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GenKY - St. Elizabeth Hospital Patient Records 1861-

This database provides abstracts of the actual patient records of the hospital beginning in 1861. The process of entering these abstracts into the database is ongoing. Check this database regularly to discover newly added records. (Records are also available on microfilm).

History: In 1860, Bishop George Aloysius Carrell of the Diocese of Covington, invited the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis to establish a hospital in the city. The sisters, originally from Aix-la-Chapelle in Germany, agreed to the new venture. The first St. Elizabeth Hospital was located on 7th Street and was dedicated on January 23, 1861. From the very beginning, the sisters accepted all persons regardless of race or creed. St. Elizabeth Medical Center is still in operation today. In addition to the Covington location, St. Elizabeth also operates units in the Kenton County suburban city of Edgewood, and in Grant County.

Number of Records: 19,368

Last NameFirst NameAdmittedDischargedCause/AilmentRemarksPageSoundexGenKY ID
Last NameFirst NameAdmittedDischargedCause/AilmentRemarksPageSoundexGenKY ID
AbbottEugenia (George)19 Aug 192011 Sep 1920Cerebral hemorrhage/aphasea w/confusion & comaDied Disease con.--secondary pneumonia318A130194883
AbbottHugh5 Jun 19191st Aid Treatment230A130177949
AbbottWilliam1 Jan 18816 Jan 1881Alcohol and Fr. HandCured122A130179365
AbdonKate (Lorn)14 Sep 192017 Sep 1920For observationProbable Pregnancy324A135195291
AbdreaCatherine5 Sep 191915 Sep 1919Brought in for care247A136194579
AbelAlfred19 Jun 192319 Jul 1923Fracture left femur middle 3rd577A140192667
AbelChristian1 Apr 18732 Apr 1873Dropsy52A140180603
AbelLouise11 Sep 187520 Sep 1875Sore LegCured72A140194921
AbelWilliam1 Apr 18737 Apr 1873Infl. Of the lungs52A140180604
AbelhardtNorma20 Nov 192221 Nov 1922Tonsillectomy521A146184845
AbelingElenora3 Mar 19192 Apr 1919Empyema212A145180589
AbelingElenora5 Jan 192024 Mar 1920Rib Resection, pieces 7 and 8 rib resection274A145188216
AbelingRose4 Feb 19195 Feb 1919Lobar PneumoniaDied206A145179770
AbelnLoretta (John)1 Jun 192112 Jun 1921Baby Boy 6/1399A145191228
AbelnLoretta (John)30 Jul 19249 Aug 1924Baby girl 7/30673A145182326
AbelsLouise3 Oct 18742 Nov 1874DysentaryCured63A142196156
AbelsMack10 Dec 1924Transferred to 1925705A142178287
AberbeckLizzie25 Mar 188126 Apr 1881PneumoniaCured124A161189597
AbnerBlanche16 Feb 192127 Feb 1921Mumps368A156188116
AbnerCatherine16 Feb 192127 Feb 1921With Mother368A156188117
AbrahamGeorge25 Aug 192225 Aug 1922Circumcision501A165194134
AbrahamMary (John)17 Jun 192330 Jun 1923Baby boy 6/17579A165191765
AbrahamsMack14 Feb 192416 Feb 1924Frost bitten feet634A165187309
AbramMax4 Mar 192312 Mar 1923Chonic nephritis, chonic bronchitis, rheumatism553A165188460
AbramsMack3 Jan 191913 Jan 1919Varicose Ulcers of both legs200A165186576
AbramsSizzie17 Sep 191819 Sep 1918Covvaleciug166A165195162
AbrausLizzie30 Sep 19182 Oct 1918No Treatment168A162195610
AchmanElizabeth (William)24 Jan 192417 Feb 1924Actue bronchitis, infected supra clavicular gland629A250187714
AckerWilliam R.30 May 192331 May 1923Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy572A260191097
AckermanAnna (Anton)29 Jan 192210 Feb 1922Baby boy 1/29458A265187674
AckermanAnthony13 Feb 192124 Feb 1921Hydrocele368A265188106
AckleyJennie (William)13 Apr 192121 Apr 1921Urticaria381A240190071
AckleyMaria (William)5 Jul 192414 Jul 1924Baby girl 7/4-Born before admission672A240192256
AckleyMarie8 Jul 1924665A240177985
AckleySamuel6 Dec 19217 Dec 1921Tonsillectomy437A240196666
AckleySamuel E.5 Dec 192215 Dec 1922Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy525A240186325
AckleyVelma19 Apr 192320 Apr 1923Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy563A240190027
AckmanAlice8 Aug 19238 Aug 1923Sarc omatosis following sarcomo of elbowDied @ 7 AM588A250182155
AckmanMaggie1 Jan 192315 Jan 1923Annex012/14/1922 For Mrs. Webster 12/14/1922536A250186648
AckmanMaggie14 Dec 1922For Mrs. Webster F-3, Transferred 1923527A250178556
AcreeAswald6 Nov 19237 Nov 1923Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy607A260196239
AcreeMatthew6 Nov 19237 Nov 1923Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy607A260196238
AcreeRachel6 Nov 19237 Nov 1923Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy607A260196236
AdamGeorge8 Jul 187124 Jul 1871Sore LegCured39A350192229
AdamGeorge8 Jun 188126 Jul 1881HempligiaCured126A350192213
AdamsAda26 May 191912 Jun 1919Appenctomy228A352191588
AdamsAnn2 Mar 19193 Mar 1919Influenza211A352180208
AdamsEdward14 Jul 192128 Jul 1921Infection of Rt. Hand403A352192778
AdamsGeorg19 Mar 18815 Jun 1881HemplegiaCured124A352181465
AdamsGeorge2 May 18702 Jun 1870Improved31A352181356
AdamsGeorge21 Mar 188322 Mar 1883Congestion of brainDied144A352188869
AdamsGeorge6 Feb 187422 Mar 1874Sore LegCured58A352188232
AdamsGeorgia (Sherman)6 Feb 192324 Feb 1923Fibroid tumor of uterus and chronic appendicitis548A352187542
AdamsGrace (Clarence)8 Apr 192321 Apr 1923Baby boy 4/8565A352189412
AdamsIsaak15 May 18754 Jun 1875Infl. Of the LungsDied69A352181494
AdamsJewell19 Jan 19219 Feb 1921Endometritis, abdominal and pelvic adhesions361A352180068
AdamsLee10 Mar 191929 Mar 1919Inguinal Hernia(Bilateral Ing. Hernia214A352188907
AdamsLee30 Apr 19196 May 1919Neurosthenia223A352181193
AdamsLizzie11 Nov 188327 Nov 1883MalariaCured150A352184929
AdamsLulu (Bulford)18 Oct 192031 Oct 1920Baby Girl 10/19335A352183580
AdamsMartha28 Jun 192029 Jun 1920Tonsillectomy306A352192012
AdamsMartha Mary7 Dec 191817 Dec 1918Influenza189A352186282
AdamsMary2 Nov 186820 Jun 1869Cured22A352192143
AdamsMary3 Nov 1880ConsumptionNovember 4, 1880 - Died120A352179170
AdamsMiss Cora12 Jan 192312 Jan 1923Removal of needle(From hand)541A352186881
AdamsMollie11 Jul 19206 Oct 1920Locomotor ataxie paresis310A352195421
AdamsMollie11 Oct 1919Transfers253A352178107
AdamsMrs. Bessie7 Dec 191817 Dec 1918Influenza189A352186281
AdamsMrs. George14 Jul 191923 Aug 1919Double Salpingectomy238A352193673
AdamsMrs. Kate10 Apr 192410 Apr 1924Tonsillectomy646A352189948
AdamsRachel (Jesse)21 Feb 19226 Mar 1922Baby girl 2/21465A352180378
AdamsRobert28 Jun 192029 Jun 1920Tonsillectomy306A352191762
AdamsRobert4 Nov 19228 Nov 1922Chronic bronchitis, myocarditisDied @ 10:35 PM518A352196278
AdamsRobert7 Dec 191817 Dec 1918Influenza189A352186283
AdamsRose (Frank)3 Dec 192314 Dec 1923Baby girl 12/3618A352186231
AdamsRosie28 Jun 192417 Aug 1924Burns of chest and hands663A352193525
AdamsStella29 Jul 192130 Jul 1921Tonsillectomy406A352192825
AdamsWilliam28 Jun 192029 Jun 1920Tonsillectomy307A352192026
AdankVera13 Jun 192223 Jun 1922Abscess of right thigh484A352191860
Adelaide20 Sep 19203 Oct 1920Appendicitis, salpingitis326A343195691
AdickIrene (William)25 Jul 19247 Sep 1924Baby girl 7/26673A320182712
AdickMary M.1 Aug 19192 Aug 1919Tonsillectomy241A320182203
AdkinsAlbert12 Jul 192222 Jul 1922infectced had, due to injury of tile press491A325192921
AdkinsArthur21 Aug 192115 Sep 1921Left Orchectomy and hermiotomy413A325194736
AdrianFlorence27 Sep 191928 Sep 1919Tonsillectomy250A365195282
AdrianGertrude (William R.)22 Apr 19234 May 1923Baby boy 4/22566A365181279
AebersMarie31 Oct 192415 Nov 1924Baby boy 10/31Dr. Kieffer696A162184256
AebrechtDewey (Charles)25 Jan 192014 Feb 1920Pernicious vomiting of pregnancy-miscarriage278A162187742
AeligJoseph11 May 187415 Jun 1874HurtedCured61A420191470
AferbeckBernard22 Jul 187219 Aug 1872Typhoid Fever46A161193528
AferbeckClemes13 Jul 187219 Aug 187246A161193529
AferbeckElisabeth13 Jul 187219 Aug 1872Died 8/26/187246A161193530
AferbeckRichard13 Jul 187223 Jul 187246A161192158
AfterbeckCatherine25 Dec 188322 Mar 1884Typhoid feverCured151A136188538
AftonFrank29 Apr 188320 Jun 1883ParaylisDied145A135191459
AgartMargaret (Henry)18 Mar 19231 Apr 1923Baby boy 3/18559A263180868
AgathaSister10 Aug 192415 Aug 1924Auto-intoxication, also neurosis due to chronicCon-Constiptaion Dr. Gerding675A230193758
AglerHugh3 Feb 18816 Mar 1881Sprained AnkleCured123A246180155
AgnanFrank22 Jan 187822 Apr 1878FeverCured95A250189501
AgnessEdward27 Oct 192028 Oct 1920Ptomain poisoningDied333A252183566
AhlerCharles17 Mar 191922 Mar 1919Stab Wound215A460188933
AhmanRev. Ignatius30 Apr 191929 May 1919Phlebitis of Rt. LegFrom Hip to Ankle.224A500190622
AhmerGilbert19 Jun 192321 Jun 1923Incomplete fracture lower end of L tibia577A560192129
AhrenhausBernard29 Apr 188412 May 1884TonsilitisCured154A652190585
AhrensElizabeth21 Jul 192417 Aug 1924Rt. Sacro-joint injury669A652193713
AhrmannFrank14 Apr 192216 Jun 1922Cerebral hemorrhage473A650191463
AhrmannOlive (Charles)15 May 192325 May 1923Baby girl 5/15573A650191109
AidMary10 Sep 191816 Sep 1918Tonsillectomy and adnoidectomy164A300195140
AidMary14 Nov 191825 Nov 1918Influenza181A300184709
AidMary2 Nov 191812 Nov 1918Nurse for Louise Williams178A300185195
AidMary2 Oct 191829 Oct 1918Nurse for Ed Flynn169A300184066
AidMary25 Sep 19181 Oct 1918Nurese for Loretta Fisher167A300195605
AidMary4 Dec 191816 Dec 1918Nurse for Lillian Botts188A300186266
AidMiss29 Jul 19206 Aug 1920Nurse for Mrs. Harper315A300182475
AlbanerDaniel2 Oct 19236 Oct 1923Traumatic amputation of distal end of large R toe600A415195721
AlberdingFritz2 Nov 187628 Nov 1876DysentaryCured85A416185100
AlbersCarrie (Joseph B.)30 Apr 19228 May 1922Eclamptic convulsions following parturition475A416181161
AlbersChristina8 Jul 186216 Jul 1862CuredA416192246
AlbersChristine8 Mar 186124 Mar 1861A416188270
AlbersLouise29 Mar 18798 Apr 1879DysentaryCured106A416180735
AlbertsonHattie (General D.)22 Jun 192130 Jun 1921Pulmonary TB397A416191782
AlbertzChristine4 Jan 186415 Jan 1864CuredA416186394
AlbesNicholas6 Dec 187820 Feb 1878RheumatismCured103A412188162
AlbrechtFred4 Apr 19247 Apr 1924Traumatic amputation, little, middle & indexCon- fingers of rt. Hand645A416180650
AlcornBessie13 Jan 192024 Jan 1920Tonsillectomy276A426187275
AlcornBessie30 Jun 19192 Jul 1919Hysteria (functional)235A426182018
AlcornBessie5 Dec 192330 Dec 1923Chronic appendicitis, gastric ulcer614A426186213
AlcornEdward10 Jan 192231 Jan 1922Cholecysitis, chronic452A426186936
AlcornEdward29 Jul 19216 Aug 1921Appendicitis406A426182347
AldenmeyerBen H24 Jul 19221 Aug 1922Removal of bunions493A435182393
AlexanderAlex17 Mar 192122 Mar 1921Bullet wound through R. FootColored375A425189157
AlexanderCharlotte5 Sep 19216 Sep 1921Tonsillectomy417A425182574
AlexanderEdward14 Jul 192015 Jul 1920Circumcision310A425193034
AlexanderEvalyn (William)30 May 19229 Jun 1922Baby girl 5/31482A425181588
AlexanderGeorge15 Jan 192016 Jan 1920Tonsillectomy276A425187130
AlexanderJames1 May 18826 May 1882ConsumptionDied134A425180993
AlexanderJames10 Sep 188014 Sep 1880Cured119A425195111
AlexanderJean5 Sep 19216 Sep 1921Tonsillectomy417A425182686
AlexanderJohn3 Jun 192120 Jun 1921Bilateral Inguinal HerniaColored393A425191239
Alexanderlouis6 Oct 19227 Oct 1922Dislocation of right shoulder511A425195777
AlexanderMartha19 Feb 18779 Jul 1877ConsumptionDied87A425181833
AlexanderMrs. David15 Jan 192016 Jan 1920Nurse for son, not treated276A425187131
AlexanderMrs. Stella5 Jun 19248 Jul 1924Appendicidal abcessDr. Ryan659A425181739
AlexanderMyrtle17 Sep 192018 Sep 1920Amputation of ends of all 4 fingers of left hand325A425195306
AlexanderStarling26 Jul 192028 Jul 1920Ventral hernia (Old Incision)Colored312A425193057
AlexanderWalter5 Aug 19221 Sep 1922Perforating gun shot wound of abdomen, eight perfCon.-Small intestines (Colored)496A425182538
AlexandriaClark A. (col.)17 Feb 192218 Feb 1922Tonsillectomy462A425187877
AlfEstella (George)14 Nov 192324 Nov 1923Ex-opthalmic goitre (left)609A410184607
AlfordDavid9 Oct 1924691A416179105
AlgeGeorge19 Oct 192015 Nov 1920Appendicitis332A420184409
AlharoKatie17 Oct 187227 Nov 1872Sore Leg49A460184233
AligGeorge7 Jun 192227 Sep 1922osteomyelitis of tibia483A420194325
AligMary (Anthony)1 Aug 19229 Aug 1922Baby Boy 8/1502A420182200
AllenDorothy (William)10 Feb 192424 Feb 1924Baby Girl 2/10637A450187998
AllenEdward and Mother3 Oct 19214 Oct 1921Tonsillectomy423A450195710
AllenElla (Andrew)10 Jul 19225 Sep 1922Exploratory LaparotomyColored490A450182724
AllenHoward13 Mar 192123 Mar 1921Gastric ulcer374A450189143
AllenHoward19 Nov 192424 Nov 1924Intestinal influenza700A450184444
AllenHoward30 Jan 192028 Feb 1920Appendectomy279A450187750
AllenJennie (James)19 May 192126 May 1921Inevitable abortion388A450190758
AllenLillian (William)18 Jun 192120 Jun 1921Incised wound of neck, r shoulder,thigh and dorsumCon-of hands396A450191770
AllenMary1 Apr 19213 Apr 19212nd degree burnsDied @ 3:25 AM Colered378A450180664
AllenMary21 Feb 186210 Mar 1862DiedA450188614
AllenMiss21 Feb 18678 Mar 1867A450180330
AllenMrs. Jennie28 Jan 19221 Mar 1922Chronic Cgolelithiasis adhesions456A450180288
AllenMrs. Margaret1 Jan 19245 Jan 1924Mod. Advanced T.B.(12/8/23)623A450179382
AllenMrs. Margaret8 Dec 1923Transferred 1924614A450179269
AllenRufus H.14 Apr 192415 Apr 1924Fracture of left clavicle647A450189964
AllenSally B.31 Jul 192220 Aug 1922Appendectomy494A450193664
AllenStephan30 Jun 187315 Jul 1873Sore LegCured54A450192558
AllenStephen18 Oct 18691 Nov 1869Cured28A450195824
AllenStephen30 Aug 187324 Sep 1873Sore LegCured55A450194702
AllenWaldo B.16 Jul 192417 Jul 1924Observation668A450193104
AllenWalter24 Sep 192431 Oct 1924Hemorrhoids687A450183773
AllensworthLeonard8 May 19209 Jun 1920Compound fracture of patella lt.297A452181368
AllesNicolaus2 Mar 187417 May 1874DebilityCured59A420190191
AlleyCarl28 Jul 192027 Jul 1920Typhoid fever313A400193061
AllgeyerMay (Joseph)24 Jul 192211 Aug 1922Baby Girl 7/25, Caesarian Section495A426193667
AllgeyerMrs. Josie10 Sep 191827 Sep 1918Appendectomy165A426195144
AllgriaCharles12 May 187716 May 1877Chills and FeverCured88A426190808
AllinPearl (John)21 Aug 192130 Aug 1921Baby Girl 8/22416A450193934
AllingerHermann12 Dec 1882Invalid141A452178357
AllinghamDelia5 Apr 19195 May 1919Neurosthenia219A452180966
AllinghamDelia7 Feb 19208 Feb 1920Burned - 7/8 of body.Died @ 3:25 am280A452179812
AllisonMae18 Aug 192022 Aug 1920Observation317A425194232
AllisonMrs.1 Jan 192322 Jan 1923General DutyAnnex-9/9/1922533A425186636
AllisonMrs.9 Sep 1922General Duty-Annex505A425178018
AllisonMrs. Mary11 Nov 192311 Dec 1923Acne roseliam neurosthenia608A425185450
AllnuttDora31 Jul 191923 Aug 1919Asthma240A453193687
AllowayEsther (Adrian)13 Jun 192121 Jun 1921Baby Boy 6/13399A400191703
AllphinSally17 Aug 19216 Sep 1921Appendectomy411A415182783
AllynMrs Carolyn19 Jan 192423 Jan 1924Fractured ribs628A450187046
AlmstadtFreidich17 Feb 18833 Mar 1883Bronchial CatarrhCured143A452180383
AlmuttDora31 May 191910 Jun 1919Asthma (Bronchial)229A453191594
AlschuerJohanna (Edward)8 Sep 192320 Sep 1923Baby Girl 9/8/23599A426194450
AltenhofenPeter20 Jan 191920 Jan 1919Cuts on right arm203A435187064
AltmanHerman9 Dec 186313 Dec 1863DiedA435186138
AlveyCelestine5 Mar 1922General duty466A410177890
AlveyMiss14 Aug 192218 Aug 1922General duty499A410193733
AmannEsther14 Sep 192015 Sep 1920Tonsillectomy323A500195284
AmbergerWm.31 Aug 19211 Sep 1921Retention of Urine415A516182810
AmbslerFred17 Aug 192018 Aug 1920Superficial cut on chin317A512194228
AmonVeronica (Henry)22 May 192113 Jun 1921Baby Boy 5/22 Ceasrean392A500191504
AmosAgnes (Ed.6 Apr 19202 May 1920Curettage/Lt/rt salpingo/oophorectomy/appendectomy291A520180972
AmplerPeter7 Oct 19229 Oct 1922Amputation of breast adenoma right side512A514195781
AmplerPeter7 Oct 19247 Oct 1924Pneumonia-unresolved690A514195744
AmsdenMary (Harry)23 Aug 19235 Sep 1923Baby Boy 8/25593A523182802
AndalonJacob21 Sep 19183 Nov 1918Decoupeusation senility by myocarditis chr nephritDied167A534196151
AndersonAlma9 Jul 191924 Jul 1919Currettage236A536192399
AndersonAnna (Charles)30 Sep 192215 Oct 1922Right oophorectomy, appendectomy509A536183847
AndersonAnnetta21 May 192422 May 1924Tonsillectomy & Ad.655A536191023
AndersonAugust14 Feb 187820 Feb 1878Chills and Fever96A536187840
AndersonCarl20 May 19191 Jun 1919Not Treated227A536181593
AndersonCarl28 Sep 191920 Nov 1919Fracture of rt. Femur250A536184992
AndersonClare6 Jul 1924665A536177956
AndersonClare (James)6 Jul 192419 Jul 1924Baby girl 7/7/672A536192249
AndersonDan21 May 192421 May 1924Tonsillectomy & Ad.655A536191024
AndersonDan6 Sep 19248 Sep 1924Acute intestinal colicColored684A536182607
AndersonDella1 Nov 191920 Nov 1919Cauterization cervical carcinoma257A536185221
AndersonE.5 Oct 187525 Nov 1875ConsumptionImproved73A536184998
AndersonGladys7 Mar 192110 Mar 1921Bichloride poisoning372A536188493
AndersonJohn3 Mar 188324 Jul 1883ConsumptionDied143A536192185
AndersonJoseph6 Mar 187810 Mar 1878DebilityCured96A536188289
AndersonKarl24 Sep 192328 Sep 1923Rheumatic neuralgia597A536195036
AndersonLucy (Ernest)16 Jan 192220 Jan 1922Retained decidural membranes543A536186954
AndersonLydie (Carl)7 Aug 192311 Aug 1923Acute appendicitis, acute dilatation of stomachDied @ 3 AM588A536193239
AndersonM.13 Apr 187617 Apr 1876MeaslesCured79A536189778
AndersonMary30 Oct 191920 Nov 1919Appencetomy257A536184404
AndersonMichael9 Aug 187814 Aug 1878DiarrhoeaCured100A536193332
AndersonMrs.2 Mar 19212 Mar 1921Salvarson372A536180189
AndersonMrs. Lucy13 Feb 192314 Feb 1923Not treated549A536188060
AndersonSusie (Oliver)5 Oct 192019 Oct 1920Cystitis329A536184153
AndersonWilliam1 Jan 19217 Feb 1921Acute appendicitis12/14/1920 Colored356A536179722
AndersonWilliam18 Sep 192126 Sep 1921Chronic Appendicitis, posterior urethritis419A536194968
AndersonWilliam29 Dec 1920Transferred 1921348A536178470
AndersonWilliam30 Aug 192131 Aug 1921Tonsillectomy414A536193917
AndesAnn (Walter)29 Aug 192230 Sep 1922Vomiting -(From Pregnancy)502A532194847
AndreaBaby5 Sep 191915 Sep 1919Cared for247A536194580
AndreesMrs. Marie17 Mar 192415 Apr 1924Bilateral salpingitis640A536189645
AndresAnna (Edward)1 Jan 19212 Jan 1921Baby Boy 12/24/1920Annex-12/23/1920364A536179572
AndresAnna (Edward)23 Dec 1920Baby Boy 12/23/1920Transferred 1921349A536178484
AndressMrs. Anna28 Jun 19248 Jul 1924Baby boy 6/28665A536182071
AndrewAlice15 Nov 19205 Dec 1920Appendictis/cystic ovaries340A536196557
AndrewsAlce27 Nov 191812 Dec 1918Influenza186A536185523
AndrewsAlice1 Jan 191914 Sep 1919Not Treated195A536194311
AndrewsGrace (Jake)19 Jan 19226 Feb 1922Carcinoma/breast454A536179901
AngeSister Marie14 Jun 192329 Jun 1923Chronic appendicitis576A520192110
AngelMary Catherine25 Nov 191812 Dec 1918Influenza185A524185511
AngelMary Mag25 Nov 191812 Dec 1918Influenza185A524185506
AnglinJohn21 Mar 192024 Apr 1920Cholecyectomy288A524189668
AnkebauerMary (Joseph)24 Jul 19227 Aug 1922Cartharal gall bladder493A521182392
AnkerGeorge4 Feb 186110 Feb 1861A526187386
AnnekenClara29 Aug 191930 Aug 1919Tonsillectomy245A525194198
AnnekenJohn H.9 Jul 191927 Jul 1919Gall bladder infection236A525192402
AnschulzKatie14 Aug 18822 Nov 1882Bronchitis, Injury of legCured138A524196128
AnteriRose31 May 19232 Jun 1923Valvular heart disease & inflammatory rheumatismDied @ 6 AM572A536181666
AntheFlora12 Nov 1921Transferred 1922431A530178230
AntheFrank D.17 Feb 191924 Apr 1919Chronic Intestitial Nephritis209A530189535
AntheRuth (Philip)24 May 192326 May 1923Baby girl 5/25573A530191116
AnthonyJoseph13 Jul 1923Left by 2 girls-adopted 9/4/1923 by George andCon.-Theresa M. Bohmann, and called Bernard.586A535178970
AnthonyJoseph13 Jul 1923Left by 2 girls-adopted 9/4/1923 by George andCon.-Theresa M. Bohmann, and called Bernard.586A535178969
AntonHeckm27 Nov 1872Chills and Fever49A535184198
AntonJoseph28 Apr 18697 May 186926A535181104
AppelAdele (Julius)8 Jul 192318 Jul 1923Baby girl 7/8586A140192245
AppelAdele (Jule)8 Jan 192120 Jan 1921Baby boy-1/9/1921365A140186770
AppelAdolph2 Feb 192029 Feb 1920Hydrodele and influenza279A140187503
AppelHattie11 Nov 191811 Nov 1918Bruises and cuts rt. Knee180A140184678
AppelJewell W.10 Mar 192222 Mar 1922Lobat pneumonia, right appendictis-no operation467A140188854
AppelTheodore16 Feb 192018 Feb 1920Bronchitis, tuberculosis283A140188043
AppelTheresa11 Nov 191811 Nov 1918Fractured rt Clavicle180A140184677
AppleCatharina23 Jan 18755 Feb 1875Old AgeImproved66A140179862
AppleLizzie10 Aug 188119 Sep 1881CatarrhCured128A140194822
AppledornHelena14 Aug 187321 Aug 1873InsanityNot Improved55A143193740
ApplegateMrs. Margaret25 Jan 192314 Feb 1923Appendectomy and R salpingo, oophorectomy544A142187762
ApplemanGus28 Jun 192029 Jun 1920Tonsillectomy307A145192025
ArataLillian (Jos. N.)19 Feb 192219 Feb 1922Appendectomy, etc.Herniotomy462A630187880
ArataLouis4 Dec 19225 Dec 1922Injury urethra-left against advice of doctor525A630196720
ArcaraJosephine (Pasquald)1 Jun 192312 Jun 1923Baby girl 6/2/1923579A626191220
ArchboldMargaret13 Nov 192415 Nov 1924Left cystic ovary-cholecystitis-for observationCon-and diagnosis699A621184485
ArcherIrene8 Aug 192026 Aug 1920Appendicitis316A626193435
ArdisMark20 Jul 188313 Aug 1883Malarial feverCured147A632193641
ArensElise25 May 186613 Jul 1866ImprovedA652192480
ArensMary29 Nov 192412 Dec 1924Baby girl 11/29Dr. Bird, Sr.703A652185381
ArernyAmidia1 Jan 1924Annex-6/1898 Carried over to 1925619A650177783
ArgentiJames30 Nov 1924702A625178154
ArgentoVincent4 Feb 19217 Mar 1921Bullet wound-Rt. Foot366A625180180
ArgoHoward28 May 191917 Jun 1919Pulmonary TuberculosisDied229A620191596
ArkemanDora (John H.)30 Aug 192331 Aug 1923Breast tumor, specimen for labaratory diagnosis592A625193825
ArkwrightFanny13 Nov 19232 Apr 1923Broncho pneumonia, contributory fracture of R femu608A626180682
ArkwrightMrs.Fanny1 Jan 19242 Apr 1924Broncho pneumonia-fracture right femurDied @ 5:50 PM Annex-11/13/1923622A626180553
ArlingWilliam19 Oct 192321 Nov 1923Fractured Femur603A645184314
ArlinghausHenry1 Jan 19216 Jan 1921Chr myocarditis, endocardits/chr intestinal nephriDied @ 6:30 PM US-52yrs, cov-8yrs (12/31/1920)356A645179550
ArlinghausHenry31 Dec 1920Transferred 1921348A645178476
ArmbrustenMichael30 Oct 1884161A651178097
ArmbrusterMichael30 Oct 1884161A651178098
ArmstongHarry31 Oct 191812 Nov 1918Influenza177A652184368
ArmstongWilliam17 Jan 192426 Feb 1924Pulmonary TBColored628A652187692
ArmstorngMay (John)7 Feb 192215 Feb 1922Sciatic tabes dorsalis460A652187429
ArmstrongAlfred7 Apr 192420 Apr 1924Rt. Inguinal hernia646A652189414
ArmstrongElizabeth (John)10 Jan 19211 Mar 1921Typhoid - post operative adhesions359A652180314
ArmstrongFloyd27 Jun 19236 Jul 1923tubercular meningitisDied @ 1:30 AM579A652181896
ArmstrongHarry30 Aug 192131 Aug 1921Tonsillectomy414A652193916
ArmstrongJohn24 Jan 192131 Jan 1921Lumbago362A652187256
ArmstrongJohn4 Jan 187930 Jul 1879ConsumptionImproved104A652192175
ArmstrongJoseph13 Jul 192119 Jul 1921Cared for403A652192775
ArmstrongMarcella30 Aug 192131 Aug 1921Tonsillectomy414A652193915
ArmstrongMarcella31 Dec 1920Transferred 1921348A652178478
ArmstrongMarcella and Mother1 Jan 192115 Jan 1921Appendicitis-rupturedAnnex-12/31/1920354A652186706
ArmstrongMargaret20 May 18825 Jun 1882PneumoniaCured135A652181559
ArmstrongMatty9 Jan 192031 Jan 1920Cervical carcinoma275A652186628
ArmstrongRichard22 Aug 191919 Oct 1919Compound coniminated fracture of femur244A652183650
ArmstrongWilliam19 Jan 192131 Jan 1921La Grippe361A652187250
ArmstrongWilliam3 Oct 19219 Oct 1921Paraphimosis423A652195644
ArnettSamuel5 Aug 19248 Aug 1924Physical exhaustion674A653182144
ArnettWalter8 Oct 191814 Oct 1918Lobarr PneumoniaDied170A653184082
ArnimEvalyn12 Oct 192313 Oct 1923Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy602A650183198
ArnoldAlex22 Nov 18758 Jan 1875Sore LegCured75A654179599
ArnoldCamilla8 Oct 188128 May 1882BronchitisCured129A654191129
ArnoldCatherine7 Jan 19248 Jan 1924Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy626A654179412
ArnoldElizabeth7 Jan 19248 Jan 1924Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy626A654179413
ArnoldFeliz24 Oct 188125 Oct 1881ConsumptionDied130A654183270
ArnoldJennie20 Nov 191814 Dec 1918Cholecystendisis183A654185491
ArnoldJohn18 May 18804 Jun 1880AlcoholismCured116A654181552
ArnoldJohn30 Jul 18807 Sep 1880PhilhisisDied118A654182720
ArnoldLoretta16 Oct 192229 Oct 1922Acute appendectomy513A654183417
ArnoldMrs. Hugh18 Jul 192029 Aug 1920Appendicitis, Salping.Also Oophoritis311A654193691
ArnoldPauline20 Aug 192321 Aug 1923Chronic tonsilitis-tonsillectomy-adenoidectomy590A654193775
ArrasmithO.T.24 Aug 191919 Sep 1919Choecystectomy and appendectomy244A625194865
ArthurMary (James)10 Dec 191914 Dec 1919Curettage263A636185879
ArthursEthel26 Apr 192327 Aug 1923Chronic infection-arthritis564A636193479
AsburyFrank4 May 188013 May 1880AnarismCured116A216190282
AsburyMyrtle19 May 192410 Jun 1924Acute Mastoid-Rt.Died654A216191625
AschenburgCharles4 Jan 187718 Jan 1877ConsumptionDied86A251186389
AshTilly (Edward)27 Jan 19233 Feb 1923Pulmonary TB, InfluenzaDied @ 7:30 PM544A200180044
AshcraftCatherine29 Jun 192017 Jul 1920Curettage, Appendec.L.Salpingo, Oophorectomy307A261192638
AshcraftElizabeth14 May 19205 Jun 1920Rt. Salpingo, oophorectomy, appendectomy, curettag298A261181612
AshcraftElmer W.7 Nov 192110 Nov 1921Alcohlism430A261185116
AshcraftGaur10 Oct 191810 Oct 1918Unconscious due to fight171A261183284
AshcraftJ. W.1 Sep 19193 Oct 1919Bullet Wound249A261195397
AshcraftJosephine10 Jul 191913 Jul 1919Spained ankle237A261192977
AshcraftMartha12 Jul 19204 Aug 1920Rt., Side Mastoiditis (Cured)310A261182444
AshcraftPearl (Sylvester)8 Mar 192020 Mar 1920Double Salpingectomy, oophporectomy, susp. Of uter286A261188444
AshleyFrank16 Jan 192029 Jan 1920Appendectomy276A240187137
AshleyHeinrich16 Feb 187121 Feb 1871R.R. InjuryCured36A240187812
AshornMary16 Jun 192313 Jul 1923Heat Exhaustion576A265192663
AshwoodAngelina7 Nov 1884161A230179176
AslmothIrene9 Oct 191810 Oct 1918Tonsillectomy and Appendectomy170A245184092
AsmannMary (Harry)15 Mar 192011 Apr 1920Umbilical herniotomy & curettage/excision vaginalCon. Of disease--vaginal ulcer287A250189662
AtchisonIsabella ( Murray)18 Nov 1919Transfer259A325178216
AtkinsEthel23 Nov 191914 Dec 1919Curettage Appendectomy260A325185540
AtkinsEugene M.11 May 192014 May 1920Examination, observation298A325190944
AtkinsGrace2 Jan 192427 Jan 1924Bronchitis (Strept)625A325186530
AtkinsKatie3 May 19233 May 1923Typhoid feverDied @ 3:45 PM567A325181036
AtwoodLawrence1 Feb 19242 Feb 1924Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy633A300179781
AuerAndrew9 Aug 187820 Aug 1878FeverCured100A600193333
AuerCharles23 Apr 192426 Apr 1924Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy648A600189974
AufderbeckFrieda (John)22 Mar 19242 Apr 1924Baby girl 3/22/24644A136180845
AufderbeckHerman12 Dec 192315 Dec 1923Cervical barbuncle615A136185768
AufderbeckeCatherine10 Oct 192111 Oct 1921Tonsillectomy425A136183138
AufderheideEmma20 May 188110 Jun 1881FeverCured125A136191544
AufderheideEmma21 Apr 188116 May 1881Mamory AbcessCured125A136190570
AufmwasserClara1 Sep 19222 Sep 1922Tonsillectomy503A152182630
AufmwasserMary28 Jul 192229 Jul 1922Tonsillectomy494A152192967
AugurDaniel12 Nov 192413 Nov 1924Enlarged infected tonsils and adenoidsDr. Heisel699A260184488
AugurJames12 Nov 192413 Nov 1924Enlarged infected tonsils and adenoidsDr. Heisel699A260184473
AugustaSister11 Nov 19226 Dec 1922Chronic appendix removed, salpingo, oophorectomy520A230196520
AugustinJoseph12 Aug 187024 Aug 1870Cured33A235193724
AuierChristina21 Jan 192022 Jan 1920Tonsillecotomy277A600187144
AuklikerDr. Goonid V.1 Jan 191927 Aug 1919Interne-Not Treated5 yrs, 3 Mos.194A242193154
AulickErnst16 Oct 19199 Nov 1919Osteo-Myelitis254A420196030
AulickMiller18 Jul 19212 Aug 1921Athritis403A420182291
AulickMrs. Ella15 May 191911 Jun 1919Appendectomy226A420191581
AulickOlivia23 Sep 191925 Sep 1919Carcinoma of uterus249A420195275
AurdenMyrtle (Fred)17 Sep 192415 Oct 1924Baby Girl 9/17689A635183785
AureliusAntonelli7 May 192414 May 1924HemorrhoidsDr. Ryan651A642190396
AusmannMrs.19 Feb 18743 Mar 1874Womb DiseaseCured58A250180321
AustinElizabeth (Lee)22 Aug 19225 Sep 1922Baby Boy 8/22503A235182907
AustinEster M.15 Jun 191912 Jun 1919Hermiotomy232A235191937
AustinFlorence12 Nov 1918Transfer 1 day181A235178207
AustinJulia (James)14 Apr 192414 May 1924Cholitithiasis, refused operation647A235190646
AustinMargaret (Jesse)14 Nov 192218 Nov 1922Curettage520A235184824
AustinVirgil28 May 191921 Jun 1919Chronic Gastritis228A235191591
AustingBernadina14 May 192127 May 1921Cerebral hemorrhageDied @ 1:12 P<387A235190744
AustingDina3 Jul 192023 Jul 1920Paralysis agitans308A235192407
AustonNettie9 Jul 1880118A235177962
AustrichHenry6 Aug 187911 Aug 1869Typhoid FeverDied62A236193209
AutenrichMabel13 Oct 192027 Oct 1920Rectal Abscess331A356183524
AutenriehAnna (August)1 Jun 19223 Jun 1922Constipation482A356181391
AutheFlora1 Jan 192212 Jan 1922Fracture of rt. FemurAnnex-12/12/1921446A300186423
AutonFred R.21 Feb 192117 May 1921Dislocation of sacrum369A350190490
AverdickGertrude16 Jul 191917 Jul 1919Tonsillectomy238A163192994
AverdickJames18 Aug 192019 Aug 1920Tonsillectomy317A163194234
AverdickJane20 May 192224 Jun 1922Glaucoma480A163191564
AverdickMary J.16 Jul 191917 Jul 1919Tonsillectomy238A163192993
AverdickPetronella19 Jun 192020 Jun 1920Tonsillectomy305A163192002
AverkampTheodore1 Mar 191925 Mar 1919Chronic CystitisDied212A162188351
AvingClarence17 Jul 192118 Jul 1921Fracture acromiud end of left clavicle, laceratedCon-Scalp wound over left eye404A152192711
AxerHarry25 May 19203 Jun 1920Varicole300A260181625
AyersMary (Raymond)12 Nov 192025 Nov 1920Cicatricial contraction of auterior lip of cervix340A620184893
AyersMrs. R.L.18 Sep 191925 Sep 1919Infection of leg from scratch249A620195266
AyersPeter31 Dec 187921 Jan 1880Burned LegDied113A620186840
AyersSallie31 Oct 192217 Nov 1922Mitral insufficiency, myocarditisDied @ 6:20 AM517A620184393
AylerCharles3 Feb 19234 Feb 1923Gunshot Wound, etc(Left lung & colon)-Died.547A460179820
AylorFrank12 Mar 19222 Apr 1922Appendectomy, acute467A460180750
AylorJennie (Earl)16 Aug 192117 Aug 1921Tonsillectomy411A460193833
AylorLizzie20 Mar 19243 May 1924Ruptured appendicitis-cured-641A460181088
AylwardCharles17 Mar 192418 Mar 1924Tonsillectomy640A463188980
AylwardCharles23 Apr 192426 Apr 1924Observation642A463189902
AylwardKern1 Nov 19235 Nov 1923Sebaceaus cyst of neck right side607A463196224
AyresErnest23 Jun 191925 Jun 1919Cystic tumor233A620191955
AyresMrs. Artie31 Oct 191912 Nov 1919Tumor of axilles256A620184403