)C656211754
CorporexOffice BuildingsC616211756
Corpus ChristiChurches, Catholic - Corpus ChristiC612211757
Correctional InstitutionsInstitutions - Boone Career Development CenterC623211758
CorvaHealth ServicesC610211759
Cote-BrillianteNewport C316211760
Cottage Square Shopping CenterCold SpringC326211761
Counties - FormationCampbell County - HistoryC532211762
Country ClubsCountry ClubsC536211763
Country ClubsWhite VillaC536211764
Country Clubs - Summit HillsCrestview Hills C536211765
County ClerkBiography - Wood, A.T.C532211766
County JudgeBiography - Perkins, George GilpinC532211767
Courthouses - Boone CountyBoone County - History C632211768
Courthouses - Campbell County - AlexandriaAlexandria C632211769
Courthouses - Campbell County - NewportCourthouses - Campbell County - NewportC632211771
Courthouses - Campbell County - NewportHistoric Sites C632211772
Courthouses - Campbell County - NewportCampbell County - HistoryC632211770
Courthouses - Campbell County - NewportMount Saint Martin C632211773
Courthouses - Grant CountyCourthouses - Grant CountyC632211774
Courthouses - Grant CountyGrant County - History C632211775
Courthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonCovington - HistoryC632211776
Courthouses - Kenton County - IndependenceCourthouses - Kenton County - IndependenceC632211777
Courthouses - Kenton County - IndependenceIndependenceC632211778
CourtsAssociations - Northern Kentucky Legal Aid SocietyC632211779
CourtsCrime & CriminalsC632211781
Courts - First Court of Quarter SessionsGrant's Lick C632211782
CovingtonHistoric Districts - Covington - W. 15th StreetC152211784
CovingtonBanks - CovingtonC152211783
CovingtonMutual Aid SocietiesC152211785
Covington, Leonard (General) - Covington NamesakeKenton County - HistoryC152215971
Covington, Leonard (General) - Covington NamesakeCovington - History - Founding C152215970
Covington, Leonard (General) - Covington NamesakeBiography - Covington, Leonard (General)C152215968
Covington, Leonard (General) - Covington NamesakeBridges - Suspension BridgeC152215969
Covington, Lorenzo DowBiography - Covington, Lorenzo DowC152215973
Covington, Leonard (General) - Covington NamesakeMayors - CovingtonC152215972
CovingtonParks - CovingtonC152211786
Covington & Cincinnati Bridge CompanyBridgesC152211830
Covington & Cincinnati Bridge CompanyBridges - Suspension BridgeC152211831
Covington & Cincinnati Pier Bridge Co.BridgesC152211832
Covington - 1920 CensusCensusC152211787
Covington - BicentennialCovington - BicentennialC152211788
Covington - BudgetCovington - BudgetC152211789
Covington - CentennialOld Town PlazaC152211790
Covington - Central Plan Map - 1973Urban Planning - Covington Riverfront Redevelopment C152211791
Covington - CharterMiscellanyC152211792
Covington - ChurchesChurches C152211793
Covington - City SealCovington - City SealC152211794
Covington - DescriptionKenton County - Description C152211796
Covington - DescriptionKenton County - HistoryC152211797
Covington - DescriptionCovington - HistoryC152211795
Covington - Eastside NeighborhoodCovington - Eastside NeighborhoodC152211798
Covington - Economic DevelopmentFidelity InvestmentsC152211799
Covington - Enterprise ZoneCovington - Enterprise ZoneC152211800
Covington - Farmer's MarketCovington - Farmer's MarketC152211801
Covington - GovernmentCovington - GovernmentC152211802
Covington - Historic PlaquesCovington - Historic PlaquesC152211803
Covington - HistoryBiography - Howard, Benjamin F.C152211805
Covington - HistoryChurches, Protestant - Madison Avenue BaptistC152211806
Covington - HistoryAssociations - MasonsC152211804
Covington - History - FoundingBiography - Smith, Allen W.C152211810
Covington - History - FoundingChurches - GermanC152211813
Covington - History - FoundingHistoric Houses - Kennedy HouseC152211747
Covington - History - FoundingKenton County - HistoryC152211817
Covington - History - FoundingCampbell County - HistoryC152211812
Covington - History - FoundingBanks C152211807
Covington - History - FoundingBridges - Suspension BridgeC152211811
Covington - History - FoundingBiography - Kenton, SimonC152211809
Covington - History - FoundingBiography - Kennedy, ThomasC152211808
Covington - History - FoundingFerriesC152211816
Covington - History - FoundingCovington - Centennial C152211815
Covington - History - FoundingCourthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonC152211814
Covington - History - ReminiscencesCovington - History - ReminiscencesC152211818
Covington - IncorporationCovington - HistoryC152211819
Covington - Kenton - Boone Chamber of CommerceAssociations - Chamber of CommerceC152211820
Covington - Kenton County Chamber of CommerceNorthern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce C152211821
Covington - Lexington Turnpike Co.Florence C152211823
Covington - Lexington Turnpike Co.Elsmere C152211822
Covington - Neighborhoods - LatoniaLatoniaC152211824
Covington - Old TownAct for CovingtonC152210803
Covington - PoliticsCovington - PoliticsC152211825
Covington - ReminiscencesBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterC152211826
Covington - RiverwalkAssociations - Northern Kentucky Trotters Volkssport Club C152211827
Covington - SesquicentennialCovington - SesquicentennialC152211828
Covington - WestsideToursC152211829
Covington and Lexington RailroadRailroads - Covington and LexingtonC152211833
Covington and Newport NewsCovington - HistoryC152211834
Covington Art ClubHistoric Sites C152211836
Covington Art ClubAssociations - Covington Art ClubC152211835
Covington Art ClubMiscellanyC152211837
Covington Arts DistrictCovington Arts DistrictC152220652
Covington Auxiliary Police CorpsBiography - Nordheim, Lee & ElizabethC152211838
Covington Auxiliary Police CorpsCovington Auxiliary Police CorpsC152211839
Covington AvenueStreets C152211840
Covington Ball ParkSports - Baseball/SoftballC152211841
Covington Business ConferenceCovington Business ConferenceC152211842
Covington Business CouncilCovington Business CouncilC152211843
Covington Carriage ToursToursC152211844
Covington Choral SocietyMusicC152211845
Covington ChronicleCovington - GovernmentC152220573
Covington City National Bank (Consolidated with First National 1892)Banks C152211846
Covington City National Bank (Consolidated with First National 1892)Banks - First National BankC152211847
Covington Community Center / Center for Great Neighborhoods of CovingtonCovington Community CenterC152211848
Covington Community ResourcesAssociations - Covington Community ResourcesC152211849
Covington CompanyCovington - History - Founding C152211850
Covington Cotton FactoryBanks C152211851
Covington DioceseChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionC152211852
Covington Education FoundationSchools, Public - CovingtonC152220597
Covington ElksAssociations - Elks C152211853
Covington Geriatric CenterInstitutions - Ridgeview Nursing Home C152211854
Covington HausBiography - Noll, MickC152211855
Covington History (Bryon Tarvin) Times Star Column "Stroller" 1940'sBiography - Tarvin FamilyC152211856
Covington JournalCovington - HistoryC152211857
Covington Ladies HomeInstitutions - Home For Aged & Indigent WomenC152211858
Covington Lager Beer BreweryBusinesses - CovingtonC152211859
Covington LandingCovington LandingC152211860
Covington Lions ClubAssociations - Covington Lions ClubC152211861
Covington Map - 1851MapsC152211862
Covington Market House (7th and Madison)Associations - Northern Kentucky Pigeon Fanciers AssociationC152211863
Covington MutualInsurance Companies - Covington Mutual Insurance Co.C152211864
Covington Mutual Insurance Co.Crime & Criminals - Kearney & LawlerC152211866
Covington Mutual Insurance Co.Biography - Covington, Leonard (General)C152211865
Covington Neighborhood Action CoalitionAssociations - Covington Neighborhood Action CoalitionC152211867
Covington Neighborhood Action CoalitionAssociations - CNACC152211868
Covington Neighborhood CollaborativeAssociations - Covington Neighborhood CollaborativeC152211869
Covington Neighborhood WatchCovington Neighborhood WatchC152211870
Covington OutlookCovington - GovernmentC152211871
Covington PaperBusinesses - Covington Paper and Woodenware Co. Inc.C152211872
Covington Paper and Woodenware Co. Inc.Businesses - Covington Paper and Woodenware Co. Inc.C152211873
Covington ParksParksC152211874
Covington Partners in PreventionCovington Partners in PreventionC152260243
Covington Poultry MarketBusinesses - Covington C152211875
Covington PrideAssociations - Covington PrideC152211876
Covington Protestant Children's HomeInstitutions - Children's Home of Northern KentuckyC152211877
Covington Protestant Children's HomeInstitutions - Covington Protestant Children's HomeC152211878
Covington QuarterlyCovington - GovernmentC152211879
Covington RiverfrontUrban Planning - Covington Riverfront RedevelopmentC152211880
Covington Riverfront RedevelopmentUrban Planning - Covington Riverfront RedevelopmentC152211881
Covington Schuetzen VereinAssociations - Shooting ClubsC152211882
Covington Senior CenterAssociations - Senior Citizens of Northern KentuckyC152211883
Covington StationAct for CovingtonC152211884
Covington SubdivisionsMonte Casino C152211886
Covington SubdivisionsPeaselburgC152211887
Covington SubdivisionsLewisburgC152211885
Covington SubdivisionsWallace WoodsC152211888
Covington TodayFriends of CovingtonC152211889
Covington Town Meeting, Inc.Associations - Covington Town Meeting, Inc.C152215967
Covington Troop 6Associations - Boy ScoutsC152211890
Covington TrustBanks - Huntington BankC152211891
Covington TurnersAssociations - Covington TurnersC152211892
Covington Urban DevelopmentUrban Planning - CUREC152211893
Covington Urban Re-Development Effort (CURE)Urban Planning - CUREC152211894
Covington ViewSteamboats C152211895
Covington Woman's ClubAssociations - Covington Woman's ClubC152211896
Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge CommitteeBridges - Suspension BridgeC152211897
Cowens, DaveBiography - Cowens, DaveC520215974
Cox, Harry SeymourBiography - Cox, Harry SeymourC000215975
Craig, JoelCampbell County - HistoryC620215976
Craig, John J. - Mayor - CovingtonMayors - CovingtonC620215978
Craig, John J. - Mayor - CovingtonBiography - Craig, John J.C620215977
Craig Street Burying GroundCemeteries - Craig Street Burying GroundC623211898
Craig Street CemetaryCemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryC623211900
Craig Street CemetaryCemeteries - Kenton CountyC623211899
Crawford, EllisMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumC616215979
Crawford, EllisParks - Big Bone LickC616215980
Creation MuseumMuseums - Creation MuseumC635260306
Creeks - Banklick CreekCreeks - Banklick CreekC621211901
Creeks - Bullock Pen CreekCreeks - Banklick CreekC621211902
Creeks - Fowler CreekCreeks - Banklick CreekC621211903
Creeks - Happy Hollow CreekCreeks - Happy Hollow CreekC621211904
Creeks - Wolper CreekBoone County - History C624211905
Crescent Ave.Streets C625211906
Crescent ClubNightclubsC625342164
Crescent ParkCrescent Springs C625211908
Crescent ParkCrescent ParkC625211907
Crescent SpringsVilla HillsC625211911
Crescent SpringsKenton County - HistoryC625211910
Crescent SpringsChurches, Catholic - Saint Joseph - Crescent SpringsC625211909
Crescent Springs Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Crescent Springs Baptist ChurchC625211912
Crescent Springs Baptist ChurchCrescent SpringsC625211913
Crescent Springs Church of GodCrescent SpringsC625211914
Crescent Springs ElementarySchools, Public - Kenton CountyC625211915
Crescent Springs Presbyterian ChurchCrescent SpringsC625211916
CrestviewCrestview C623211917
Crestview HillsCrestview Hills C623211918
Crestview Hills Nursing HomeInstitutions - Crestview Hills Nursing HomeC623211919
Crestview Liquor & Dairy StoreBusinessesC623211920
Crews CreekGrassy CreekC626211921
Crigler, Jacob (Rev.)Boone County - History C624215981
Crigler, Jacob (Rev.)Churches, Protestant - Hopeful Evangelical Lutheran C624215983
Crigler & Crigler DistilleryBusinesses - Covington C624211922
Crigler & Crigler DistilleryDistilleriesC624211923
Crime & CriminalsCrime & CriminalsC652211925
Crime & CriminalsBiography - Remus, GeorgeC652211924
Crime & Criminals - 1st Murder in Boone Co.Courthouses - Boone County C652211926
Crime & Criminals - NewportCrime & CriminalsC652211927
Crime RatesCrime & CriminalsC656211928
Crisler, Carleton C. (Dr.)Historic Houses - Cave JohnsonC624215984
Crisler, Richard C.Historic Houses - Crisler House C624215985
Crisler FamilyBiography - Crisler FamilyC624211929
Crittenden - AKA Pin-HookGrant County - History C635211930
Crockett, William H.Biography - Crockett, William H.C623215986
Cropper, Carroll L.Biography - Cropper, Carroll L. (Judge)C616215988
Cropper, Carroll J.Biography - Cropper, Carroll L. (Judge)C616215987
Cross County HighwayHighwaysC625211931
Cross County HighwayHighways - Cross CountyC625211932
Crouch, LymanGrant County - History C620215989
Cruise Creek ChurchChurches, Protestant - Cruise CreekC626211933
Crusader ClubHospitals - Saint ElizabethC623211934
Culbertson, R.E. - Mayor - CovingtonBiography - Culbertson, R.E.C416215991
Culbertson, R.E. - Mayor - CovingtonMayors - CovingtonC416215992
Culbertson, D.C. & Bro.Businesses - Covington C416215990
Cultural Heritage Tourism - Boone CountyCultural Heritage Tourism - Boone CountyC436497478
Culture ClubAssociationsC436211936
Cunningham, L.R. "Bud"Biography - Cunningham, L.R. "Bud"C525215993
Cupp, WiltonBiography - Cupp, WiltonC100215994
CUREUrban Planning - CUREC600211937
Curly Grimm's CafeNightclubsC642342165
CurrencyBoone County - History C652211938
Curtis, DickBiography - Curtis, DickC632215995
Curtis, TeliaBiography - Curtis, TeliaC632215996
Cutter, George W.Mexican WarC360215998
Cutter, George W.Biography - Cutter, George W.C360215997
CynthianaCivil War C535211939
D'Erlanger, FrederickErlangerD645216027
D.A.R. - Keturah Moss Taylor ChapterBiography - Southgate, William WrightD623211941
D.C.'s DeliRestaurants - CovingtonD234211942
Dahlenburg, CharlesBiography - Dahlenburg, CharlesD451215999
Dairies - HannekenDairies - HannekenD625211943
Dale, Francis L. Publisher - EnquirerBiographyD400216000
Daly's CafeNightclubsD421342166
Dameron, E.P.Businesses - Newport D565216001
Dameron, EverettBiography - Dameron, EverettD565216002
DamonsRestaurants D520211944
Daniel Boone Boys Career CenterInstitutions - Boone Career Development CenterD541211946
Daniel Boone Career Development CenterInstitutions - Boone Career Development CenterD541211947
Daniel Carter Beard BridgeBridgesD542211948
Daniel Carter Beard BridgeBridges - Daniel Carter Beard BridgeD542211949
Daniel FamilyMillsD541211950
Daniels, CharlesWilmington D542216003
DARAssociations - Daughters of the American RevolutionD600211951
Darlington, N.W.Biography - Darlington, N.W.D645216004
Darpel's RestaurantNightclubsD614342167
Daugherty, Ralph & Carol AnnBiography - Daugherty, Ralph & Carol AnnD263216005
Daughters of AmericaAssociations - Daughters of AmericaD236211952
Daughters of RebekahAssociations - I.O.O.F.D236211953
Daughters of the American RevolutionAssociations - Daughters of the American RevolutionD236211954
David David Architect of Cathedral FaChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionD131211955
Davidson, JoanBiography - Davidson, JoanD132260262
Davis, SamCovington - HistoryD120216011
Davis, SkeeterBiography - Davis, SkeeterD120216012
Davis, Andrew BarnettBiography - Davis, Andrew BarnettD120216006
Davis, Cora (Dr.)Cemeteries - Highland CemeteryD120216007
Davis, James A. (Dr.)Cemeteries - Highland CemeteryD120216009
Davis, GeoffBiography - Davis, GeoffD120216008
Davis, Kathryn G.Biography - Davis, Kathryn G.D120216010
Dawn, JackBiography - Dawn, JackD500216013
Day, Richard CortezBiography - Day, Richard CortezD000216014
Day CareDay CareD260211956
Day-Care - Toddler InnHospitals - Saint Elizabeth D263211957
DaytonBiography - Wooden, JohnD500211958
DaytonChurches, Protestant - Tower United Methodist ChurchD500211960
DaytonCampbell County - HistoryD500211959
Dayton - CentennialDayton - CentennialD525211961
Dayton Boat ClubNightclubsD513342168
Dayton GrilleNightclubsD526342169
Dayton Light Co, Covington Elec.Gas CompaniesD542216015
Dayton Pony StationNightclubsD515342170
DBA Silver Bar CafeNightclubsD124342171
De Lisa ClubAssociations - De Lisa ClubD424211962
Deadest Place in KentuckyTavernsD231211963
DeafnessAssociations - Northern Kentucky Hearing Aid BankD152211965
Decker, RonBiography - Decker, RonD260216016
DecourseyRailroads - Louisville & NashvilleD262211966
Decoursey Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Decoursey Baptist ChurchD262220606
Dedden, JohnMonte Casino D500216017
Deddens's CafeNightclubsD521342172
Dee Felice CafHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - Businesses D142211967
DeFalaise, SusanMuseums - Vent Haven D142216018
Dehner, Frank W.Biography - Dehner, Frank W.D560216019
Dejaco, Francis (Rev.)Biography - Dejaco, Francis (Rev.)D200216020
DeJaco, FrancisBiography - Dejaco, Francis (Rev.)D200215982
Delaney, Martin R. - Pastor - St. StephenChurches, Catholic - Saint Stephen's ChurchD450216023
Delaney, LauraBiography - Delaney, LauraD450216022
Delaney, Joseph J.Biography - Delaney, Joseph J.D450216021
deLellis, Mary (Sister)Biography - deLellis, MaryD420220625
Deli (27 E. 7th St)Restaurants - CovingtonD432211969
DeLongueil, Charles - 1st White Man in Boone CountyBoone County - History D452216024
DeltaAirlines - DeltaD430211970
Delta QueenSteamboats - Delta QueenD432211971
Deming, DonBiography - Deming, DonD520216025
DemocratBiography - Kroeger, FrankD526211972
Democratic Club of Kenton CountyPolitics & PoliticiansD526211973
Dempsey DrugstoreBusinesses - Dempsey DrugstoreD512211975
Densch Brothers (Est. 1885)Businesses - Covington D521211976
Depenbrock, O.Biography - Depenbrock, O.D151216026
Deposit Bank of CovingtonBanks D123211977
Depot CafeNightclubsD132342173
Derby Cafe, 1918-20 Madison AvenueNightclubsD612342174
Derby Cafe, 3722 Winston AvenueNightclubsD612342175
Derryberry, Jon P.Urban Planning - Model Cities D616216028
Deters, BillRestaurants D620216029
Deters, EricBiography - Deters, EricD620216030
Deters, JerryBiography - KreutzjansD620216032
Deters, JedBiography - Deters, JedD620216031
Dettore, PatBiography - DeHore, PatD600216033
Deutsh Schuetzen VereinAssociations - Shooting ClubsD232211979
Devney, George R.Biography - Devney, George R.D150216034
Devoee, Sarah OgdenPark Hills D100216035
Devou, William Paul - Donated Land for Devou ParkPark Hills D100216036
Devou ParkPark Hills D162211986
Devou ParkParks - Devou ParkD162211987
Devou ParkMiscellanyD162211984
Devou ParkMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumD162211985
Devou ParkBiography - Walsh, John R.D162211981
Devou ParkCovington - HistoryD162211982
Devou ParkKenton County - DescriptionD162211983
Devou ParkBiography - Best, RuthD162211980
Dewar, HelenBiography - Dewar, HelenD600216037
Deye, HenryFire Departments - CovingtonD000216038
Diabetes DigestHealth ServicesD132211988
Dibowski, Gustav F.Biography - Dibowski, Gustav F.D120216039
Dibowski, R.J.Biography - Dibowski, R.J.D120216040
Dick, Albert C. (Mrs.) - Inspiration for Annie Fellow Johnston's "Little Colonel" StoriesBiography - Dick, Albert C. (Mrs.)D200216041
Dick's PlaceNightclubsD214342176
Dicken's MillMillsD252211989
Dickerson, William WorthBiography - Dickerson, William WorthD262216042
Dickson, William M.Civil War D250216043
Dietz, Elmer C.Biography - Dietz, Elmer C.D200220632
Dietz, JosephBiography - Dietz, JosephD200216044
Dietz, SharonBiography - Dietz, SharonD200216045
Dietz, StephanieBiography - Dietz, StephanieD200260268
Dillon, George HillBiographyD450216047
Dillon, George H.Biography - Dillon, George H.D450216046
Dillon, George HillBiography - Dillon, George H.D450216048
Dine, JimBiography - Dine, JimD500216049
Dine's Furniture HouseBusinesses - Dine's Furniture HouseD521211990
Dine-SchabellBusinesses - Covington D521211991
Dinser, John M.Civil War D526216050
Dinsmore, Julia S.Biography - Dinsmore, Julia S.D525216051
Dinsmore House (Homestead Foundation)Historic Houses - Dinsmore HouseD525211992
Diocesan Catholic Children's HomeInstitutions - Diocesan Catholic Children's HomeD252211993
Diocese of CovingtonDiocese of CovingtonD212211996
Diocese of CovingtonBiography - Muench, Robert (Bishop)D212211995
Diocese of CovingtonBiography - Ackerman, Richard H. (Bishop)D212211994
DisabilitiesAssociations - SpeciaLinksD214211997
Diskin, John A.Biography - Diskin, John A.D250216052
Diskin, LawrenceBiography - Diskin, LawrenceD250216053
District of HighlandsFort ThomasD236211999
DivorceAssociations - Beech AcresD162212000
Dixie 53NightclubsD200342177
Dixie Club CafeNightclubsD241342178
Dixie Dew Hotel and Restaurant GrillNightclubsD234342179
Dixie GardensTheaters D263212001
Dixie Heights High SchoolSchools, Public - Dixie Heights High SchoolD232212002
Dixie HighwayHighwaysD200212003
Dixie Highway Historic DistrictLakeside ParkD236212004
Dixie News (Est. 1962)Boone County - History D252212005
Dixie News (Est. 1962)ErlangerD252212006
Dixie Opti-Mrs ClubAssociations - Dixie Opti-Mrs ClubD213212007
Dixie TerminalHistoric Buildings D236212010
Dixie TerminalBuildings - Dixie TerminalD236212008
Dixie TerminalBuses - Dixie TerminalD236212009
Dixie Traction Co.Elsmere D236212011
Dixie Traction Co.Walton D236212013
Dixie Traction Co.ErlangerD236212012
Dobson, Bonnie S.Biography - Dobson, Bonnie S.D125216054
Doc's PlaceNightclubsD214342180
DoctorsBiography - Hafer, L.C.D236212014
DoctorsBiography - Southgate, Louise P.D236212017
DoctorsBiography - Reichert, Robert (Dr.)D236212016
DoctorsBiography - Morris, Chester A. (Dr.)D236212015
Documents NewsletterColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky UniversityD253212019
Dog CatchersAssociations - SPCAD232212020
Dog House CafeNightclubsD210342181
Dog RacingDog RacingD262212021
Doll, Gertrude DormanBiography - Doll, Gertrude DormanD400216055
Domaschko, JohnInstitutions - Covington Protestant Children's Home D520216056
Don's CafeNightclubsD521342184
Donald's Recreation HallNightclubsD543342183
Donaldson, G.A.Biography - Donaldson, G.A.D543216057
Donaldson, William MillsBiography - Donaldson, William M.D543216059
Donaldson, William H.Biography - Donaldson, William M.D543216058
Donaldson Lithographic Co.Biography - Donaldson, William M.D543212023
Doniphan, AlexanderBiography - Doniphan, AlexanderD515216060
Donnelly, Thomas F. - Mayor - CovingtonMayors - CovingtonD540216062
Donnelly, Thomas F. - Mayor - CovingtonBiography - Donnelly, Thomas F.D540216061
Donnelly DirectoryTelephoneD543212024
Donnermeyer, WilliamBiography - Donnermeyer, WillliamD565216063
Dorning, HermanBiography - Dorning, HermanD652216064
Dorning, NorbBiography - Dorning, NorbD652216065
Dorsel, JohnBiographyD624216066
Dorsel, JohnBiography - Dorsel, JohnD624380426
Douglas, James - Discovered Big BoneParks - Big Bone LickD242216068
Douglas, James - Discovered Big BoneLudlow D242216067
Douthwaite, Frank G. (Lt. Col.)Cemeteries - Highland CemeteryD000216069
Dow, LorenzoCovington - HistoryD000216070
Downard CafeNightclubsD563342185
Downtown CovingtonOld Town PlazaD535212025
Downtown Covington Merchants AssociationAssociations - Downtown Covington Merchants AssociationD535212026
Downtown PulseRenaissance CovingtonD535220622
Drake, SamuelBiography - Drake, SamuelD620216074
Drake, AlexanderBiography - Drake, AlexanderD620216071
Drake, Francis Ann DennyBiography - Drake, Francis Ann DennyD620216073
Drake, AlexanderHistoric Houses - Beard HouseD620216072
DramaColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University - Arts & DramaD650212027
Draud, JonBiography - Draud, JonD630216075
Drawbridge MotelNorthern Kentucky - EconomicsD616212028
Drees, RalphBiography - Drees, RalphD620216076
DreesHousing - DreesD620212029
Dressman, J.H.Businesses - Covington D625216077
Dressman, JamesBiography - Dressman, JamesD625220644
Dressman, JamesAssociations - SPCAD625216078
Dressman's CafeNightclubsD625342186
Driesbach, WalterBiography - Beatrice, BarbaraD621216079
Droege, IgnatiusHistoric Houses - Droege HouseD620216082
Droege, Frank A.BiographyD620216081
Droege House, Inc.Institutions - Droege House, Inc.D620216080
Droege HouseHistoric Houses - Droege HouseD620212031
Droege HouseAssociations - TransitionsD620212030
Drug Stores - LudlowLudlow D623212032
Druggists - Albert E. Schnitker (Est. 1885)Businesses - Covington D623212034
Druggists - Albert Greule (Est. 1885)Businesses - Newport D623212035
Druggists - Bartholomew & Co. (Est. 1846)Businesses - Newport D623212036
Druggists - C.F.Keener (Est. 1865)Businesses - Newport D623212037
Druggists - Charles J. Ertel (Est. 1887)Businesses - Covington D623212038
Druggists - E.L. Pieck (Est. 1877)Businesses - Covington D623212039
Druggists - G.A. ZwickBusinesses - Covington D623212040
Druggists - H. WertheimerBusinesses - Newport D623212041
Druggists - HortiganLudlow D623212042
Druggists - J.F. Stoekle (Est. 1860)Businesses - Covington D623212043
Druggists - John W. ReakirtBusinesses - Covington D623212044
Druggists - Nodler & Co. (Est. 1867)Businesses - Covington D623212045
Druggists - T.J. WidrigBusinesses - Newport D623212046
Druggists - W. Scott Riffe (Est. 1881)Businesses - Covington D623212047
DrugsCrime & CriminalsD620212049
DrugsBusinesses - Paynes LaboratoriesD620212048
Dry Creek Baptist ChurchErlangerD626212054
Dry Creek Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Bullitsburg Baptist ChurchD626212053
Dry Creek Baptist ChurchBoone County - HistoryD626212052
Dry RidgeGrant County - History D632212055
Dry Ridge Missionary Baptist ChurchGrant County - History D632212056
Duble, John - River Boat CaptainCivil War D140216083
DuckerBiography - Ducker, John Sr.D260516079
Dueber Watch-Case FactoryBusinesses - Newport D163212057
Duepree, R.R. Pres. P&GBiographyD160216084
Duke TavernNightclubsD231342187
DulcimersMusical Instruments - DulcimersD425212059
Dumps - Hazardous WasteDumps - Hazardous WasteD512212060
Dunhoft, John N.Biography - Dunhoft, John N.D513216085
Dunlap Academy (Independence)Biography - Twenhofel, William H.D541212061
Dunlevy, LindaBiography - Dunlevy, LindaD541216086
Dunn, William R.Biography - Dunn, William R.D500216087
Dupps, Eric L.Biography - Dupps, Eric L.D120216088
Duro Paper BagIndustry - Duro Paper BagD616212062
Durso, AnthonyBiography - Durso, AnthonyD620216089
Dutule InnNightclubsD450342188
Duveneck, Francis B.Biography - DuveneckD152216090
Duveneck, FrankKenton County - Description D152216103
Duveneck, FrankBiography - Hopkins, George EdwardD152216096
Duveneck, FrankHistoric Houses - Duveneck HouseD152216102
Duveneck, FrankChurches, Catholic - Cathedral Basilica of the AssumptionD152216099
Duveneck, FrankBiographyD152216091
Duveneck, FrankChurches, Catholic - Mother of GodD152216100
Duveneck, FrankBiography - DuveneckD152216094
Duveneck, FrankBiography - Duveneck, Mollie D152216095
Duveneck, MollieBiography - Duveneck, Mollie D152216105
Duveneck, FrankMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumD152216104
Duveneck, FrankBiography - Barnhorn, Clement J.D152216092
Duveneck, FrankBiography - DuveneckD152216093
Duveneck, FrankBiography - Wessel, Bessie HooverD152216098
Duveneck, FrankBiography - Selden, DixieD152216097
Duveneck, FrankChurches, Catholic - Saint Joseph - Crescent SpringsD152216101
Duveneck Art ShowAssociations - Northern Kentucky Heritage League D152212063
Duveneck FamilyBiography - DuveneckD152210793
Duveneck StudentBiography - McLaughlin, CharlesD152212064
Dye, John FrankBiography - Dye, John FrankD000216106
DyeBiography - Curtis, DickD000212065
Dyer, William H.Biography - Dyer, William H.D600216107
Dyer, William H. - State SenatorBiographyD600216108
Eagle Chili ParlorNightclubsE242342189
Eagle Manufacturing Co.Industry - Campbell County E245212066
EaglesAssociations - EaglesE242212067
Earl, Frank EberHistoric Houses - TimberlakeE640216109
Earle, James T.Biography - Earle, James T.E640216110
East NewportHistoric Districts - Newport - East NewportE235212069
East Side CafeNightclubsE232342190
East Side Church of the Nazerene - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - East Side Church of the Nazerene - CovingtonE232212070
East Side Social ClubAssociations - East Side Social ClubE232212071
East Side Sportsman's ClubAssociations - East Side Sportsman's ClubE232212072
East-Side Social ClubAssociations - East Side Social ClubE232212077
Easter SealsAssociations - Northern Kentucky Easter SealsE236212073
Easter Seals Center, Northern KentuckyAssociations - B E236216111
Easterling, KenBiography - Easterling, KenE236260252
Eastside Multiple Resource AreaHistoric Districts - Covington - Eastside Multiple Resource AreaE232212074
Eastside Neighborhood Development CorporationCovington - Eastside NeighborhoodE232212076
Eastside Neighborhood Development CorporationAssociations - B E232212075
Ebbert, Edward S.Biography - Ebbert, Edward S.E163497474
Ebenezer Lutheran ChurchChurches, Protestant - Hopeful Evangelical Lutheran E152212078
Echert, R.H.Businesses - Covington E263216112
ECHOAssociations - ECHOE200212079
Eckler, Garner "Pop"Biography - Eckler, Garner "Pop"E246368278
Economic DevelopmentCovington - GovernmentE252212080
Economic GrowthNorthern Kentucky - EconomicsE252212081
Economic Indicators - Northern KentuckyEconomy - Northern Kentucky E252212082
Economic OutlookO.K.I.E252212083
EconomyEconomy E250212084
Economy - ErlangerErlangerE256212085
Economy - LudlowLudlow E254212086
Economy - Northern KentuckyEconomy - Northern Kentucky E256212087
Economy - West CovingtonKenton County - HistoryE252212089
Economy - West CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Epworth United MethodistE252212088
Economy MarketAssociations - John Birch SocietyE256212090
Economy MarketsBusinesses - Economy Market E256212091
EcumenismNorthern Kentucky Interfaith CommissionE252212092
Ed & BellNightclubsE314342191
Ed E. Walker & Co. Fire InsuranceBusinessesE342212093
Eden Park - CincinnatiHistoric Houses - Mansion on the HillE351212094
Edgewood Historical SocietyHistorical Societies - Edgewood Historical SocietyE323212096
Edler, HenryImmigration, GermanE346216113
EDM Business InteriorsBusinesses - Boone County E351212097
Edmiston, JohnInstitutions - Covington Protestant Children's Home E352216114
Edmondson, AlexBiography - Edmondson, AlexE353216115
Edmondson, GarryBiography - Edmondson, GarryE353216116
EducationAssociations - P.T.A.E323212098
Education - BlacksBlacksE323212099
Education - Kenton CountyKenton County - Description E323212100
Education - Northern KentuckySchools, PrivateE323212101
Education Alliance of Northern KentuckyEducation Alliance of Northern KentuckyE323212102
Education NewsletterColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University E323212103
Edwards FamilyBiography - McLane, JohnE363212104
Egan, KimBiography - Egan, KimE250216117
Egbert, Harry ClayFort Thomas E216216119
Egbert, Harry ClayBiography - Egbert, Harry ClayE216216118
Eggemeier, JimBiography - Eggemeier, JimE256216120
Egleston, CharlieBiography - Egleston, CharlieE242216121
EgyptologistBiography - Covington, Lorenzo DowE213212105
Eibel, George H.Businesses - Covington E140216122
Eichholz, BernardBiography - Eichholz, BernardE242216123
Eichholz, Bernard F. - Mayor of CovingtonMayors - CovingtonE242216124
Eifert, SylvesterChurches, Catholic - Saint AloysiusE163216125
Eilerman, Charles "Chuck"Biography - Eilerman, Charles "Chuck"E465216126
Eisenhower, Dwight D.Biography - Eisenhower, Dwight D.E256216127
Elder PhotographicBusinesses - Elder PhotographicE436212106
ElderhostelColleges & Universities - Northern Kentucky University E436212108
ElderhostelAssociations - ElderhostelE436212107
ElectionsIsolationism E423212111
ElectionsBiography - Marsh, ChesterE423212110
ElectionsBiography - Goodenough, Joseph P.E423212109
Elections - 1990Biography - Roeding, DickE423212113
Elections - 1990Biography - Cupp, WiltonE423212112
Elections - CovingtonCovington - HistoryE423212114
Elections - GubernatorialBiography - Goebel, William S.E423212115
Electric LightingLudlow E423212118
Electric LightingKenton County - Description E423212116
Electric LightingLimaburg E423212117
ElectricityBiography - Meyer, John G. (Dr.)E423212119
ElectricityWalton E423212121
Elfers, John R.Biography - Elfers, John R.E416216128
ElksBiography - Vivian, CharlesE420212124
ElksAssociations - Elks E420212122
ElksBiography - Howard, Benjamin F.E420212123
Ellinger, JacobCovington - Historic PlaquesE452216129
Elliott FamilyBiography - Elliott FamilyE431212125
Ellis, TomBiography - Ellis, TomE420216130
Ellison, James "Jim"Biography - Ellison, James "Jim"E425216131
Elliston, BenjaminGrant County - History E423216132
Elliston, GeorgeBiographyE423216133
Elliston, GeorgeBiography - Elliston, George (Miss)E423216134
Elm Street Sewing SocietyAssociationsE452212126
ElsmereKenton County - HistoryE425212127
Elsmere - HistoryErlangerE425212128
Elsmere - HistoryHistoric Houses - TimberlakeE425212129
Elsmere Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Elsmere Baptist ChurchE425212130
Elsmere Baptist ChurchErlangerE425212132
Elsmere Baptist ChurchElsmereE425212131
Elsmere Senior CenterAssociations - Elsmere Senior CenterE425212133
Embree, JakeBiography - Embree, JakeE516216135
Emergency Medical ServicesCommonwealth E.M.S.E562212134
Emery PriceHistoric Districts - Covington - Emery-PriceE561212135
Emery RowHousing E560212137
Emery RowHistoric Districts - Covington - Emery-PriceE560212136
Employment - BlacksBlacksE514212138
Employment - Northern KentuckyEmployment - Northern KentuckyE514212139
Enamelist Society & ShowArtsE542212140
Engineering - BridgesEngineering - BridgesE525607372
Englemon, DavidBiography - Englemon, DavidE524216136
Engles Cafe NightclubsE524342192
Engravers - Stuckey, William H.Businesses - Covington E526216137
EnquirerNewspapers - EnquirerE526212142
EnquirerBiography - Williams, CarolineE526212141
EntertainmentBiography - Best, RuthE536212143
EntertainmentCovington LandingE536212144
Entertainment - Boone CountyBoone County - History E536212145
EnvironmentAssociations - John Birch SocietyE516212146
EnvironmentIndustry - Filon-SilmarE516212148
Environmental PerspectiveEnvironmentE516212149
Environmental Quality CommissionEnvironmental Quality CommissionE516212150
Enzweiler, Ervin N.Banks - Northern Kentucky Bank & TrustE524216138
Epidemics - CholeraCovington - HistoryE135212152
Episcopal ChurchChurches, Protestant - EpiscopalE121212153
Eppley, DonBiography - Eppley, DonE140216139
Epworth United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Epworth United MethodistE163212154
Era of Golden ShovelCovington - Description E612212155
ErlangerKenton County - HistoryE645212158
ErlangerChurches, Protestant - First Baptist Church - ErlangerE645212156
ErlangerFairs E645212157
ErlangerParks - Erlanger Lions ClubE645212160
ErlangerNightclubs E645212159
Erlanger - HistoryElsmere E645212161
Erlanger - HistoryKenton County - Description E645212163
Erlanger - HistoryHistoric Houses - TimberlakeE645212162
Erlanger - Young Men's ClubAssociations - Young Men's Club of ErlangerE645212164
Erlanger Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Erlanger BaptistE645212165
Erlanger Baptist ChurchErlangerE645212166
Erlanger Christian ChurchErlangerE645212168
Erlanger Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Erlanger ChristianE645212167
Erlanger Church of ChristErlangerE645212170
Erlanger Church of ChristChurches, Protestant - Erlanger Church of ChristE645212169
Erlanger Church of GodErlangerE645212171
Erlanger Church of NazareneErlangerE645212172
Erlanger Community BankErlangerE645212173
Erlanger Deposit BankHistoric Houses - Mansion on the HillE645212175
Erlanger Deposit BankErlangerE645212174
Erlanger Elsmere Family Resource CenterAssociations - Erlanger Elsmere Family Resource CenterE645212176
Erlanger Fair BoardErlangerE645212177
Erlanger Historical SocietyHistorical Societies - Erlanger Historical SocietyE645212178
Erlanger Land SyndicateErlangerE645212179
Erlanger Land SyndicateHistoric Houses - Mansion on the HillE645212180
Erlanger Lions ClubAssociations - Erlanger Lions ClubE645212181
Erlanger Lions ClubParks - Erlanger Lions ClubE645212182
Erlanger Methodist ChurchMusicE645212183
Erlanger United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Erlanger United MethodistE645212184
Erlanger Veterinary HospitalBusinessesE645212185
Erlanger Woman's ClubAssociationsE645212186
Erlanger Woman's ClubAssociations - Erlanger Woman's ClubE645212187
Erlanger Womens ClubHistoric Houses - TimberlakeE645212188
Erlanger Womens ClubLibraries - Erlanger-Elsmere LibraryE645212189
Erlanger-Crescent Springs Industrial ParkErlangerE645212190
Erlanger-Elsmere United MinistriesErlanger-Elsmere United MinistriesE645212191
Ernst, William - President, Northern Bank of Kentucky Founder of First Presbyterian ChurchChurches, GermanE652216147
Ernst, Richard PretlowCemeteries - Highland CemeteryE652216144
Ernst, William - President, Northern Bank of Kentucky Founder of First Presbyterian ChurchImmigration, GermanE652216150
Ernst, William - President, Northern Bank of Kentucky Founder of First Presbyterian ChurchCovington - HistoryE652216149
Ernst, RayBiography - Ernst, RayE652216140
Ernst, Richard PretlowBiography - Ernst, Richard P.E652216143
Ernst, Richard P.Biography - Ernst, Richard P.E652216141
Ernst, William - President, Northern Bank of Kentucky Founder of First Presbyterian ChurchChurches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonE652216148
Ernst, Richard PretlowKenton County - Description E652216145
Ernst, Richard PretlowBanks - Peoples Liberty E652216142
Ernst, WilliamBiography - Ernst, WilliamE652216146
ErrondaleHistoric Houses - ErrondaleE653212192
Escue Datsun - CovingtonFires E232212193
Etsinger, CharlesBiography - Etsinger, CharlesE325216151
Evangelical Churches (German)Churches E152212194
Evangelical Reform ChurchChurches, Protestant - Grace United Church of ChristE152212195
Evans, RichardCrime & Criminals - Evans, RichardE152216152
Evergreen CemeteryHistoric SitesE162212196
Evergreen CemeteryCemeteries - Evergreen CemeteryE162220617
Ewbank, James T. (Major)Campbell County - HistoryE152216153
Ewen, DavidNorthern Kentucky Area Development District E500216154
Ewing, C.M. (Hop)Biography - Ewing, C.M. (Hop)E520216155
Executive Auto Polishing and DetailingBusinesses - Executive Auto Polishing and DetailingE231212197
Exeler, BobBiography - Exeler, BobE246216156
ExodusAssociations - ExodusE232212198
Extension ServiceKenton County Extension ServiceE235212200
Extension ServiceKenton County - GovernmentE235212199
F. Kenneweg & Co. (Est. 1848)Businesses - CovingtonF252212201
Factory RowIndustry - Campbell CountyF236212202
Fagin, JaneBiography - Fagin, JaneF250216157
Fair Haven Rescue MissionMissions - Fairhaven Rescue MissionF615212203
Faircloth, SadieBiographyF624216158
Faircloth, SadieBiography - Faircloth, SadieF624216159
Fairfield Ave.Historic Districts - Bellevue - Fairfield Ave.F614212204
FairsFairs F620212205
Fairs - Grant CountyGrant County - History F626212206
Fairs - Kenton CountyFairs - Kenton CountyF625212207
Fairview InnNightclubsF615342193
Faith, CarlBiography - Faith, CarlF300216160
Faith, Don C. Jr.BiographyF300216161
Fallis, Daniel JamesHistoric Houses - Fallis-Lovell House F420216162
Fallis-Lovell HouseHistoric Houses - Fallis-Lovell House F424212209
Fallis-Lovell HouseHistoric Houses - Minosa HouseF424212210
FalmouthCampbell County - HistoryF453210777
FalmouthCemeteries - Mary Boone Bryan Cemetery F453212211
Falmouth Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Falmouth BaptistF453212212
Falmouth United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Falmouth United MethodistF453212213
Families Against DrugsAssociations - Families Against DrugsF542212214
Family Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Northern Kentucky.Associations - Family Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Northern KentuckyF545212215
Family Nurturing Center of KentuckyFamily Nurturing Center of KentuckyF545212216
Family Service of Northern KentuckyFamily Service of Northern KentuckyF542212217
Fann, PatBiography - Fann, PatF500216163
Farmer's and Trader's National Bank of Covington (Consolidated with First National 1910)Banks - First National BankF656212219
Farmer's and Trader's National Bank of Covington (Consolidated with First National 1910)Banks - Farmers and Traders NationalF656212218
Farmer's Bank of KentuckyBanks - First National BankF656212221
Farmer's Bank of KentuckyBanks F656212220
Farmers Liquor StoreNightclubsF656342194
Farmers' Record and Covington Literary Journal (Est. 1831)Covington - History - Founding F656212223
Farmers' Record and Covington Literary Journal (Est. 1831)Biography - Smith, Allen W.F656212222
Farney, HenryBiographyF650216164
Farney, HenryBiography - Farny, Henry F.F650216165
Farny, Henry F.Biography - Farny, Henry F.F650216166
Farrell, CharlesBiography - Farrell, CharlesF640216167
Farrell, Charles J.Biography - Farrell, CharlesF640216168
Farrell, William J.Biography - Farrell, William J.F640216169
Farris, EvaFriends of CovingtonF620260237
Farris, OakleyFriends of CovingtonF620260238
Faulkner, SandyBiography - Faulkner, SandyF425216170
Faulwetter, F. (Mantels & Grates)Businesses - Covington F436216171
Fedders, EdwardBiography - Fedders, Edward (Bishop)F362216172
Fedders, Edward (Bishop)Biography - Fedders, Edward (Bishop)F362216173
Federated Improvement AssociationAssociations - Federated Improvement AssociationF363212226
Feed Stores - Blinn, GeorgeLudlow F323216174
Feldhaus, Stephen H.Biography - Feldhaus, Stephen H.F432216176
Feldhaus, HenryImmigration, GermanF432216175
Felthaus, JohnBiography - Felthaus, JohnF432216177
Feltman, LutherBiography - Feltman, LutherF435216179
Feltman, H. - Pres. German National Bank, Cigar DealerBusinesses - Covington F435216178
Fennell, George H.Biography - Fennell, George H.F540216180
Fennessey, James E.Biography - Fennessey, James E.F520216181
Fenton CafeNightclubsF535342195
Fenton's Dry CleaningBusinesses - Covington F535212227
Fentress County - Tenn.Fentress County - TNF536212228
Ferguson, BruceBiographyF625216182
Ferguson, BruceBiography - Ferguson, BruceF625216183
FerriesBridges - Suspension BridgeF620212230
FerriesCampbell County - HistoryF620212231
Ferries - Alvin MountjoyFerriesF624212233
Ferries - Alvin MountjoyCampbell County - HistoryF624212232
Ferries - Anderson FerryFerriesF625212235
Ferries - Anderson FerryBoone County - History F625212234
Ferries - Augusta FerryFerriesF623212236
Ferries - Bartle (Taylor)Campbell County - HistoryF621212237
Ferries - Boone No. 1-6FerriesF621212238
Ferries - Boone No. 6FerriesF621212239
Ferries - Boone No. 7FerriesF621212240
Ferries - Brent FerryFerriesF621212241
Ferries - CovingtonFerriesF621212242
Ferries - Fifth Street Ferry (Capt. Wm. McCoy)Ludlow F621212243
Ferries - Grant's FerryFerriesF626212244
Ferries - Hiram AllenHarrisburgh F626212245
Ferries - John BartleFerriesF625212246
Ferries - John BushFerriesF625212247
Ferries - John GrantWilmington F625212248
Ferries - John Roberts GentFerriesF625212249
Ferries - John SandersFerriesF625212250
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryCampbell County - HistoryF625212254
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryBridges - Suspension BridgeF625212253
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryCovington - Centennial F625212255
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryBiography - Kennedy, ThomasF625212251
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryCovington - HistoryF625212256
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryCovington - History - Founding F625212257
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryKenton County - HistoryF625212258
Ferries - Kennedy's FerryBoone County - HistoryF625212252
Ferries - Kenton FerryBridges - C & O BridgeF625212259
Ferries - Kottmyers FerryFerriesF623212260
Ferries - Newport and Cincinnati FerryFerriesF625212261
Ferries - Newport and Cincinnati FerryFire Departments - Newport F625212262
Ferries - Perry FerryHistoric Houses - Kennedy HouseF621212263
Ferries - Taylors FerryFerriesF623212264
Ferries - The John HastingsDaytonF623212265
Ferries - Warsaw FerryFerriesF626212266
Ferries - Wilmington Ferry (John Grant)Campbell County - HistoryF624212267
Ferries - Wilmington Ferry (John Grant)FerriesF624212268
Fessler's CafeNightclubsF246342196
Feuds - Hatfield and McCoysFeuds - Hatfield and McCoysF323212270
Fidelity InvestmentsFidelity InvestmentsF343212271
Fields, Ernie Pres. CG&EBiographyF432216184
Fifth Street - proposedHistoric Houses - Hearne HouseF323212272
Fifth Street Bridge - ProposedHistoric Houses - Hearne HouseF323212273
Filon-SilmarIndustry - Filon-SilmarF452212274
Filson, JohnBiographyF425215455
Filson's Map of Kentucky (1784)MapsF425212275
Financial QuestionBiography - Ernst, William F524212277
Financial QuestionBiography - Carlisle, John G.F524212276
Fink, Charles - Pres. John Brenner Brewing Co.BiographyF520216185
Finke FamilyGoettaF521212278
Finn, Thomas B. (Rev.)Biography - Finn, Thomas B. (Rev.)F500216186
Finnell, John J.Biography - Barr, John W.F540216187
Finnell, John W.Biography - Finnell, John W.F540216188
Finney GroupBusinesses - Finney GroupF526212279
Fire DepartmensSandfordtownF631212280
Fire DepartmentsFire Departments F631212281
Fire Departments - Boone CountyFire Departments - Boone CountyF631212282
Fire Departments - Boone County Volunteer Fire Dept.Boone County - History F631212283
Fire Departments - CovingtonInsurance Companies - Covington Mutual Insurance Co.F631212284
Fire Departments - CovingtonPeaselburg F631212285
Fire Departments - Crescent SpringsCrescent Springs F631212286
Fire Departments - DaytonDaytonF631212287
Fire Departments - Elsmere & Woodside Volunteer Fire Dept.Elsmere F631212288
Fire Departments - Elsmere Junior Dept.Elsmere F631212289
Fire Departments - ErlangerErlangerF631212290
Fire Departments - Erlanger-ElsmereFire Departments - Erlanger-ElsmereF631212291
Fire Departments - FlorenceFlorence F631212292
Fire Departments - Fort MitchellFire Departments - Fort MitchellF631212293
Fire Departments - HebronFire Departments - HebronF631212294
Fire Departments - Highland HeightsFire Departments - Highland HeightsF631212295
Fire Departments - IndependenceFire Departments - IndependenceF631212296
Fire Departments - LudlowLudlow F631212297
Fire Departments - NewportFire Departments - Newport F631212298
Fire Departments - Southern Campbell CountyFire Departments - Southern Campbell CountyF631212299
Fire Departments - WaltonWalton F631212300
Fire Departments - Washington Fire Engine & Hose Co. #1Fire Departments - Newport F631212301
FirefightersBiography - Daugherty, Ralph & Carol AnnF612212302
FiremenFire Departments - CovingtonF650212303
FiresFires F620212304
Fires - Beverly HillsFires F621212305
Fires - CrittendenGrant County - History F626212306
Fires - Dry RidgeGrant County - History F623212307
Fires - F.J. Myers Manufacturing Co.Fire Departments - CovingtonF621212308
Fires - Highland Junior High SchoolFort Thomas F624212309
Fires - Lookout HouseFires F624212311
Fires - Lookout HouseBiography - Nienaber, PeteF624212310
Fires - Ludlow - Resin Factory Pullman FireLudlow F624212312
Fires - NewportFire Departments - Newport F625212313
Fires - Town & Country RestaurantFires F623212314
Fires - White Horse TavernFires F623212315
Fires - WilliamstownGrant County - History F624212316
First Baptist Church (Bellevue)Churches, Protestant - First Baptist - BellevueF623212327
First Baptist Church - (First Church in Alexandria)AlexandriaF623212317
First Baptist Church - BellevueChurches, Protestant - First Baptist - BellevueF623212318
First Baptist Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonF623212320
First Baptist Church - CovingtonChurchesF623212319
First Baptist Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - First Baptist Church - CovingtonF623260296
First Baptist Church - DaytonChurches, Protestant - First Baptist (Dayton)F623212321
First Baptist Church - DaytonDaytonF623212322
First Baptist Church - ErlangerChurches, Protestant - First Baptist Church - ErlangerF623212323
First Baptist Church - LudlowLudlowF623212324
First Baptist Church - NewportChurches, Protestant - First Baptist Church - NewportF623212325
First Baptist Church - WaltonWaltonF623212326
First Baptist Church of Cold SpringChurches, Protestant - First Baptist of Cold SpringF623212328
First Baptist Church of WaltonChurches, Protestant - First Baptist Church of WaltonF623212329
First Born Church of the Living GodChurches, Protestant - First Born Church of the Living GodF623212330
First Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - First ChristianF623212331
First Christian Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - First Christian - CovingtonF623212332
First Christian Church - Dayton (Church of Christ)DaytonF623212333
First Church of Christ ScientistChurches, Protestant - First Church of Christ ScientistF623212334
First Church of God - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - First Church of God - CovingtonF623212335
First Church of the NazareneMusical Instruments - OrgansF623212336
First Church of the Nazarene - Fort WrightChurches, Protestant - First Church of the Nazarene - Fort WrightF623212337
First Church of the Nazarene - NewportChurches, Protestant - First Church of the Nazarene - NewportF623260274
First Evangelical Methodist Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - First Evangelical Methodist Church - CovingtonF623212338
First FederalSavings & Loan - First FederalF623212339
First Federal Savings & Loan AssociationBanks - First Federal Savings & Loan AssociationF623212340
First German Evangelical Protestant Saint John's Church of West CovingtonChurches, GermanF623212341
First Methodist ChurchHistoric SitesF623212343
First Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - First United Methodist - CovingtonF623212342
First Methodist Church (Black)ElsmereF623212344
First Methodist Church (Union Methodist)ChurchesF623212345
First Methodist Episcopal ChurchChurches, Protestant - Shinkle MethodistF623212346
First National BankBanks - First National BankF623212348
First National BankBanks F623212347
First National BankBanks - Kentucky National BankF623212349
First National Bank - LudlowLudlowF623212350
First National Bank of CovingtonBanks F623212351
First National Bank of CovingtonBiography - Carlisle, John G.F623212353
First National Bank of CovingtonBanks - First National BankF623212352
First National Bank of CovingtonBusinesses - Covington F623212354
First National Bank of CovingtonLudlow F623212357
First National Bank of CovingtonCrime & Criminals - Scott-Dunlap RingF623212355
First National Bank of CovingtonHistoric Sites F623212356
First National Bank of Latonia (Merged with First National Bank of Covington 1961)Banks - First National BankF623212358
First National Bank of Latonia (Merged with First National Bank of Covington 1961)Banks - Peoples LibertyF623212359
First National Bank of LudlowBanks - Huntington BankF623212360
First Nazarene ChurchLudlowF623212361
First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonChurches, GermanF623212363
First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Community of Faith Presbyterian ChurchF623212364
First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonBiography - Ernst, WilliamF623212362
First Presbyterian Church - DaytonChurches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - DaytonF623212365
First Presbyterian Church - DaytonDaytonF623212366
First Presbyterian Church - FlemingsburgChurches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - FlemingsburgF623212367
First Presbyterian Church - Fort ThomasChurches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - Fort ThomasF623212368
First Presbyterian Church - LudlowLudlowF623212371
First Presbyterian Church - LudlowChurches, Protestant - Community of Faith Presbyterian ChurchF623212369
First Presbyterian Church - LudlowChurches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - LudlowF623212370
First United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - First United Methodist - CovingtonF623212372
Firstar BankBanks - FirstarF623212373
Fischer, C. EdwardBiography - Fischer, C. EdwardF260216189
Fischer, John A.Businesses - Covington F260216190
Fischer Machine Co.Businesses - Covington F265212374
Fish, EzraKenton County - HistoryF200216191
FishermanAssociations - East Side Sportsman's ClubF265212375
Fishing Tackle - F.H. Shafer (Est. 1874)Businesses - Covington F252212376
Fisk, John Flavel - Lawyer, Kentucky Senator, Lt. GovernorCemeteries - Highland CemeteryF200216194
Fisk, Charles H.Biography - Fisk, Charles H.F200216192
Fisk, John Flavel - Lawyer, Kentucky Senator, Lt. GovernorBanks - First National BankF200216193
Fisk, John Flavel - Lawyer, Kentucky Senator, Lt. GovernorCourthouses - Kenton County - CovingtonF200216195
FiskburgKenton County - HistoryF216212378
Fister FamilyHistoric Houses - Foote-Fister MansionF236212379
Fitzgerald, AnneBiography - Fitzgerald, AnneF326216196
Fitzgerald, WilliamBiography - Fitzgerald, WilliamF326216199
Fitzgerald, MikeBiography - Fitzgerald, MikeF326216198
Fitzgerald, Anne WalkerBiography - Fitzgerald, WilliamF326216197
Fitzpatrick, Thomas P. - Mayor of CovingtonMayors - CovingtonF321216201
Fitzpatrick, Thomas P.Biography - Fitzpatrick, Thomas P.F321216200
Five Mile House (Barleycorns)Restaurants F542212380
Flack, L.F.Biography - Flack, L.F.F420216202
Flag - NewportNewport F425212381
Flag SpringFlag SpringF421212382
Flaherty, BobBiography - Flaherty, BobF463216203
Flamingo ClubNightclubsF452342197
Flanagan, LindaNorthern Kentucky Area Development District F452216204
Flannery, PatrickBiography - Flannery, PatrickF456467187
Flannery HotelRestaurants - CovingtonF456212384
Fleek, Charles ClintonBiographyF420216205
Fleek, Charles ClintonBiography - Fleek, Charles ClintonF420216206
Fleming, Msgr. StanleyBiography - Fleming, Msgr. StanleyF452467188
Flesch, SteveBiography - Flesch, SteveF420216207
Flood ControlCreeks - Banklick CreekF432212386
Flood ControlKenton County - Description F432212387
Flood Walls - DaytonFloods - 1937F434212388
FloodsFloods - 1883 F432212389
Floods - 1832Floods - 1883 F432212390
Floods - 1883Floods - 1883 F432212391
Floods - 1913FloodsF432212392
Floods - 1917 - 1918WinterF432212393
Floods - 1937DaytonF432212394
Floods - 1937Fort Thomas F432212395
Floods - 1937Historic Houses - LandmarkF432212396
Floods - 1964FloodsF432212397
Floods - 1967FloodsF432212398
Floods - 1972Floods - 1972F432212399
Florence - AKA Pow Wow; Pole Cat; Crossreads; Maddenstown; ConnersvilleBoone County - History F465212401
Florence - AKA Pow Wow; Pole Cat; Crossreads; Maddenstown; ConnersvilleChurches, Catholic - Saint PaulF465212402
Florence - AKA Pow Wow; Pole Cat; Crossreads; Maddenstown; ConnersvilleTelephoneF465212404
Florence - AKA Pow Wow; Pole Cat; Crossreads; Maddenstown; ConnersvilleErlangerF465212403
Florence Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Florence Baptist ChurchF465212405
Florence Christian ChurchBoone County - HistoryF465212406
Florence Christian ChurchFlorence F465212408
Florence Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Florence Christian ChurchF465212407
Florence Drive-InTheaters F465212409
Florence FreedomSports - Baseball/SoftballF465260279
Florence Kentucky College of BusinessColleges & UniversitiesF465212410
Florence MallShopping CentersF465212411
Florence Nature ParkParks - Florence Nature ParkF465212412
Florence United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Florence United Methodist ChurchF465212413
FloristBusinesses - Merlands Floral CraftF462212414
Florists - A.C. HeckmanBusinesses - Covington F462212416
Florists - A.C. HeckmanBusinessesF462212415
Flournoy, John J.Boone County - History F465216208
Floyd's Seven OaksNightclubsF432342199
Flutmas, Herbert K.Biography - Flutmas, Herbert K.F435216209
Flynn, Paul W.World War IF450216210
FOE. 329NightclubsF000342200
Fogarty, DaveBiography - Fogarty, DaveF263220623
Foley, Bushrod W. - Mayor of CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Trinity EpiscopalF400216212
Foley, Bushrod W. - Mayor of CovingtonBiography - Foley, Bushrod W.F400216211
Foley, Bushrod W. - Mayor of CovingtonMexican WarF400216214
Foley, Bushrod W. - Mayor of CovingtonMayors - CovingtonF400216213
Folsom Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Vine Run BaptistF425212417
Foltz CafeNightclubsF432342201
Foltz's Village CafRestaurants F432212418
Food Dealers AssociationAssociations - Northern Kentucky Independent Food Dealers AssociationF346212419
Food MarketsBusinesses - Berling & Schulte Modern Food MarketF356212420
Food StoresBusinesses - M&M MarketF323212421
FootballSports - FootballF314212422
Foote-Fister MansionHistoric Houses - Foote-Fister MansionF312212423
FootnotesHospitals - Saint Elizabeth F353212425
Foreign Trade ZoneForeign Trade ZoneF625212426
Forest Lawn CemeteryCemeteries - Forest LawnF623212428
Formerly Employed Mothers at the Leading Edge (FEMALE)Associations - Formerly Employed Mothers at the Leading Edge (FEMALE)F656212429
Forrest, EdwinBiography - Forrest, EdwinF623216215
Fort HenryMonte Casino F635212430
Fort MitchellBusinesses - Robert P. Price ContractorF635212431
Fort MitchellParksF635212434
Fort MitchellChurches, Catholic - Blessed SacramentF635212432
Fort MitchellKenton County - HistoryF635212433
Fort Mitchell - HistoryCivil War F635212436
Fort Mitchell - HistoryFort MitchellF635212437
Fort Mitchell - HistoryBiography - Mitchel, Ormsby M.F635212435
Fort Mitchell Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Fort Mitchell Baptist ChurchF635212438
Fort Mitchell Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Madison Avenue BaptistF635212439
Fort Mitchell Country ClubCountry ClubsF635212440
Fort ThomasSchools, Public - Fort ThomasF635212442
Fort ThomasChurches, Catholic - Saint Thomas Church - Fort ThomasF635212441
Fort Thomas PlazaShopping CentersF635212443
Fort Thomas Woman's ClubAssociationsF635212444
Fort Thomas Woman's ClubAssociations - Fort Thomas Woman's ClubF635212445
Fort WrightHistoric Houses - KuchleF636212446
Fort WrightMergersF636210778
Forts & FortificationsForts & FortificationsF632212447
Forward AmericaBiography - Wimmer, EdF635212448
Forward QuestQuestF632212449
FossilsParks - Big Bone LickF242212450
Foster, E. StanleyBiography - Foster, E. StanleyF236216216
Foster, LeoBiography - Foster, LeoF236260281
Foster CareAssociations - RSVPF236212451
Foundation FootnotesHospitals - Saint Elizabeth F535212452
Four Mile InnNightclubsF654342202
Fourth and Main CafeNightclubsF635342203
Fourth StreetBridges - Short Way BridgeF632212453
Fourth Street Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Madison Avenue ChristianF632212456
Fourth Street Christian ChurchChurches, Protestant - Fourth Street Christian F632212455
Fowler, JacobHistoric Houses - General James Taylor Mansion F460216220
Fowler, JacobCampbell County - HistoryF460216219
Fowler, JacobBiography - Fowler, JacobF460216218
Fowler, Benjamin PiattHistoric Houses - Benjamin Piatt Fowler's HouseF460216217
Fox, CarlCrime & CriminalsF200216221
Foys, Roger (Bishop)Biography - Foys, Roger (Bishop)F200216222
Fram Bros.Businesses - Fram Bros.F651212457
Frank Duveneck Arts & Cultural Center, Inc.Historic Houses - Duveneck HouseF652220604
Frank W. Riley (Est. 1869)Businesses - Newport F652212458
Frankenstein, GodfreyBiography - Frankenstein, GodfreyF652216223
Franks, JamesGrant County - HistoryF652216224
Franxman, Thomas L.Biography - Franxman, Thomas L.F652216225
Franz, FredBiography - Franz, FredF652216226
Fraternal Order of PoliceSports - Baseball/SoftballF636212459
Frazier, James LynnBiography - Frazier, James LynnF626216227
Frazier, RobertBlacksF626216228
Frazier's Friendly TavernNightclubsF626342204
Fred J. Meyers Manufacturing (Est. 1856)Businesses - Covington F632212460
Fred Rehfuss (Est. 1860)Businesses - Covington F636212461
Free Pentecost Church of God - CovingtonChurches, Protestant - Free Pentecost Church of God CovingtonF615212462
Freedom Hall ChurchChurches, Protestant - Freedom HallF635212463
Freedom ParkEdgewoodF635212464
Freese, DanBiography - Freese, DanF620216229
French, StephenErlangerF652216230
French, StephenHistoric Houses - TimberlakeF652216231
French & Indian War (Seven Years War) (Great War for Empire)Kenton County - HistoryF652212466
Freshney, EdwinBiography - Freshney, Edwin E.F625216232
Freshney, Edwin E.Biography - Freshney, Edwin E.F625216233
FreutzjansBiography - KreutzjansF632212467
Friends of Baker-Hunt NewsletterAssociations - Baker-Hunt FoundationF653212468
Friends of CovingtonFriends of CovingtonF653212469
Friends of DevouMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumF653212470
Friends of DevouParks - Devou ParkF653212471
Friends of the Kenton County Public LibraryLibraries - Friends of the Kenton County Public LibraryF653212472
Friendship Club of Northern KentuckyAssociations - Friendship Club of Northern KentuckyF653212473
Fries, DavidNorthern Kentucky Area Development District F620216234
Fries & SonIndustry - Fries & SonF625212474
Frigid Ice CompanyBiography - Conn, John Y.F623212475
Frisch'sRestaurants - CovingtonF620212476
Frischolz, L.J.Biography - Frischolz, L.J.F624216235
Frischolz, Leonard J. - Mayor of Lakeside ParkBiography - Frischolz, Leonard J.F624216236
Fritz Mineral & Soda Water Co.Industry - Fritz Maneral & Soda Water Co.F632212477
Froelich, Edward - First Pastor of St. AloysiusChurches, Catholic - Saint AloysiusF642216237
Froh, George - 1st Pastor of Big Bone MethodistChurches, Protestant - Big Bone MethodistF600216238
Fromondi, William "Pap"Biography - Fromondi, William "Pap"F653467189
Front & CenterNorthern Kentucky Convention & Visitors Bureau F653212479
Front & CenterAssociations - Northern Kentucky Easter SealsF653212478
Frontier WorldsParks - Frontier WorldsF653212480
Fry St.Streets F623210807
Full Gospel Businessmen's FellowshipAssociations - Full Gospel Businessmen's FellowshipF421212481
Funeral HomesFuneral HomesF564212482
Funeral Homes - LudlowLudlow F564212483
Funeral Homes - Vonderhaar - Stetter - BetzHistoric Houses - General James Taylor Mansion F564212484
Funk, MichaelCrime & Criminals - Funk, MichaelF520216239
Funkhauser, W.D.Parks - Big Bone LickF526216240
Funny BoneClubsF515212485
Furber, John N. - Attorney, Kentucky State RepresentativeBiography - Furber, John & CharlesF616216243
Furber, CharlesCemeteries - Highland CemeteryF616216242
Furber, CharlesBiography - Furber, John & CharlesF616216241
Furber, MattieBiography - Furber, John & CharlesF616216245
Furber, John N. - Attorney, Kentucky State RepresentativeChurches, Jewish F616216244
Furman, Nannie GreerBiography - Furman, Nannie GreerF650216246
Furniture - A. SchaeferBusinesses - Covington F653212486
Furniture - DesksMusical Instruments - OrgansF653212487
Furniture - H. Kampe (Est. 1884)Businesses - Covington F653212488
Furniture - H. Rawe (Est. 1871)Businesses - Covington F653212489
Furniture - Louis Marx and Brothers (Est. 1896)BusinessesF653212490
Furniture - Meyer & DeitermanBusinesses - Covington F653212491
Furniture - P. DineBusinesses - Newport F653212492
Furniture - Schoettler (Est. 1861)Immigration, GermanF653212493
Furniture DealersFurniture DealersF653212494
FusionBiography - Martin, Charles R. (Dr.)F250212495
Gabbard, Barbara GilesBiography - Gabbard, Barbara GilesG163216247
Gabbard, Isaac "Ike"Biography - Gabbard, Isaac "Ike"G163216248
Gabhard, GeorgeErlangerG163216249
Gaines, Wallace ArkansasBiography - Gaines, Wallace ArkansasG520216260
Gaines, John PollardBiography - Gaines, John PollardG520216259
Gaines, John Pendleton - U.S. Congressman, Pres. Candidate, 1st Gov. of Or Terr.Mexican WarG520216258
Gaines, Charles MarvinBiography - Gaines, Charles MarvinG520216252
Gaines, John Pendleton - U.S. Congressman, Pres. Candidate, 1st Gov. of Or Terr.Boone County - History G520216255
Gaines, John Pendleton - U.S. Congressman, Pres. Candidate, 1st Gov. of Or Terr.Biography - Smith, Green ClayG520216254
Gaines, AbnerWalton G520216250
Gaines, Abner (Col.)Historic Houses - Gaines HouseG520216251
Gaines, John PendletonBiography - Gaines, John PendletonG520216253
Gaines, John Pendleton - U.S. Congressman, Pres. Candidate, 1st Gov. of Or Terr.Historic Houses - Gaines HouseG520216257
Gaines, John Pendleton - U.S. Congressman, Pres. Candidate, 1st Gov. of Or Terr.Historic HousesG520216256
Gains Tavern (Driver's Inn)Historic Houses - Gaines HouseG523212497
Gaither, TomBiography - Gaither, TomG360216261
Galagher, William E.Biography - Galagher, William E.G426216262
Galbraith, GatewoodBiography - Galbraith, GatewoodG416216263
Gallatin CountyWarsawG435212499
Gallatin CountyGallatin CountyG435212498
Galvanized Iron Cornices - C.F. Rasch (Est. 1870)Businesses - Covington G415212500
Galvin, John - Mayor of CincinnatiBiographyG415216264
Gambling - NewportGamblingG514212502
Gano, Richard M.Covington - History - Founding G500216269
Gano, DanielHistoric Houses - Carneal HouseG500216266
Gano, Aaron G.Historic Houses - Carneal HouseG500216265
Gano, Richard M.Biography - Gano, Richard M.G500216268
Gano, John StitesBiography - Gano, John StitesG500216267
Garden Club (Fort Mitchell)Fort MitchellG635212503
Garden of HopeGarden of HopeG635212504
Garden TombGarden of HopeG635212505
Garfield PlaceBiography - Piatt, JacobG614212507
Garner, MargaretBiography - Garner, MargaretG656216270
Garner, MargaretSlaveryG656216271
Garrard Street Church of ChristChurches, Protestant G632220591
Garrard Street Church of GodChurches, Protestant - Garrard Street Church of God - CovingtonG632212508
Garrett, Carle L.Biography - Garrett, Carle L.G630216272
Garvey, James PendletonHistoric Houses - Mansion on the HillG610216273
Gas Lighting - LudlowLudlow G423212509
Gastright, JoeBiography - Gastright, JoeG362260265
Gateway CenterBuildings - Gateway CenterG325212510
Gateway Community and Technical CollegeGateway Community and Technical CollegeG325467200
Gateway DistrictHistoric Districts - Newport - GatewayG323212511
Gateway NeighborhoodNewport G352212513
Gateway NeighborhoodHistoric Districts - Newport - East NewportG352212512
Gateway NewsHistoric Districts - Newport - East NewportG352212514
Gateway to PreservationAssociations - Historic Northern Kentucky FoundationG316212515
Gauck, CarolNorthern Kentucky Area Development District G000216274
Gault, JohnHistoric Houses - Gaines HouseG430216275
Gausephol, JosephBanks - First National BankG140216276
Gausepohl, Henry J.BiographyG140216277
Gausepohl & Heidel (Est. 1885)Businesses - CovingtonG143212516
Gausepohl's CafeNightclubsG142342205
Gay 90'sNightclubsG000342206
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education NetworkGaysG421220621
Gayety TheaterTheaters G360212517
GBBN ArchitectsBusinesses - GBBN ArchitectsG156220653
Geaslen, ChesterBiography - Geaslen, ChesterG450216278
Gebron's TavernNightclubsG165342207
GeesePeaselburg G000212518
Geisen, Wilfred C.Banks - First National BankG500216279
Gene's CafRestaurants - CovingtonG521212454
General Butler State ParkParksG564212520
General Butler State ParkParks - General ButlerG564220571
General George Rogers Clark ParkHistoric SitesG564212522
General George Rogers Clark ParkHistoric Houses - McLaughlin House (Riverside House)G564212521
General James Taylor ParkHistoric Houses - General James Taylor Mansion G564212523
General Savings and Loan AssociationsSavings & Loan AssociationsG564212524
General StoresLimaburg G564212525
General Stores - A. Mueller (Founded 1874)Businesses - CovingtonG564212526
Geology - Kenton CountyKenton County - Description G425212528
George E. Wolfe PharmaciesBusinesses - Geo. E. Wolfe PharmaciesG624212529
George III (King of England)Covington - History - Founding G625212530
George Wiedemann Brewing Co. (Wiedemann Brewery)Businesses - Newport G623212531
George Wiedemann Brewing Co. (Wiedemann Brewery)Historic SitesG623212532
George Wiedemann Brewing CompanyBreweries - George Wiedemann Brewing CompanyG623212533
George's CafeNightclubsG621342208
GericenterInstitutions - Ridgeview Nursing Home G625212534
German Alliance of KentuckyAssociations - German-American Alliance of KentuckyG654212535
German AssociationsAssociations - American Citizens LeagueG652212536
German ChurchChurches, Protestant - Immanuel United Church of ChristG652212537
German Evangelical ChurchesChurches G651212538
German Evangelical Reform ChurchChurches, Protestant - German Evangelical Reform ChurchG651212539
German ImmigrantsLewisburg G652212542
German ImmigrantsIndustry - Campbell County G652212541
German ImmigrantsImmigration, GermanG652212540
German Mutual Fire Insurance Co.Insurance Companies - Covington Mutual Insurance Co.G653212543
German National Bank of Newport (F. 1882)Banks - German National BankG653212544
German National Bank of Newport (F. 1882)Businesses - NewportG653212545
German Pioneer ClubChurches, GermanG651212546
German Pioneer SocietyCovington - HistoryG651212547
German Pioneer SocietyGerman Pioneer SocietyG651212548
German Protestant Evangelical St. Pauls CongregationChurches, GermanG651212549
German Protestant Evangelical St. Pauls CongregationChurches, Protestant - Saint Paul United Church of ChristG651212550
German Shooting ClubsAssociations - Shooting ClubsG652212551
German-American AllianceAssociations - German-American Alliance of KentuckyG656212552
German-American State Alliance of KentuckyAssociations - German-American State Alliance of KentuckyG656212553
German-AmericansWorld War I G656212555
GermansChurches, GermanG652212556
Gern TavernNightclubsG653342209
Geschwind, ErwinErlangerG530216280
Geyer, CelestaBiography - Geyer, CelestaG600216281
Gezowsky, Joseph - First Pastor of St. John'sChurches, Catholic - Saint John's - CovingtonG000216282
Ghent Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Ghent Baptist ChurchG531212559
GhostsHistoric Houses - HauntedG320212560
Gibeau, BlaineBiography - Gibeau, BlaineG100216284
Gibeau, ArleneBiography - Gibeau, ArleneG100216283
Gibson, DianeNorthern Kentucky Area Development District G125216285
Giles, Raymond - V.P. People's LibertyBanks - Peoples Liberty G420216286
Gillespie, HavenBiography - Gillespie, HavenG421216287
Ginter, SherryNorthern Kentucky Area Development District G536216288
Girl ScoutsAssociations - Girl ScoutsG642212561
Girls SoftballSports - Baseball/SoftballG642212562
Giroux, Robert - Pres. Thomas More CollegeBiography - Giroux, RobertG620216290
Giroux, RobertBiography - Giroux, RobertG620216289
Giroux, Robert - Pres. Thomas More CollegeColleges & Universities - Thomas More College G620216291
Gist, ChristopherCovington - HistoryG300216293
Gist, ChristopherCovington - History - Founding G300216294
Gist, ChristopherBiography - Gist, ChristopherG300216292
Gist, ChristopherKenton County - HistoryG300216295
Glaser, Ralph J.Biography - Glaser, Ralph J.G426216296
Glass, DonNorthern Kentucky Area Development District G420216298
Glass, ChasitySchools, Public - Grant CountyG420216297
Glass CompaniesGlass CompaniesG425212563
Glass MenagerieRestaurants - CovingtonG425212564
Glazier, William L.BiographyG426216299
Gleberman-Wilson MurdersCrime & Criminals - Gleberman-Wilson MurdersG416212565
Gleen, D.A. - State RepresentativeBiographyG450216300
Glenn HotelNightclubsG453342210
Glenn RendezvousNightclubsG456342211
Glindmeyer Brothers (Undertakers)Businesses - Covington G453212566
Glore, W.H.MiscellanyG460216301
Go-Get-ErsRace Tracks - Latonia Race (Old)G362212569
Godsey, JamesBiography - Godsey, JamesG320216302
Goebel, ArthurBiography - Goebel, William S.G140216305
Goebel, Anthony (Monsignor) - Pastor Saint John'sWorld War I G140216304
Goebel, William S. - Governor, State SenatorBiography - Goebel, William S.G140216306
Goebel, Anthony (Monsignor) - Pastor Saint John'sChurches, Catholic - Saint John's - CovingtonG140216303
Goebel, William S. - Governor, State SenatorLibraries - Newport Public LibraryG140216308
Goebel, William S. - Governor, State SenatorHistoric Sites G140216307
Goebel ParkParks - Goebel ParkG141212567
Goeke, John (Rev.)Biography - Goeke, John (Rev.)G000218006
Goetz, SteveBiography - Goetz, SteveG320216309
Gold CureInstitutions - Gold CureG432212570
Golden HorseshoeNightclubsG435342212
Golden Rule Coal Co.Businesses - Covington G435212571
Golden ShovelCovington - Description G435212572
Golden TowersApartments G435212573
GolfPark Hills G410212574
Golf - Kenton County Golf CourseParksG412212575
Golf CoursesGolf CoursesG412212576
Golf Courses - TraditionsGolf Courses - TraditionsG412212577
Golf Courses - Twin Oaks Golf ClubGolf Courses - Twin Oaks Golf ClubG412212578
Gooch, Daniel LinnBiography - Gooch, Daniel LinnG000216310
Good Health ReportHealth Allliance of Greater CincinnatiG343212579
Goodenough, Joseph P.Biography - Goodenough, Joseph P.G352216311
Goodhue, Timothy A.Churches, Protestant - First Presbyterian Church - CovingtonG300216312
Goodson, John A. Jr. - Mayor of Covington, State Rep. & SenatorMayors - CovingtonG325216317
Goodson, John A.Biography - Goodson, John A.G325216313
Goodson, John A. Jr. - Mayor of Covington, State Rep. & SenatorCemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryG325216314
Goodson, John A. Jr. - Mayor of Covington, State Rep. & SenatorHistoric Houses - Gaines HouseG325216316
Goodson, John A. Jr. - Mayor of Covington, State Rep. & SenatorCovington - HistoryG325216315
GoodwillAssociations - GoodwillG340212580
Gopaul, HarryChurches, Protestant - Robbins Street Christian ChurchG140216318
Gordon, Mary JaneCrime & Criminals - Gordon, Mary JaneG635216319
Gordon Jennings Kentucky TavernRestaurants G635212581
Goshen Christian ChurchChurchesG526212582
Gosney's TavernNightclubsG523342213
Gospel MusicBiography - Schroll, Eleanor AllenG145212583
Gough, JamesGrant County - History G000216320
Gould, RobertDistilleries - PebblefordG430216321
Government OfficialsGovernment OfficialsG165212584
Government Officials - Boone CountyCourthouses - Boone County G165212585
Government PlactParksG165212586
Governors PointCondominiumsG165212587
Governors PointHistoric Districts - Covington - Riverside DriveG165212588
Grace Episcopal ChurchChurches, Protestant - Grace EpiscopalG621212589
Grace United Church of ChristHistoric SitesG625212591
Grace United Church of ChristChurches, GermanG625212590
Grady, BillBiography - Grady, BillG630216322
Grand CafRestaurants G653212592
Grandview ClubNightclubsG653342214
Grandview GardensNightclubsG653342215
Grant, SquireBiography - Grant, SquireG653216331
Grant, Ulysses S.BiographyG653216334
Grant, JohnBiography - Grant, JohnG653216325
Grant, Jesse RootBiography - Grant, Jesse RootG653216323
Grant, Jesse Root Father of Ulysses S. GrantHistoric Houses - Grant House G653216324
Grant, Ulysses S.Biography - Grant, Ulysses S.G653216335
Grant, John - First White Man to Settle in Kenton Co.Campbell County - HistoryG653216326
Grant, Ulysses S.Historic Houses - Grant House G653216336
Grant, Squire (General) - Namesake - Grant County ??Grant County - History G653216332
Grant, Squire (General) - Namesake - Grant County ??Wilmington G653216333
Grant, John - First White Man to Settle in Kenton Co.Grant's Lick G653216327
Grant, Moses - Mayor of CovingtonMayors - CovingtonG653216330
Grant, MosesBiography - Grant, MosesG653216329
Grant, John - First White Man to Settle in Kenton Co.Wilmington G653216328
Grant (Belleview)Boone County - History G653212593
Grant Co. SchoolsSchools, Public - Grant CountyG653212594
Grant CountyCrime & Criminals - Grant CountyG653212595
Grant County - HistoryGrant County - HistoryG653212596
Grant County BulletinGrant County - History G653212597
Grant's BendGrant's Bend561978
Grant's LickCampbell County - HistoryG653212598
Grant's LickHistoric Houses - ErrondaleG653212599
Grant's Lick Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Grant's Lick Baptist ChurchG653212600
GrapevineAssociations - Botany Hills Neighborhood AssociationG615260245
Grassy CreekGrassy CreekG626212601
Graves, BartlettElsmere G612216338
Graves, BartlettKenton County - HistoryG612216341
Graves, BartlettHistoric Houses - TimberlakeG612216340
Graves, BartlettBiography - Graves, BartlettG612216337
Graves, BartlettErlangerG612216339
Grayson, MerBiography - Grayson, Mer Sr.G625216342
Grayson, Mer Sr.Biography - Grayson, Mer Sr.G625216343
Graziani, Benjamin F.Biography - Graziani, Benjamin F.G625216344
Great LakesGreat LakesG634212602
Greater Cincinnati Library ConsortiumAssociations - Greater Cincinnati Library ConsortiumG636212603
Green, Elisha W.Biography - Green, Elisha W.G650216345
Green Gables RestaurantNightclubsG652342216
Green Lantern CafeNightclubsG654342217
Green Lantern TavernRestaurants - CovingtonG654212604
Green LineErlangerG654212606
Green LineDaytonG654212605
Green LineKenton County - Description G654212607
Green LineTrolleys G654212608
Greenberg BuildingAct for CovingtonG651212609
Greenberg BuildingBusinessesG651212610
Greene, Thomas - First Negro to Graduate from Erlanger Integrated SchoolsErlangerG650216348
Greene, MaryBiography - Greene, MaryG650216347
Greene, MaryBiographyG650216346
Greenup (2044)Covington - Historic PlaquesG651212611
Greenup St.Streets G651212612
Greenup Street CafeNightclubsG651342218
Greenview Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Greenview BaptistG651212613
Greenwood (Lake) - Early name for ErlangerErlangerG653212614
Greenwood (Lake) - Early name for ErlangerHistoric Houses - TimberlakeG653212615
Greer, A.L.Historic Houses - A.L. Greer HouseG600216350
Greer, AlexanderBiography - Greer, AlexanderG600216351
Greer, A.L.Churches, GermanG600216349
Grey Lady of CovingtonHistoric Houses - Carneal HouseG643212616
Grey Lady of CovingtonHistoric Houses - HauntedG643212617
Greyhound GrillNightclubsG653342219
Greyhound TavernRestaurants G653212618
Grieme, Ralph Jr.Biography - Grieme, Ralph B.G650216353
Grieme, WilliamBiography - Grieme, WilliamG650216354
Grieme, Ralph B.Biography - Grieme, Ralph B.G650216352
Grimm, Bernard A. Mayor of CovingtonUrban Planning - CUREG650216356
Grimm, BernardBiography - Grimm, BernardG650216355
Grissom, LillianPoetry G625216357
Grist Mills - Boone CountyBoone County - History G623212619
GrocersBusinesses - Economy Market G626212620
Grocers - Benjamin Crawford (Est. 1885)Businesses - Covington G626212621
Grocers - G.R. HartleyBusinesses - Covington G626212622
Grocers - G.W. Reiley (Est. 1884)Businesses - Newport G626212623
Grocers - George Pagan Jr. (Est. 1856)Businesses - Newport G626212624
Grocers - Henry DepenbrockBusinessesG626212625
Grocers - Horner & MowellBusinesses - Newport G626212626
Grocers - J.A. Reed (Est. 1855)Businesses - Covington G626212627
Grocers - J.E. MitchellBusinesses - Covington G626212628
Grocers - J.J. Sawyer (Est. 1882)Businesses - Covington G626212629
Grocers - J.J. Younghans (Est. 1876)Businesses - Covington G626212630
Grocers - John Evan's Store (Est. 1872)Businesses - Covington G626212631
Grocers - Knight & McGinniss (Est. 1885)Businesses - Newport G626212632
Grocers - LudlowLudlow G626212633
Grocers - N.L. YoungBusinesses - Covington G626212634
Grocers - O. DepenbrockBiography - Depenbrock G626212635
Grocers - R. Hamilton & CO.Businesses - Covington G626212636
Grocers - Rudolph Walker (Est. 1860)Businesses - Covington G626212637
Grocers - Schleutrer GroceryChurches, Protestant - Grace United Church of ChristG626212638
Grocers - Stellman & Wagner (Est. 1877)Businesses - Newport G626212639
Grocers - Thomas W. Weston (Est. 1878)Businesses - Newport G626212640
Grocers - W.F. McClureBusinesses - Newport G626212641
Grocers - W.R. Miller & Co.Businesses - Covington G626212642
Groesbeck, Herman J. - LegislatorCemeteries - Linden Grove CemeteryG621216358
Groesbeck, Herman J. - LegislatorHistoric Houses - Carneal HouseG621216359
Groger, Joyce (Mrs. Ted W.)Associations - Bettie Carter Morgan ClubG626216360
Gronefeld, James L.Biography - Gronefeld, James L.G651216361
Gronotte, ThadBiography - Gronotte, ThadG653216362
Groob, KathyBiography - Groob, KathyG610216363
Grothaus, Douglas J.Biography - Grothaus, Douglas J.G632216364
Grotto - Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of LourdesChurches, Catholic - Saint AloysiusG632212643
Ground WaterWaterG653212644
Groves, WalterWorld War IIG612216365
Gubser MillMillsG126212645
Gubser's MillGubser's MillG126212646
Guerra, Frank "Midge"Biography - Guerra, Frank "Midge"G600216366
Guerrea TavernNightclubsG631342220
Guerres, MidgeSports - BoxingG620216367
Guided TourRadio - WNKUG360212647
Guidugli, DanBiography - Guidugli, DanG324216368
Guilfoile, ElizabethBiography - Guilfoile, ElizabethG414216369
Gunning, GlennBiography - Gunning, GlennG520216370
Gunpowder Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Gunpowder BaptistG513212648
Guyer, BobbyBiography - Guyer, BobbyG600216371
Guys and DollsNightclubsG534342221
H. Eilerman & SonsBusinesses - H. Eilerman & SonsH465212651
H. Feltman (Est. 1848)Businesses - CovingtonH143212652
H.A. SchroetterBusinessesH263212653
Haake, BobBiography - Haake, BobH200216372
Habitat for HumanityHousing H131212654
Habitat for HumanityHousing - Habitat for HumanityH131212655
Hackathorn, J.L.Businesses - Covington H236216373
Hacker, JaniceBiography - Hacker, JaniceH260216374
Hackman, J.Businesses - Covington H250216375
Hafer, L.C.Biography - Hafer, L.C.H160216376
Hageman, Theo "Tate"Biography - Hageman, Theo "Tate"H250216377
Haggard, Jess E.Biography - Haggard, Jess E.H263216379
Haggard, CharlesBiography - Haggard, CharlesH263216378
Hahn HotelNightclubsH534342222
Haile, RalphInstitutions - Covington Protestant Children's Home H400216380
Hair Works - Miss Annie Jackson (Est. 1884)Businesses - Newport H625212656
Haley's PlaceNightclubsH421342223
Halfway HousesInstitutions - Droege House, Inc.H412212658
Halfway HousesAssociations - TransitionsH412212657
Hall, Walker C.Biography - Hall, Walker C.H400216385
Hall, John W.Biography - Hall, John W.H400216381
Hall, RickBiography - Hall, RickH400216383
Hall, LeroyCrime & CriminalsH400216382
Hall, Samuel B. & Co. (Marble)Businesses - Covington H400216384
Hallam, Alice StevensonBiography - Hallam, Alice StevensonH450216387
Hallam, TheodoreBiography - Hallam, Theodore F.H450216388
Hallam, Theodore Frelinghuysen - Kentucky Senator & RepresentativeBiography - Hallam, Alice StevensonH450216390
Hallam, Theodore F.Biography - Hallam, Theodore F.H450216389
Hallam, Theodore Frelinghuysen - Kentucky Senator & RepresentativeCivil War H450216392
Hallam, Theodore Frelinghuysen - Kentucky Senator & RepresentativeBiography - Hallam, Theodore F.H450216391
Hallam, AliceBiography - Hallam, Alice StevensonH450216386
Hambrick, Leroy "Brick"BlacksH516216393
HamiltonBoone County - History H543212659
Hamilton, George W.Biography - Hamilton, George W.H543260294
HamsLimaburg H520210808
HandicappedMarch of DimesH532212665
HandicappedAssociations - SpeciaLinksH532212662
HandicappedBiography - Doll, Gertrude DormanH532212663
HandicappedAssociations - Northern Kentucky Easter SealsH532212661
HandicappedAssociations - Mothers of Special ChildrenH532212660
Hands Across AmericaAssociations - Hands Across AmericaH532212666
Hangmans TreeBoone County - History H525212667
Hangmans TreeCrime & CriminalsH525212668
Hannaford, SamuelBiographyH516216394
Hanneken DairyDairies - HannekenH525212669
Hanser HomesMonte Casino H526212670
Hanses ParkParksH521212671
Hardeman, Thomas W. - Postmaster of CovingtonBiography - Taney, Mary FlorenceH635216395
Hardin, ZelmaBiography - Hardin, ZelmaH635216396
Hardware - John A. Fischer (Est. 1880)Businesses - Covington H636212673
Hardware - M.M. Ware (Est. 1889)Businesses - Newport H636212674
Hardware - Schrange HardwareLudlow H636212675
Hardware - Stephens & Scales (Est. 1869)Businesses - Covington H636212676
Hardware - W.F. MillerBusinesses - Newport H636212677
Hardware - Walton HardwareWalton H636212678
Hardware - Wendt and Wente (Est. 1840)Businesses - Newport H636212679
Hardy, EphriamCovington - HistoryH630216397
Hare, William & CathelynInstitutions - Youth Haven H600216398
Hargraves, Mrs. AnnieBiography - Hargraves, Annie (Mrs.)H626216399
Harlow, Alvin F.Covington - History - ReminiscencesH640216400
Harmon HomesHousing - Harmon HomesH652212680
Harness MakerBiography - Mayer, WilliamH652212681
Harper, Kenneth - Kentucky Secretary of StateBanks - First National BankH616216402
Harper, GregMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumH616216401
Harrell, Lorna PettyBiography - Harrell, Lorna PettyH640216403
Harris, TommyBiography - Harris, TommyH620216408
Harris, WilliamBiography - Harris, WilliamH620216409
Harris, SamCrime & CriminalsH620216407
Harris, JamesCovington - HistoryH620216406
Harris, ClydeElectionsH620216404
Harris, GeorgeHarrisburgh H620216405
HarrisburghHarrisburgh H621212682
Harrison, Joseph CabellBoone County - History H625216412
Harrison, Henry T.Biography - Harrison, Henry T.H625216411
Harrison, BurrwellGrant County - History H625216410
Harrison, Joseph CabellChurches, Protestant - Richwood PresbyterianH625216413
Harrison, VictorBiography - Harrison, VictorH625216414
Harrison CountyHarrison CountyH625212683
Harry E. Stephenson dry goodsBusinessesH623212684
Harry F. RivardBusinessesH616212685
Harry's PlaceNightclubsH621342224
Hart, FrankBiography - Hart, FrankH631607370
Hartke Auto Body RepairBusinesses - Hartke Auto Body RepairH632212686
Hartley, G.R.Businesses - Covington H634216415
Hartman, MargaretBiography - Hartman, MargaretH635216416
Hartman, RalphBiography - Hartman, RalphH635220637
Hartman, RaymondBiography - Hartman, RaymondH635220636
Harvey, DonaldCrime & Criminals - Harvey, DonaldH610216417
Harvie's TavernNightclubsH612342225
Hatchet LakeNightclubsH323342226
Hatchet LakesLakesH323212687
Hatfield, James T.Cemeteries - Highland CemeteryH314216421
Hatfield, James T.Associations - Boy ScoutsH314216418
Hatfield, James T.Industry - CovingtonH314216422
Hatfield, Virginia ThorpeBiography - Hatfield, James T.H314216423
Hatfield, James T.Biography - Hatfield, James T.H314216419
Hatfield, James T.Businesses - Covington H314216420
Hatfield Coal Co.Businesses - Covington H314212688
Hatfield FamilyAssociations - Kenton County Boys Club H314212689
HatfieldsFeuds - Hatfield and McCoysH314212690
Hathaway, Henry (Rev.) - AbolitionistHistoric Houses - Hathaway Hall H300216424
Hats and Caps - George F. Erschell (Est. 1885)Businesses - Newport H325212691
Hats and Caps - H. Sprekelmeyer (Est. 1883)Businesses - Covington H325212692
Hats and Caps - J.H. Dressman (Est. 1889)Businesses - Covington H325212693
Hatter, DaveBiography - Hatter, DaveH360216425
Hatter, Garry R. Sr.Biography - Hatter, Garry R. Sr.H360216426
Hauck, GeorgeFloodsH200216427
Haunted Houses - Albro HouseHistoric Houses - Albro HouseH532212694
Haunted Houses - Carneal HouseHistoric Houses - Carneal HouseH532212695
Haunted Houses - Gaines HouseHistoric Houses - Gaines HouseH532212696
Haunted Houses - Kinney MansionHistoric HousesH532212697
HauntingsHistoric Houses - HauntedH535212698
Haupt, Walter Pastor - St. John's CongregationalChurches, Protestant - Saint John's CongregationalH130216428
Havana LotteryHavana LotteryH154212699
Hawes, JamesBiography - Hawes, JamesH200216429
Hawes, James Morrison - Confederate GeneralCemeteries - Highland CemeteryH200216431
Hawes, James Morrison - Confederate GeneralBiography - Hawes, JamesH200216430
Hawes, RichardChurches, Protestant - Shinkle MethodistH200216432
Hawkins, Seckatary - Cartoon, CharacterBiography - Schulkers, Robert F.H252216433
Hay, Melba PorterBiography - Hay, Melba PorterH000216434
Hayes, Robert E.Biography - Hayes, Robert E. H200216435
Hayes, Robert EhmetBiography - Hayes, Robert E. H200216436
Hayman's Dry Goods Store (Est. 1879)Businesses - Newport H523212700
Hazelwood, DuncanBiography - Hazelwood, DuncanH243216437
HealthCommonwealth E.M.S.H430212701
Health Alliance of Greater CincinnatiHealth Allliance of Greater CincinnatiH434212702
Health DepartmentBiography - Kraus, ChristopherH431212703
Health Department - Boone CountyBoone County - History H431212704
Health DepartmentsHealth ServicesH431212705
Health ServicesHealth ServicesH432212706
Health SPAParks - Big Bone LickH432212707
Hearing Aid BankAssociations - Northern Kentucky Hearing Aid BankH652212708
Hearne, Johnathan D.Cemeteries - Highland CemeteryH650216440
Hearne, Johnathan D.Bridges - 5th Street - proposedH650216439
Hearne, Johnathan D.Historic Houses - Hearne HouseH650216442
Hearne, Johnathan D.Churches, Protestant - Main Street Methodist, CovingtonH650216441
Hearne, Johnathan D.Institutions - Home For Aged & Indigent WomenH650216443
Hearne, Jonathan DavidBiography - Hearne, Jonathan D.H650216444
Hearne, Johnathan D.Biography - Hearne, Jonathan D.H650216438
Hearne HouseHistoric Districts - Covington - Licking RiversideH652212709
Hearne HouseHistoric Houses - Hearne HouseH652212710
Hearth and HomeKenton County Extension ServiceH635212711
Heating Business - George FennellBiography - Fennell, George H.H352212712
Hebert, Raymond G.Biography - Hebert, Raymond G.H163216445
Hebron Lutheran ChurchBoone County - HistoryH165212714
Hebron Lutheran ChurchChurches, Protestant - Hebron LutheranH165212715
Hebron Lutheran ChurchChurches, Protestant - Hopeful Evangelical Lutheran H165212716
Hebron Pentecostal ChurchBoone County - HistoryH165212717
Heckman, A.C. (Florist)Businesses - Covington H250216446
Hedger, June C.Biography - Hedger, June C.H326216447
Hedrick, JaneUrban Planning - Model Cities H362216448
Hegge's CafeNightclubsH210342227
Hehl, LambertBiography - Hehl, LambertH400216449
Hehman, Jude S.Biography - Hehman, Jude S.H500216450
Heidel, John WilliamBiography - Heidel, John WilliamH340216451
Heidel's HallBusinesses - Covington H342212719
Heidel's HallNightclubsH342342228
Heidelberg Brewing Co.Breweries - Heidelberg Brewing Co.H341212718
Heile CafeNightclubsH421342229
Heilman, John AnthonyChurches, Catholic - Saint AloysiusH450216452
Heinie's CafeNightclubsH521342230
Heintz CafeNightclubsH532342231
HeinzBusinesses - Campbell CountyH520212720
Heisel, Clifford Newell (Dr.)Cemeteries - Highland CemeteryH240216454
Heisel, Clifford Newell (Dr.)Biography - Heisel, Clifford Newell (Dr.)H240216453
Heitzman, Clarence "Abe"Biography - Heitzman, Clarence "Abe"H325216455
HelentownHistoric Districts - Covington - HelentownH453212722
HelentownChurches, Catholic - Saint Joseph - Crescent SpringsH453212721
HeliportHospitals - Saint Elizabeth H416212723
Hellebusch, Bernard H. FrancisChurches, Catholic - Mother of GodH412216456
Hellmann, C.Businesses - Covington H450216457
Helmbold, AugustBiographyH451215462
Hemingray Glass Co.Glass CompaniesH526212724
Hemingray Glass Co.Urban Planning - Covington Riverfront Redevelopment H526212725
Hemmer (Paul) Construction Co.BusinessesH561212726
Henderson, ThomasGrant County - History H536216458
Henderson's DelicatessenNightclubsH536342232
Hengehold, John H.Businesses - Covington H524216459
Henry, John (Capt.)ErlangerH560216460
Henry, Stephen W.Biography - Henry, Stephen W.H560216461
Henry, TomBiographyH560216462
Henry CountyHenry CountyH562212727
Henry Taylor's CafRestaurants H563212728
Hensley, ClaudeBiography - Hensley, ClaudeH524216463
Hensley, DennisBiography - Hensley, DennisH524216465
Hensley, Claude Edward - Mayor of CovingtonBiography - Hensley, ClaudeH524216464
Henson, DaleBiography - Henson, DaleH525216466
Henson, Jaimie L.Biography - Henson, Jaimie L.H525216467
Hentz, David J.Biography - Hentz, David J.H532216468
Herb, Andreas "Andrew"Biography - Herb, Andreas "Andrew"H610382290
Herb and Thelma's TavernTavernsH615212730
Heritage AcademySchools, Private - Heritage AcademyH632212731
Heritage League of Northern KentuckyAssociations - Northern Kentucky Heritage League H632212732
Herriman, A.F. & WalterTheaters H650216469
Herriman, DavidBiography - Herriman, DavidH650216470
Herrmann, TimBiography - Herrmann, TimH650216471
Hershfield, OliveBiography - Hershfield, OliveH621260276
Hester, KateBiography - Hester, KateH236607371
Heth, Henry - Confederate GeneralCivil War H300216472
Heuerman, Jerome P.Churches, Catholic - Mother of GodH650216473
Hewitt-RobinsBiography - Spain, JayneH361212733
Heyn Brothers (Est. 1885)Businesses - Newport H516212734
Hi-De-Ho ClubNightclubsH324342233
HiberniaCovington - History - Founding H165212735
Hickey, Edward J.Biography - Hickey, Edward J.H200216475
Hickey, AmyParamedics H200216474
Hickory Grove Baptist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Hickory Grove BaptistH262212736
Hicks, John (Major)Crime & Criminals - Hicks, John (Major)H200216477
Hicks, JackBiography - Hicks, JackH200216476
Hicks, John EdwardAssociations - Covington Art Club H200216478
High Schools - LudlowLudlow H242212737
Highland BankFort ThomasH245212738
Highland CemeteryCemeteries - Highland CemeteryH245212739
Highland Crossing Retirement CommunityApartments H245212740
Highland HeightsHighland HeightsH245212741
Highland Stock FarmHistoric Houses - StephensH245212742
Highland Stock FarmKenton County - HistoryH245212743
Highland United Methodist ChurchChurches, Protestant - Highland United MethodistH245212744
HighlightsNorthern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce H242212745
Highways - Cross CountyHighways - Cross CountyH262212746
Highways - Dixie Highway (Lexington pike)Kenton County - HistoryH232212748
Highways - Dixie Highway (Lexington pike)HighwaysH232212747
Highways - Double AHighways - Double AH231212749
Highways - I-275Highways - I-275H200212750
Highways - I-471Highways - I-471H200212751
Highways - I-71Highways - I-71H200212752
Highways - I-75Crescent Springs H200212753
Highways - Kenton CountyKenton County - Description H253212754
Highways - LLL (AKA Appalacian Way Cincinnati - Lookout Mountain Air Line Kentucky 17)Kenton County - Description H242212755
HikingAssociations - Northern Kentucky Trotters Volkssport Club H252212756
Hill, JackBiography - Hill, JackH400216481
Hill, Anne BerryBiography - Berry, A.S.H400216479
Hill, Jackie & DickRestaurants H400216482
Hill, BobBiography - Hill, BobH400216480
Hillcrest TavernNightclubsH426342234
Hills Seed Co.Businesses - Hills Seed Co.H423212757
Hillside CafeNightclubsH423342235
Hiltz CafeNightclubsH432342236
Hinde, ThomasBiography - Hinde, ThomasH530216483
Hinde, Thomas - N.Kentucky.'s 1st DoctorBiography - Poweleit, Alvin (Dr.)H530216484
Hinde, Thomas - N.Kentucky.'s 1st DoctorBiography - Southgate, William WrightH530216485
Hinde, Thomas - N.Kentucky.'s 1st DoctorCampbell County - HistoryH530216486
Hines, NancyBiography - Morgan, John HuntH520216487
Hinssen, William - Pastor - Sacred HeartChurches, Catholic - Sacred HeartH525216488
Hipshire, GeorgeBiography - Hipshire, GeorgeH126216489
Hiser, BernieceBiography - Hiser, BernieceH260216490
Hispanic Resource CenterHispanic Resource CenterH215220592
Historian's WalkHistorian's WalkH236212759
Historians WalkHistoric Districts - Covington - Licking RiversideH236212758
Historic BuildingsHistoric BuildingsH236212760
Historic Buildings - Eilerman BuildingHistoric Sites H236212761
Historic Buildings - ErlangerErlangerH236212762
Historic Buildings - Hermes BuildingHistoric Buildings - Hermes BuildingH236212763
Historic Buildings - Ice HouseHistoric Buildings - Ice HouseH236212764
Historic Buildings - Masonic TempleHistoric Sites H236212765
Historic Buildings - Odd Fellows HallHistoric Sites H236212766
Historic Districts - Bellevue - Fairfield Ave.Historic Districts - Bellevue - Fairfield Ave.H236212767
Historic Districts - Bellevue - Taylor's DaughtersHistoric Districts - Bellevue - Taylor's DaughtersH236212768
Historic Districts - CovingtonHistoric Districts - CovingtonH236212769
Historic Districts - Covington - AustinburgHistoric Districts - Covington - AustinburgH236212770
Historic Districts - Covington - Downtown Commercial DistrictHistoric Districts - Covington - Downtown Commercial DistrictH236212771
Historic Districts - Covington - Eastside Multiple Resource AreaHistoric Districts - Covington - Eastside Multiple Resource AreaH236212772
Historic Districts - Covington - Emery - PriceHistoric Districts - Covington - Emery-PriceH236212773
Historic Districts - Covington - HelentownHistoric Districts - Covington - HelentownH236212774
Historic Districts - Covington - LatoniaLatoniaH236212775
Historic Districts - Covington - LewisburgHistoric Districts - Covington - LewisburgH236212776
Historic Districts - Covington - Licking RiversideHistoric Districts - Covington - Licking RiversideH236212777
Historic Districts - Covington - MainstrasseHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse H236212778
Historic Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - Bell TowerHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - Bell TowerH236212779
Historic Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - BusinessesHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - Businesses H236212780
Historic Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - FestivalsHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - FestivalsH236212781
Historic Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - FountainHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - FountainH236212782
Historic Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - Mainstrasse Village AssociationHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - Mainstrasse Village AssociationH236212783
Historic Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - PlanningHistoric Districts - Covington - Mainstrasse - PlanningH236212784
Historic Districts - Covington - Mutter GottesHistoric Districts - Covington - Mutter GottesH236212785
Historic Districts - Covington - PeaselburgHistoric Districts - Covington - PeaselburgH236212786
Historic Districts - Covington - Ritte's CornerHistoric Districts - Covington - Ritte's CornerH236212787
Historic Districts - Covington - Riverside DriveHistoric SitesH236212789
Historic Districts - Covington - Riverside DriveHistoric Houses - McLaughlin House (Riverside House)H236212788
Historic Districts - Covington - Seminary SquareHistoric Districts - Covington - Seminary SquareH236212790
Historic Districts - Covington - W. 15th StreetHistoric Districts - Covington - W. 15th StreetH236212791
Historic Districts - Covington - Wallace WoodsHistoric Districts - Covington - Wallace WoodsH236212792
Historic Districts - Mansion HillHistoric Districts - Mansion HillH236212793
Historic Districts - Newport - East NewportHistoric Districts - Newport - East NewportH236212794
Historic Districts - Newport - GatewayHistoric Districts - Newport - GatewayH236212795
Historic Districts - Newport - Monmouth StreetHistoric Districts - Newport - Monmouth StreetH236212796
Historic Houses - (Terry) Moore HouseHistoric Houses - (Terry) Moore HouseH236212797
Historic Houses - Shinkle RowHistoric Houses - Shinkle RowH236212798
Historic Houses (General)ArchitectureH236213084
Historic Houses (General)Apartments H236213083
Historic Houses - "Belle View"Historic Houses - General James Taylor Mansion H236212799
Historic Houses - "High View Farm"Alexandria H236212800
Historic Houses - "Highfield"OwentonH236212801
Historic Houses - "Old Stone House"Historic Houses - Kennedy HouseH236212802
Historic Houses - "The Beeches" The Straub PlaceErlangerH236212803
Historic Houses - (Old) Kinney MansionHistoric HousesH236212805
Historic Houses - (Old) Kinney MansionFort Thomas H236212804
Historic Houses - A.L. Greer HouseHistoric Houses - A.L. Greer HouseH236212806
Historic Houses - Abner Gaines HouseBoone County - DescriptionH236212807
Historic Houses - Abner Gaines HouseHistoric HousesH236212809
Historic Houses - Abner Gaines HouseBoone County - HistoryH236212808
Historic Houses - Achilis Webster HomeHistoric HousesH236212810
Historic Houses - Albro HouseHistoric SitesH236212811
Historic Houses - Allen Home (Boone Co.)Historic Houses - Allen House (Boone Co.)H236212812
Historic Houses - Allison HouseHistoric Houses - Allison HouseH236212813
Historic Houses - Allison HouseHistoric SitesH236212814
Historic Houses - Anderson Ferry HouseBoone County - DescriptionH236212815
Historic Houses - Armstrong HomesteadHistoric Houses - Armstrong HomesteadH236212816
Historic Houses - Baker HouseHistoric Houses - Baker HouseH236212817
Historic Houses - Baker-Hunt FoundationChurches, Protestant - Trinity EpiscopalH236212818
Historic Houses - Baker-Hunt FoundationHistoric HousesH236212819
Historic Houses - Bakewell HouseHistoric Houses - Bakewell HouseH236212820
Historic Houses - Beach HouseCivil War H236212821
Historic Houses - Beard HouseHistoric HousesH236212823
Historic Houses - Beard HouseHistoric SitesH236212824
Historic Houses - Beard HouseBiography - Beard, Daniel CarterH236212822
Historic Houses - Beard HouseKenton County - HistoryH236212826
Historic Houses - Beard HouseMuseums - Boy ScoutsH236212827
Historic Houses - Beard HouseKenton County - DescriptionH236212825
Historic Houses - Beechwood HouseHistoric Houses - Beechwood HouseH236212828
Historic Houses - Beechwood House Home of Colonel H.T. BucknerCivil WarH236212829
Historic Houses - Benjamin Piatt Fowlet HomeHistoric HousesH236212831
Historic Houses - Benjamin Piatt Fowlet HomeBoone County - DescriptionH236212830
Historic Houses - Benjamin Piatt Fowlet HomeHistoric SitesH236212832
Historic Houses - Bentley HouseLudlowH236212833
Historic Houses - Boone CountyHistoric Houses - Boone CountyH236212834
Historic Houses - BoonetopHistoric Houses - BoonetopH236212835
Historic Houses - BoonetuckyBiography - Sperti, GeorgeH236212836
Historic Houses - Brady BlacksHistoric Houses - Brady BlacksH236212837
Historic Houses - Bullock HouseHistoric Houses - Clayton-Bullock HouseH236212838
Historic Houses - Bullock House (Ludlow)Historic HousesH236212839
Historic Houses - Campbell HomeErlangerH236212840
Historic Houses - Carlisle HouseHistoric SitesH236212841
Historic Houses - Carlton HouseHistoric Houses - Carlton HouseH236212842
Historic Houses - Carneal (Rothier) HouseKenton County - HistoryH236212843
Historic Houses - Carneal HouseArchitectureH236212844
Historic Houses - Carneal HouseHistoric HousesH236212845
Historic Houses - Carneal HouseHistoric Houses - McLaughlin House (Riverside House)H236212846
Historic Houses - Carneal HouseHistoric SitesH236212847
Historic Houses - Casey HomesCrestview HillsH236212848
Historic Houses - Casey HouseHistoric Houses - Casey HouseH236212849
Historic Houses - Cave Johnson House (1973)Historic SitesH236212854
Historic Houses - Cave Johnson House (1973)Boone County - DescriptionH236212850
Historic Houses - Cave Johnson House (1973)Boone County - HistoryH236212851
Historic Houses - Cave Johnson House (1973)Historic HousesH236212852
Historic Houses - Cave Johnson House (1973)Historic Houses - Crisler HouseH236212853
Historic Houses - Chase HouseHistoric Houses - Hearne HouseH236212855
Historic Houses - CherryfieldHistoric SitesH236212856
Historic Houses - Clayton-Bullock HouseHistoric HousesH236212857
Historic Houses - Clayton-Bullock HouseHistoric SitesH236212858
Historic Houses - Cline HomeLibraries - Erlanger-Elsmere LibraryH236212859
Historic Houses - Closson HouseLudlowH236212860
Historic Houses - Conner Home PlaceChurches, Protestant - Hopeful Evangelical Lutheran H236212861
Historic Houses - Conner HouseHistoric Houses - Conner HouseH236212862
Historic Houses - Cooper HomeCovington - History - FoundingH236212863
Historic Houses - Corbin HouseHistoric Houses - Corbin HouseH236212864
Historic Houses - CovingtonHistoric Houses - CovingtonH236212865
Historic Houses - CrestwoodHistoric Houses - CrestwoodH236212866
Historic Houses - Crisler HouseHistoric Houses - Crisler House H236212867
Historic Houses - Daniel MayoHistoric HousesH236212868
Historic Houses - David Leitch HomeLeitch's StationH236212869
Historic Houses - Delaney PlaceHistoric Houses - Delaney PlaceH236212870
Historic Houses - Delehunty HouseHistoric Houses - Delehunty HouseH236212871
Historic Houses - Deupree HomeHistoric Houses - Lookout HouseH236212872
Historic Houses - Devou HomeHistoric Houses - Devou HomeH236212873
Historic Houses - Devou HouseMuseums - Behringer-Crawford MuseumH236212874
Historic Houses - Dinsmore HouseHistoric HousesH236212877
Historic Houses - Dinsmore HouseArchitectureH236212875
Historic Houses - Dinsmore HouseBoone County - DescriptionH236212876
Historic Houses - Dinsmore HouseHistoric Houses - Dinsmore HouseH236212878
Historic Houses - Dinsmore HouseHistoric SitesH236212879
Historic Houses - Dolerhie "Old Stone House"Historic Houses - Dolerhie "Old Stone House"H236212880
Historic Houses - Dr. Guy W. Wright HouseHistoric Houses - Beard HouseH236212881
Historic Houses - Dr. John Orr HouseAlexandria H236212882
Historic Houses - Drahmann HomeHistoric Houses - CrestwoodH236212883
Historic Houses - Droege HouseHistoric Houses - Droege HouseH236212884
Historic Houses - Duveneck HouseBiography - DuveneckH236212885
Historic Houses - Edward Southgate HomeHistoric HousesH236212886
Historic Houses - Elija YatesHistoric HousesH236210794
Historic Houses - Elliston E. WilliamsCovington - HistoryH236212887
Historic Houses - Elm Tree PlaceHistoric SitesH236212889
Historic Houses - Elm Tree PlaceBoone County - DescriptionH236212888
Historic Houses - Elmer BrowningHistoric HousesH236212890
Historic Houses - Elmwood HallKenton County - HistoryH236212894
Historic Houses - Elmwood HallLudlowH236212895
Historic Houses - Elmwood HallHistoric SitesH236212893
Historic Houses - Elmwood HallHistoric Houses - Closson HomeH236212892
Historic Houses - Elmwood HallBiography - Carneal, Thomas D.H236212891
Historic Houses - Emmett Woods HomeCrestview HillsH236212896
Historic Houses - Enzweiler HomeHistoric SitesH236212897
Historic Houses - Ernst HouseHistoric Houses - Ernst HouseH236212898
Historic Houses - ErrondaleHistoric Houses - ErrondaleH236212899
Historic Houses - Fallis -Lovell HouseHistoric Houses - Minosa HouseH236212900
Historic Houses - Fallis -Lovell HouseHistoric SitesH236212901
Historic Houses - Farney HouseBiography - Farny, Henry F.H236212902
Historic Houses - Federal HallBiography - Piatt, JacobH236212903
Historic Houses - Federal HallHistoric Houses - Winfield CottageH236212904
Historic Houses - Feltman HouseBiography - Feltman, Luther