Kenton County Public Library

GenKY - Kenton County Birth Records 1852-1859 & 1876-1877

The records included in this database are abstracts transcribed from microfilm. Information includes name of child, names of parents, date of birth, and in some instances additional information. (Microfilm copies are also available).

The original records are in the possession of the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Number of Records: 4,471

Last NameFirst NameBirthdateGenderBirthplaceResidenceFatherMotherSoundexGenKY ID
Last NameFirst NameBirthdateGenderBirthplaceResidenceFatherMotherSoundexGenKY ID
27 Nov 1852FKenton Co., KY 160632
24 May 1853MKenton Co., KY, Michael 160156
10 Oct 1852MCovington, KYNo Residence Listed 159175
24 Jul 1853MKenton Co., KYNR N600 160306
14 Mar 1856Dress, Katrina D620161028
Morrill, (none) M640 161031
15 Mar 1853Cody C300161011
Pohlman, HermonMiddendorf, Mary P450 M353161029
Celia15 Apr 1855F@ R. L. BRISTOWBOONE CO., KYBristow, Jane S. B623 162547
Aaron12 Nov 1853MKenton Co., KYAaron, MartinDarget, CatharineA650 A650 D623160689
AbrahamsGeorge2 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYAbrahams, A.JohnA165 A165 J500161178
AbramsDavid A. Price15 Dec 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYAbrams, AbramPrice, MargaretA165 A165 P620159660
AbramsJohn H.7 May 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYAbrams, AbrahamPrice, MargaretA165 A165 P620158516
AbramsNo Name20 Sep 1853MCovington, KYAbrams, Jno.Richards, RachaelA165 A165 R263159162
Ackman13 Dec 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAckman, Wm.Pitcher, LucretiaA250 A250 P326160776
AckmanAmanda5 Dec 1855F@ WM. ACKMANSKENTON CO., KYKENTON NEAR COV. & LEX PIKEAckman, WmPitcher, LucretiaA250 A250 P326162421
AckmanCynthia June16 Sep 1855F@ L. ACKMANCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYAckman, LindseyRoberts, ElizabethA250 A250 R163161633
AckmanRosette20 Jan 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAckman, Geo.Connelly, ElizabethA250 A250 C540159806
AcreBenjamin15 Oct 1857MINDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYIndependence, Kenton Co., KYAcre, JamesSebastian, RachelA260 A260 S123162153
Adams11 Jul 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYAdams, N.KatchumA352 A352 K325158718
Adams18 Jan 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAdams, John, Margaret (Return is torn)A352 A352 159879
AdamsArtimecia6 May 1856F@ W. ADAMS KENTON CO.VISALIA RD. KENTON CO., KYAdams, WilliamWayland, LucyA352 A352 W453162294
AdamsElizabeth15 Jul 1857FRES. J. ADAMS KENTON CO., KYVISALIA ROAD KENTON CO., KYAdams, JohnsonMann, AgnesA352 A352 M000162332
AdamsHoward S.6 Feb 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAdams, AlfredMcCollum, Rebecca S.A352 A352 M245159926
AdamsJohn M.13 May 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAdams, J. Q.Mann, MargretA352 A352 M000160192
AdamsJoseph13 Aug 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYAdams, Wm.SimmermanA352 A352 S565158882
AdamsMary24 Aug 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYAdams, HenryRichtenor, CatherineA352 A352 R235158894
AdamsNo Name28 Jun 1853FCovington, KYAdams, LeonardKilchnes, CarolineA352 A352 K425158645
AdamsSamuel18 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYAdams, EdwardKettener, CarolineA352 A352 K356158738
Adear6 Oct 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYAdear, DavisA360 A360 159314
AgenbowerMary18 Dec 1853FKenton Co., KYAgenbower, GeorgeGyer, TenahA251 A251 G600160769
Aicklin17 Nov 1853FAicklin, Edwd.Cooper, DemariousA245 A245 C160161066
Albean6 Sep 1853MKenton Co., KYAlbean, AbrahamPrice, MargaretA415 A415 P620160467
AlbersHannah30 Jun 1856F@ H. A. ALBERS KENTON CO., KYNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYAlbers, HenryHeidman, MargaretA416 A416 H350162320
AlbertEliza9 Nov 1856FCityCovington, KYAlbert, FrankFate, C.A416 A416 F300160949
AldenEthel10 Jul 1857FRES. L. B. ALDEN KENTON CO., KYON PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO., KYAldin, Leonard B.Conway, May C.A435 A435 C500162597
AldenLeonard26 Apr 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAlden, LeonardMoore, MaryA435 A435 M600160102
Alexander28 Feb 1855MCovington, KYAlexander, A. J.A425 A425 158078
Alexander4 Oct 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYAlexander, C.Hoffman, MaleenaA425 A425 H150159193
AlexanderThomas J.24 May 1855M@ JAS. ALEXANDERSNEAR COVINGTON, KYAlexander, JamesTownsend, ElizabethA425 A425 T525161579
AllbrinkMargaret23 Dec 1856F@ G. ALLBRINKON BANK LICK PIKE KENTON CO., KYAllbrink, GeorgeLandoer, MaryA416 A416 L536162422
Allen2 Jan 1854MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYAllen, T. J.Dollins, CatharineA450 A450 D452157923
AllenB. F.19 Dec 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYAllen, B. F.Lunnerd, ElizabethA450 A450 L563159665
AllenEsmarilda25 May 1856FFIFTH STREET COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYAllen, JosephKelly, AnnA450 A450 K400162303
AllenJohn R.26 Aug 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYAllen, James T.Roberson, LouisaA450 A450 R162158962
AllenJosephine30 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYAllen, LewisFenkler, SusannaA450 A450 F524159227
AllenJulia6 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYAllen, Wm.Havlin, CatharineA450 A450 H145159034
AllenMargaret A.10 Sep 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYAllen, Jno.Hunt, MargariteA450 A450 H530159116
AllenThos. C.23 May 1856M@ C. T. ALLENNEAR DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYAllen, Casey T.Cleveland, CharlottaA450 A450 C414161860
AlleyAbby Jane1 Sep 1856FCityAlley, JacobShinkle, NancyA400 A400 S524160862
AllmanJames Henry27 Dec 1855M@ J. ALLMANECONOMY KENTON CO., KYAllman, JamesDower, Susan DriverA450 A450 D600161742
AllphinIsalina14 Sep 1858FNear CrittendenNEAR CRITTENDEN GRANT CO.Allphin, William L.Anderson, Mary J.A415 A415 A536162542
Ally9 Sep 1856FCityAlly, JacobShinkleA400 A400 S524160969
AloreAnthony29 Mar 1857MRES. A. ALORENEAR LUDLOW KENTON CO., KYAloe, AnthonyAuer, RoseA460 A400 A600162249
AmbroseJane10 Jan 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYAmbrose, AmbroseJones, SarahA516 A516 J520157832
Ames12 Feb 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYAmes, J. L.Oliver, SusanA520 A520 O416158163
Amgreson21 Oct 1853MKenton Co., KYAmgreson, Wm.Lancaster, CynthiaA526 A526 L523160601
AmmonFerdinand23 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYAmmonLuegart, ElizabethA500 A500 L263158875
AmolenEmily30 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYAmolen, LewisGesican, EmilyA545 A545 G500159357
AmonSusan10 Jan 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAmon, EckhartCretcher, AnnaA500 A500 C632159809
AmsbonyNancy M.28 Jun 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAmsbony, D. J.Boddess, MaryA521 A521 B320160231
Anderson9 May 1852FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYAnderson, JamesAnderson, ElizaA536 A536 A536158447
Anderson29 May 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYAnderson, JohnGriffithA536 A536 G613158444
AndersonChas. H.1 Dec 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYAnderson, Jas.Mosher, HenriettaA536 A536 M260159657
AndersonClarence B.16 Dec 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAnderson, JosephStephens, SarahA536 A536 S315160697
AndersonCurtis Ann15 Apr 1855F@ J. H. ANDERSONON GRASSY CRREKAnderson, John H.Sousher, Indi AnnA536 A536 S600161997
AndersonHarriet L.24 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAnderson, ThomasPiner, Lucinda R.A536 A536 P560160719
AndersonJacob3 Oct 1858MSAYERS FORK GRASSY CREEKSAYERS FORK GRASSY CREEKAnderson, John H.Anderson, July A.A536 A536 A536162602
AndersonMathewOct 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYAnderson, PatGitters, MaryA536 A536 G362159672
AndersonMillard Fillmore25 Mar 1856MNINTH STREET COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYAnderson, JohnNewman, LydiaA536 A536 N000161566
AndersonW. W.10 Feb 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYAnderson, Thos. D.Dye, BethshebaA536 A536 D000158178
AndresNo Name9 Mar 1853FCovington, KYAndrews, HenryConklin, J. J.A536 A536 C524158269
AnnanHenry7 Apr 1856M@ H. ANNONNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYAnnan, HenryBuckman, MaryA500 A500 B250162273
Arington16 Jul 1853MCovington, KYArington, Jos.Lindsay, SarahA652 A652 L532158706
ArmanPhilip14 Aug 1857MRES. H. ARMAN KENTON CO., KYNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYArman, HenryBuckman, MayA650 A650 B250162347
Armstrong28 Jun 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYArmstrong, D. J.Bolters, MaryA652 A652 B436160238
Armstrong28 Oct 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYArmstrong, JamesKellon, NancyA652 A652 K450160551
ArmstrongCharles E.5 Sep 1856M@ WM. N. L. ARMSTRONGON LICKING R. KENTON CO., KYArmstrong, Wm. N. L.Rusk, Augusta A.A652 A652 R200162009
ArmstrongCinthia E.20 Oct 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYArmstrong, J. N.Gray, Sally E.A652 A652 G600160536
ArmstrongEdwd. A.10 Jun 1859MLICKINGKenton Co., KYArmstrong, John N.Bird, JaneA652 A652 B630161865
ArmstrongFrancis Bird21 Feb 1855F@ JOHN N. ARMSTRONGLICKING RIVERArmstrong, John N.Bird, JaneA652 A652 B630161853
ArmstrongFranklin P.28 Mar 1855MAT JOHN ARMSTRONGKENTON Armstrong, JohnWilliams, WlenA652 A652 W452161557
ArmstrongFrederica M1 Apr 1857FRES. J. W. ARMSTRONG KENTON CO., KYON LICKING KENTON CO., KYArmstrong, John W.Bird, JaneA652 A652 B630161857
ArmstrongGeorge30 Jan 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYArmstrong, Geo.Crawley, MaryA652 A652 C640157815
ArmstrongJ. K.6 Mar 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYArmstrong, JohnJenner, MaryA652 A652 J560160063
ArmstrongJerard B.27 Dec 1855M@ J. B. ARMSTRONGON CRUISES CR. KENTON CO., KYArmstrong, James B.Callen, NancyannA652 A652 C450161886
ArmstrongJno. H.30 Oct 1859MNEAR WATERS BOWMANNEAR STONES TAVERN, KYArmstrong, Charles G.Ragan, SusanA652 A652 R250161878
ArmstrongJohn W. D.10 Jul 1854MJno. Rusk's Res. Kenton Co., KYON LICKINGArmstrong, Wm. N. L.Rusk, Augusta A.A652 A652 R200162073
ArmstrongMartha F.19 Oct 1857F@ JNO. ARMSTRONGNEAR INDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYArmstrong, JohnWilliams, ElinA652 A652 W452161643
ArmstrongMartin R.5 Mar 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYArmstrong, JohnWilliams, ElizaA652 A652 W452160055
ArmstrongNr30 Sep 1855M@ WM. N. L. ARMSTRONGON LICKING R. KENTON CO., KYArmstrong, Wm. N. L.Rusk, Augusta A.A652 A652 R200162379
ArmstrongWarner6 Sep 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYArmstrong, J. B.Callan, NancyA652 A652 C450160507
Arnold15 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYArnold, Jno. R.Douglass, EuniceA654 A654 D242159024
Arnold19 Jul 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYArnold, JamesLancaster, CelinaA654 A654 L523158720
ArnoldCharles M.8 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYArnold, MosesOwen, SarahA654 A654 O500159588
ArnoldGeorge18 Jul 1853MKenton Co., KYArnold, Geo.Myers, ElizabethA654 A654 M620160310
ArnoldJohn13 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYArnold, JohnDouglas, EllenA654 A654 D242157930
ArnoldLizzie18 Feb 1859FKansas City, MOCovington, KYArnold, W. S.Davidson, CatherineA654 A654 D132161115
ArnoldMargaret13 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYArnold, JohnDouglas, EllenA654 A654 D242157931
ArnoldSarah R.15 May 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYArnold, Wm.Hedge, ChristinaA654 A654 H320158507
Arthur6 Sep 1856FCityArthur, Wm. E.SouthgateA636 A636 S323160962
ArthurW. E. Jr.1 Jul 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYArthur, W. E.Southgate, AdaA636 A636 S323158845
AshAnna21 Jun 1858FWATERS DECOURSEY CREEKWaters Decoursey CreekAsh, JacobCallen, MaryA200 A200 C450162115
Ashbrook9 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYAshbrook, LewisJones, AmeliaA216 A216 J520159012
Ashbrook9 Sep 1854FRES. L. ASHBROOK8th St. Covington, KYAshbrook, LewisJones, AmeliaA216 A216 J520161945
AshbrookSarah29 Mar 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYAshbrook, LouisWinter, MA216 A216 W536158213
Atkins3 Feb 1857MRES. OF W. ATKINSNEAR TIBBATS X ROADS, KENTON CO., KYAtkins, Wm.Youngman, DemariusA325 A325 Y525161811
AtkinsElizabeth9 Nov 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYAtkins, WilliamsYoungman, DemariousA325 A325 Y525160674
AtkinsEllen Roxena28 Apr 1854FON CRUISECruise's CreekAtkins, John M.Cluster, EllenA325 A325 C423161838
AtkinsWalter6 May 1856M@ J. ATKINS KENTON CO., KYWALTON RD. KENTON CO., KYAtkins, JamesBooth, MatildaA325 A325 B300162295
Atley5 Apr 1853MCovington, KYAtley, GilbertHorsman, ElizabethA340 A340 H625158306
AueriPeter12 Apr 1857MON LUDLOW FARM KENTON CO., KYNEAR OHIO RIVER KENTON CO, KYAuer, ConradToerfle, RebeccaA600 A600 T614162274
AverbeckMary A.16 Jun 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYAverbeck, BarneyTerlau, FrancesA161 A161 T640158691
Ayers23 Jan 1853MKenton Co., KYAyres, CharlesA620 A620 159799
B23 Dec 1855M@ C. BBank Lick, Kenton Co., KYB, ColumbusJarrell, MaryB000 B000 J640162514
BLouisa J.5 Jun 1857FON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYON BULLOCK RUN KENTON CO., KYB, NathanielSanders, AmericaB000 B000 S536161582
BachsonMary21 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBachson, GeorgeLacking, Mary A.B250 B250 L252159388
BadkaBen31 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBadka, HenryTaylor, ElizziB320 B320 T460159537
Bagby24 Jul 1857MRES. W. A. BAGBY KENTON CO., KYCRUIS CR. KENTON CO., KYBagby, Wm. A.Bird, ElizabethB210 B210 B630162500
Bagby6 May 1855F@ W. A. Bagby'sKenton Co., near State Rd.Bagby, Wm. A.Bird, ElizabethB210 B210 B630161819
BagbyBessie5 Feb 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBagby, J. M.Berney, CatherineB210 B210 B650159963
BagbyHarriett7 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBagby, YoungRoberts, ElizabethB210 B210 R163160581
BagbyJaneFPinersvilleNear PinersvilleBagby, Martha L.B210 B210 161149
BagbyJohn R.17 Feb 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBagby, G. W.Ritchie, DolieB210 B210 R320159965
BagbyRalph W.13 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBagby, Thos.Murray, ElizabethB210 B210 M600158251
BaileyKate Ann5 Jul 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBailey, M. H.WhittingtonB400 B400 W352158808
Baker21 Feb 1859MNEAR BENTON, KYBenton, KYBaker, JohnPerdieu, SarahB260 B260 P630161947
BakerHarriet26 Jul 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYBaker, Nathan A.Vansickle, MargaretB260 B260 V524158774
BakerJames R.30 Nov 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBaker, G. S.Mann, Martha A.B260 B260 M000160642
BakerJerome27 Feb 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBaker, NicholasBaker, BarbaraB260 B260 B260158119
BakerJoseph20 Nov 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBaker, LewisSlattring, MaryB260 B260 S436159383
BakerJulia1 Oct 1855F@ H. BAKERSOUTH COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYBaker, HenryNortman, TheresaB260 B260 N635162385
BakesKate A.8 May 1853FKenton Co., KYBakes, LouisGilbert, ElizaB200 B200 G416160157
BakesNo Name8 May 1853FCovington, KYBakes, LouisGilbertB200 B200 G416158514
Baldwin15 Apr 1852Kenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBaldwin, JohnCook, Mary AnnB435 B435 C000160101
BaldwinCora Lee17 Feb 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBaldwin, AlfredFirm, MaryB435 B435 F650159969
BaldwinEmma19 Aug 1855F@ J. BALDWINBank Lick, Kenton Co., KYBaldwin, JohnCooke, Mary A.B435 B435 C000162134
BaldwinGeorge16 Aug 1858MHIGEAN WELLSHIGEAN WELLSBaldwin, JohnCook, Mary AnnB435 B435 C000162474
BaldwinJohn Wm.9 Apr 1854M@ J. BALDWINNear Bank LickBaldwin, JohnCook, Mary A.B435 B435 C000161507
BalingerGeo. W.9 Aug 1856M@ J. BALINGERON STEEP CREEK KENTON CO., KYBalinger, JohnMardis, RebeccaB452 B452 M632161621
Ball20 Mar 1855FCovington, KYBall, G. W.B400 B400 158300
BallGeorge M.4 Feb 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBall, G. W.McNichol, M. J.B400 B400 M252158156
BallJohn K.11 Jun 1856MCityCovington, KYBall, Geo. W.McNickle, Mary J.B400 B400 M252160871
BallardMary E.4 Aug 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBallard, Lee A.Neales, Mary A.B463 B463 N420158968
BallardThomas B.Feb 1874MBOONE CO., KYKenton Co., KYBallard, J. M.Cotton, ElizabethB463 B463 C350162341
Ballerker23 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBallerker, B.HerkinB462 B462 H625158292
Ballerker23 Mar 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBallerker, B.HerkinB462 B462 H625158291
Ballinger22 Jan 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBallinger, ThomasMills, MissB452 B452 M420159801
BallingerAsa7 Apr 1854MKenton Co., KYLambs Ferry Rd.Ballinger, ThomasMcCollum, MaryB452 B452 M245161101
BallingerManuel25 Nov 1858MDECOURSEY CREEKWaters Decoursey CreekBallinger, JohnMardis, RebeccaB452 B452 M632162117
BambergerMary7 Mar 1857FON HORSE BRANCHKENTON CO., HORSE BRANCHBamberger, FrancisGabert, MaryB516 B516 G163162251
Banister11 Nov 1855M@ S. BANISTERNEAR TAYLOR MILL RD. KENTON CO., KYBanister, SamuelColeman, Rebecca T.B523 B523 C450162553
BanisterJane7 Aug 1855F@ E. BANISTERTAYLOR MILL RD. KENTON CO., KYBanister, EnochB523 B523 162169
Banker30 Jun 1853MCovington, KYBaker, Thos.Connelley, MaryB526 B260 C540158569
BanningMary4 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYBanning, HarmonGreeneB520 B520 G650160953
BannisterColvin25 Jan 1853MBOONE CO., KYKenton Co., KYBannister, Jas. S., DelahB523 B523 162489
BannisterLucien B.6 Nov 1857F@ S. BANNISTERTAYLOR MILL ROAD KENTON CO., KYBannister, Saml.Coleman, RebeccaB523 B523 C450162634
BannisterNancy15 Sep 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBannister, Jas. S., SalleyB523 B523 160506
BareHenry R.29 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBare, AugustFreak, CharlotteB600 B600 F620157897
BarerKate8 Aug 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBarer, HenryHammickB600 B600 H520158889
BargenHars3 May 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYBargen, C. G.Eulah, IsavellaB625 B625 E400158489
BarisJohn A.15 Mar 1857MLudlow, KYLUDLOW KENTON CO., KYBaris, LewisBratson, Hannah B.B620 B620 B632161740
BarkerHarry23 Sep 1855M@ GEO. BARKERS. RES. KENTON CO., KYON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBarker, JamesShowk, MaryB626 B626 S000162366
BarkerJohn15 Sep 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBarker, JohnOverman, ElizabethB626 B626 O165159050
BarkerMahalia A.28 Dec 1859FBENTON, KYBenton, KYBarker, JohnCheek, AnnB626 B626 C000162709
BarkisHarmon16 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBarkis, Jno.Marroli, MaryB620 B620 M640159042
BarlageMary25 Feb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBarlage, FrankRinicamp, Mary A.B642 B642 R525158122
BarlageSarah5 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYBarlage, HenryRehecamp, MaryB642 B642 R251160945
BarnesThomas31 Aug 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBarnes, SamHarcourtB652 B652 H626158890
Barron2 Apr 1854MBANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBank LickBarron, Thos.O'Day, EllenB650 B650 O300161941
BarryJohn14 Jun 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBarry, JamesRunston, MargaretB600 B600 R523158604
BartlettMary14 Jan 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYBartlett, R. B.Gano, M.B634 B634 G500157881
BassettJosephine Bell14 Dec 1856F@ O. BASSETTON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBassett, OrrinMcCarty, Mary A.B230 B230 M263161735
BassettMary L.23 Nov 1859FBank LickBank LickBassett, OrrinMcCarty, Mary A.B230 B230 M263162707
Bates1 Aug 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBates, J. W.ZellB320 B320 Z400158869
BatesFred8 Oct 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBates, StephenShaw, ElizaB320 B320 S000159228
BattonWm. C.9 Jul 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBatton, ThomasPeak, M. F. A. C.B350 B350 P200158805
BauerJames14 Jul 1856M@ BAUERON DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYBauer, FerdinandBeisenweber, MioreB600 B600 B251162333
BaumerOrlick8 Oct 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBaumer, WilliamStaib, RosaB560 B560 S310160562
BaumgardnerJohn J.20 Jan 1856M@ G. BEGLEYNAR INDEPENDENCEBaumgardner, JohnBegley, CatharineB526 B526 B240161537
BaxterBenj.17 Oct 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBaxter, BethelEcton, Mary E.B236 B236 E235160591
BaylerMargaret22 Nov 1859FBank LickBank LickBayler, Anthony, MaymanteB460 B460 162123
Beach27 Feb 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBeach, GeorgeChushard, NancyB200 B200 C630158075
BeachAngeline16 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBeach, Wm. A.Richardson, FrancesB200 B200 R263158379
BeachEdwin28 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBeach, Jno.Mullins, Mary A.B200 B200 M452158888
BeachJosephine13 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBeach, MarcusHunt, CorneliaB200 B200 H530159229
BeachJosephine19 Feb 1857FRES. OF M. BEACHON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBeach, MarcusVogelback, GertrudeB200 B200 V241162233
BealerRosa3 Jun 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBealer, FrankRhode, FloraB460 B460 R300158623
Bean9 Dec 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBean, W.Clark, LouisaB500 B500 C462159640
Bean4 Sep 1854MRES. W. BEAN5th St. Covington, KYBean, Wm.Clark, SallyB500 B500 C462161907
BeanWm. H.5 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBean, W. H.Clark, FrancisB500 B500 C462159140
BechtoldJohn George10 Jan 1855MCOVINGTON & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCOVINGOTN & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYBechtold, GeorgeMoosser, RosaB234 B234 M260161538
BeckwellTheodore Geo.9 Dec 1852MNOT GIVENKenton Co., KYBeckwell, AnthonyHart, ElizabethB240 B240 H630161670
BeckwethWallace8 Jan 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBeckweth, FrankHunter, Sarah A.B230 B230 H536159847
Bedders9 Mar 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBeddersB362 B362 158183
BeddoMary E.10 Jun 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBeddo, ThomasConnin, EmmaB300 B300 C500158649
BedoSaml.29 Apr 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBeddo, Wm.Ray, AnnB300 B300 R000158339
BeemerRosa14 Jun 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBeemer, Wm.Steib, RosaB560 B560 S310160246
BeersHity Ann1 Mar 1857FRES. OF P. BEERS.Bank Lick, Kenton Co., KYBeers, PeterWayman, Sarah M.B620 B620 W500161698
BehrensBarney Jr.14 Jan 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBehrens, Barney Sr.First, DinahB652 B652 F623159859
BeilerFrancis22 Dec 1858FDry CreekDry CreekBeiler, MathewBrown, TerresB460 B460 B650161504
BeiserJohn29 Jan 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBeiser, JohnLugers, MaryB260 B260 L262159831
BelewFrancis M.17 Sep 1854FGRASSY CREEK PENDLETON CO., KYFiskburgBelew, JamesSpegal, SarahB400 B400 S124162730
Bell30 Mar 1857MRES. OF J. BELLON CRUISES CREEK KENTON CO., KYBell, Jas.Kinnett, MayB400 B400 K530161904
BellWm. F.18 Sep 1855F.@ D. BELLCOVINGTONG & FALMOUTH RD.Bell, DavidEmitt, FrancesB400 B400 E530161634
BellebaumLewis8 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBellebaum, Geo. H.Hunter, Elizth.B415 B415 H536158491
Bellein7 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBellein, HenryConnelly, MaryB450 B450 C540159013
BellombyMargaret A.5 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBellamby, PeterDessugh, Rebecca J.B451 B451 D200159602
BelserAnthony28 Jul 1856M@ J. BELSERON WILLOW RUN KENTON CO., KYBelser, JosephGravel, TheresaB426 B426 G614162334
BendellHenry21 Dec 1856M@ A. BENDELLNEAR OHIO RIVER KENTON CO., KYBendell, AndrewHillen, MaryB534 B534 H450162423
BendenEllen6 Jun 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBenden, MichaelMurphy, MaryB535 B535 M610158699
BeneJosephine29 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBene, JosephHarris, MaryB500 B500 H620159225
BenengHarmon2 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBeneng, HarmonGreene, FaylawB520 B520 G650158988
BenetusEllen D.15 Jul 1858FCINTI, OHIOCovington, KYBenetus, EdmondGerrard, SarahB532 B532 G630162044
BenhartAdam5 Aug 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBenhart, GeorgeGersine, MargaretB563 B563 G625158895
BennerMary C.13 Mar 1855F@ WM. GIVINGS FARM KENTON CO., KYON PLEASANT RUNBonner, John F.Winters, AnnB560 B560 W536161847
Bennett8 Nov 1856MBennett, Jas.B530 B530 161064
Bennett14 Apr 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBennett, S. A.Porter, Margaret A.B530 B530 P636158330
BennettBertha28 Sep 1858FBennett, John R.Booker, JaneB530 B530 B260161065
BensingerLizzie31 Dec 1859FBensingerBauman, CatharineB525 B525 B500161050
BensonCharles, E.9 Oct 1876MBenson, N. B.n.House, FannieB525 B525 H200161018
BensonMartin F.1 Mar 1859MBenson, JohnMardis, Julia A.B525 B525 M632161007
BensonSusanFCovingtonBenson, J. D.B525 B525 161148
BentonFCovington, KYCovington, KYBenton, ThomasB535 B535 161139
BentonAbigal E.FCovington, KYLudlow, KYBenton, Thos.B535 B535 161151
BenzingerLizzieFKenton Co., KYCovington, KYBenzinger, Benj.B525 B525 161112
BerensSophiaWaters Decourcy CreekB652 161147
BerenzSophiaFKenton Co., KYWater Forks of Bowman CreekBerens, AugustB652 B652 161111
BergenJno.18 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBergen, LewisStellander, MargaretB625 B625 S345159649
BergenMargaret18 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGergen, LewisStetlander, MargaretB625 G625 S345159632
BergmanRose20 Apr 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBergman, HarmenColeman, KathB625 B625 C450158347
BernsBarney22 Oct 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBerns, Wm.Johnson, Eliz.B652 B652 J525159211
BernsJohn13 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBerns, Jno. W.Johnson, ElizB652 B652 J525159392
Berry24 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBerry, WilliamEdwards, AnnB600 B600 E363159628
BerryEdward F.4 Dec 1876MLudlow, KYKenton Co., KYBerry, JohnRiley, JohannaB600 B600 R400162192
BerteMargaret A.24 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBerte, HenryVanhecter, Mary A.B630 B630 V523159134
BestAlbert18 Oct 1859MCovington, KYBest, MorrisonBerry, JaneB230 B230 B600159305
BestermanFrank22 Jan 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBesterman, FrankClinesmitz, MaryB236 B236 C452159864
BestermanFrank22 Jan 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBesterman, FrankClintsenitz, MaryB236 B236 C453159874
BestermanFrank19 Sep 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBesterman, FrankHullsien, MaryB236 B236 H425159164
BethelBethelB340 B340 161035
BiastAlbert18 Oct 1859MCovington, KYBest, MorrisonBerry, JaneB230 B230 B600159303
BicknellWalter A.11 Jun 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBicknell, WalterCox, FannieB254 B254 C000158658
BiersLewis C.21 Apr 1858MEconomyECONOMYBiers, ChristianKalkart, KatharineB620 B620 K426161575
Biggs29 Nov 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBiggs, A. B.Court, ElizabethB200 B200 C630160626
BiggsMary Allen1 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBiggs, AllenHess, Mary AnnB200 B200 H200157908
BiggsZeddick A. J.29 May 1855M@ H. BiggsCruise's CreekBiggs, HenryStevenson, ElizabethB200 B200 S315162013
BinderJun 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBinder, JosephB536 B536 160851
BinderWilliam25 Jun 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBinder, Josep (Joseph)Gluntz, MaryB536 B536 G453160254
BinghamNo Name9 Nov 1853MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYBingham, Wm., MaryB525 B525 159409
BirdDec 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBird, FrankB630 B630 160822
BirdDouglas G.26 Feb 1854ME. H. BIRDS KENTON CO., KYON DECOURSEYBird, Elisha H.Franklin, MaryB630 B630 F652161854
BiserHenry24 Mar 1878MCovington, KYPeazleburg, KYBiser, JohnLucas, MaryB260 B260 L200158304
BishingHenry8 Oct 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBishing, HenryBarnerman, CarolineB252 B252 B656160560
BishopAnne29 Jul 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBishop, FrankUrsa, TheresaB210 B210 U620160323
BishopBarneyNov 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBishop, BarneyGennef, AnnieB210 B210 G510160823
Bittle18 Mar 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBittle, JohnWinston, MaryB340 B340 W523158191
BittleNo Name18 Sep 1853MCovington, KYBittle, Jno.Minster, TabithaB340 B340 M236159115
BlackburnAnna15 Aug 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBlackburn, Wm.BlackburnB421 B421 B421161177
BlackwellWm. Robt.25 Dec 1857M@ J. BLACKWELLS KENTON CO., KYSOUTH COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYBlackwell, JosephGouldstraw, Sarah A.B424 B424 G432161736
BlainevilleSaffie J.29 Jan 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBlaineville, A. B.Holman, SallieB451 B451 H450157942
BlairEliza25 May 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBlair, MFunkenstineB460 B460 F525161181
BlairWalter S.27 Aug 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBlair, J. R.Mann, Sarah E.B460 B460 M000158960
BlakeleyNot Named10 Jun 1853Kenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBlakeley, ZStrong, HarriettB424 B424 S365160220
BledholtHenry17 Sep 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBridholt, FerdBrocamp, Bridget D.B434 B634 B625159091
BletteicossAnnie20 Jul 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBletteicoss, BarneyThomas, KateB432 B432 T520160346
BlettenossAnnie20 Jul 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBlettenoss, BarneyThomas, KateB435 B435 T520160324
BlickNr13 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYBlick, Robt.Caldwell, EllenB420 B420 C434160580
BloodGeorge9 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBlood, DavidDanton, LucyB430 B430 D535159051
Bloom11 Jun 1856MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBloom, NapGriffith, MaryB450 B450 G613160276
BloomerJohn19 Oct 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBloomer, ClementsKohlman, MaryB456 B456 K450159230
Blum5 Jan 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBlum, O.RuggB450 B450 R200157927
BobbergWilliam23 Oct 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBoberg, TheodoreBerberich, MaryB620 B620 B616160587
BobbittJas. E.16 Sep 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBobbitt, Jas.Beagle, Margt.B300 B300 B240159110
BobbittLewis Newton1 Oct 1854MJ. K. GLENNCruise's CreekBobbitt, JohnLisle, EmelineB300 B300 L240162722
BobergWilliam23 Oct 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBoberg, TheodoreBrederick, Mary (Broderick)B620 B620 B636160555
Bobest13 Sep 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBobest, ECroshall, PhoebeB230 B230 C624159014
BockmanFrank3 Aug 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBockman, JohnKing, BarbaraB250 B250 K520160409
BodaMary A.18 Jan 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBoda, JohnGestrecht, ChristinaB300 B300 G362157900
BoddhHenry29 May 1856M13TH ST COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBoddh, JohnCastrick, CB300 B300 C362162304
BodeckerFanney9 Jan 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBodecker, Chas.Broaddus, JineyB326 B326 B632157825
BodekerEdwin B.7 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBodeker, CharlesBroaddus, WillentinaB326 B326 B632159418
Bodiker13 Oct 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBodiker, Chas.Broaddus, TenerB326 B326 B632159178
Bodridge19 Feb 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBodridge, P.JonesB363 B363 J520158079
BogerHenry9 Aug 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBoger, HenryCreeling, LizzieB260 B260 C645158896
BoggessJosephine12 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBoggess, Thos., MaryB200 B200 159039
BoggsNo Name30 May 1853FCovington, KYBoggs, Wm.Thorpe, CatharineB200 B200 T610158509
BohmanEmily22 Aug 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBohman, NicholasBrown, LucindaB500 B500 B650158897
BoleLewis28 Mar 1855MON JOHN RICHNEAR OHIO RIVER KENTON CO., KYBole, SimonSchrinder, UrsulaB400 B400 S653162252
BolkaJosephine5 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYBolka, HermanPenelsack, MaryB420 B420 P542159052
BollardThomas9 Feb 1856MRUSSELL ST.RUSSELL STREET COVINGTON, KYBollard, GeorgeNeals, MaryB463 B463 N420162234
BollesEdward28 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBolles, LemualBosworth, SarahB420 B420 B263158348
Bond17 Oct 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBond, H.BrewsterB530 B530 B623159188
Bond28 Sep 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBond, Henry W.Brewster, PhilimanB530 B530 B623159159
BonhonLewis15 Apr 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBonhon, ClemensDickman, ElizabethB500 B500 D250158349
BonneNo Name17 Mar 1853MCovington, KYBonne, HiramHathaway, MargaretB500 B500 H300158260
BookAnn7 May 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBook, JamesRyan, MaryB200 B200 R500160163
BoonJames Daniel6 Jan 1856MON STATE ROAD KENTON CO., KYSTATE ROADBoone, ThomasRiggs, AmandajaneB500 B500 R200161539
BooringThomas M.16 May 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBooring, PeterBooring, CatharineB652 B652 B652160186
Booth19 Jan 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBooth, Jno. S.Draut, CatharineB300 B300 D630159871
BoothJohn21 Sep 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBooth, JohnDurst, CatharineB300 B300 D623159053
BorchesHarry11 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBorches, Wm.Brinker, AdelineB620 B620 B652160735
BorgannitasFrancis Henry4 Mar 1856MBREMEN STREET COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBorgannitas, Jno.Blumburg, SophiaB625 B625 B451162660
BorgeAda8 Nov 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBorge, Henry W.Peacher, Anna E.B620 B620 P260159470
BorgemenkeHarmen Henry1 Jun 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBorgemenke, G. H.Blumber, SophiaB625 B625 B451158669
BorgesJohn26 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBorges, JohnBuskin, JennyB620 B620 B250159538
BorgusHenry13 Oct 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBorgus, JMorroldB620 B620 M643159220
BoshnerJos.31 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBoshner, Jno. D.Myer, GadrootB256 B256 M600158233
BoslingStacey6 Aug 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBosling, Jno.Mackey, JohannaB245 B245 M200158886
BossAdamMCovington, KYCovington, KYBoss, RobertPayne, ElizaB200 B200 P500163305
BotzGeorge26 Jul 1856M@ L. BOTZNEAR PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO., KYBotz, LewisMutchler, CatharinB320 B320 M324162335
Boubirg3 Dec 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBoubirg, D.CarrollB620 B620 C640159493
BowenAnn Mary23 Mar 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBowen, H. F.HathawayB500 B500 H300158272
BowenAnn Mary14 May 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBowen, H.HathawayB500 B500 H300158515
BowenLaura18 May 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYBowen, Hiram F.Hathaway, MargaretB500 B500 H300158494
BowenNo Name4 Feb 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYBowen, Chas.Reed, MatildaB500 B500 R300158140
BowenSarah17 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBowen, H. A.Rouse, M.B500 B500 R200157880
BowmanWm.1 Jul 1876MLudlow, KYKenton Co., KYBowman, J. L.Jollie, NellieB500 B500 J400162313
BownArline25 Mar 1858FMORNING SIDEMORNING SIDEBowns, FerdenandBowens, MenaB500 B520 B520162253
BoxmanFrank1 Dec 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBoxman, Geo.LuckinkB250 B250 L252159530
BoydAaron15 May 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBoyd, AndrewStewart, SarahB300 B300 S363158470
BoydMatilda8 Jul 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBoyd, AStewartB300 B300 S363158735
Boyed8 Jul 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBoyedB300 B300 158705
Boyle22 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBoyle, DavidStubbs, MaryB400 B400 S312159190
BoyleAnn21 Mar 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBoyle, D.StubbB400 B400 S310158208
BrackenWilliam12 Apr 1856MWASHINGTON ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBracken, MicksBoland, BridgetB625 B625 B453162286
BrackerWilliam4 Jul 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBracker, AuliffBrungs, AnnaB626 B626 B652160325
BrackerWilliam4 Jul 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrocker, AuliffeBrungs, AnnaB626 B626 B652160349
BradfordAnn12 Dec 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYBradford, E.Owen, EllenB631 B631 O500159539
BraffordCarey J.22 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrafford, BrackenMullins, ElizabethB616 B616 M452158650
BramlageJohn20 Jan 1855MCOVINGOTN, KYCovington, KYBramlage, HenryBloomer, CatharineB654 B654 B456162231
Bran10 Mar 1856MTHIRD ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBran, Wm. W.Clark, FrancisB650 B650 C462161550
BrannonLarna27 Jan 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrannon, Mich.Cavanaugh, Margt.B650 B650 C152157866
BrathEmma2 Oct 1856FCityCovington, KYBrath, JamesCarneal, BridgetB630 B630 C654160932
BraunMatildaJul 1857FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBraun, NicholasButts, KateB650 B650 B320160835
BravardAlmeda M.24 Mar 1854FKenton Co., KYNear LickingBravard, JamesJones, Isabel A.B616 B616 J520160059
BraxtonSep 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBraxton, Jas.Turner, JosephineB623 B623 T656160848
BreadinbergWilliam5 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBreadinberg, JCossewB635 B635 C000158303
BrecknerLouisia15 Mar 1856F@ G. BRECKNERNEAR BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBreckner, GeorgeSmith, PoulinaB625 B625 S530162254
BrevardMaud A.25 Nov 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrevard, AllenHemingway, MargaretB616 B616 H520160663
Brewele15 Jul 1853MKenton Co., KYBrewele, Jno., SarahB640 B640 160308
BrewnerJames19 Dec 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrewner, J. F.Trinter, AnnB656 B656 T653161116
Bricker18 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBricker, L.B626 B626 159458
Bricker18 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBricker, L.B626 B626 159457
BrickmanNo Name3 Aug 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrickman, GeorgeB625 B625 160365
BridewellJohn12 May 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridgewell, JohnFinnell, PhoebieB634 B632 F540160173
BridewellThomas21 Jan 178MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridewell, John J.Leigh, Mary K.B634 B634 L200159876
BridgesA. M.20 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBridges, Wm. M.Hylar, AmandaB632 B632 H460158402
BridgesElizabeth Margaret16 Aug 1854MCruise's Creek Kenton Co., KYCruise's CreekBridges, JosephPavey, MaryB632 B632 P000161817
BridgesLaura1 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBridges, WilliamHiler, ArmildaB632 B632 H460157833
BridgesMargaret A.4 May 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridges, Jno. NHill, CynthiaB632 B632 H400160194
BridgesMargaret Ann4 May 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridges, G. W.Hill, Catharine AnnB632 B632 H400160193
BridgesNo Name19 Jan 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridges, JosephPavy, NancyB632 B632 P000159825
BridgesNot Named1 Feb 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBridges, Wm.Hiles, AmeliaB632 B632 H420158138
BridwellAgnis M.4 May 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridwell, J. W.Mardis, MaryB634 B634 M632160167
BridwellNo Name29 Jun 1853FCovington, KYBridwell, MartinMcNoble, MarthaB634 B634 M251158646
BridwellThomas Warens21 Jan 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBridwell, John J.Leigh, Mary K.B634 B634 L200159889
BriggeKatie9 Nov 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrigge, TonyColeman, AnnieB620 B620 C450160669
BriggeMary9 Nov 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrigge, TonyColeman, AnnieB620 B620 C450160643
Briggs26 Mar 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBriggs, RufusBowenB620 B620 B500158189
BriggsJessee16 Sep 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBriggs, H.Lees, JaneB620 B620 L200159089
BrinkmanJoseph18 Apr 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrinkman, HenryTennis, MaryB652 B652 T520158372
BrinkmanMary28 Aug 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrinkman, GeorgeRemily, MargaretB652 B652 R540158893
BrinutorAnna4 Mar 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrinutor, WMerrymentB653 B653 M653158209
BrisbaneLouisa5 Dec 1859FBOWMAN CREEKBenton, KYBrisbane, Saml.Faran, MaryB621 B621 F650162051
BrisbaneNelson16 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrisbane, Samuel R.Fenham, Mary E.B621 B621 F500158198
BristoeStatira15 Mar 1859FMT. ZION, KYBristow, R. L.B623 B623 162448
Bristow1 Mar 1854MR. L. BRISTOWOn Bank LickBristow, Rueben L.Stephens, StatiraB623 B623 S315161752
BristowHenry15 Apr 1857MRES. R. L. BRISTOW KENTON CO., KYTURKEY FOOT ROAD KENTON CO., KYBristow, Reuben L.B623 B623 162546
BristowJesse18 Jun 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBristow, FlorenceKilgore, NancyB623 B623 K426160265
BristowLucy Jane28 Jan 1856F@ R. L. BRISTOWTURKEY FOOT ROAD KENTON CO., KYBristow, Reuben L.Stephens, StatiraB623 B623 S315161851
BristowNo Name8 Sep 1853FKenton Co., KYBristow, ReubenB623 B623 160441
BristowStatira15 Mar 1859FMT. ZION, KYKenton Co., KYBristoe, R. L.Stephens, StatiraB623 B623 S315162449
Broaddus2 Aug 1859FNear Independence, KYNear Independence, KYBroaddus, Robert B.Wilson, HarrietB632 B632 W425161499
BroaddusEmma B.18 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBroaddus, R. B.Wilson, H. J.B632 B632 W425159610
BroaddusEmma B.18 Dec 1854FCovington, KYBank Lick PikeBroaddus, Robert B.Wilson, HarrietB632 B632 W425159614
BroaddusTena Bill8 Jan 1857F@ R. R. BROADDUSNEAR CALIFORNIA KENTON CO., KYBroaddus, Rob B.Wilson, HarrietB632 B632 W425161852
Broadwell4 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBroadwell, ParkerDouglas, MaryB634 B634 D242159332
BrockerWilliam4 Jul 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrocker, AuliffeBrungs, AnnaB626 B626 B652160350
BroddusCharley18 Apr 1856MLEX. PIKE ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBroddus, Jno.Rigs, AddseanB632 B632 R200162064
BroddusJohn19 Jul 1856M(NOT GIVEN)Kenton Co., KYBroddus, Thos.WardB632 B632 W630162375
BrokampBarney H.5 Jun 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrokamp, H. H.Nubole, CatharineB625 B625 N140158665
BrokemanKatie18 Jul 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrokeman, Alex.Broonts, AnnaB625 B625 B653160311
BrokmanKatie18 Jul 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrokeman, AlexBroonts, AnnaB625 B625 B653160326
BromalyJno.22 Aug 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBromaly, BarneyPeters, CarolinB654 B654 P362158898
BrombackFeb 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBromback, FrankB651 B651 160850
BromletJohn T.11 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYUnknownBromlet, Malinda AnnaB654 U525 B654159639
BromlowNr10 Feb 1853MKenton Co., KYBromlow, C.Vilanova, ElizabethB654 B654 V451159909
BrookshawMary A.1 Jul 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrookshaw, Wm.Elder, SusanB620 B620 E436158787
BroughardIda Ellen24 Jul 1856F@ J. BROUGHARDON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBroughard, JeremiahShipp, LucindaB626 B626 S100161612
Brown12 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, JohnLane, MissB650 B650 L500157807
Brown7 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, Thomas V.Lee, CatharineB650 B650 L000159025
Brown7 Aug 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, A. H.RoseB650 B650 R200158870
BrownAlexander L.16 Aug 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBrown, Thomas V.Lee, CatharineB650 B650 L000160388
BrownAnn19 Sep 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, Robt.Fearons, RelvinaB650 B650 F652159084
BrownAnna29 Sep 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, R.AhronB650 B650 A650159046
BrownEdward26 Mar 1856CRAIG STREET COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBrown, Saml.Cooley, NancyB650 B650 C400162050
BrownEdward N.13 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, Henry H.Bush, Sallie H.B650 B650 B200159441
BrownElener A.27 Feb 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, Saml.Cooley, Nancy J.B650 B650 C400158137
BrownElizaFCraig Street Covington, KYCovington, KYBrown, FrankPlader, MaryB650 B650 P436161143
BrownElizabeth10 Nov 1855F@ H. BROWNNEAR CRITTENDEN KENTON CO., KYBrown, HarveyMcClure, ElizabethB650 B650 M246162183
BrownIdene30 Jun 1854FIndependenceIndependenceBrown, Wm.Hume, Martha AnnB650 B650 H500161592
BrownJoseph H.28 Nov 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, Geo W.Kirtley, Letitia A.B650 B650 K634159442
BrownMargaret16 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, HermanDroscher, CharlotteB650 B650 D626159358
BrownMary12 Feb 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, J. Q.BlissB650 B650 B420158123
BrownNo Name17 Feb 1853MKenton Co., KYBrown, B.B650 B650 159918
BrownNo Name21 Jun 1853MCovington, KYBrown, M. T.Bamburg, MarthaB650 B650 B516158663
BrownNo Name20 May 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYBrown, Jno. L.Bliss, KateB650 B650 B420158528
BrownWm. R.4 Oct 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBrown, SamuelDean, Sarah J.B650 B650 D500159288
Bruce23 Sep 1852Covington, KYCovington, KYBruce, Henry, MariaB620 B620 159019
Bruce15 Jun 1856FCovington, KYCovington, KYBruce, H.B620 B620 158685
BruceJennie B.16 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBruce, E. M.Withers, Sallie B.B620 B620 W362159435
BruceJoseph M.7 Sep 1856M@ R. BRUCENEAR CRUISEBruce, ReubenWilks, Amelia A.B620 B620 W420161723
BruceMary Ann25 Apr 1854FKenton Co., KYKenton near LickingBruce, ReubenWilkes, Amelia AnnB620 B620 W420160114
BruererNo Name2 Jun 1853FCovington, KYBrurer, Danl.Colf, ElizabethB600 B600 C410158647
BrunerHarriet31 Feb 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBruner, John F.Winters, AnnB656 B656 W536159917
BrunerNo Name12 Dec 1853MCovington, KYBruner, G. F.B656 B656 159606
BrunsDena2 Oct 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBruns, AbelOtten, RagenaB652 B652 O350160561
BrunsJohana12 Oct 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBruns, AbelOtten, ReginaB652 B652 O350160563
BrutschJohn5 Jul 1875MBOONE CO., KYKenton Co., KYBrutsch, AndrewWilgus, AnniaB632 B632 W420162221
BryanEdith12 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYBryan, Joseph R.Robins, H.B650 B650 R152160883
BryanJosephine8 Jul 1854FGRASSY CREEK PENDLETON CO., KYNEAR BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYBryan, Benjamin B.West, Mary AnnB650 B650 W230162606
Bryant22 Aug 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBryant, JepthaCheesedon, MaryB653 B653 C350158863
BryantM Ellen19 Aug 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBryant, Wm.Murphy, T.B653 B653 M610160430
BrysonHarry Clifford29 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBryson, Edward R.Broadus, Emma B.B625 B625 B632160759
BucampBarney18 Dec 1856MCityCovington, KYBucamp, HenryNuxall, CatharinB251 B251 N240160946
BuchanonRobert29 Jun 1853MCovington, KYBuchanon, W., RachaelB250 B250 158602
Buchn3 Nov 1856FCityCovington, KYBuchn, NickB250 B250 160882
BuckElisha6 Apr 1859MBENTON, KYBenton, KYBuck, JohnByer, CarlineB200 B200 B600162139
BuckJoseph R.6 Aug 1854MNEAR LUDLOWNEAR LUDLOWBuck, GeorgeRobinson, Ann J.B200 B200 R152161718
BuckleyNo Name5 Oct 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBuckley, Jno. B.Forrest, JeremiahB240 B240 F623160534
BuckmanEliza1 Mar 1856F@ F. BUCKMANSPENCERBuckman, FrankHemphold, MaryB250 B250 H514162255
BucknerGeorge H.22 Sep 1856M@ H. T. BUCKNERON COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYBuckner, Hubbard T.Sandford, Lucy MaryB256 B256 S531162002
BucknerMargaret E.16 May 1856FCovington, KYOn Bowman Kenton Co., KYBuckner, IsaacTerry, CynthiaB256 B256 T600158564
BucknerMary E.24 May 1859FBENTON, KYBenton, KYBuckner, Isaac N.Terry, Cynthia O.B256 B256 T600161837
BucknerSarah E.27 Mar 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBuckner, LandyJohnston, Susan J.B256 B256 J523160081
BuddGeorge16 Sep 1852MECONOMY, KYECONOMY, KYBudd, W. B.Stoddard, MaryB300 B300 S363162496
BuddaMartha8 Nov 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYBuddeGastrich, ChristianB300 B300 G362159468
BuddeMartha8 Nov 1859WCovington, KYCovington, KYBudde, TimothyGastrich, ChristianB300 B300 G362159448
BuhlerClara1 Dec 1856F@ M. BUHLERNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYBuhler, MaathewBrown, TheresaB460 B460 B650162424
BuhlerKate2 Sep 1854FNEAR DRY CREEKNEAR DRY CREEKBuhler, MathewBrown, TheresiaB460 B460 B650162367
BuhrAnna12 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBuhr, H. J.Fonderhide, MaryB600 B600 F536158335
BuhrBarney18 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYBuhr, FrankFandeldler, MaryB600 B600 F534160916
BuhrHenry18 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYBuhr, FVonderhide, CatharineB600 B600 V536159054
BullerMichael21 Jul 1856MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBuller, MikeClerry, AnnB460 B460 C460160338
BupkeMary (sic)26 Dec 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYRupke, BarneyQuint, Mary A.B200 R120 Q530159652
BurageAnna26 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYBurage, HenrySheppard, CatharineB620 B620 S163160917
BurkeUnnamed22 Apr 1852NRKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBurke, PatrickDoland, MargaretB620 B620 D453160134
BurlinEliza20 Jan 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYBurlin, JohnMcCoy, JuliaB645 B645 M200157829
BurnAnn3 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYBurn, Owne, JaneB650 B650 160906
BurnesThomas4 May 1856M2ND ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYBurnes, PatNoland, ElizaB652 B652 N453162305
Burns10 Oct 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYBurns, JohnJordan, EllenB652 B652 J635159191
Burns12 Mar 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYBurns, PatNolan, ElizabethB652 B652 N450158298
BurnsBridget6 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYBurns, OwenBurns, JaneB652 B652 B652158350
BurnsJames30 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBurns, OwenBurns, JaneB652 B652 B652158351
BurnsJohn2 Feb 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBurns, ThomasKelly, KateB652 B652 K400159933
BurnsN. R.29 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYBurns, PatrickNolans, ElizabethB652 B652 N452160575
BurnsideLafayette29 Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBurnside, HenryLeach, MaryB652 B652 L200160240
BurnsideLula C.24 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBurnside, JamesOwen, JuliaB652 B652 O500159893
BursonNo Name3 Dec 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBurson, WilliamStephens, Sarah AnnB625 B625 S315160720
BushHenry25 Jul 1855MKenton Co., KYCovington, KYBush, F. P.Flinn, CatharineB200 B200 F450160354
BushJacob26 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYBush, AdamShafer, ElizabethB200 B200 S160158605
BushLouisa12 Oct 1858FMIDWAY WOODFORD CO.MIDWAY WOODFORD CO.Bush, JohnForkner, RebeccaB200 B200 F625162386
BushNo Name9 Jul 1853FCovington, KYBush, Wm.Bagong, PriscillaB200 B200 B252158785
BushelmanJohn H.17 Mar 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYBushelman, HenryNoggins, MaryB245 B245 N252158257
BusherFrank8 Jul 1856MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBusher, JohnMeyers, G.B260 B260 M620160352
BushyEdward19 Jun 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYBushyB200 B200 158590
BuskyDena21 Jun 1855F@ J. BUSKYCOV. & INDEPENDENCE PIKEBusky, JohnFelthouse, LenaB200 B200 F432162322
BusseAnnie L.24 Sep 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYBusse, LewisBrungs, MargaretB200 B200 B652160487
BusseJoseph24 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYBusse, Jas.Bradhost, MaryB200 B200 B632160888
Bust22 Apr 1852MSouth CovingtonSouth CovingtonBust, PatrickB230 B230 161172
ButchAgnes12 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYButch, AndrusWilkers, AnnieB320 B320 W426159817
ButchAgnes12 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYButch, AndrewWilkers, AnnieB320 B320 W426159845
ButlerMargaret17 Jan 1857FRES. OF J. BUTLERKENTON CO., STATE ROADButler, Jos.Egan, AnnonaB346 B346 E250162049
ButlerMary1 Jan 1857FCOVINGTON KENTON CO., KYBank Lick, Kenton Co., KYButler, PatSweeney, EllenB346 B346 S500162133
ButlerPatrick15 Apr 1854MCALIFORNIA KENTON CO.,KYCALIFORNIA KENTON CO., KYButler, JamesEgin, AnnoraB346 B346 E250162275
ButlerSarah E.8 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYButler, ElijahParker, Sarah M.B346 B346 P626160753
ButlerWm. T.5 Dec 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYButler, ElijahParker, MargretB346 B346 P626160740
ButschJohn5 Jul 1875MBOONE CO., KYKenton Co., KYButsch, AndrewWilgus, AnnaB320 B320 W420161554
ButschJoseph18 Sep 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYButsch, FrankOdewn, LouisaB320 B320 O350160474
Butter10F@ Mary Wilson'sNear California Kenton Co., KYButter, JamesAgin, AuroraB360 B360 A250161821
Butts10 Oct 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYButts, JosephHusheedes, MargaretB320 B320 H232159192
Butts11 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYButts, ClintonSodenB320 B320 S350160977
Butts11 Jul 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYButts, ClintonSowden, M.B320 B320 S350158723
ButtsN. R.29 Oct 1853MKenton Co., KYButts, Jno.Starke, Mary A.B320 B320 S362160598
BylandAdelia12 Dec 1854FCOV. & LEX. PIKECOV. & LEX. PIKEByland, FayetteFord, RosetteB453 B453 F630162425
BylandFannie5 Aug 1856F@ F. BYLANDON COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYByland, FayetteFord, RosettaB453 B453 F630162348
BylandJohn C.20 Oct 1854M@ A. BYLAND KENTON CO., KYBank LickByland, AaronNorthcutt, ElizaB453 B453 N632162703
BylandWinslow D.1 May 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYByland, Wm. L.Dixon, Sarah AnnB453 B453 D250160207
CahillCatharine31 Jan 1857F@ R. H. PERRYCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCahill, JohnFlannery, AnionaC400 C400 F456162209
CahillMary E.22 Nov 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCahill, JohnFlanery, HonoriaC400 C400 F456160662
CahillTho.11 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCahill, MatFleshner, MaryC400 C400 F425158456
CahillWm.Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCahill, PatrickBeers, KeturahC400 C400 B620160841
CahillWm.Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCahill, PatrickConner, CatharineC400 C400 C560160847
CainJun 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCain, BenKleete, Martha A.C500 C500 K430160853
Cain25 Aug 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCain, Jno.Spillman, ElizabethC500 C500 S145160428
CainHestes A.8 Oct 1856M@ M. CAINLAMBS FERRY RD. KENTON CO., KYCain, MossPerry, SarahC500 C500 P600161644
CainJohn5 Apr 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCain, PatrickCrowley, BridgetC500 C500 C640160103
CainLucy Ann9 Mar 1854FSouth CovingtonSouth CovingtonCain, PatrickCooley, BridgetC500 C500 C400161255
CainLucy E.2 Jul 1855F@ J. CAINE.S. BANK LICKCain, JosephRiley, ElizabethC500 C500 R400161613
CainSarah M.8 Jun 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCain, BenjaminKleatte, Martha A. (Kleete)C500 C500 K430160223
CainSophia22 Feb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCain, Jas.Murphy, MargaretC500 C500 M610158081
CalahanMartin11 Nov 1857M@ P. CALAHANW. Covington, Kenton Co., KYCalahans, PatrickEgan, MaryC450 C452 E250162112
CaldenMary E.13 Jul 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCalden, Thos.McDonnough, EllenC435 C435 M235160333
CaldyElizabeth16 Aug 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYCaldy, Geo.KuhlmanC430 C430 K450158876
CallEllen13 Jun 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCall, Alexr.Bruce, CynthianaC400 C400 B620158600
CallJohn11 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYCall, BarneyFaliney, MaryC400 C400 F450160918
CallahanEliza4 Apr 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCallahan, PatLarkin, MaryC450 C450 L625158370
CallahanWm. Thos.10 Jul 1854MEconomyECONOMYCalahan, PatrickAgin, MaryC450 C450 A250161619
Callan30 Sep 1854MKenton Co., KYCol. Est. Ind. PikeCallan, Wm.Russell, MaryC450 C450 R240160434
CallanJ. Ann4 Oct 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallan, WilliamResler, MaryC450 C450 R246160515
CallanNo Name1 Dec 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallan, JohnArmstrong, MaryC450 C450 A652160712
Callant18 Jan 1877MBANK LICK, KYBank LickCallant, Wm.Beers, CatharineC453 C453 B620162084
CallantClarence M.18 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallant, J. L.Beens, KeturahaC453 C453 B520159830
CallantClarence M.18 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallant, J. L.Conner, CatharineC453 C453 C560159857
CallantElizabeth J.12 Mar 1854FON BANK LICKOn Bank LickCallant, WilliamRiley, Martha J.C453 C453 R400161676
Callen10 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallen, SamuelArmstrong, MatildaC450 C450 A652159805
Callen11 Jan 1880MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallen, Wm.BeersC450 C450 B620159880
CallenBridged8 Nov 1856FCityCovingtonCallen, BenjaminMoran, MaryC450 C450 M650160899
CallenFrancis2 Sep 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCallen, R. B.Armstrong, Mary H.C450 C450 A652160456
CallenLayfayette19 Jul 1859MNEAR CALIFORNIANEAR CALIFORNIA, KYCollins, Wm.Kepler, MaryC450 C452 K146162436
CallenMildred M.12 Aug 1858FWATERS BOWMANWATERS BOWMANCallen, Asbury P.Williams, Mary A.C450 C450 W452161928
CallenWm. W.30 Sep 1856M@ W. CALLENBOWMAN ROAD KENTON CO., KYCallen, Wm.Besler, MaryC450 C450 B246162648
CallihanMargret25 Jun 1856FLINN ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYCallihan, Wm. H.Merchant, C.C450 C450 M625162503
CambronCharles27 Jun 1853MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYCambron, S. H.Stephens, FannyC516 C516 S315158630
CambronCharles7 May 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYCambron, S. H.StephensC516 C516 S315158486
CambronChs.3 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCambron, S. H.Stevens, Frances C.C516 C516 S315158383
CambronMary C.Jun 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYCambron, Stephen H.Stephens, Ann F.C516 C516 S315159687
Campbell11 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYCampbell, J. W.C514 C514 160978
Campbell18 Oct 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYCampbell, JosephIsaact, M.C514 C514 I230159195
CampbellEmma Joanf.25 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCampbell, A. W.Harper, SusannaC514 C514 H616159290
CampbellJoseph11 Mar 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCampbell, WilliamPugh, AnnC514 C514 P200158293
CampbellJoseph H.10 Mar 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYCampbell, Wm.Pugh, AnnC514 C514 P200158295
CampbellMatilda11 Mar 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYCampbell, WilliamPugh, AnnC514 C514 P200158294
CampbellMatilda E.10 Mar 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCampbell, Wm.Pugh, AnnC514 C514 P200158296
CampbellWillieSep 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCampbell, BryantDickson, SusanC514 C514 D250160801
CampbellWm. Clay11 Dec 1856MCityCovington, KYCampbell, Jas.Harper, SusanC514 C514 H616160972
CannonHenry A.10 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCannon, H. A.Myers, Cath.C500 C500 M620159434
Caper25 Jun 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYCaper, PeterPritz, N.C160 C160 P632158581
Capers21 Nov 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYCapers, Jas.RichlandC162 C162 R245159475
CarberryEllen1 Oct 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYCarberry, JohnDunavan, MaryC616 C616 D515159231
CareyJohn23 Apr 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarey, DennisCorbett, JudyC600 C600 C613158352
CarlangeWm.17 Oct 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarlage, Geo.Genoway, Bertha (Genowa)C645 C642 G500160541
CarleTimothy4 Aug 1855M@ T. CARLEIndependence, Kenton Co., KYCarle, TimothyRyan, AnoraC640 C640 R500162152
CarlinAnn25 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYCarlin, PhilMacvinney, MaryC645 C645 M215159055
CarlisleCora Belle9 Jul 1880FIndependenceIndependence, KYCarlisle, George W.Herndon, Frances EllaC642 C642 H653161602
CarlisleEffy Olga23 Jun 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarlisle, N. H.Fisk, Florence H.C642 C642 F200160225
CarlisleJno. G.8 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarlisle, Jno. G.Goodson, Mary J.C642 C642 G325159144
CarlisleJohn G.7 Sep 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarlisle, G. W.Herndon, Fannie E.C642 C642 H653160493
CarlisleLaura J.29 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarlisle, Robert L.Murphy, Catharine A.C642 C642 M610160075
CarlisleLulu19 Sep 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarlisle, G. W.Herndon, Fannie E.C642 C642 H653160457
CarlisleSpencer B.14 Oct 1858MSAYERS FORK GRASSY CREEKSAYERS FORK GRASSY CREEKCarlisle, William A.Barker, HannahC642 C642 B626161879
CarnealEldoraJul 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarneal, LandyJohnson, JaneC654 C654 J525160834
CarnealLouisa10 Dec 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarneal, LandyJohnson, JaneC654 C654 J525160708
Carpenter11 Nov 1853MKenton Co., KYCarpenter, Chauncey C.C615 C615 160694
Carpenter1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarpenterHarris, MuritaC615 C615 H620161074
CarpenterAdelia J.18 Jun 1858FNear CrittendenNear CrittendenCarpenter, Wooster D.Myers, Martha A.C615 C615 M620161846
CarriganJno.23 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarrigan, Thos.Lyons, JohannaC625 C625 L520159040
CarriganMary A.25 Jul 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCarrigan, Geo.Barnes, AnnC625 C625 B652158781
CarriganMorresia13 Oct 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarrigan, J.BurnsC625 C625 B652159221
CarrolRedman23 May 1856M@ R. CARROLNEAR PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO., KYCarrol, RedmanKelly, ElizaC640 C640 K400162296
Carroll8 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarroll, BridgetC640 C640158567
CarrollBenjamin15 Jun 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarroll, Benj.Beiley, CathC640 C640 B400158686
CarrollCharles15 Jun 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarroll, Benj.Beiley, Cath.C640 C640 B400158687
CarrollEliza14 Sep 1854FNR. PLEASANT RUNNEAR PLEASANT RUNCaroll, RedmanKelly, ElizaC640 C640 K400162368
CarrollFrancis27 Apr 1857MRES. R. CARROLL KENTON CO., KYNEAR PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO.,KYCarroll, RedmanKelly, ElizaC640 C640 K400162276
CarrollMary Ellen10 Sep 1855F@ M. SMITHOn Licking River Kenton Co., KYCarroll, JohnSmith, AnnC640 C640 S530161631
CarterMay 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarter, J. P.C636 C636 160796
Carter28 Aug 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCarter, J. P.Maddox, TibithaC636 C636 M320160398
CarterC.16 Mar 1859MDECOURCY CREEYWaters Decoursey CreekCarter, Charles M.Davis, LeslieC636 C636 D120162526
CarterNo Name22 Jun 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYCarter, Robt.Rogers, Margaret A.C636 C636 R262158660
Cartright8 Jul 1856FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCartright, Jas.C636 C636 160309
CartwrightJos.18 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCartwright, MarkBaxter, Mary A.C636 C636 B236159092
CartwrightMark7 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYCartwright, MarkC636 C636 160903
CartwrightRachael9 Jan 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCartwright, Jas.Morris, Sarah A.C636 C636 M620157818
CarverEliza Ann15 May 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCarver, L. S.Thomas, Cath. N.C616 C616 T520158559
CarverNathanl.6 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCarver, Wm.Farris, MaryC616 C616 F620158596
Casey22 Oct 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYCasey, Jas.MarshallC000 C000 M624159177
CaseyFlorence13 Feb 1856FGREEN UP ST.GREEN UP ST. COVINGTON, KYCasey, John B.Marshall, Lucy A.C000 C000 M624162591
CaseyHarry15 Jan 1876MLudlow, KYKenton Co., KYCasey, F. M.Pelling, LisoilC000 C000 P452162039
CaseyNo Name22 Dec 1853MCovington, KYCasey, J. S.C000 C000 159651
CaseyVioletta15 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCasey, WmFloma, EvelineC000 C000 F450160675
CaseyWm. W.10 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCasey, Jas. B.Hauler, Eliz.C000 C000 H460158958
Cashen30 Jul 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCashen, Edward, AnnC500 C500 158719
CashinWilliam J.23 Mar 1858MWATERS BANK LICKWATERS BANK LICKCashin, JohnCashin, HannahC500 C500 C500161558
Cassady25 Jul 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYCassady, Mr.C300 C300 158717
CasySarah C.20 Dec 1857F@ WM. CASEYNEAR GRASSEY CREEK KENTON CO., KYCasey, WilliamTewiney, AdalineC000 C000 T500161666
CautenbrokeMary30 Aug 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCautenbroke, A. B.Meller, MaryC351 C351 M460161185
CavalageBarney17 Aug 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCavalage, HenryShute, MargaretC142 C142 S300158984
CavenaughThos.7 Oct 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYCavenaugh, PatrickFinch, EllenC152 C152 F520159256
CavlageBarney17 Aug 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCavalage, HenryShuta, MargaretC142 C142 S300158983
CentisB. F.18 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCentis, C. A..Berry, CynthiaC532 C532 B600157911
CerabyFrank8 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCeraby, JohnDonavan, MaryC610 C610 D515159444
Chambers22 May 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYChambers, J. M.Metcalf, MargaretC516 C516 M324160158
ChambersAnna28 Mar 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYChambers, Wm. M.Ingles, Mary B. F.C516 C516 I524158238
ChambersBray11 Dec 1852FCincinnati, OHKenton Co., KYChambers, EdwardHouse, MaryC516 C516 H200162093
ChambersDawson13 Oct 1880MINDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYIndependence, KYChambers, John MonroeMetcalfe, MargaretC516 C516 M324162043
ChambersJas. P.7 Mar 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYChambers, V. T.Pryor, Ann M.C516 C516 P600158277
ChambersMetcalfe9 Oct 1874MIndependence, KYIndependence, KYChambers, J. M.Metcalfe, MaggieC516 C516 M324162219
ChambersNannie J.22 May 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYChambers, J. M.Metcalf, MargaretC516 C516 M324160204
Chandler25 Jun 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYChandler, J. W.Fiviss, MissC534 C534 F200158585
Chapan23 Sep 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYChapan, HenryDrake, J.C150 C150 D620159020
ChappelWilliam12 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYChappel, William, LucyC140 C140 157828
ChenowethNo Name2 May 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYChenoweth, Jas.Arthur, HarriettC530 C530 A636158506
ChenoworthGeorge29 Sep 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYChenoworth, J. W.ArthurC563 C563 A636159095
ChenoworthW. A.25 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYChenoworth, J. M.Arthur, HarrietC563 C563 A636158811
ChesterJno.2 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYChester, Thos.C360 C360 159523
ChevelierStephen20 Jul 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYChevelier, StephenHazard, VirginiaC146 C146 H263160301
ChevrehAnn S.14 Nov 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYChevreh, M. E.Frost, AnnC160 C160 F623159472
ChildWilliam Henry22 Oct 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYChild, JamesGee, MalvinaC430 C430 G000160516
ChismanBlanche H.12 Nov 1878FLudlow, KYLudlow, KYChisman, H.Elliott, MariahC500 C500 E430162193
Choper14 Oct 1853MCovington, KYChaper, Jos.C160 C160 159315
ChorpDavid11 Oct 1856MCityCovington, KYChorp, DavidWayman, SarahC610 C610 W500160933
ChrislerCharles C.17 Sep 1855M@ J. M. CRISLER KENTON CO., KYOn Bowman Kenton Co., KYCrisler, James M.Kelly, Angeline L.C624 C624 K400162647
ChristJohn15 Oct 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYChrist, F.BrownC623 C623 B650159222
ChristianFannie M.29 May 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYChristian, John F.Biggs, RosaC623 C623 B200160208
ChristianFrances1 May 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYChristian, JosephDrodge, RaginaC623 C623 D632158471
ChristianJack14 Feb 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYChristian, JohnPeete, J.C623 C623 P300158121
ChristianeCorristo21 Aug 1856F@ T. CHRISTIANEECONOMY KENTON CO., KYChristiana, ThirzieroConnat, FlorC623 C623 C530162349
Church25 Feb 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYChurch, M. C.Frost, AnnC620 C620 F623159954
Clark7 Jan 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYClark, TheophilusBehler, MargaretC462 C462 B460159868
Clark6 Mar 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, G. M.Chowning, LouisaC462 C462 C520158197
Clark16 Aug 1853FKenton Co., KYClark, G. W.Chowning, LouisaC462 C462 C520160433
Clark24 Feb 1856FWASHINGTON ST. COVINGTON, KYWASHINGTON ST.Clark, Geo. M.Chowning, LouisaC462 C462 C520162716
Clark29 Mar 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, SamuelEnglish, EllenC462 C462 E524158192
ClarkCharles12 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, Jos.Ward, ElizC462 C462 W630159031
ClarkEliza4 Jan 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, W. S.Bowen, AmandaC462 C462 B500157875
ClarkElmer M.6 Dec 1876MLudlow, KYKenton Co., KYClark, J. C.Wood, MaryC462 C462 W300162040
ClarkGeo. W.22 Feb 1859MS. COVINGTON ,KYS. Covington, KYClark, GranvilleCornelius, SarahC462 C462 C654161588
ClarkJames1 Jul 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, MichBryan, MaryC462 C462 B650158739
ClarkJno. E.21 Feb 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, MikeRyan, MaryC462 C462 R500158143
ClarkJoseph5 Apr 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, JoeVandergriffC462 C462 V536158345
ClarkNo Name29 Apr 1853MCovington, KYClark, Jas.Berrington, ElizaC462 C462 B652158387
ClarkVirginia5 Sep 1856FCityClark, Wm.Brown, AmandC462 C462 B650160879
ClarkWalter25 Jun 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, W. T.Harpel, IsadoraC462 C462 H614158631
Clarke25 Sep 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYClark, E MissC462 C462159165
ClarkeThomas E.29 Jun 1855M@ G. CLARKEKENTON BANK LICKClarke, GranvilleCornelius, SarahC462 C462 C654161583
ClarksonMartha28 Feb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYClarkson, E. S.Price, ElizC462 C462 P620158164
ClavestLizzie11 Jun 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYClavest, HenrySuburg, LizieC412 C412 S162160234
Clayton9 Jun 1853FCovington, KYClayton, Chas.Cooke, MaryC435 C435 C000158589
ClaytonNo Name20 Apr 1853MCovington, KYClayton, Jas., SarahC435 C435 158388
ClaytonWilliam H.28 Apr 1853MKenton Co., KYClayton, J. J.Coon, SarahC435 C435 C500160115
CleckerHenry16 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYClecker, TheodoreOstendorf, MargaretC426 C426 O235158740
ClevelandAmericus V.8 Mar 1854MT. J. CLEVELANDNear Ohio RiverCleveland, Thos. J.Stansifer, Sarah E.C414 C414 S352161790
ClevelandCyrus21 Dec 1856M@ C. T. ALLENNEAR DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYCleveland, SarahC414 C414 162173
CliffordAnn18 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYClifford, MichaelSiddey, MaryC416 C416 S300160640
ClineWilliam8 Sep 1856MCityCline, JohnButler, MaryC450 C450 B346160876
CloreEgbertMWm. Longmore's Res.Near Dry CreekClore, HendersonLongmore, Amanda M.C460 C460 L525161818
CloreGertrude3 Oct 1856F@ H. CLORE KENTON CO., KYNEAR DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYClore, HendersonLongmoor, Amanda M.C460 C460 L525162467
ClorePaul10 Feb 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYClore, HendersonLongmore, AmandaC460 C460 L525159912
Cluster11 Mar 1854FJNO. CLUSTERCruise's CreekCluster, JohnC423 C423 161810
CochLeeny F.16 Jan 1852FCincinnati, OHKenton Co., KYCoch, CharlesWalker, MargaretC000 C000 W426162675
Cochran17 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCochran, Robt.Garrison, MariaC650 C650 G625159494
CodaRobert J.12 Aug 1858MWaters Cruises CreekCruise's CreekCoda, WilliamCox, SarahC300 C300 C000162537
CoddCatharineFKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCodd, JamesSellers, NancyC300 C300 S462163307
Code29 Jan 1852FKenton Co., KYCovington, KYCode, JohnBanty, MaryC300 C300 B530159800
CodyAug 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCody, Wm.C300 C300 160814
CodyDorey16 Jun 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCody, Wm.Cox, SarahC300 C300 C000160245
CoferJoseph11 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCofer, JosephChilders, MatildaC160 C160 C436158353
CofeyMichael10 Aug 1853MKenton Co., KYCofey, MichaelHickey, MaryC100 C100 H200160417
CoffeeMargaretFS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYCoffee, MichaelHickey, MaryC100 C100 H200161150
CoffinM@ M. COFFINNEAR OHIO R. KENTON CO., KYCoffin, MarkKendall, Sarah A.C150 C150 K534163302
CoffinGeorge W.21 Jun 1855M@ M. COFFINKENTON CO. ON OHIO RIVERCoffin, MarkKendell, Sarah AnnC150 C150 K534161760
CogerNo Name19 Apr 1853MCovington, KYCoger, Geo.Burnes, AnnC600 C600 B652158386
Cohen2 Sep 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCohen, FrankKelley, MariahC500 C500 K400159161
CokeMargaret L.10 Oct 1857F@ C. F. COKEINDEPENDENCE PIKE KENTON CO., KYCoke, Charles F.Edwards, Martha W.C000 C000 E363161939
Coleman25 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KY(none), G.Coleman, MissC450 N000 C450160539
ColemanFKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYColeman, CharlesHunt, AdaC450 C450 H530161071
ColemanAllise J.24 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYColeman, Jos.Johnson, SusanC450 C450 J525159111
ColemanElenor2 Mar 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYColeman, Jas.Nant, EvelineC450 C450 N300158302
ColemanGeorge H.19 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYColeman, FredPannettett, CarolineC450 C450 P530158263
ColemanJane R. Callen31 Dec 1856F@ A. P. Coleman's Kenton Co., KYON BOWMAN ROAD KENTON CO., KYColeman, Asbury P.Williams, Mary A.C450 C450 W452162076
ColemanJos. B.11 Sep 1859MDECOURCEYKenton Co., KYColeman, Lucien B.McColm, SarahC450 C450 M245161877
ColemanMinnie F.2 Nov 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYColeman, Wm.Kleete, MaryC450 C450 K430160629
ColemanThos. E.17 Dec 1856M@ W. W. COLEMANON VISALIA ROAD KENTON CO., KYColeman, William W.Riggs, EvalineC450 C450 R200161887
ColierJas. B.15 Apr 1857MRES. L. COLEIR KENTON CO., KYKENTON ON PLEASANT RUNColeir, LevenMoore, Mary JaneC460 C460 M600161758
ColierSidney Jas.15 Apr 1857MRES. H.S. COLIER KENTON CO., KYNEAR PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO., KYColier, Henry S.Anderson, Ann M.C460 C460 A536161918
CollamerDanl. H.22 Feb 1874MOHIOKenton Co., KYCollamer, F. B.Porter, Mary C.C456 C456 P636162315
CollierAlpha22 Apr 1855F@ L. COLLIERPleasant RunCollier, LewisMoore, Mary JaneC460 C460 M600162470
CollierLelilu9 May 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCollier, H. S.Anderson, Annis M.C460 C460 A536160184
Collin26 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollin, BryantFitzgerald, N.C450 C450 F326158679
CollinWilliam Pierce10 Dec 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCollin, R. A., MaryC450 C450 160724
CollinsApr 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCollins, LewisC452 C452 160794
Collins29 Mar 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, ByertAnn, BridgetC452 C452 A500158299
Collins6 Dec 1856F@ R. T. COLLINON COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCollins, Richard T.Cummings, George AnnC452 C452 C520162583
Collins24 Aug 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, D. C.Dearland, HannaC452 C452 D645158866
CollinsEllen9 Nov 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, W.CollinsC452 C452 C452159353
CollinsHamerOct 1858MNEAR CRITTENDENNEAR CRITTENDENCollins, Richard A.C452 C452 161977
CollinsJohn W.9 Nov 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, WilliamCollins, ElizaC452 C452 C452159419
CollinsJulia L.5 Apr 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCollins, Geo. S.Motte, HannaC452 C452 M300160116
CollinsKate29 Sep 1854FCOV. & LES. PIKECOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCollins, George S.Mott, Hannah M.C452 C452 M300162598
CollinsLayfayette19 Jul 1859MNEAR CALIFORNIA, KYNEAR CLAIFORNIA, KYCallen, WilliamKepler, MaryC452 C450 K146162447
CollinsMargret10 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYCollins, JohnTierney, MargaretC452 C452 T650160919
CollinsMary13 Aug 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, EdGerreth, MaryC452 C452 G630158899
CollinsSue Peers21 Jul 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, R. H.Cox, MaryC452 C452 C000158818
CollinsWm. L.17 Jun 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, D. C.Clevelanand, RachelC452 C452 C414158680
CollinsWm. L.17 Jun 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollins, D. C.Cleveland, RachelC452 C452 C414158681
Collopy23 Apr 1852FSouth CovingtonSouth CovingtonCollopy, DanielC410 C410 161173
Collopy19 Mar 1850MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollopy, MitchellKearney, MC410 C410 K650158193
Collopy7 Dec 1853FKenton Co., KYCollopy, MichaelKearney, MaryC410 C410 K650160787
Collopy21 Mar 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCollopy, WilliamReeves, MaryC410 C410 R120160037
CollopyWilliamJun 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCollopy, WilliamReeves, MaryC410 C410 R120159676
ColopyBridget4 Jan 1857F@ P. COLOPYS. COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYCopley, PatClancey, BridgetC410 C140 C452162210
ColopyEllen20 Oct 1855F@ J. COLOPYSOUTH COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYColopy, JohnMagoon, MaryC410 C410 M250162387
ColopyJullia29 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYColopy, MichaelKearney, MaryC410 C410 K650159056
ColterWm. Thomas3 Nov 1855M@ W. COLTEROHIO RIVER KENTON CO., KYColter, Wm.Kendall, MaryC436 C436 K534162650
ConcklinCornelius5 Mar 1857MWest CovingtonW. Covington, Kenton Co., KYConcklin, PatCrowley, AnnoraC524 C524 C640161179
Conklin11 Sep 1876FW. COV. KYW. Covington, KYConklin, JohnDonnelly, RoseC524 C524 D540162316
ConklingMary11 Sep 1876FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYConkling, JohnDonnelly, RoseC524 C524 D540161233
ConleyThos. H.7 Feb 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYConnelly, BenReed, Martha A.C540 C540 R300159941
Connelley17 Jan 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYConnelley, Wm. L.Hoard, RachaelC540 C540 H630159872
ConnellyAlexander25 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYConnelly, G. B.Christian, AliceC540 C540 C623160957
ConnellyFrances A.2 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYConnelly, G. B.Christian, AliceC540 C540 C623158403
ConnellyJohn7 Jul 1855M@ J. CONNELLYECONOMYConnelly, JohnEgin, MaryC540 C540 E250162336
ConnellyJohn Ed.3 Jan 1857M@ RES. OF F. CONNELLYNEAR INDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYConnelly, FowlerNufford, Mary H.C540 C540 N163161688
ConnellyLydia Alice1 Sep 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYConnelly, JamesMorris, ElizabethC540 C540 M620160442
ConnellyMary Ellen11 Dec 1857F@ J. CONNELLYW. Covington, Kenton Co., KYConnelly, JohnEgan, MaryC540 C540 E250162693
ConnellyNaomi25 Feb 1856FGREENUP ST.GREENUP ST. COVINGTON, KYConnelly, SamuelMount, RebeccaC540 C540 M300162235
ConnellySarah Catharine11 Feb 1855FJAMES CONNELLYFALMOUTH RD. KENTON CO., KYConnelly, JamesMorris, Eliza JaneC540 C540 M620161744
ConnellyThos. H.7 Feb 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYConley, BenReed, Martha A.C540 C540 R300159927
ConnelyAlice10 Jun 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYConnely, Jas.Finley, CathC540 C540 F540158591
ConnerCatharinFeb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYConner, Wm.Carter, SarahC560 C560 C636159671
ConnerJosephine11 Aug 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYConner, WilliamIrvine, ElizabethC560 C560 I615158900
ConnersMary3 Mar 1856F@ J. CONNERNEAR BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYConners, JamesO'Bryan, CatharineC562 C562 O165162185
ConnorDavidMRes. P. Connor Kenton Co., KYSouth Covington Kenton Co., KYConnor, PatWelch, MargaretC560 C560 W420161144
Cook3 Sep 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYCook, SylvesterNevis, N. J.C000 C000 N120159021
Cook6 Dec 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYCook, GeorgeSranteen, MargaretC000 C000 S653159495
CookAdabell22 Jun 1858FNear CrittendenNear CrittendenCook, SamuelLancaster, ElizabethC000 C000 L523162155
CookAgnes17 Feb 1855FSamuel Cook's Kenton Co., KYCov. & Lex. PikeCook, LettyC000 C000162712
CookAnn Eliza14 Dec 1854FON ALPHIN ROADON ALPHIN ROADCook, Ben F.Brown, MaryC000 C000 B650161910
CookAugustus3 Aug 1854MBANK LICK PIKEBank Lick PikeCook, HenryBrugeman, MagdalenaC000 C000 B625162138
CookElvira26 Jul 1856F@ W. COOKON COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCook, WilliamTheobold, FrancisC000 C000 T143162337
CookFrank22 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCook, JohnBarlow, CatharineC000 C000 B640158472
CookGeorge M.28 Apr 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCook, SamuelCook, ElizabethC000 C000 C000160107
CookIda V.4 Nov 1859FIN LYONS TAVERNKenton Co., KYCook, James M.Wilshire, Sarah J.C000 C000 W426161989
CookManerva18 Sep 1858FLEXINGTON PIKEBank LickCook, DanielElkins, LavinaC000 C000 E425162128
CookMary Ann7 Jun 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCook, HenryEleshner, RosaC000 C000 E425158651
CookMary Ann16 Nov 1854FCOV. & LEX. PIKECOV. & LEX. PIKECook, Wm. (Say owner?)Theobald, FrancesC000 C000 T143162008
CookRichard N.6 Jul 1856MON FALMOUTH RD. KENTON CO., KYON GRASSY CREEK KENTON CO., KYCook, BennettHopper, FannyC000 C000 H160161614
CookWaren F.7 Oct 1854MALLPHEN ROADAlphin Rd.Cook, Wm.Webster, CatharineC000 C000 W123162637
CookWaren F.7 Oct 1854MALLPHEN ROADAlphin Rd.Cook, Wm.Webster, CatharineC000 C000 W123162636
CooperLizzie8 May 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYCooper, IsaacRudd, MaryC160 C160 R300158481
CooperLucy2 Apr 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYCooper, J.RuddC160 C160 R300158344
CooperMary E.15 Jul 1857FRES. J. T. COOPER KENTON CO., KYNEAR TAYLOR MILL ROAD KENTON CO., KYCooper, John T.Patterson, Mary JaneC160 C160 P362162000
CooperSamuel P.16 Feb 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCooper, IssaacRudd, Mary C.C160 C160 R300158149
CoplandAlbert22 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYCopland, Robt.Patterson, AnnaC145 C145 P362159057
Corbin14 Oct 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCorbin, Wm.Nichobrin, KateC615 C615 N216160553
CorbinSep 1875FKenton Co., KYCincinnati, OHCorbin, Wm.NicholsonC615 C615 N242160793
CorbyJohn17 Sep 1857MCOVINGTON,KYCovington, KYCorby, D.DeweirC610 C610 D600162179
CorbyOrrie23 Jul 1852MCLERMONT CO., OHKenton Co., KYCorby, J. G.Blinn, MelissaC610 C610 B450162495
Corcoran7 Jun 1856MCityCovington, KYCorcoran, Pat, EllenC626 C626 160974
CordyCharles E.5 Jun 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYCordy, Richd.BemeerC630 C630 B560158640
Cornelius11 Oct 1854MNEAR PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO., KYNEAR PLEASANT RUNCornelius, HiramDempsey, JaneC654 C654 D512161967
Cornelius15 Aug 1854MFalmouth Rd.FALMOUTH RD.Cornelius, Robert R.Rich, AdalinC654 C654 R200161984
CorneliusCora A.17 Jun 1874FBANKLICK KENTON CO., KYKenton Co., KYCornelius, John B.Carter, AnelizaC654 C654 C636161678
CorneliusJames E.13 Apr 1855MNEW RICHMOND, OHCOV. & LEX. PIKECornelius, TilmanMorris, LydiaC654 C654 M620161569
CorneliusMary Jane11 Oct 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCornelius, HiramDempsey, JaneC654 C654 D512160517
CorneliusNancy A.10 Jul 1858FNEAR PINERNEAR PINERCornelius, HiramDempsy, JaneC654 C654 D512161615
CorneliusSusan C.24 Sep 1856F@ H. CORNELIUSCRUISECornelius, HiramDempsy, JaneC654 C654 D512161636
CornemanJos.3 Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCorneman, HenryCruiser, AnnieC650 C650 C626160272
CornemanWm.3 Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCorneman, HenryCruiser, AnnieC650 C650 C626160273
CornensNo Name7 Apr 1853FCovington, KYCornens, H.Odgers, EmilyC652 C652 O326158392
CornermanJos.3 Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCornerman, HenryCruiser, AnnieC656 C656 C626160277
CornermanWm.3 Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCornerman, HenryCruiser, AnnieC656 C656 C626160278
CorwinHarriet R.4 Oct 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCorwin, U. D. H.Respess, SusanC650 C650 R212160549
CosayJohn28 Jan 1856M11th St. Kenton Co., KY11th St.Cassy, JosephClinkersley, MaryC000 C000 C452162099
Cost29 Jan 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCost, J. W.Robeson, VirginiaC300 C300 R125159873
Cost26 Oct 1856FCityCovington, KYCost, JohnRobinsonC300 C300 R152161002
CottmanMaria A. L.15 Dec 1855F@ H. B. Cottman's Kenton Co., KYLUDLOW, KENTON CO., KYCottman, Harmon B.Nellsing, Maria KisiahC350 C350 N425162071
CottrillJames E.23 Feb 1856M@ T. COTTRILLCANTON KENTON CO., KYCottrill, ThomasBass, Eliza J.C364 C364 B200161691
Coughlin25 Apr 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYCoughlin, PeterValor, ElmiraC450 C450 V460158322
Cox18 Oct 1880MCox, CaneMarshall, AnnC000 C000 M624161038
Cox1 Sep 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, JohnOwens, ElizabethC000 C000 O520160451
Cox31 Oct 1880FBANK LICK KENTON CO., KYCox, JacobYates, LucyC000 C000 Y320161635
CoxAdda May9 Apr 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, John J.Oens, ElizabethC000 C000 O520160130
CoxFoster V.20 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, CampbellMarshall, AngerineC000 C000 M624160750
CoxGreer1 Sep 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, F. A.Bratten, SusieC000 C000 B635160482
CoxHattie29 Feb 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, J. J.Damma, IreneC000 C000 D500159937
CoxLieta13 Jan 1875FFOWLERKenton Co., KYCox, JacobYates, LucyC000 C000 Y320162222
CoxMarvin B.31 Dec 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, Willis H.Rusk, ElenorC000 C000 R200160717
CoxMillard H.20 Sep 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, Jno. J.Owen, Sarah E.C000 C000 O500160452
CoxMillit H.30 Sep 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCox, John J.Owen, Sarah E.C000 C000 O500160459
CoxRosaline27 Jun 1858FPINERPINERCox, JohnMcCready, MatildC000 C000 M263162323
CraftCatharine27 Aug 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYCraft, JohnShirrer, CatharineC613 C613 S600158901
CraigMaggie5 Dec 1878FPEAZLEBURG, KYPEAZLEBUR, KYCraig, Thos.McCrory, BridgetC620 C620 M260162160
CraigThos.3 Oct 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCraig, Thos.McCroray, BridgetC620 C620 M260160558
Craighead26 Apr 1856FEIGHTH ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYCraighead, Saml.Murnan, RebeccaC623 C623 M650161906
CraigheadSarah E.6 Jun 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCraighead, SamMesmann, SusanC623 C623 M250158652
CramMadison M.22 Apr 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCram, JordanSteers, ElizabethC650 C650 S362160140
Crane5 Jul 1880MStaffordsburg, KYCrane, WilliamC650 C650 161037
Crane8 Sep 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYCrane, JerryCalhouse, MargaretC650 C650 C420159016
Crane2 Mar 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYCrane, S.Green, AliveC650 C650 G650158190
CransburyEmilia1 Dec 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCransbury, HenryButts, AnnC652 C652 B320160770
Crathers29 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYCrathers, MosesClark, MaryC636 C636 C462160690
CrautFrank J.11 Aug 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYKrout, JosephWiser, TraseyC630 K630 W260160381
CrawfordLewis W.18 Nov 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYCrawford, Wm.Willett, AliveC616 C616 W430159474
CreeLewis B.7 Mar 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCree, Thos.Waite, FannieC600 C600 W300160088
CreightonCarra16 Sep 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCreighton, Wm.Nant, Cath.C623 C623 N300159038
CreightonM. S.24 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCreighton, Thos.Chambin, MarthaC623 C623 C515159412
CreightonNo Name4 Mar 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYCreighton, T.Kite, JaneC623 C623 K300161167
CremenPhilip29 Sep 1856M@ P. CREMINSOUTH COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYCremen, PhilipRagan, AnnC650 C650 R250162369
CreslerJohn D.22 Jun 1857MCAMPBELL CO., KYON LICKING R. KENTON CO., KYCrisler, JamesKelly, Angeline L.C624 C624 K400161707
CristlerSamuel E.23 Oct 1858MBENTON KENTON CO., KYBENTON KENTON CO., KYCristler, James M.Kelly, AngelineC623 C623 K400162377
CrockettNo Name19 Jun 1853MCovington, KYCrockett, GeorgeC623 C623 158565
CrokeEllen29 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYCroke, Richd.KainC620 C620 K500160890
CromingerClara4 Dec 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYCrominger, L. D.Hayt, Sarah A.C652 C652 H300159576
CroningerSally12 Jan 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYCroninger, L. D.HoyleC652 C652 H400157882
CrossCrossC620 C620 161047
CrossCatharine29 Aug 1854FBOWMAN KENTON CO., KYBOWMAN CREEKCross, Thos.Murphy, EllenC620 C620 M610162059
CrossJulia A.9 Mar 1856F@ T. CROSSONE BOWMAN KENTON CO., KYCross, ThomasMurphy, EllenC620 C620 M610161559
CrossThomas19 Mar 1858MWATERS BOWMAN CR.WATERS BOMANCoss, ThomasMurphy, EllenC620 C000 M610162256
CrougtViola M.17 Oct 1858FOhio RiverOhio RiverCrout, JacobRice, RosettaC623 C630 R200162686
CrouseLucy15 Jan 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYCrouse, HermanMarshall, MaryC620 C620 M624157834
CroutFrank J.11 Aug 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYKraut, JosephWiser, TraseyC630 K630 W260160384
CroutHenry15 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYCrout, H.ClarkC630 C630 C462158210
CrowG. W.2 Nov 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYCrow, Robert A.Donahof, EllenC600 C600 D510159438
CruiseHenryFeb 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCruise, HenryCruise, TheresaC620 C620 C620160838
CruisingAnn9 Apr 1856F@ S. CRUISINGSPENCERCruising, SevebertLeuenweber, MargaretC625 C625 L516162277
CrutcherJoseph16 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCrutcher, R. P.Littlefield, CynthiaC632 C632 L341158627
CuffJohn14 Jul 1855M@ M. CUFFSouth CovingtonCuff, MichaelGhinn, MargaretC100 C100 G500162324
CulbertsonJan 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCulbertson, RobertC416 C416 160828
CulbertsonMJno. Cullbertson's Kenton Co., KYLicking RiverCulbertson, Jas.Coleman, MaryC416 C416 C450161137
Culbertson26 Jul 1855MKenton Co., KYOn Taylor Mill RoadCulbertson, George A.Rusk, MelissaC416 C416 R200160300
CulbertsonCharles M.2 Feb 1855M@ M. CULBERTSONLICKING RIVERCulbertson, MathewSprague, Sarah AnnaC416 C416 S162162670
CulbertsonChas.3 Jun 1857MRES. W. H. CULBERTSON KENTON CO., KYNEAR FISKBURG KENTON CO., KYCulbertson, Wm. H.Elliott, IsabellC416 C416 E430162493
CulbertsonClarence3 Mar 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYClubertson, James C.Richardson, ArrenaC416 C416 R263160080
CulbertsonDora13 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCulbertson, Chas. M.Rich, JuliaC416 C416 R200159832
CulbertsonJane13 May 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCulbertson, JamesColeman, MaryC416 C416 C450160174
CulbertsonJennetta13 Apr 1856FCOVINGTON, KY KENTON CO., KYOn Licking River Kenton Co., KYCulbertson, JamesColeman, MaryC416 C416 C450162265
CulbertsonJohn J.2 Feb 1855M@ M. CULBERTSONLICKING RIVERCulbertson, MathewSprague, Sarah AnnaC416 C416 S162162671
CulbertsonLaley Hindes28 Oct 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCulbertson, MichaelMefford, IsabelC416 C416 M163160518
CulbertsonWenfield25 Sep 1856M@ G. A. CULBERTSONTAYLOR MILL ROAD KENTON CO., KYCulbertson, Geo. A.Rusk, Melissa C.C416 C416 R200162506
CullenJames25 Oct 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCullen, Thos.Cody, BridgetC450 C450 C300160559
CullomElsadovia V.16 Feb 1858FCINTI, OHCovington, KYCullom, Saml.Lowery, SicelyC450 C450 L600162633
Cullon26 Aug 1880MKenton Co., KYChambers FarmCullon, WilliamAcre, EmmaC450 C450 A260160364
CulwellMary F.23 Jun 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCulwell, AlexHunter, ElizebethC400 C400 H536160221
CummingsRobt.8 Sep 1856MCityCummings, CalebBrown, AnnC520 C520 B650160873
CumminsEdward20 Sep 1856MIN COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYTAYLOR MILL ROAD KENTON CO., KYCummins, Thos.Hays, NancyC520 C520 H200162060
CumminsG. R. W.25 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYCummins, CalebBrown, Lydia A.C520 C520 B650158282
CurleyJohn16 Jun 1856M@ P. CURLEYNEAR DRY CR. KENTON CO., KYCurley, PatrickCahill, MargaretC640 C640 C400162325
CurrentBill10 Apr 1856M@ T. CURRENTCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCurrent, ThomasC653 C653 162168
CurrentBuchanan15 Aug 1856M@ T. CURRENTCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCurrent, ThomasC653 C653 162166
CurrentLilly Dale30 Jan 1854FCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCOV. & LEX. PIKECurrent, ThomasC653 C653 161524
CurrentMilinda1 Nov 1856F@ T. CURRENTCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYCurrent, Thox.C653 C653 162172
CurtisLouisa A.17 Feb 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCurtis, James A.Berry, CynthiaC632 C632 B600159929
CurtisWilliam12 Jan 1856M5TH STREET KENTON CO., KY5th St.Curtis, JamesBerry, CatharineC632 C632 B600162119
CushanMary Jane14 Apr 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYCushan, AnnC500 C500158427
Cushard2 Oct 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYCushard, HenryMeraw, ChristiannaC630 C630 M600160545
CushinThos13 Mar 1856M@ J. CUSHINTURKEY FOOT RD. KENTON CO., KYCushin, JohnCarroll, AnnoraC500 C500 C640162247
DaggettJosephine Ruth24 Jul 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDaggett, H. C.Williams, JosephineD230 D230 W452160312
DallyMary26 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDally, RogerMurray, MaryD400 D400 M600160066
DalyKate5 Feb 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDaly, Jno.Thompson, IsabellaD400 D400 T512158089
DameronJoseph D.6 May 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDameron, ElijahSummers, RebeccaD565 D565 S562160203
DanielRosan10 Sep 1856MCityDaniel, DavidPrul, ElizaD540 D540 P640160927
DanielSamuel S.6 Mar 1854MKenton Co., KYNear LickingDaniel, Joseph H. H.Stowers, ElizaD540 D540 S362161124
DanneryD560 161045
DanneyJulia C.21 Jan 1859FS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYDannery, JohnD500 D560 161161
DarseyThomas3 Jun 1857MRES. M. DARSEY KENTON CO., KYCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYDarsey, MartinFlanigin, BridgetD620 D620 F452162326
DaspeltG. H.22 Jan 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDaspelt, BarneyUpsink, MaryD214 D214 U125157901
DaughertyAlive J.2 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDaugherty, R. B.Gibson, LydiaD263 D263 G125159291
DaughertyIda8 Jan 1858FCovington, KYDaugherty, Robt. B.Gibson, L. A.D263 D263 G125157883
DaughertyJane13 Jul 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDaugherty, L. F.D263 D263 158836
DaumickCatherine2 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDaumick, Jos.Decker, CatherineD520 D520 D260159152
DauntonAlex28 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDaunton, JamesMcBall, EllenD535 D535 M214158741
DauntonMartha11 Dec 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDaunton, Chas.Moberly, Sarah A.D535 D535 M164159525
Davidson10 Jul 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYSpann, John T.Davidson, Agnes S.D132 S150 D132158843
Davidson17 Apr 1856FTHIRTEENTH ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYDavidson, Thos.Wells, AnnD132 D132 W420161942
Davidson15 Dec 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYDavidson, Jno.McGrain, AnnD132 D132 M265159480
DavidsonJohn1 Dec 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYDavidson, J.McGrainD132 D132 M265159528
DavilauCatharine30 Jul 1855F@ L. DAVILAU KENTON CO., KYNear Grassy CreekDavlau, LaurenceFlinn, AnnD140 D140 F450162321
DavinJames9 Jan 1856M@ M. DAVINCOV. & LEX. PIKEDavin, MichaelRyan, EllenD150 D150 R500162211
Davis22 May 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDavis, CharlesHarmon, MaryD120 D120 H650158446
DavisAlbert F.24 Nov 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYDavis, A. E.LaurensD120 D120 L652159429
DavisAnn V.23 Jun 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDavis, A. C.Lawrence, VirginiaD120 D120 L652158666
DavisCarrie15 Jul 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDavis, Geo.Davis, AnnaD120 D120 D120160329
DavisEliz10 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDavis, CharlesKillett, A. K.D120 D120 K430158375
DavisEmma12 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDavis, Robt.Shaw, JaneD120 D120 S000159049
DavisMalinda F.12 Jul 1858FCovington, KYDavis, Saml.Kerte, Nancy J.D120 D120 K630158783
DavisMary13 Apr 1859FBank LickHOLES BRANCH & BANK LICKDavis, JamesHoffman, MaryD120 D120 H150162271
DavisThomas19 Jan 1856MGARRARD ST. KENTON CO., KYGARRARD ST.Davis, John B.Sharp, AnnD120 D120 S610162558
DavisThos.2 Aug 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYDavis, ThomasRichards, ElizabethD120 D120 R263158902
DavisonIola8 Jan 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDavison, Jno.McGrau, AnnD125 D125 M260157821
Dealing13 Sep 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYDealing, AlfredBalston, IsabellaD452 D452 B423159015
DearbornWm. Oliver1 Oct 1855M@ R. J. DEARBORNBowman Cr. Kenton Co., KYDearborn, Rufas J.Talbot, MaryD616 D616 T413161864
Dearing4 Oct 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYDearing, RichardD652 D652 159186
Death31 Jul 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDeath, EmanuelDavis, ElizabethD000 D000 D120158721
Decker2 Feb 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYDecker, JamesWilliams, ElizabethD260 D260 W452158173
DeckerBen14 Aug 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDecker, HenryKevan, LenaD260 D260 K150158864
DeckerHenry10 Dec 1858MCovington, KYDecker, FrankSeemas, MargaretD260 D260 S520159536
Dedman25 Sep 1856M@ J. DEDMANON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYDedman, JamesD500 D500 162516
Dedman19 Jan 1857MBank LickON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYDedman, JohnD500 D500 161814
Dedman26 Apr 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDedman, JoelRust, MaryD500 D500 R230160099
Dedman18 Apr 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDedman, BryantStewart, Catharine A.D500 D500 S363158325
DedmanAndrew J.19 Mar 1856M@ J. DEDMAN KENTON CO., KYON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYDedman, JoelRust, Mary A.D500 D500 R230161693
DedmanFlorence Alice23 Jan 1854FKenton Co., KYBank LickDedman, JoelRust, Mary A.D500 D500 R230159824
DedmanNancy Bell27 May 1859FBank LickBank LickDedman, Sarah, EllenD500 D500 162701
DeeringEmma24 Jun 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDeering, AlfredRobertson, IsabellaD652 D652 R163158606
Deerkus20 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDeekus, H. B.Cook, LouisaD620 D200 C000160091
Degarmo11 Jul 1857MCOVINGTON, KY KENTON CO., KYCovington, KYDegarmo, D.CraigD265 D265 C620161966
DegnanEllen10 Oct 1854FLudlowLudlowDegnan, JeremiahCrofton, MaryD250 D250 C613161895
DeislerChristina24 Mar 1856F@ C. DEISLEROLD TAYLOR MILL ROAD KENTON CO., KYDiesler, ConradWeber, BarbaraD246 D246 W160162257
DejarnneJosephine7 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYDejarnne, JosephKendricks, A. M.D265 D265 K536160955
DelaneyCatharine2 Sep 1859FS. Covington, KYBank LickCelaney, MartinO'Neil, CatharineD450 C450 O540161180
DelaneyDan18 Jun 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDelaney, JeremiahLyons, MaryD450 D450 L520158607
DelaneyMary9 Jan 1874WKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDelaney, TimFinheely, JoannaD450 D450 F540159839
DelaneyMary E.25 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDelaney, DanielQuinn, CatharineD450 D450 Q500158993
DemickCatherine2 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDaumick, Jos.Decker, CatherineD520 D520 D260159153
DemmenRosa28 Nov 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDemmen, CharlesLoss, MeniongD500 D500 L200160656
DempseyJas. P.26 May 1857MRES. J. DEMPSEY KENTON CO., KYNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYDempsey, JamesWilliams, ElizabethD512 D512 W452161580
DempseyMary Ann11 Aug 1859FNEAR CRITTENDEN, KYKenton Co., KYDempsey, JohnMorin, AnnD512 D512 M650161632
DempseySarah J.15 Nov 1854FJ. DEMPSEYNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKEDempsey, JamesWilliams, ElizabethD512 D512 W452161652
DempseyStephen9 Feb 1854MNEAR COVINGTONCOV. & LEX. PIKEDempsey, ThomasKyle, SarahD512 D512 K400162236
Dennis31 May 1853FKenton Co., KYDennis, HenryD520 D520 160153
Dennis7 Mar 1854M@ A. DENNISOn Bank LickDennis, AndersonMcCartyD520 D520 M263162739
DennisonJames3 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDennison, ThomasDegileve, MaryD525 D525 D241159359
DennlerJeff1 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDennler, FredGalather, Mary A.D546 D546 G436160745
DennyDavid M.29 Aug 1856M@ S. RICHON GRASSY CREEK KENTON CO., KYDenny, ElijahHaggard, CatharineD500 D500 H263161622
DennyJohn T.9 Apr 1858MWATERS GRASSY CREEKWaters Grassy CreekDenny, ElijaHagerd, Katharine W.D500 D500 H263162698
DepoldJohn6 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDepold, JohnGaska, SophiaD143 D143 G000158742
DerkhausEliza19 Oct 1858FCovington, KYDerkhaus, Fredk.Midendorf, DinaD620 D620 M353159174
DermedyStaina8 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDernedy, ThomasPhalan, MaryD653 D653 P450159058
DettenWm.4 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDetten, JohnHuesman, ElizabethD500 D500 H250159841
Deulin8 Feb 1875WDECOURCEY CREEK KENTON CO., KYKenton Co., KYDeulin, A.D450 D450 162041
DevinAugust25 Jul 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDevin, W. D.Barker, AmandaD150 D150 B626158770
DevineNannie10 May 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDevine, Wm.Wethers, NannieD150 D150 W362160198
DevlinDora27 Mar 1859FNEAR FISKBURG, KYNEAR FISKBERG, KYDevlin, LawrenceFlinn, AnnD145 D145 F450162258
Dickerson5 Jan 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYDickerson, L.Leathers, JaneD262 D262 L362157936
DickersonMargaret E.6 Oct 1855F@ J. L. DICKERSONNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYDickerson, John L.Sayers, Nancy JaneD262 D262 S620162006
DickeyLemuel20 Jun 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYDicky, JohnKluyerbirkD200 D200 K461158601
DickhansFred27 Dec 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYDickhans, (none), DenaD252 D252 159477
DickhouseJno. Jas.28 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDickhouse, FredMittendorff, DisiahD200 D200 M353158518
DickinsonEdwin F.25 Mar 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDickinson, Jno. S.Sayres, Nancy J.D252 D252 S620160061
DickmanElizabeth24 Oct 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDickman, FrankRuhold, ElizabethD250 D250 R430159232
DickmanFerdinand J.13 Oct 1859MS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYDickman, HenryKalker, Ann M.D250 D250 K426161158
DickmanJn. F.11 Dec 1858MCovington, KYDickman, HenryFrederick, LouisaD250 D250 F636159600
DickmanJos.6 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDickman, HermanShulker, MaryD250 D250 S426158736
DickmanMary4 Sep 1858FCovington, KYDickman, AntonyKodlenbrork, MaryD250 D250 K345159047
DickmanMary E.6 Mar 1855F@ H. DICKMANSOUTH COVINGTON, KYDickman, HenryKliker, Anna MariaD250 D250 K426161756
DickmanMary E. R.13 Jul 1857FRes. H. Dickman Kenton Co., KYSOUTH COVINGTON, KENTON CO., KYDickman, HenryKliker, Anna MaryD250 D250 K426162070
DicksonJ. M.Sep 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDickson, S. M.Bhymer, Annie D.D250 D250 B560160800
DicksonMary E.20 Sep 1853FKenton Co., KYDickson, ArchTillman, CatharineD250 D250 T450160454
DicksonNo Name20 Sep 1853FKenton Co., KYDickson, ArchTillman, CatharineD250 D250 T450160446
DillonJ. B.5 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDillon, PeterMcDermot, JaneD450 D450 M236158792
DillonJennie L.26 May 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDillon, PeterMcDurnit, Jane A.D450 D450 M236158553
DillonJennie L.26 May 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDillon, PeterMcDermot, Jane A.D450 D450 M236158552
DiseronHudson2 May 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDiseron, Danl.Oliver, ElizaD265 D265 O416160161
DisonLawrence28 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDison, JohnGivens, ElviraD250 D250 G152160742
DixonMay 1880FDison, IdaD250 D250161027
DixonCara E.21 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDixon, S. L.Hymer, Anne B.D250 D250 H560159884
DixonSarah2 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDixon, PatrickKenny, CatharineD250 D250 K500160067
DixonWilliam18 Jan 1858MS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYDixon, PatrickKinney, KatharineD250 D250 K500161242
Dobog26 Nov 1878MLudlow, KYLudlow, KYDobog, FrankSly, HenriettaD120 D120 S400162319
DoddArchibald13 Mar 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDodd, Wm.D000 D000 158203
DolehiSara E.8 Apr 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDolehi, Wm.Rym, SarahD400 D400 R500158425
DolehideSarah E.8 Apr 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDolehide, Wm.Rym, SarahD430 D430 R500158426
DolhineMary31 Mar 1856F@ J. DOLHINENEAR PLEASANT RUN KENTON CO., KYDolhiine, JohnFleshner, PaulinaD450 D450 F425162259
DolimanCharles2 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYDoliman, JamesEnnore, MatildaD450 D450 E560159360
DollFrances29 Jul 185FCovington, KYCovington, KYDoll, Wm.Lotz, ChristinaD400 D400 L320158731
DollahydeCatharine E.6 Sep 1854FOHIO RIVER KENTON CO., KYOhio RiverDollahyde, BarnetGould, CatharineD430 D430 G430162687
DollehileSarah E.8 Apr 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDolehide, Wm.Rym, SarahD400 D430 R500158424
DolmireJohn H.15 Sep 1858MCovington, KYDolmire, HenryShuta, MaryD456 D456 S300159118
DolymyreJosephine11 Nov 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDolmyre, HenryGambier, Mary A.D456 D456 G516159389
DominickClara15 Jan 1877FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYDominick, JohnFairbanks, MaryD520 D520 F615161206
DonahueDonahueD500 D500 161012
DonallyCatharine22 Feb 1854F@ FRANCIS DONALLYBank LickDonally, FrancisCoran, AliceD540 D540 C650162124
DonehueJas. P.5 Dec 1858MCovington, KYDonehue, TomKennedy, BridgetD500 D500 K530159666
DonleyJohn S.1 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDonley, James J.Taylor, Annie P.D540 D540 T460159860
DonnellyMaggie2 Nov 1875FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDonnelly, PatBurke, BridgetD540 D540 B620160657
DonobyElizab.7 Jan 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDonoby, PatBuck, BridgetD510 D510 B200159815
DonolyElizab.7 Jan 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDonoly, PatBuck, BridgetD540 D540 B200159840
DonolyThos.28 Jun 1878MPEASLEBURG, KYPeazleburg, KYDonoly, Michl.Stephens, MaryD540 D540 S315162540
Donson22 Jul 1853MKenton Co., KYDonson, Wm.BoyceD525 D525 B200160362
Dooley28 Aug 1853MKenton Co., KYDooley, PatrickMurphy, JoannettD400 D400 M610160390
DooleyLydia A.29 Mar 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDooley, Z.Craig, Abagail A.D400 D400 C620161165
DormanFredk. W.Mar 1858MCovington, KYDorman, Fredk.Werndt, SophiaD650 D650 W653159684
DormittyAnnaNov 1876FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYDormity, Jos.Callaher, Mary A.D653 D653 C460161168
DornhoffFranklin1 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYDornhoff, F. W.Abrink, HenriettaD651 D651 A165159393
DorseyNannie U.4 Sep 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDorsey, JohnAnderson, Mary E.D620 D620 A536160489
DoudChas.1 Aug 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDoud, MichaelBrady, MaryD000 D000 B630158903
DoughertyClara1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDougherty, J. M.Harlau, MariaD263 D263 H640161219
DoughertyNo Name13 Jan 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYDougherty, L. F., EmelyD263 D263 157915
Doughty21 Sep 1859MON WATERS BOWMANNEAR STONES TAVERNDoughty, Samuel H.Lane, MaryD230 D230 L500161982
DoughtyRobert Wm.1 Jul 1856MBRACKEN CO., KYON CRUISES CREEK KENTON CO., KYDoughty, Saml. J.Lane, MaryD230 D230 L500161782
Douglass25 Mar 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDouglass, RobertConsedine, MaryD242 D242 C523160094
DoussHenrietta Hull12 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYDouss, LewisHullD200 D200 H400160866
DowdellMary E.11 Jan 1879FLudlow, KYLudlow, KYDowdwll, Edwd.Rourk, Ann M.D400 D400 R200162280
DowneyGeorge A.17 Apr 1855M@ J. DOWNEYLudlow, KYDowney, JamesMcArthur, RebeccaD500 D500 M263162738
DowneyIda M.24 Oct 1878FLudlow, KYLudlow, KYDowney, W. S.Shore, SarahD500 D500 S600162340
DowningMargaret A.FCovington, KYDowning, JimKeathing, Mary A.D520 D520 K352161136
Downton14 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYDownton, C.BoberlyD535 D535 B640158199
Downton3 May 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYDownton, Jas.WellsD535 D535 W420158452
DowntonMary E.3 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDownton, JamesMcCabe, Sarah E.D535 D535 M210159133
DowntonPriscilla L.3 Aug 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDownton, Charles L.Mobby, ElizD535 D535 M100158964
Doyan17 Nov 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDoyan, NortonConnly, EllenD500 D500 C540160637
DoylThomas22 Jan 1859MNEW CANTON, KYNEW CANTON, KYDoyl, MitchellMarin, CatharineD400 D400 M650162212
DoyleRichard31 Oct 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDoyle, Jno.Moore, BridgetD400 D400 M600159217
Drake20 May 1853MCovington, KYDrakeD620 D620 158431
Dresman9 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDresman, BernardStucker, MaryD625 D625 S326159465
DressmanD625 161024
Dressman30 Oct 1853MKenton Co., KYDressman, AugustBruitt, ElizabethD625 D625 B630160537
Dressman30 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYDressman, BarnardHanstrat, CatharineD625 D625 H523160600
DressmanGeo.20 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYDressman, Geo.Swank, CatharineD625 D625 S520159516
DrexilliusJno.9 Nov 1854WCovington, KYCovington, KYUnknownDrexillius, MaryD624 U525 D624159347
DrinkardAaron2 Jul 1857MSCOTT CO., KYON ALPIN ROAD KENTON CO., KYDrinkard, Josiah, Decd.D652 D652 162549
DrinkardAgnes4 Aug 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDrinkard, Joshua, CarolineD652 D652 160424
DrinkardMaria7 Jun 1854FCRITTENDON GRANT CO.Alphin Rd.Drinkard, JoshD652 D652 161896
DrinkardMary22 Dec 1855FJ. Drinkard's Kenton Co., KYOn Alphus Rd. Kenton Co., KYDrinkard, JoshuaD652 D652 162165
DrohnE. J.25 Sep 1878MLudlow, KYLudlow, KYDrohn, E. J.Lesler, MagggieD650 D650 L246162199
DrosherAugust29 Jun 1858MCovington, KYDrosher, Andy.Brent, Eliz.D626 D626 B653158697
DrosteSarah11 Sep 1856FCityDroste, JohnHelley, CatharineD623 D623 H400160909
DryerHenry F.3 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDryer, TheodoreObel, ElizabethD600 D600 O140160756
DublinSusan12 Mar 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDublin, DavidMay, CharlotteD145 D145 M000158214
Dudley14 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYDudley, M. J.Buckner, ElizabethD400 D400 B256157811
Dudley13 Jul 1859FWATERS OF GRASSY CREEKFiskburgDudley, Robt.Elliott, LouisaD400 D400 E430161954
DudleyAnn E.1 Jan 1857FILLINOISNEAR FISKSBURGH KENTON CO., KYDudley, Robt.Elliott, LouisaD400 D400 E430161536
DudleyHoward Malcom20 May 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDudley, M. J.D400 D400 158526
DudleyJno. E.30 Nov 1858MCovington, KYDudley, Morris J.Buckner, Eliza G.D400 D400 B256159443
DuffeeGeo. A.18 Jan 1858MCovington, KYDuffee, Wm.Durry, EllisD100 D100 D600157891
DuffeyAlice J.11 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDuffey, GeorgeStarkey, AnnD100 D100 S362159589
DuffyEdward F.21 Jun 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDuffy, M.McDunnough, CatharineD100 D100 M235158653
DufrainSallie7 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYDufrain, J.CoxD165 D165 C000160994
Dugan20 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDugan, AlbertSalle, ClaraD250 D250 S400159158
DuganJohn28 Jun 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYDugan, A. W.WilliamsD250 D250 W452158636
DuganW. A.28 Jul 1855WCovington, KYCovington, KYDugan, HughFlower, IndianaD250 D250 F460158793
DulaneyJno.2 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYDulaney, JerryLyons, MaryD450 D450 L520157835
DulaneyMary E.25 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYDulaney, DanielQuinn, CatharineD450 D450 Q500158994
Dunbar1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDunbar, SamuelD516 D516 161099
Dunham24 Aug 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYDunham, RobertBennett, MissD500 D500 B530158857
DunhamRobt.14 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYDunham, Robt.Benette, EmilyD500 D500 B530159361
DunkeeDunkee, (none)D520 D520 161021
DunkeyJohn21 Nov 1858MCovington, KYDunkey, Benj.Evans, Eliz.D520 D520 E152159447
DunkeyJohn21 Nov 1858MCovington, KYDunkey, Benj.Evans, Eliz.D520 D520 E152159446
Dunlap25 Jun 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYDunlap, ThomasThomas, BridgetD541 D541 T520158573
DunnEdith18 Jul 1876FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYDunn, AndrewOddy, MaryD500 D500 O300161203
DunnEdward1 Aug 1855M@ B. DUNNECONOMYDunn, BarnardConklin, MaryD500 D500 C524162350
DunnJohn17 Oct 1856M@ P. DUNNKenton Co., KYDunn, PatrickDevine, AnnD500 D500 D150162401
DunnMary E.31 Aug 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDunn, WilliamGrunddecker, Mary A.D500 D500 G653158955
DunnNo Name19 Dec 1852MKenton Co., KYCampbell Co., KYDunn, NelsonYelton, NancyD500 D500 Y435160696
DunnWm. A.9 Feb 1857MRES. OF Z. DUNNON STATE ROAD KENTON CO., KYDunn, ZachariahClark, Susan L.D500 D500 C462161901
DunneryMary AnneFKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDunnery, JohnO'Neal, ElizabethD560 D560 O540163297
DurrAnn Louisa30 Nov 1854FH. DURR RES.GRASSY CREEKDurr, HezekiahPeebles, ElizabethD600 D600 P420161653
DurrColumbus A.9 May 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDurr, ColumbusAnderson, FlorindaD600 D600 A536160169
DurrEdward H.12 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDurr, ColumbusAnderson, FlorindaD600 D600 A536160760
DurrEnna H.12 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDurr, ColumbusAnderson, FlorindaD600 D600 A536160761
DurrJohn4 May 1855M@ J. DURRECONOMY, KYDurr, JohnDignan, EllinD600 D600 D250162297
DusenberryMariah27 Jun 1858FCovington, KYDusenberry, C. A.Lonsen, MariaD251 D251 L525158698
DutmanMargaret25 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYDutman, Elexr.Greenbrier, MaryD500 D500 G651159540
Dwellie3 Feb 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYDwellie, Wm. P.Farr, AnnD400 D400 F600158171
DwellyAlline2 Aug 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYDwelly, WilliamWright, MaryD400 D400 W623158904
DyerAugust3 Jun 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYDyer, TheodoreObel, LissieD600 D600 O140160248
EadsEads, (none)E320 E320 161063
Easley3 Jun 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYEasley, Jno. W.Robinson, MissE240 E240 R152158583
Easton7 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYEaston, ShadrakeReedE235 E235 R300159338
EastonCaroline24 Jul 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYEaston, ShadfordReed, ElizaE235 E235 R300158819
EbbingFrank5 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYEbbing, JohnHostman, MaryE152 E152 H235158354
EbbingFrank5 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYEbbing, JohnHostman, MaryE152 E152 H235158355
Eckert17 Apr 1858MBank LickBank LickEckert, CharlesSeecamp, MaryE263 E263 S510161545
EcolbesickCatharine16 Jul 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYEcolbesick, CharlesFaun, MargaretE241 E241 F500158743
EddeyusRobert Ann9 Jun 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEddeyus, RobertLisle, Sarah E.E320 E320 L240160227
EddyRush Augustus22 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYEddy, A. H.Narharp, JuliaE300 E300 N610160875
EdmondsJohn William4 Nov 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEdmonds, Wm.Metcalf, TheresaE353 E353 M324160686
EdmondsLouisa J.12 Dec 1858FGOEIAN FORD CRUISE CREEKCruise's CreekEdmonds, JacksonOliver, Mary A.E353 E353 O416162724
EdmondsWm.13 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYOliver, MildredE353 O416159655
EdwardsFeb 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYEdwards, ReeseDavis, MaryE363 E363 D120159689
Edwards14 Dec 1853MKenton Co., KYEdwards, IsaacRhinenoff, MaryE363 E363 R510160780
EdwardsJohn28 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYEdwards, LudwickJones, CatharineE363 E363 J520157831
EdwardsMary F.16 Feb 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYEdwards, JamesHardin, MargaretE363 E363 H635158144
EdwardsOscar E.11 Oct 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEdwards, Thos. E.Ellis, AbbeyE363 E363 E420160573
EedsSusan M.29 Oct 1858FWATERS CRUISES CREEKCruise's CreekEeds, AdamBlackburn, MaryE320 E320 B421162723
EgglestonAnne Maria24 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYEggleston, James A.Shires, AgnesE242 E242 S620159439
Egleston12 Dec 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYEgleston, J. A.Hook, M.E242 E242 H200159645
Egleston1 Mar 1856FSANDFORD ST.Covington, KYEgleston, Danl.Perry, Sarah E.E242 E242 P600161964
EglestonBenjamin22 Sep 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYEgleston, D.PennyE242 E242 P500159103
EglestonKotia7 Sep 1880FBANK LICK KENTON CO., KYKenton Co., KYEgelston, Hiram W.Manner, MaryE242 E242 M600162279
EifertLouisa30 Nov 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEifert, Wm.Ortwein, ElizabethE163 E163 O635160648
EikoffMary Julia31 Jul 1858FCovington, KYEikoff, AdamHenhouser, MaryE210 E210 H526158849
EisleMary F.25 May 1858FCovington, KYEisle, AngeretMathias, EllenE240 E240 M320158561
Elliot3 Nov 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYElliott, EddyMetcalf, MargaretE430 E430 M324160677
ElliotAnnette23 Feb 1854F@ EDDY ELLIOTT KENTON CO., KYNR., GRASSY CRK.Elliott, EddyMetcalf, MargaretE430 E430 M324162237
ElliotF. Marion10 Apr 1852ME430 161013
ElliotF. Marion10 Apr 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYElliot, AldyTurner, SusanE430 E430 T656160108
ElliotJoseph10 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYElliot, JohnCulbertson, A.E430 E430 C416159386
ElliotNancy Jane24 Aug 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYElliot, WilliamRich, Eliza J.E430 E430 R200160377
Elliott16 Jul 1853FElliott, ThomasE430 E430 161032
Elliott4 May 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYElliott, T. W.Florer, PhoebeE430 E430 F460160159
ElliottDavid R.7 Jan 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYElliott, Wm. S.Vestel, CatharineE430 E430 V234159858
ElliottJohn8 Jul 1856M@ E. ELLIOTTS KENTON CO., KYNEAR GRASSY CREEK KENTON CO., KYElliott, EddyMetcalfe, MargaretE430 E430 M324162338
ElliottMary20 Dec 1857F@ T. W. ELLIOTTNEAR BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYElliott, Thomas W.Florer, PhebeE430 E430 F460162577
ElliottMary E.17 Aug 1856F@ J. ELLIOTTON CRUISES CREEK KENTON CO., KYElliott, JohnYoutsey, Sarah M.E430 E430 Y320161719
ElliottNancy Jane27 Aug 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYElliott, Wm.Rich, E. J.E430 E430 R200160431
ElliottRitty Ann2 May 1854FALDA ELLIOTTNear State RoadElliott, AldaTurner, Sarah A.E430 E430 T656161513
ElliottStephen R.18 Mar 1859MFISKBURG, KYKenton Co., KYElliott, WilliamRich, Eliza J.E430 E430 R200161699
ElliottSusan B.8 Apr 1859FNEAR FISKBURG, KYFiskburg, KYElliott, EddyMitcalf, MargaretE430 E430 M324162731
Ellis12 Dec 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEllis, E. P.Fisel, KattieE420 E420 F240160755
Ellis12 Aug 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYElllis, WilliamJones, S.E420 E420 J520158971
Ellis7 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYEllis, Jas. D.Longmoor, MaryE420 E420 L525157812
Ellis14 Mar 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYEllis, JosephLongmore, M.E420 E420 L525158187
EllisElijah Pierce10 Nov 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEllis, JohnCarlisle, MaryE420 E420 C642160612
EllisMalcolm G.Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEllis, MantleWaite, MaryE420 E420 W300160836
EllisMargaret Amelia19 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYEllis, SarahE420 E420 160854
EllisPaul W.11 Mar 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEllis, J. R. M.Waite, MaryE420 E420 W300160092
Ellison3 May 1853FCovington, KYEllison, JackGosmer, ElizabethE425 E425 G560161166
EllisonElizabeth1 Apr 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEllison, Wm.House, MissouriE425 E425 H200160148
Elliston25 Jan 1875MIndependence, KYIndependence, KYElliston, RobertDixonE423 E423 D250162412
EllsnerJulius26 Feb 1858MCovington, KYEllsner, JohnBodde, JaneE425 E425 B300158092
EmersonMary Ema1 Nov 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYEmerson, Thos. J.Emerson, MaryE562 E562 E562159430
EmmontNone1 Oct 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYEmmont, JohnSnider, J.E530 E530 S536159259
EngartMary A.21 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYEngart, VictorBuck, ElizabethE526 E526 B200159120
EngertClara25 Apr 1858FCovington, KYEngert, VictorBush, Eliz.E526 E526 B200158373
EngertMary12 Oct 1856FCityCovington, KYEngert, VictorBush, ElizabethE526 E526 B200160934
England20 Sep 1853MCovington, KYEngland, JacobLindsay, NancyE524 E524 L532159017
EnglehartAnn Eliz27 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYEnglehart, ChrisMurphy, HarrietE524 E524 M610159121
EnlowMinerva1 Oct 1858FCovington, KYEnlow, Jas.Hortshon, SarahE540 E540 H632159208
ErnstJno. B.21 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYErnst, Wm.Weslink, FannyE652 E652 W245159410
ErnstNot Given26 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYErnst, Wm.Butler, SarahE652 E652 B346159583
ErnstRichd.28 Feb 1858MCovington, KYErnst, Wm.Butler, Sarah A.E652 E652 B346158084
ErnstWm.10 Jul 1853MKenton Co., KYErnst, Wm.Butler, SarahE652 E652 B346160316
Ervin11 Nov 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYErvin, ColumbusAdams, ElizabethE615 E615 A352160622
ErvinCharles23 Feb 1856M@ S. ERVINBOWMAN ROAD KENTON CO., KYErvin, SamuelArmstrong, Mary JaneE615 E615 A652162473
ErvinColumbus C.23 Nov 1854M@ SAML. ERVINBOWMAN CREEKErvin, Saml.Armstrong, Mary J.E615 E615 A652162635
ErvinJames W.23 May 1859MMASON CO., MOIrwin, Wm.Bromback, Susan J.E615 I650 B651162481
ErvinMartha Ann8 Dec 1855F@ JOS. ERVIN KENTON CO., KYNEAR INDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYErvin, Jos.Ballinger, FrancisE615 E615 B452162631
ErvinMary E.10 Apr 1858FBOWMAN KENTON CO., KYWATERS BOWMANEervin, SamuelArmstrong, Mary J.E615 E615 A652161700
EubankCyrus R.1 Mar 1856M@ J. T. EUBANKNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYEubank, James T.McCoy, Mary AnnE152 E152 M200161995
EubankMartha23 Aug 1854FJAS. T. EUBANKNEAR COVINGTONEubank, James T.McCoy, Mary AnnE152 E152 M200162604
EubankMissouri5 May 1857FRES. J. T. EUBANK KENTON CO., KYNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYEubank, Jas. T.McCayby, Mary A.E152 E152 M210162504
EubanksLouisaFKenton Co., KYEubanks, James TE152 E152 163298
EuclethMarion20 Nov 1858MCovington, KYEucleth, L. C.Payne, GraceE243 E243 P500159471
EukenwrothMichael1 Feb 1857MON L. COLLINTURKEY FOOT ROAD KENTON CO., KYEukenwroth, ValentineSlater, MargaretE256 E256 S436162238
Evans12 Aug 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYEvans, EdwinHarris, ElizabethE152 E152 H620158858
Evans19 Feb 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYEvans, GeorgeLuhte, NancyE152 E152 L300158064
EvansAlive30 Jan 1854FKenton Co., KYCovington, KYEvans, Wm. R.Skandon, ElizE152 E152 S535159819
EvansAlive30 Jan 1854FKenton Co., KYCovington, KYEvans, Wm. R.Skandon, ElizE152 E152 S535159818
EvansFrances E.3 Jul 1858FS. Covington, KYS. COVINGTON, KYEvans, Isaac N.Patton, EmilyE152 E152 P350161169
EvansFrank E.22 Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYEvans, Geo. R.Doss, ParaleeE152 E152 D200160335
EvansJno. J.15 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYEvans, JohnJenkins, Mary A.E152 E152 J525159135
EvansMaria J.3 Jul 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYEvans, W. R.Curden, E. S.E152 E152 C635158813
EvansPlatt24 Dec 1858MCovington, KYEvans, PlattBishop, SophrinoE152 E152 B210159663
EverbeckMary A.16 Jun 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYEverbeck, BarneyTerlan, FrancesE161 E161 T645158694
Everett7 May 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYEverett, JohnGoodlef, AnnE163 E163 G341158555
EversonAlbert14 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYEverson, Richd.Mathews, MinervaE162 E162 M320157820
EversonSarah23 Jul 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYEverson, WmLancaster, Cynthia A.E162 E162 L523158768
EversonSilla21 Oct 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYEverson, Richd.Mathews, ManervaE162 E162 M320159212
EversonWalter2 Jun 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYEverson, RichardMathews, MinervaE162 E162 M320158608
Eversoul6 Nov 1856FCityCovington, KYEversoul, Wm.Lancaster, CynthiaE162 E162 L523160966
ExlarAnt.10 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYExlar, AntFeltman, AgnesE246 E246 F435159059
FaheyAbbie1 Aug 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFahey, JohnFahey, MaryF000 F000 F000160400
FaheyThos.10 Feb 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFahey, JohnFahey, MaryF000 F000 F000159934
FairchildAnna B.27 Jan 1858FCovington, KYFairchild, OliverWilkinson, Mary F.F624 F624 W425157907
FairchildWm.27 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFairchild, OliverWilkinson, FrancesF624 F624 W425158609
Falkner15 Dec 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYFalkner, ThomasRamsey, BetseyF425 F425 R520159489
FanedoffFrank24 Oct 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFanedoff, (none)Mirosa, AgnesF531 F531 M620159233
Fannan9 Jan 1853MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFannan, Thos.Pullen, MaryF500 F500 P450157921
FannickMary Ann18 Apr 1854FON WILLOW RUNWillow RunFannick, BennettStegman, DinahF520 F520 S325162679
Fanning9 Sep 1856FCityFanning, Geo.F520 F520 160965
FanningKate Mary9 May 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFanning, G. F.Payne, CatharineF520 F520 P500158530
FanningThomas7 Sep 1854MKenton Co., KYNear IndependenceFanning, JeffreyCash, MargaretF520 F520 C000160496
FargheyAnn17 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFarhey, CharlesKelly, SarahF620 F600 K400159060
Faris11 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYUnknownFaris, MaryF620 U525 F620160964
FarmdoffMary22 Oct 1856FCityCovington, KYFarmdoff, Jno.Missader, MaryF653 F653 M236160896
FarmingCarrie31 Jul 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYFarming, Geo. F.Payne, CarolineF652 F652 P500158771
Farner9 Dec 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYFarner, H.HoustonF656 F656 H235159506
FarranGrace16 Jun 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYFarran, HenryEvans, AnnF650 F650 E152158610
FarrasJohn16 Nov 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYFarras, Thos.Pullum, MaryF620 F620 P450159348
Farrell17 May 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYFarrell, J. W.SebreeF640 F640 S160158454
FarrellJames M.17 May 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYFarrell, J. W.SebreeF640 F640 S160158545
FarrellMary27 Feb 1858FCovington, KYFarrell, PhilHerein, HonoraF640 F640 H650158117
FarrenElizabeth21 Dec 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFarren, HenryHouston, ElizabethF650 F650 H235159541
FarrisArchibaldJun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFarris, Jas.McCabe, Mary A.F620 F620 M210159670
FarwickBennett17 Feb 1859MWillow RunWillow RunFarwick, (none)Stergman, DianhF620 F620 S362162102
FaulconerEmma Jane8 Apr 1856F@ S. FAULCONERNEAR INDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYFalconer, SpencerMcKenzie, SusanF425 F425 M252161528
Faulkner23 Oct 1880MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFaulkner, DavidVallandighamF425 F425 V453160514
FawickElizabeth24 Aug 1856F@ B. FAWICKWillow Run, Kenton Co., KYFawick, BennetStagman, DinaF200 F200 S325162114
FearyAnna17 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFear, CharlesKelly, SarahF600 F600 K400159061
FearyElizabeth25 Jun 1858FCovington, KYFeary, Chas.Kelley, SarahF600 F600 K400158599
FeddersJohn G.7 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFedders, Jno.Ort, Ann M.F362 F362 O630158255
FehnerH. H.25 Dec 1874MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFehner, TheodoreMeierratken, Mary A.F560 F560 M632159656
FehrenH. H.15 Dec 1874MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFehren, TheodoreMeyeratken, Mary A.F650 F650 M632159626
FehrenH. H.15 Dec 1874MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFehren, TheodoreMyretken, Mary A.F650 F650 M632159648
FehrenH. H.15 Dec 1874MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFehren, TheodoreMyretken, Mary A.F650 F650 M632159627
FeigleistAppelona27 Jan 1858FCovington, KYFeigleist, Jno.Tewell, FrancisF242 F242 T400157940
FeilcampHenry2 Jun 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYFeildcamp, JohnOrtman, ElizabethF425 F432 O635158611
FeitMary13 Apr 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYFeit, BernardCallidiffer, LenaF300 F300 C431158356
FelixMary J.27 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFelix, FredBrock, JosephinF420 F420 B620159122
FelizLudwic27 Jan 1858MCovington, KYFelix, Ludk.Brooke, JosephineF420 F420 B620157861
FellowsAlanson W.30 Apr 1855M@ A. FELLOWECONOMY, KYFellows, AlansonLimberg, MargaretaF420 F420 L516161570
FeltelBarney27 Jul 1858MW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYFeltel, BarneySellwing, ElizaF434 F434 S452161187
FeltmanJoseph13 Oct 1858MBank LickBank LickFeltman, HenryBarans, DinahF435 F435 B652162129
FeltmanMary J.15 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFeltman, HenryBagger, Ann M.F435 F435 B260158399
FenckeChas. R.14 Feb 1856RUSSELL ST.RUSSELL ST. COVINGTON, KYFeucke, HenryFahmer, JaneF520 F200 F560161541
FenganPrice29 Feb 1858FCovington, KYFengan, Jno.Swift, RoseF525 F525 S130158090
FengerOscar B.11 Aug 1854MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFenger, BerhardVoss, MartinaF526 F526 V200158951
FennenFannie9 Jan 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFennen, HarmanImdick, BernadinaF500 F500 I532159842
Fennessy23 Oct 1856MCityCovington, KYFennessy, JohnDemariiusF520 F520 D562160877
FennettMaurice1 Jun 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFennett, L. B.Abbot, SarahF530 F530 A130158628
FennissySue10 Feb 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYFennissy, JohnMulliganF520 F520 M425158129
FentonAntoinette3 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFenton, D. B.Brown, Nanny A.F535 F535 B650159097
FergusonJohn25 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYFerguson, J. M.ThomasF625 F625 T520158248
FernerCaroline30 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFerner, HenryFarron, WilhelminaF656 F656 F650159234
FettingAmelia8 Nov 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFetting, AlbertHelker, SophiaF352 F352 H426160653
FeyGustave3 Jan 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFey, JosephSallinger, SophiaF000 F000 S452159843
Field5 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYField, JohnBunon, Mary O.F430 F430 B500157810
FillCaroline26 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFill, JonasShute, ElizF400 F400 S300159362
FinchMarcus8 Aug 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFinch, MarcusHowell, AmeliaF520 F520 H400158905
FinneganKatherine28 Nov 1858FCovington, KYFinnegan, Jno.Douling, EllenF525 F525 D452159350
FinneganMaryOct 1854FCovington, KYFinnegan, Thos.Coffie, RoseF525 F525 C100161005
Finnell3 Mar 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYFinnell, John W.LivermanF540 F540 L165158290
Finnell27 Sep 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYFinnell, J. W.TuermanF540 F540 T650159028
Finnell29 Aug 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYFinnell, JohnTuman, MissF540 F540 T500158859
FishAaron B. W.28 Apr 1857MRes. E. K. Fish Kenton Co., KYNear Independence Kenton Co., KYFish, John W.Wate, Mary E.F200 F200 W300162082
FishEzra K.18 Sep 1856M@ E. K. FISHERON COV & LEX. PIKE. KENTON CO., KYFisher, Ezra K.Stephens, Mary JaneF200 F260 S315162003
FishbackAnn M.26 May 1854FJ. K. FISHBACK RES. KENTON CO., KYNear Grassy CreekFishback, John K.Meinhead, PameliaF212 F212 M300161511
Fisher28 Jun 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYFisher, Thos.Phillips, S.F260 F260 P412158568
Fisher8 Dec 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFisher, A. G.ReedF260 F260 R300160702
FisherCalvin A.18 Jun 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFisher, M. D.Howard, MaryF260 F260 H630158667
FisherElizabeth3 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYFisher, Thos., ElizabethF260 F260 160631
FisherGeo. H.9 Sep 1857M@ G. FISHERS. COVINGTON, KY KENTON CO., KYFisher, Geo.Beckman, Mary E.F260 F260 B250162630
FisherJanies24 Feb 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYFisher, T.WillsF260 F260 W420158130
FisherMary A. C.9 Jul 1855F@ Geo. Fisher's Kenton Co., KYS. Covington, KYFisher, GeorgeBeckman, Mary E.F260 F260 B250161590
FisherMary Ann16 Sep 1856F@ F. FISHERS. COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYFisher, FerdinandFogerding, ChristinaF260 F260 F263161637
FisherMary C. C.29 Aug 1858FS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYFisher, FerdinandForgeding, ChristeenF260 F260 F623161160
FisherSarah C.29 Dec 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYFisher, A. G.Reed, SarahF260 F260 R300159582
Fisk7 JanMKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFisk, David L.Griffing, Mary J.F200 F200 G615161089
Fisk2 Mar 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFisk, Jno. F.Johnson, E. S.F200 F200 J525158196
FiskBenj. F.21 Oct 1855M@ L. D. FISKOn Licking River Kenton Co., KYFisk, Leroy D.Lummis, Mary E.F200 F200 L520161926
FiskCharles W.2 Jan 1856M@ C. E. FISKFiskburgFisk, Chas. E.Kidwell, NancyF200 F200 K340161771
FiskEffington R.12 May 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFisk, LeroyTunis, Mary E.F200 F200 T520160191
FiskEli E.25 Jul 1858MFISKSBURGFiskburgFisk, Charles E.Kidwell, NancyF200 F200 K340161843
FiskElla15 Feb 1875FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFisk, L. D.Lommis, MaryF200 F200 L520159964
FiskEtta23 Jul 1857FRES. L. D. FISK KENTON CO., KYOn Licking River Kenton Co., KYFisk, Leroy D.Lumis, Mary E.F200 F200 L520162623
FiskHerbert10 Jan 1854MFISKBURGOn Licking Kenton Co., KYFisk, Leroy D.Lummis, Mary E.F200 F200 L520162572
FiskIsabella H.17 Mar 1856FSIXTH ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYFisk, Jno. F.Johnson, Eliza S.F200 F200 J525161605
FiskLetta23 Jul 1857FRES. L. D. FISK KENTON CO., KYOn Licking River Kenton Co., KYFisk, Leroy D.Lumis, Mary C.F200 F200 L520162622
FiskeOliver H.11 Sep 1855M@ E. H. FISHECOV. & LEX. PIKEFish, John W.White, Mary E.F200 F200 W300161933
FitzgeraldJohn10 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFitzgerald, PatClare, MaryF326 F326 C460158473
FitzgivingsThomas21 Mar 1853MKenton Co., KYFitzgivings, Jas.Handley, MaryF321 F321 H534160043
FitzharrisPat13 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFitzharris, JamesSmith, CatharinF326 F326 S530158215
FitzhughWilliam B.13 Aug 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYFitzhugh, John H.Bullet, HarrietF320 F320 B430158965
Fitzpatrick23 Dec 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFitzpatrickF321 F321 159654
FlanneryEliza J.20 Nov 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYFlannery, PatGill, CathF456 F456 G400159417
FlashnerHenry Jr.Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFlashner, Henry Sr.Bush, ElizabethF425 F425 B200160832
Flemin2 May 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFleming, GeorgeRiley, Mary AliceF450 F452 R400160177
Fleming17 Aug 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFleming, JamesWest, SusanF452 F452 W230160378
FlemingG. S.29 Apr 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFleming, A. F.Scott, MinervaF452 F452 S300160117
FlemingRolla West12 Jan 1874MINDEPENDENCE KENTON CO., KYKenton Co., KYFleming, Jos.West, Susan JosephineF452 F452 W230161680
FlerlageBarney12 May 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFlerlage, GeorgeLuken, MaryF464 F464 L250160199
FlickNov 1875MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFlick, GeorgeF420 F420 160824
FlinnF450 161017
FlinnBridget E.18 Aug 1858FNEAR DEMOSSVILLENEAR DEMOSSVILLEFlinn, WilliamRyan, JuliaF450 F450 R500161623
FlinnPaul23 Sep 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFlinn, Wm.Ryan, JudyF450 F450 R500159035
FlumPalo29 Feb 1856M2ND ST.2nd St. Covington, KYFlum, JohnMurphy, BridgetF450 F450 M610161754
FogertyJohn26 May 1859MBANK LICK, KYKenton Co., KYFogerty, MichaelCarroll, MaryF263 F263 C640162310
Foley4 Apr 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYFoley, B. W.F400 F400 158326
FoleyJas.15 Feb 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFoley, EdWall, CatharineF400 F400 W400158097
FoltsElizabeth29 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFoltx, Frank (Foltz)Beal, Kate (Behle)F432 F432 B400160086
FoltzElizabeth29 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFoltz, FrankBehle, KateF432 F432 B400160083
FoltzJohn F.17 Sep 1857MP. FOLTZNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYFoltz, PeterRoth, AnnaF432 F432 R300161638
FoltzPeter2 Nov 1856M@ P. Foltz's Kenton Co., KYOn Willow Run Kenton, Co., KYFoltz, PeterRoth, AnnF432 F432 R300162440
FontaineHenry Jr.15 Apr 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFontaine, Henry Sr.Mead, Mary E.F535 F535 M300160151
ForbesEmily15 Mar 1858FWATERS DE COURSEY CREEKWaters Decoursey CreekForbes, John F.Calhoun, DiannaF612 F612 C450162527
FordEliz30 May 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFord, Jno.Rout, ElizthF630 F630 R300158512
FordMary9 Mar 1856FCOOPER ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYFord, Jno.Rose, AsenethF630 F630 R200162063
Fored22 Jul 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFord, JohnRust, ElizabethF630 F630 R230158834
ForrestMary J.19 Dec 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYForrest, N. A.Cheeseman, MariaF623 F623 C500159607
ForresterJames H.27 Aug 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYForrester, Jno.Mullins, HesterF623 F623 M452158943
ForsseyJoseph31 Aug 1856M@ J. FORSSEYS. COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYForssey, JohnBarret, CatharineF620 F620 B630162351
FortmanClemens9 Mar 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYFortman, C.CottenbrookF635 F635 C351158245
FossThersa25 Jun 1856FCovington, KYCovington, KYFoss, H.Crater, C.F200 F200 C636158625
FosterJames W.20 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFoster, S. T.Johnson, SelenaF236 F236 J525157912
FouldsThos. H.8 Jul 1859MLudlow, KYFoulds, Thos. H.Hubbell, MaryF432 F432 H140162614
FoulkAnna B.4 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYFoulk, G. W.Manning, JaneF420 F420 M200159445
Fowler9 Dec 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYFowler, W.F460 F460 159482
Fowler11 Dec 1880MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFowler, BarryCain, LucyF460 F460 C500160764
FoxMyrtle11 Jul 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFox, Saml.Martin, J. B.F200 F200 M635160313
FrakerMary5 Aug 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFraker, Geo.Preshoff, MaryF626 F626 P621158877
FrancesA. J.16 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYFrances, A. J.Dalton, Ellen B.F652 F652 D435159436
FrancisMary Emma12 Oct 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYFrancis, A. J., DaltonF652 F652 159296
FrankCaroline29 Nov 1856FCityCovington, KYFrank, MikeLeiner, JohannaF652 F652 L560160874
FrankElizabeth8 Jul 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFrank, AntonyWolf, CynthiaF652 F652 W410158744
Franklin24 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYPendlketon, Co.FranklinF652 F652 160625
FranklinLeonard15 Mar 1852MCovington, KYVAFranklin, Nelson, VirginniaF652 F652 158305
FrankmanMary17 Mar 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFrankman, CasperVonhoene, CatharineF652 F652 V500158216
FrazerFrank28 May 1859MLICKINGON LICKING NEAR LOCK #2Frazer, AlfredCulbertson, CatharineF626 F626 C416162618
FrazerLucy Ellen23 Mar 1856F@ A. FRAZEROn Licking Kenton Co., KYFrazer, AlfredCulbertson, CatharineF626 F626 C416161514
FrazerMary27 Feb 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYFrazer, Rch.Cassinger, EllenF626 F626 C526158120
FrazerMary C.28 May 1859FLICKINGON LICKING NEAR LOCK #2Frazer, AlfredCulbertson, CatharineF626 F626 C416162667
FrazerSamuel E.26 Jun 1855M@ W. R. FRAZERON BANK LICK CR. KENTON CO., KYFrazer, Wm. R.Lawrence, CharlotteF626 F626 L652161781
FrazerSarah J.6 Mar 1855F@ A. ALFRED FRAZERON LICKING RIVERFrazer, AlfredCulbertson, Catharine E.F626 F626 C416161694
FrazerWm.24 Jul 1859MBank LickBank LickFrazer, Wm. Jr.Lawrence, CharlotteF626 F626 L652162494
Frazier26 May 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFrazier, S. K.Winthrop, MaryF626 F626 W536158450
FreakeyHenry A.18 Feb 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFreakey, H. A.Fickner, JennettF620 F620 F256158150
FrederickCatharineF@ H. FREDERICKOn Licking Kenton Co., KYFrederick, HubbardBaurer, MargaretF636 F636 B600163296
FredrickBarbara3 May 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFredrick, AntonyWolf, FrancesF636 F636 W410158474
FreeJames28 Nov 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFree, JacobLabare, SarahF600 F600 L160160641
FreeLucinda16 Oct 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFree, EdwardVancony, LucindaF600 F600 V525160554
FreemanBenjamin18 May 1855M@ J. FREEMANON LICKING RIVERFreeman, JohnBlackburn, Sarah A.F650 F650 B421162462
French15 Oct 1854MFLORENCE BOONE CO.IndependenceFrench, Alexr. B.Andrews, ElizaF652 F652 A536162499
French8 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFrench, H.Smith, KateF652 F652 S530159496
FrenchAnn Amelia W.15 Oct 1855F@ A. B. French's Kenton Co., KYIndependence, Kenton Co., KYFrench, Alex B.Andrews, ElizaF652 F652 A536162080
FrenchHenry D.8 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYFrench, J. H.Smith, Kate C.F652 F652 S530159611
FrenkerElizabeth10 Aug 1858FCovington, KYFrenker, Geo.Prieshoff, MaryF652 F652 P621158879
FreslingMary7 Jun 1856FCityCovington, KYFresling, BarneySutmiller, AnnaF624 F624 S354160910
FrithoffMary J.8 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYFrithoff, Jas.Kenhouse, AnnF631 F631 K520159109
Froris11 Feb 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFroris, Isaac W.Legrand, Mary A.F620 F620 L265158169
Froris11 Feb 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYFroris, Isaac W.Legrand, Mary A.F620 F620 L265158170
Frost15 Aug 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYFrost, Wm.Whittman, ElizaF623 F623 W350158972
Fry29 Dec 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYFry, Jas.Farrell, BridgetF600 F600 F640160775
FryM Jane3 Jul 1853FCovington, KYFry, WilliamF600 F600 158791
FultonCharles M.9 Sep 1858MNEAR OLD BANK LICK CHURCHNEAR OLD BANK LICK CHURCHFulton, Samuel J.Howland, Massy J.F435 F435 H453161934
GableGeorge15 Jul 1858MCovington, KYGable, Fredk.Ellis, ElizabethG140 G140 E420158844
GaikerJohn16 Oct 1855M@ R. GAIKERCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYGaiker, RamondEffkinger, FrancesG600 G600 E125162388
Galbraith28 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGalbraith, Jno.Iliff, AdalineG416 G416 I410159001
Galbraith27 Sep 1856F@ J. GALBRAITHCOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYGalbreath, JohnIliff, AdalineG416 G416 I410162519
Galbraith29 Sep 1856FCityGalbraith, J.RossG416 G416 R200160970
GalbraithHorrizon15 Sep 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYGalbraith, HarrisonPoor, Mary J.G416 G416 P600159093
GalbraithMary15 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYGalbraith, Perry C.Poor, MaryG416 G416 P600159030
GalbraithNo Name5 Mar 1853FCovington, KYBalbraith, Jno.Flipp, AdelineG416 B416 F410158253
GalbraithNo Name5 Aug 1853FCovington, KYGalbraith, PerryPoor, MaryG416 G416 P600158945
GaltinkFrank23 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGaltinkLamb, MargaretG435 G435 L510158201
GambainJames13 Jul 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYAmbian, MorrisDorsey, BridgetG515 A515 D620158745
GarAugust11 Dec 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYGar, JohnWakemanG600 G600 W250159529
GaratlyBernardFeb 1858MEconomyECONOMYGaratly, BernardLee, ElizaG634 G634 L000162430
GarbsPhilip7 Jul 1859MS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYGarbs, JohnScholburg, Ann M.G612 G612 S416161251
Garcon7 May 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYGarcon, GaspardBuglor, MaryG625 G625 B246158445
GardinierSusan14 Sep 1854FOHIO RIVER KENTON CO., KYOhio RiverGardinier, SamuelHuff, Mary JaneG635 G635 H100162106
Gardner11 Jun 1856M@ S. GARDNERON OHIO RIVER KENTON CO., KYGardner, Saml.Huff, MaryG635 G635 H100162512
GardnerMargaret14 Apr 1858FCovington, KYGardner, Jas.Walker, RebeccaG635 G635 W426158336
GardnerMary Ann9 Jul 1857FRES. S. GARDNER KENTON CO., KYKENTON ON OHIO RIVERGardner, SamuelHuff, May J.G635 G635 H100161710
GardnerNancy19 Jul 1858FOhio RiverOhio RiverGardner, Wm.Jones, RebeccaG635 G635 J520162055
GardnerSarah A.14 Jan 1859FOhio RiverNear Bromly, KYGardner, JamesHackstadt, MaryG635 G635 H230162682
GarnerLafayette27 Aug 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGarner, WilliamLunis, OrillaG656 G656 L520160420
GarverChas. H.2 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYGarver, HenryDunckley, Mary A.G616 G616 D524159117
GattArchabel9 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYGatty, Thos.Stewart, CatharinG300 G300 S363160891
GaulinCatherine25 Sep 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYGaulin, FredLynd, MargariteG450 G450 L530159086
GausepohlGauspohl, BarneyG140 G140 161048
GausphollMary Ann31 Jan 1858FCovington, KYGauspholl, BarneyHugenberg, K.G140 G140 H251157943
GearrJohn29 May 1856MRICKEY ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYGearr, JohnWeakman, E.G600 G600 W250162455
GeayLouisa30 May 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGeay, JohnWhitman, ElizG000 G000 W350158475
Gedge30 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYGedge, F. G., SarahG320 G320 159334
Gedge28 Sep 1853FCovington, KYGedge, JamesHowell, Mary J.G320 G320 H400158996
Gedge16 Oct 1856FCityCovington, KYGedge, Jas. C.HowellG320 G320 H400161003
Gedge14 Nov 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYGedge, ChristianRichG320 G320 R200159462
GedgeFred C.27 Mar 1856MFOURTH ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYGedge, Wm. H.Kennedy, Mary A.G320 G320 K530161792
GedgeMary Jane22 Mar 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYGedge, J. C.Howell, Mary JaneG320 G320 H400158278
GeimeierGeo Jr.13 Sep 1876MW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYGeimeier, Geo. Sr.Kreps, MayrG560 G560 K612161211
GeisenMary8 Jul 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYGeisen, Geo.Schmidt, SusanahG500 G500 S530158728
GeisenMary8 Jul 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYGeisen, GeoSchmidthy, SusanahG500 G500 S530158841
GeisonJno.Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGeison, G.Smith, SusannaG500 G500 S530159699
GerkesFrank25 Feb 1856MSEVENTH ST.SEVENTH ST. COVINGTON, KYGerkes, JosephBrener, MargaretG620 G620 B656162239
GerkesMary2 Feb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGerkes, BarneyDeters, ChristinaG620 G620 D620158094
Gets2 Jan 1857MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGets, MichaelMerkle, MaryG320 G320 M624159835
GheenJoseph Parker26 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYGheen, JosephParker, Mary C.G500 G500 P626159426
GibbonsMartha30 Sep 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYGibbons, TimTaucey, MaryG152 G152 T200159085
Gibson11 Mar 1876MW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYGibson, Saml.Flaherty, Hester A.G125 G125 F463161199
GibsonAlbert11 Mar 1876MW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYGibson, Saml.Flaherty, Hester A.G125 G125 F463161188
GibsonLaura F.18 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGibson, HueyBruce, LucyG125 G125 B620159892
GibsonPerscilla E.23 Jun 1856F@ W. GIBSONTURKEY FOOT RD. KENTON CO., KYGibson, WilliamCluster, LucindaG125 G125 C423161584
GibsonWm. W.8 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGibson, Thos.Graham, Flora L.G125 G125 G650158252
GidgeCris15 Feb 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYGidge, CrisRichG320 G320 R200158091
Gifford30 Sep 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYGifford, Wm.Kirby, MissG163 G163 K610158999
Gilbert3 Jun 1853MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYGilbert, Geo.McKean, SarahG416 G416 M250158682
Gilbert25 Oct 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYGilbert, T.SummersG416 G416 S562159189
Gilbert30 Apr 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGilbert, ThomasSummers, MaryG416 G416 S562160098
GilbertWm. Arthur23 Oct 1857M@ T. GILBERTNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYGilbert, ThomasSumner, Mary A.G416 G416 S560161730
GilchristMary Anna12 Nov 1855F@ J. GILCHRISTECONOMY KENTON CO., KYGilchrist, JohnFarrell, AnnG426 G426 F640161654
GillespieAlbert11 Jun 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGillespie, JohnKirten, ElizabethG421 G421 K635160261
GillespieRobert V.25 Aug 1876MLudlow, KYKenton Co., KYGillespie, JesseTwell, Margaret (Tewell)G421 G421 T400162035
Gillon5 Jun 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYGillon, ArchyG450 G450 158579
GisonMary8 Jul 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYGison, GeoSchmidth, SusanahG500 G500 S530158842
GivenArmilda27 Oct 1855F@ W. C. GIVENON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYGiven, Wm. C.Thomas, Susan F.G150 G150 T520162507
GivenJames B.6 Mar 1859MBank LickBank Lick, KYGiven, Wm. E.Thomas, Susan F.G150 G150 T520161770
Givens6 Oct 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGivens, WilliamEllison, SarahG152 G152 E425160546
GlackenAndrew B.31 May 1857MRES. W. A. GLACKEN KENTON CO., KYNEAR CRUISES CRK. KENTON CO., KYGlacken, Wm. A.Yarnell, Martha R.G425 G425 Y654161796
GlackenDiana R.15 Aug 1854FW. Glacken's Kenton Co., KYNear IndependenceGlacken, WilliamHolliday, MahalaG425 G425 H430162740
GlackenNapoleon B.15 Aug 1854MWM. GLACKENNear IndependenceGlacken, WilliamHolliday, MahalaG425 G425 H430162662
GlanonMary12 Nov 1856FCityCovington, KYGlanon, JohnHunt, MG450 G450 H530160941
GleasonAnne20 Oct 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYGleason, Jno.Conner, MaryG425 G425 C560159218
GleasonElla A.26 May 1859FCruises Cr. ChurchKenton Co., KYGleason, PatrickChields, MaryG425 G425 C432161751
GleasonElla A.26 May 1859FCruises Cr. ChurchKenton Co., KYGleeson, PatrickShields, MaryG425 G425 S432161750
GleasonJohn11 Jun 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGleason, MichaelGivens, MargaretG425 G425 G152158612
GleasonJulia18 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGleason, PatrickRussell, ElizabethG425 G425 R240160093
GleasonPat. Henry7 Dec 1857M@. P. GLEASONON CRUISES CREEK KENTON CO., KYGleason, PatShields, MaryG425 G425 S432161532
Glenn13 Nov 1854MJ. GLENNCruise's CreekGlenn, Jas. K.G450 G450 161970
GlennAlice17 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGlenn, JamesMooney, AnnG450 G450 M000160737
GlennJohn M.9 Dec 1855M@ W. Glenn's Res Kenton, Co., KYOn CruisesRUISE?S CR. KENTON CO., KYGlenn, Wm.Northcutt, ElizabethG450 G450 N632162638
GlennMargaret29 Jan 1854FKenton Co., KYIndependenceGlenn, MartinMarley, AnnoraG450 G450 M640159808
GlennMartha A.9 Apr 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGlenn, JerryBooth, CatherineG450 G450 B300160141
GlennNancy J.10 Sep 1858FWATERS GRASSY CREEKWaters Grassy CreekGlenn, WilliamGlenn, ElizabethG450 G450 G450162697
GlinnJ. Early11 May 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGlinn, WilliamNorthcutt, ElizabethG450 G450 N632160187
GlinnJno.May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGlinn, PatKelly, Catha??G450 G450 K400159675
GlinnJulia F.9 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGlinn, JohnNorthcutt, ElizabethG450 G450 N632160751
GlinnLouis18 Feb 1852MKenton Co., KYGlinn, James, ElizaG450 G450 159914
GlinnRobert Ann9 Feb 1875FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGlinn, F. J.Mardis, Susan E.G450 G450 M632159961
GlinnRobert Ann7 Feb 1875FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGlinn, T. J.Mardis, Susan E.G450 G450 M632159962
GlintmeyerG453 161010
Glore30 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYGlore, FerdinandBryant, ElizabethG460 G460 B653157808
Glore5 Aug 1853MCovington, KYGlore, Wm.Galbraith, Mary HarrietG460 G460 G416158854
GloverCillia N.23 Sep 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYGlover, AnthonyKeast, Sarah J.G416 G416 K300159136
GoddaJas L.3 Jan 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGodda, Jno.Rose, A.G300 G300 R200157895
GoetzJosie17 Nov 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGoetz, Michl.Merkle, MaryG320 G320 M624160606
GoflinJane L.4 Dec 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYGoflin, JnoThorp, ElizaG145 G145 T610159598
GoftenWm.1 Jun 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYGoften, JohnThorpe, ElizaG135 G135 T610158613
GoldenCharlotte17 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGolden, Saml.Winterlan, Eliz.G435 G435 W536158338
GoldenHarriet20 Dec 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYGolden, JosephMyers, Mary J.G435 G435 M620159570
GoldenRichd.14 Dec 1859MS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYGolden, TimothyFroy, MaryG435 G435 F600161241
GoldsonWm.29 Oct 1858MCovington, KYGoldson, Thos.McColluly, MargaretG432 G432 M240159213
GollatbyJos. R. S.24 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGolletby, JnoBrown, AnnG431 G431 B650158548
GolligerMary30 Jun 1856FCityCovington, KYGolliger, Jas.Sweeney, CatharinG426 G426 S500160887
Gomers10 Feb 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGomers, W. S.Madle, LouisaG562 G562 M340159955
Good21 Dec 1856FCityCovington, KYGood, W. W.G300 G300 160980
GoodenoughMary L.4 Oct 1876FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYGoodenough, HenryDelay, MaryG352 G352 D400161196
GoodenowMary L.4 Oct 1876FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYGoodenow, HenryDelay, MaryG350 G350 D400161210
GoodhueCarrie V.30 Dec 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYGoodhue, GeorgeDuncan, Miranda L.G300 G300 D525159603
GoodloeJames W.2 Apr 1856M@ L. BLINNLUDLOWKENTON CO., KYGoodloe, R. V.Blinn, Henrietta B.G340 G340 B450161794
Goodrich12 Dec 1853MKenton Co., KYGoodrich, Jno.Curry, C.G362 G362 C600160784
GoodrichParthina11 Aug 1855F@ J. GOODRICHCRUISES CREEK KENTON CO., KYGoodrich, JohnCurry, ClarrissaG362 G362 C600162352
Gooham29 Dec 1853MKenton Co., KYGooham, Wm.Hathaway, SarahG500 G500 H300160783
GoormWm. T.15 Apr 1858MCovington, KYGoorm, A. D.Lee, A.G650 G650 L000158409
Gordon1 Sep 1856MCincinnati, OHON COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYGordon, E. JohnCunningham, Mary J.G635 G635 C525162581
GordonJames15 Mar 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGordon, SimeonCodi, MaryG635 G635 C300160047
GormleyJohn18 Jan 1857M@ J. GORMLEYW. Covington, Kenton Co., KYGormley, JohnBumpass, Mary AnnG654 G654 B512162110
GormleyRichd.31 Mar 1858MEconomyECONOMYGormley, JnoBumpers, AnnG654 G654 B516162205
GormlyEdward25 Feb 1855M@ J. GORMLYECONOMYGormly, JohnBumpass, AnnG654 G654 B512162240
GornesLafayette22 Aug 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGornes, WilliamLumas, OG652 G652 L520160421
GosmeyEzra S. (sic)6 Nov 1855M@ D. B. GOSMEYLICKING R. KENTON CO., KYGosmey, Danl. B.Griffing, Agnes L.G500 G500 G615162019
Gosney6 Apr 1854MKenton Co., KYNear LickingGosney, Daniel B.Griffing, Agnes E.G500 G500 G615160139
GosneyWm. E.20 Jun 1855MON J. F. LARKERS FARMON GRASSY CREEKGosney, PresleySimpson, ParthinaG500 G500 S512161585
GossinOliver14 Apr 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGossin, BenKeeler, SusanG500 G500 K460158416
GossinRollin14 Apr 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGossin, BenKeeler, SusanG500 G500 K460158417
GostredJoseph9 Aug 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYGostred, J.BergmanG363 G363 B625158935
Goulet10 Mar 1854FCincinnati, OHCovington, KYG430 161753
GouleyMary10 Mar 1854FCincinnati, OHCovington, KYGouley, A.McGraw, EllenG400 G400 M260162066
Gowers11 Apr 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYGowers, Wm.WoelleG620 G620 W400158331
GrabbyWm.3 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGrabby, Wm.Dury, AbigailG610 G610 D600158205
GraceAndrew W.10 Nov 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGrace, PatrickGalvin, EllenG620 G620 G415160654
GradyTim13 Jul 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGrady, PatGaman, JohanaG630 G630 G500158746
GradyWilliam23 Nov 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYGrady, PatGurran, JohanaG630 G630 G650159363
GrahamCath. A.12 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGraham, Danl.McCullough, MaryG650 G650 M242159414
GrahamEllen23 Jan 1856F8TH ST. KENTON CO., KY8th St.Graham, Wm.Hathaway, MariaG650 G650 H300162053
GrantHenry Harris12 Dec 1853MCovington, KYGrant, E. L.Grant, J. P.G653 G653 G653159609
GrantJno. A.1 Aug 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGrant, Wm. L.Southgate, LauraG653 G653 S323158957
GrantMargaret22 Dec 1857F@ W. S. GRANT KENTON CO., KYON LICKING R. KENTON CO., KYGrant, William S.Grant, AgnesG653 G653 G653162578
GrantSusan K.5 Apr 1854FWM. S. GRANTLICKING KENTON CO., KYGrant, Wm. S.Grant, Lydia AnnG653 G653 G653161823
GrasnerAnn5 Sep 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYGrunsmer, JamesMcKensey, MaryG625 G652 M252159062
GrathersFrank2 May 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGrathers, FrankFisher, FrancisG636 G636 F260160179
GrathurFrank2 May 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGrathur, FrankFisher, FrancisG636 G636 F260160200
GraubeMary M. E.28 Dec 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYGraube, HenryMcBride, ElizabethG610 G610 M216159618
GravenerHarry24 Jun 1857MRES. J. P. GRAVENER KENTON CO., KYKENTON ON OHIO RIVERGravenger, John P.Baker, LucinaG615 G615 B260162561
GravenerRobert15 Jan 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGravener, M. R.Folger, GeorgieG615 G615 F426159897
Graves14 May 1854FM. W. GRAVES KENTON CO., KYCOV. & LEX. PIKEGraves, Milton W.Osborn, Catharine A.G612 G612 O216162508
Gray1 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGray, Jno., MaryG600 G600 160595
Gray4 Oct 1857FCovington, KYCovington, KYGray, A. J.GalbaughG600 G600 G412159198
Gray12 Nov 1857F@ C. G. GRAYON DECOURCY CREEK KENTON CO., KYGray, Charles C.Greene, ElinoraG600 G600 G650161985
Gray12 Nov 1857F@ C. G. GRAYON DECOURCY CREEK KENTON CO., KYGray, Charles C.Greene, ElinoraG600 G600 G650162587
Gray15 Oct 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGray, CharlesGreer, AlvinaG600 G600 G600160547
Gray2 Nov 1856M@ J. H. GRAYON DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYGray, Jonathan H.Riggs, Agnes W.G600 G600 R200162585
Gray19 Aug 1877MSTAFFORDSBURGSTAFFORDS-BURGGray, GeorgeSouthardG600 G600 S363162085
GrayGeorge4 Nov 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGray, GeorgeSouthard, MaryG600 G600 S363160609
GrayKate Fredonia10 Oct 1854FDRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYDry CreekGray, JonathanRiggs, AgnesG600 G600 R200162729
GreenThos.1 Aug 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYGreen, JamesCoster, MaryG650 G650 C360158906
GreenwoodJames A.5 Jun 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGreenwood, Jas.Rush, SusanG653 G653 R200160242
GreenwoodJames A.5 Jun 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGreenwood, Jas.Rusk, SusanG653 G653 R200160241
GreenwoodMary E.21 Dec 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGreenwood, JamesRust, SusanG653 G653 R230160709
Greer24 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYGreer, Thos.G600 G600 160857
Greer19 Aug 1853FKenton Co., KYGreer, A. L.Cox, NancyG600 G600 C000160387
Greer25 Dec 1852MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYGreer, ThomasHopkins, IsabellaG600 G600 H125159511
GreersonRobert9 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYGreerson, Robt.McFarland, S.G625 G625 M216160901
GreeyMary E.1 Sep 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYGreey, A. A.Little, Mary A.G600 G600 L340159146
GreimisenMichael Jr.28 Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGreimison, Michael Sr.Kuhn, PhilopenG652 G652 K500160337
GrelangFrank23 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYGrelang, FrankBrann, MaryG645 G645 B650160915
GremisenMichael28 Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYGremison, MichaelKuhn, PhilopenG652 G652 K500160328
GriffinMargaret24 Jan 1877FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYGriffin, Jas.Carroll, MagaretG615 G615 C640161201
GriffingFlorence27 Sep 1855F@ A. R. GRIFFINGS KENTON CO., KYOn Licking River Kenton Co., KYGriffing, Aaron R.Yelton, Maria L.G615 G615 Y435162568
GriffingJohn27 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYGriffing, DavidBettsG615 G615 B320160951
GriffingLewis E.14 Mar 1858MNEAR MORNING SIDENEAR MORNING SIDEGriffing, Aran R.Yelton, MariahG615 G615 Y435161855
GrimWm.16 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYGrim, L. F.Fletcher, MaryG650 G650 F432158430
GrinnerJoseph25 Jul 1854F?Covington, KYCovington, KYGrinnerGrish, ElizabethG656 G656 G620158828
GrinnerMary25 Jul 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGrinner, Wm.Grish, ElizabethG656 G656 G620158830
GrizzelIsabel1 May 1856F@ J. GRIZZELON STEEP CR. KENTON CO., KYGrizzel, JohnBollinger, ElizabethG624 G624 B452162298
GrizzelJas. B.25 Dec 1856M@ A. J. GRIZZELON STEEP CREEK KENTON CO., KYGrizzel, A. J.Stephens, CatharineG624 G624 S315161787
GrizzellCharles C.3 Nov 1859MON STEEP CREEKKenton Co., KYGrizzle, A. S.Stephens, CatharineG624 G624 S315162486
GrizzellMary F.14 Sep 1854FKenton Co., KYSteep CreekGrizzell, Andrew J.Stephens, CatharineG624 G624 S315160439
Grizzle27 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYGrizzle, Jno.Ballinger, ElizabethG624 G624 B452160543
GrizzleMirrone7 Oct 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGrizzle, RobertRiggs, MissouriG624 G624 R200160582
GrizzleNancy E.25 Sep 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGrizzle, A. G.Stephens, CatharineG624 G624 S315160462
GrizzleUnis21 Jan 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYGrizzle, JohnBallinger, ElizabethG624 G624 B452159812
GrofflerMary10 Apr 1856F7TH ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYGroffler, L. D.Phipps, MaryG614 G614 P200162491
Grofflin7 Apr 1856F7TH ST COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYGrofflin, StephenDownsG614 G614 D520162015
Grofhe11 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYGrofhe, Jno.Hicks, SarahG610 G610 H200160687
GrogerElizabeth13 Mar 1858FCovington, KYGroger, ErnstGlenn, JuliaG626 G626 G450158228
Groom21 Oct 1853FKenton Co., KYGroom, AaronLee, MarthaG650 G650 L000160599
GroscherElizabeth18 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYGroscher, FerdinandWebber, AgnesG626 G626 W160159063
GroteMary Ann22 Apr 1856F@ H. GROTECOV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYGrote, HenrySchlickelman, MaryG630 G630 S424161571
GruenweildAbram28 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYGruenweild, J.Hersh, B.G654 G654 H620160950
GrunwaldJoseph28 Jan 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYGrunwald, JacobHess, BarbaraG654 G654 H200157836
GugleJohn22 Oct 1858MCovington, KYGugle, JohnAllprecht, SarahG400 G400 A416159194
GunningEdward B.17 Apr 1856MOWEN CO., KYON VISALIA RD. KENTON CO., KYGunning, JohnStephens, MaryG520 G520 S315161572
GunningElizabeth J.26 Oct 1854M?@ J. GUNNINGBank LickGunning, JohnStephens, Mary J.G520 G520 S315162706
GutridgeClara C.22 Mar 1857F@ RES. OF J. GUTRIDGEON CRUISES CR. KENTON CO., KYGutridge, JohnCurry, ClarissaG363 G363 C600162665
GutridgeJno H.22 Mar 1857M@ RES. OF J. GUTRIDGEON CRUISES CR. KENTON CO., KYGutridge, JohnCurry, ClarrissaG363 G363 C600162666
GuttridgeMelinda11 Mar 1858FWaters Cruises CreekCruise's CreekGuttridge, JohnCurry, ClaryG363 G363 C600162536
HaartwineMaggie2 Sep 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHartwine, JohnWheeler, ElizaH635 H635 W460160476
HaasMary C.25 Jun 1858FLudlowLudlowHaas, GeorgeWilliams, JosephineH200 H200 W452162747
Hackett4 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHackett, J. S.Baker, LouisaH230 H230 B260159630
HackettAnne Henry2 Nov 1858M?Covington, KYHackett, Wm.Hackett, AnnH230 H230 H230159411
HackmanClara17 Feb 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHackman, FredFirst, Eva (Fuerst)H250 H250 F623159931
HackstadtMary19 Jul 1856F@ F. HACKSTADTBROMLEY KENTON CO., KYHackstadt, FerdinandSummerkamp, MaryH230 H230 S562162339
HackstadtSarah J.31 Oct 1858FBROMLEYBROMLEYHackstadt, J. H.Schroder, Mary C.H230 H230 S636161801
HadenMary A.26 Jun 1856FLudlowLudlowHaden, ThomasAbbott, CatharineH350 H350 A130162672
HaganbergEliza31 Jan 1856F12TH & SCOTT ST. KENTON CO., KYCOR. 12TH & SCOTTHagenberg, FredEmken, MaryH251 H251 E525162213
HagerdenHenry30 Dec 1858MCovington, KYHagerden, H.Haven, AnnaH263 H263 H150159533
HaginerFrank8 Dec 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHagner, CasparWilder, CatharineH256 H256 W436159622
HagleMargaret28 Jun 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHagle, Wm.Smith, Elliz'th.H240 H240 S530158597
HailJno.2 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHaile, Thos.O'Bryan, MargaretH400 H400 O165158463
HakeAnna13 Jan 1858FCovington, KYHake, Chas.Gookers, C.H200 H200 G620157795
HakeWilliam25 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYHake, CharlesLa Cane, KateH200 H200 L250160920
Hale17 Jul 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHale, WilliamLemair, E.H400 H400 L560158714
Hale4 Dec 1858FKenton Co., KYHale, James T.Townsend, MelindaH400 H400 T525160782
HaleBerreyMCityCovington, KYHale, H.Reneter, C.H400 H400 R536163299
HaleEllen22 Oct 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYHale, Thos.O'Brian, MargaretH400 H400 O165159215
HaleyHumphrey12 Feb 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHaley, Pat.Donahoe, EllenH400 H400 D500158098
HaleyJerry18 Oct 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHaley, JerryLane, HanahH400 H400 L500159235
HaleyMargaret14 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHaley, Jno.Phelan, BridgetH400 H400 P450159524
Hall12 Aug 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHall, CharlesH400 H400 160368
Hall20 Jan 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, Geo.Bryant, SarahH400 H400 B653157791
HallAlice K. H.2 Dec 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, N.Brown, Mary A.H400 H400 B650159619
HallBent26 Jul 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, Wm.Musselman, MargaretH400 H400 M245158829
HallCharles L.30 Apr 1855M@ J. A. HALLTAYLOR MILL ROADHall, John A.Pickett, AngelineH400 H400 P230161858
HallCharlotta7 May 1876FCAMPBELL CO., KYKenton Co., KYHall, GeorgePervis, MalindaH400 H400 P612162164
HallCharlotte7 May 1876FCAMPBELL CO., KYKenton Co., KYHall, GeorgePervis, MalindaH400 H400 P612162445
HallEdward S.27 May 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, O. M.LeymoreH400 H400 L560158546
HallGardner10 Jul 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHall, JaPickett, AngelineH400 H400 P230160339
HallGeo. F.24 Oct 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, WilliamKinkead, MaryH400 H400 K523159279
HallIndianna14 Jul 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHall, JohnPickett, AnnH400 H400 P230160340
HallJulia E.26 Feb 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHall, Wm. MPorter, Scinthia E.H400 H400 P636159971
HallMartin11 Sep 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, MarvinWright, Abijail J.H400 H400 W623159167
HallMartin J.1 Nov 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, ThomasO'Brien, MargaretH400 H400 O165159416
HallMary26 Jul 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, Wm.Musselman, MargaretH400 H400 M245158831
HallMary26 Jul 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, Wm.Musselman, MargaretH400 H400 M245158827
HallMary R.18 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, Wm.Jones, MargaretH400 H400 J520159408
HallSarah Bell7 Aug 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYHall, SylvesterBeck, Mary J.H400 H400 B200158986
HalsteadMyrtle M.5 Oct 1876FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, KYHalstead, Jos.Hathaway, Emily J.H423 H423 H300161232
HalsyMary11 Jan 1858FCovington, KYHalsy, PatDonohue, EllenH420 H420 D500157813
Hambrick14 Feb 1853MCovington, KYKenton Co., KYHambrick, Jno.Ambrose, ElizabethH516 H516 A516158167
Hambrick16 Oct 1857M@ J. R. HAMBRICKON GRASSY CREEK KENTON CO., KYHambrick, Jas. R.Jones, Emily JaneH516 H516 J520161974
Hambrick9 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHambrick, WilsonSuffing, MaryH516 H516 S152158978
HambrickDavid W.6 Sep 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHambrick, Wm.Ambrose, ElizH516 H516 A516159113
HambrickMartha E.21 Nov 1858FWATERS GRASSY CREEKWaters Grassy CreekHambrick, William T.Cunningham, Nancy A.H516 H516 C525161833
HamefordMary25 May 1858FCovington, KYHameford, Wm.Ballard, AnnaH516 H516 B463158549
HamiltonSophia J.31 Oct 1854FDRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYDry CreekHamilton, MosesDriskell, Ann MariaH543 H543 D624161769
HamlinTheressa5 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHamlin, PatHandby, MaryH545 H545 H531158357
HammerFrancis14 Feb 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHammer, GeorgeMartin, AgnesH560 H560 M635159935
HammerFrank J.10 Sep 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHammer, Geo.Martin, AgnesH560 H560 M635160485
HammerGeorge12 Jan 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHammer, LawrenceCony, Annie M.H560 H560 C500159846
HammerJohn8 Aug 1878MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHammer, LawrenceConin, MargretH560 H560 C500160401
HammerKatie18 Sep 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHammer, GeorgeMortan, AgnesH560 H560 M635160481
HammesRosina28 Feb 1854FNEAR COVINGTONCOV. & LEX. PIKEHammes, PeerArking, WilhelminaH520 H520 A625162241
Hampton18 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYBank Lick, KYHampton, RobertEgglestonH513 H513 E242159862
Hams27 May 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYHams, BartleyCourts, J.H520 H520 C632158441
HandNo Name15 Dec 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHand, LinusHoffman, MatildaH530 H530 H150160713
HandPaul15 Apr 1859MBank LickWATER BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYHand, LinusHoffman, MatildaH530 H530 H150162272
HandZadie15 May 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHand, George C.Richardson, Mary E.H530 H530 R263160166
HandellJane24 Feb 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHandell, JohnStubbsH534 H534 S312158131
HandleJohn28 Jan 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHandle, JohnStubs, A. J.H534 H534 S312157872
Hands27 Jun 1854FLINUS HANDS RES.Bank LickHand, LinusHoffman, MissH532 H530 H150161951
Hanes18 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHanes, Wm.Mixen, ElizaH520 H520 M250157797
Hanes22 Jun 1853FCovington, KYKenton Co., KYHanes, BaileyPeck, MaryH520 H520 P200158683
HankaFrank15 Feb 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHanka, BarneyDerkus, JaglanH520 H520 D620158116
HankinNellie6 Oct 1876FLudlow, KYKenton Co., KYHankin, E. C.Hay, Sarah B.H525 H525 H000162198
Hanks16 Jun 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHanks, FieldingLamster, Melvina (Lamaster)H520 H520 L523160262
Hanks16 Jun 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHanks, FieldingLemaster, MelvinaH520 H520 L523160252
HanksNainice M.16 Jun 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHanks, FieldingLamaster, MelvinaH520 H520 L523160253
HanksNannie M.16 Jun 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHanks, FieldingLemaster, MelvinaH520 H520 L523160216
HanlanKatherine13 Nov 1858FCovington, KYHanlan, Jno.Tairj, RoseH545 H545 T620159469
HanleyBridget9 Aug 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHanley, MikeClare, BridgetH540 H540 C460158907
HanlinElizabeth22 Jul 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYHanlin, JohnFeely, RoseH545 H545 F400158747
HanrahanBridget18 Sep 1857F@ MARTHA MC CULLOUGHHOLES BRANCH KENTON CO., KYHanrahan, PatMulville, BridgetH565 H565 M414162370
HanrahanDennis6 Apr 1859MBank LickHOLDES BRANCH & BANK LICKHanrahan, Danl.Anrahan, CatharineH565 H565 A565162438
HanrahanJane3 Nov 1855F@ D. HANRAHANHOLES BRANCH (SIC) KENTON CO., KYHanrahan, DanielHanrahan, CatharineH565 H565 H565162404
HanrahanJohn21 Nov 1857M@ WM. HANRAHANON BANK LICK KENTON CO., KYHanrahan, WilliamO'Mealy, MaryH565 H565 O540162187
HarcourtDavid1 Oct 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarcourt, WmMason, SarahH626 H626 M250159236
HarcourtTheodore30 Apr 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarcourt, WilliamFreeman, MahalaH626 H626 F650158358
HardenHanry L.9 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarden, Thos.Perry, ElizaH635 H635 P600159584
HardinCharles N.1 Jun 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHardin, G. N.Drummond, EllenH635 H635 D653158668
Hardison4 Sep 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHardison, JamesBrown, E.H632 H632 B650159008
HardisonBayard7 Jul 1854FJAS. HARDISONCruise's CreekHardison, JamesPruitt, ElizabethH632 H632 P630162142
HaricourtGeo. H.10 Aug 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHaricourt, Wm.Freeman, MahalaH626 H626 F650158980
HaricourtW.10 Aug 1852MKenton Co., KYHaricourt, Wm.Freeman, MahalaH626 H626 F650160429
HaricourtW.10 Aug 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHaricourt, Wm.Freeman, MahalaH626 H626 F650158979
HarlowEllison30 Apr 1855M@ G. HARLOWLATONIA, KYHarlow, GeorgeArnold, CharlotteH640 H640 A654162278
HarmanSarah R.11 Sep 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarman, SamuelAckman, NancyH650 H650 A250160444
HarmelingIda F.24 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarmeling, HenrySenerett, EmmaH654 H654 S563160749
HarmelingIda F.24 Dec 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarmeling, HenrySennett, EmmaH654 H654 S530160715
Harmon27 Jul 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYHarmon, LouisSerarting, RebeccaH650 H650 S635158710
HarmonAmos29 Mar 1854MFATHERCruise's CreekHarmon, AmosRoss, Louisa I.H650 H650 R200162143
HarmonMary F.10 Jul 1857FRES. DAVID HARMON KENTON CO., KYNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYHarmon, Saml. J.Ackman, NancyH650 H650 A250161783
HarmonRosina13 Sep 1854FCovington, KYHarmon, Lewis, RosinaH650 H650 159090
HarmonSophy4 Nov 1857F@ L. HARMONON DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYHarmon, LawrencePhilip, SophiaH650 H650 P410162405
HarmonWm. D.1 Nov 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarmon, James F.Benson, AngerineH650 H650 B525160634
HarnefordMary25 May 1858FCovington, KYHarneford, Wm.Ballard, AnnaH651 H651 B463158459
Harney2 Dec 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYHarney, JohnGreen, J.H650 H650 G650159643
Harper3 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarper, JohnDaartus, MaryH616 H616 D632157804
HarperCharles E.26 Nov 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarper, JuliusLewis, MilleyH616 H616 L200160605
HarperEllenora6 May 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHarper, JohnKinkead, Eliza JamH616 H616 K523158485
HarringdonJohn9 Apr 1857MCINCINNATI,OHW. Covington, Kenton Co., KYHarrindgon, JamesConcklin, JuliaH652 H653 C524162111
Harris29 Jul 1857FCovington, KYHarris, J.H620 H620 158704
Harris18 Dec 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarris, John W.Galbreth, MaryH620 H620 G416160765
Harris11 Dec 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarris, JamesHorn, S.H620 H620 H650159644
Harris27 Nov 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarris, J.JonesH620 H620 J520159339
Harris12 Jul 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarris, T.SculpingH620 H620 S415158726
HarrisCharles L.16 Jul 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarris, Jonth.Gennings, Eliz'th.H620 H620 G520158802
HarrisIda O. H.13 Feb 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarris, DavidHume, LutitiaH620 H620 H500159968
HarrisIda O. H.13 Feb 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHorris, DavidHume, Lutitia F.H620 H620 H500159958
HarrisLaura Bell7 Apr 1856F@ J. HARRISON FOWLERS CR. KENTON CO., KYHarris, JohnWilliams, Mary JaneH620 H620 W452161759
HarrisMary21 Aug 1856FCityCovington, KYHarris, BartBrownH620 H620 B650160952
Harrison9 Jan 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarrison, (none)H625 H625 157800
Harrison25 Dec 1853MKenton Co., KYHarrison, DanParry, HariettH625 H625 P600160725
HarrisonJno. C. B.15 Jul 1857M@ Res. T. Harrison Kenton Co., KYS. COVINGTON, KENTON CO., KYHarrison, Thos.Skelton, ElizaH625 H625 S435162075
HarrisonJno. F.14 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarrison, A. P.Busse, RosinH625 H625 B200159452
HarrisonJno. F.14 Nov 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHarrison, A. P.Busy, RosinH625 H625 B200159453
HarrisonJohn P.22 Sep 1858MS. Covington, KYS. Covington, KYHarrison, John P.Hays, Nancy K.H625 H625 H200161159
HarrisonRosena13 Sep 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHarrison, LewisBostlar, RosenaH625 H625 B234159064
HarrisonSamuel F.8 Jun 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYUnknownHarrison, PamelaH625 U525 H625160279
HarrisonSarah Ann4 Jul 1855F@ LUCINA HARRISONON BOWMAN CREEK KENTON CO., KYHarrison, PameliaH625 H625162713
HarrisonWm. D.MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHarrison, James F.Benson, AngerineH625 H625 B525161108
HarrossJane1 Mar 1857FW. Covington, KYW. Covington, Kenton Co., KYHarross, Ed.Turnbunn, MaryH620 H620 T651161190
Hart16 Jul 1853MKenton Co., KYHart, Jas.Bear, NancyH630 H630 B600160360
HartMary15 Nov 1858FCovington, KYHart, Wm.Kane, AffeeH630 H630 K500159346
HartWilliam Foster5 Feb 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHart, ThomasSpringer, Harriet J.H630 H630 S165159924
HartfordElizabeth25 Aug 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYHartford, HenryHartmyre, ElizabethH631 H631 H635158908
HartleyMartha M.17 Apr 1859FGRANTS BEND LICKINGKenton Co., KYHartley, BenjaminBall, MargaretH634 H634 B400161576
Harvey23 Aug 1856FNEWPORTCovington, KYHarveyH610 H610 162510
HarveyMary Bell14 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHarvey, JonathanPruet, IsabelH610 H610 P630159590
HascampElizabeth11 Jan 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYHascamp, HenryLinnerman, MaryH251 H251 L565157837
HasmanHenry21 Nov 1857M@ H. HOSMANWillow Run, Kenton Co., KYHasman, HenryMeinan, MargaretH250 H250 M000162113
HasteusWilliam17 Sep 1856MCityHasteus, HH232 H232 160900
HastingsAlonzo8 May 1852MCincinnati, OHKenton Co., KYHastings, JosephRichardson, FrancisH235 H235 R263162092
HatchCharles27 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHatch, Danl. G.Hall, Mary R.H320 H320 H400158931
HaulshowerLouisa11 Feb 1856FAUSTINAustin's Addition Covington, KYHaulshower, Wm.Sligman, MariaH426 H426 S425162054
HavenMelinda A.14 Apr 1857FRES. H. HAVEN KENTON CO., KYON BOWMAN CR. KENTON CO., KYHaven, HiramMcCuen, RebeccaH150 H150 M250161529
HavensArchibald1859MWATERS BOWMANKenton Co., KYHavens, HiramHavens, RebeccaH152 H152 H152162208
HavensColumbus C.22 Jun 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHavens, HiramMcKuen, RebeccaH152 H152 M250160214
HavensHendricke30 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHavens, Simon A.Lipscomb, Nancy G.H152 H152 L125159822
HavensHendricks30 Jan 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHavens, Simon A.Lipscomb, Nancy J.H152 H152 L125159851
HavensHiram F.26 Oct 1855M@ H. HAVENBOWMAN KENTON CO., KYHavens, HiramMcCuen, RebeccaH152 H152 M250161531
HavensM. H.16 Apr 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHavens, HenryMcKuen, EllenH152 H152 M250160106
HavlinAnna Belle10 Mar 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYHavlin, JosephCreghton, Ann E.H145 H145 C623158270
HavlinArrean3 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHavlin, JnoHeubert, ElizabethH145 H145 H163159364
HavlinL. F.1 Nov 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHavlin, JosephMcCabe, ElizaH145 H145 M210159415
HawkinsNancy Jane14 Oct 1855F@ WM. H. HAWKINS KENTON CO., KYON FOWLERS CR. KENTON CO., KYHawkins, Wm. H.Berry, FrancesH252 H252 B600161785
HawleyJas.20 Mar 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHawley, WortDean, SarahH400 H400 D500158217
HawleySarah Francis12 Mar 1856FTWELFTH ST.Covington, KYHawley, Jas K.Williams, Mary E.H400 H400 W452161917
HawleyWm. J.23 Nov 1855M@ J. HAWLEYECONOMY KENTON CO., KYHawley, JohnDevin, CatharineH400 H400 D150161655
HayFranklin W.4 Jan 1855MRES. A. HAY KENTON CO., KYECONOMYHay, AaronWhitehead, Eliza F.H000 H000 W300161689
HayWilliam22 Apr 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHay, WilliamReese, MarthaH000 H000 R200158359
Hayden1 Nov 1853FKenton Co., KYHayden, Jno.Frates, E. L.H350 H350 F632160688
HaydenEdward5 Oct 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHayden, Thos.McCarty, KathH350 H350 M263159214
HaynesMary R.17 Jun 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHaynes, Wm.Mayer, ElizH520 H520 M600158639
HaysEliz3 May 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHays, Saml. K.Howard, Eliz. S.H200 H200 H630158536
HaysH. H.21 Aug 1856MCityCovington, KYHays, Saml. K.Howard, E.H200 H200 H630160870
HaysMary J.10 Jan 1858FWATERWaters Grassy CreekHays, JohnYoung, AnnH200 H200 Y520162695
HaysMary K.10 Jan 1859FNear Independence, KYKenton Co., KYHays, John T.Young, AnnH200 H200 Y520161825
HaysSusan F.5 Aug 1856F@ D. HAYS. KENTON CO., KYON GRASSY CREEK KENTON CO., KYHays, DavidKendall, SusanH200 H200 K534161624
HealeyMartha5 Jan 1877FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHealey, G. W.Tuthy, EllenH400 H400 T000159849
HeavenElmore D.26 Mar 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHeaven, W. T.Scott, LouizaH150 H150 S300158301
HeberleCaroline23 Sep 1857FRES. F. HEBERLE KENTON CO., KYNEAR DRY CREEK KENTON CO., KYHeberle, FredKnaus, CarolineH164 H164 K520162371
HeckmanMary11 Feb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHeckman, Wm.Tymer, MaryH250 H250 T560158083
HedgesAnn E.16 Jan 1859FOn Cruise's CreekKenton Co., KYHedges, AddisonDay, Nancy R.H320 H320 D000161741
HefferbondMary24 Feb 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYHefferbond, WilliamNeyhouse, MaryH161 H161 N200158099
HegnerFrank8 Dec 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHegner, CasparWilder, CatharineH256 H256 W436159623
HeillaJ. Henry7 Mar 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHeilla, HenryHelman, MaryH400 H400 H450158264
HeilmanChas. W.21 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYHeilman, Jno.Arsing, E.H450 H450 A625160998
HeilmanJohn27 Aug 1856M@ A. HEILMANNEAR COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYHeilman, AndrewLumberman, JennyH450 H450 L516162353
HeinWm.12 Dec 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHein, JnoMurphey, BridgetH500 H500 M610159532
HellbushEdward L.22 Feb 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHellbush, ClemensSpuker, ElizabethH412 H412 S126158146
HellmanDinah15 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHellman, B. H.Clark, DesonittH450 H450 C462158380
HellmanFerdinand28 Dec 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHellman, H.Rhuetie, BerdmaH450 H450 R300159566
HellmanFrank A.31 Dec 1856MCityCovington, KYHellman, HenryKlokerH450 H450 K426160867
HellmanMary R.15 ? 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHellman, Ant.Shetmer, MaryH450 H450 S356161245
HelmanB. A.14 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHelman, AntonyShitenwyre, MaryH450 H450 S356158395
HelmerHenry14 Aug 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHelmer, JosephKeinbrink, MaryH456 H456 K516158926
Hemingray21 Dec 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHemingray, Robt.Ringold, ClaraH526 H526 R524159490
HemingrayHenrietta4 May 1858M?Covington, KYCovington, KYHemingray, Saml. J.Jones, AnnH526 H526 J520158560
HemingrayHomer H.5 Feb 1877MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHemingray, BivinAckman, Mary M.H526 H526 A250159939
HemingwayHugh B.6 Jul 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHeminway, B.Ackman, MargaretH520 H500 A250160302
HeminwayHugh B.6 Jul 1874MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHeminway, B.Ackman, MargaretH500 H500 A250160284
HempflingIra M.1 Apr 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHempfling, JacobArmstrong, SarahH514 H514 A652160126
HempseedClements M.4 Oct 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHempseed, Fredk.Kloka, DenaH512 H512 K420159277
HempseedThomas12 Aug 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHempseed, FredRuter, DesiahH512 H512 R360158909
Henderson21 Dec 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHenderson, Samuel M.Bradford, Sarah A.H536 H536 B631159647
HendersonJoseph23 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHenderson, JohnFinn, MaryH536 H536 F500158360
HendersonRussell B.30 Jan 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHenderson, J. L.Hopkins, AdelizaH536 H536 H125157913
HengholdHenry9 Nov 1856MCityCovington, KYHenghold, Phil.Spicking, ElizaH524 H524 S125160942
HenkeAntony11 Jan 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHenke, BarneyDerkes, D.H520 H520 D620157864
HenkeBarney10 Oct 1856MCityCovington, KYHenke, BarneyToby, TaplerH520 H520 T100160935
HennRachel3 Mar 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHenn, HenryPradle, Eliz.H500 H500 P634158230
HennagerAgnes6 Oct 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHennager, Jos.Speaker, MaryH526 H526 S126159209
HennesseyWilliam14 Apr 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHennessey, TimFarrell, MargaretH520 H520 F640158361
HennessyMary26 Nov 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYHennesy, TimFarrell, MaryH520 H520 F640159459
HennessyWilliam26 Nov 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHennessy, TimFarrell, MaryH520 H520 F640159460
HennissyThomas1 Nov 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHennessy, NicholasDesmonty, BridgetH520 H520 D253159365
HennyRobert18 Jul 1857MILLINOISHenny, JohnGoadfieldH500 H500 G314162344
HenryhanDennis6 Apr 1859MBank LickHOLES BRANCH & BANK LICKHenryhan, Danl.Henryhan, CatharineH565 H565 H565162439
Herbert1 Dec 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYHerbert, Josiah Jr.Rich, MaryH616 H616 R200159501
HerbertHenry C.12 Jun 1856MCityCovington, KYHerbert, JohnPowers, LouisaH616 H616 P620160859
HerbertJohn10 Jul 1856MNOT GIVENKenton Co., KYHerbert, L. C.VickersH616 H616 V262162611
HermanIrene B.27 Oct 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHerman, J. F.Benson, AnnaH650 H650 B525160513
HermanIrene B.27 Oct 1878FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHerman, J. F.Benson, ArinaH650 H650 B525160522
Herndon2 Jul 1877FBANK LICK STA.BANK LICK STA.Herndon, ColumbusWilson, HesterH653 H653 W425161890
HerndonSep 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHerndon, C. W.Wilson, Mary EsterH653 H653 W425160799
HerndonCarrie F.Feb 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHerndon, C. W.Wilson, Mary E.H653 H653 W425160795
HerndonWelina Jane9 Sep 1856W@ W. L. HERNDONTURKEY FOOT RD. KENTON CO., KYHerndon, Walter L.Hughes, Rachel P.H653 H653 H200161935
HerringtonChas. E.10 Aug 1858WCovington, KYCovington, KYHerrington, Thos.Muth, PelinaH652 H652 M300158989
HerrodAndrew15 May 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHerrod, Andrew H.Reynolds, Mary A.H630 H630 R543158496
Herron2 Nov 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYHerronLee, AugustusH650 H650 L000159456
Hesetefors4 Feb 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHesetefors, JohnRuddle, MaryH231 H231 R340158065
HessAntony4 Dec 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHess, JohnFerrold, DenaH200 H200 F643159515
HessCatharine6 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHess, Ant.KoorsH200 H200 K620159578
HetabellaPhilip9 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHetabella, AbramHelman, MaryH314 H314 H450158476
HeuslemanWilliam3 Dec 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHeuskleman, Wm.Ansilar, EmmaH245 H245 A524159520
HeydeWilliam George2 Apr 1856MTHIRD ST. COVINGTON, KYCovington, KYHeyde, Wm. J.Grosa, EmmaH300 H300 G620161779
HiattWilliam1 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHiatt, DudleyAckley, ClaraH300 H300 A240159065
HickmanJos.15 Jun 1859MBank LickHickman, HenryLeber, Mary A.H250 H250 L160162020
Hicks11 Apr 1852FCovington, KYCovington, KYHicks, JacobH200 H200 158312
Hicks16 Aug 1853MCovington, KYHicks, & HicksH200 H200 158981
HicksLouisa10 Jun 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHicks, JohnPatterson, JaneH200 H200 P362158693
Hickson22 May 1853MCovington, KYHickson, W.Calvert, S.H250 H250 C416158448
HigginsAnnie1 Sep 1875FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHiggins, MichaelCoogan, BridgetH252 H252 C500160464
HigginsAnnie1 Sep 1875FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHiggins, MichaelKugan, BridgetH252 H252 K500160503
HigginsChas.15 Jul 1876MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHiggins, BernardJudge, Mary A.H252 H252 J320160303
HighausEliza12 Feb 1856FSCOTT ST. KENTON CO., KYSCOTT ST.Bossa, ElizabethH200 B200162028
HighouseDebroah7 Mar 1876FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHighouse, PeterMarshall, FrancisH200 H200 M624160089
HightowerH236 161061
Hightower22 Nov 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHightower, ThompsonHarper, ElizabethH236 H236 H616160636
HightowerAmerica E.5 May 1854FCRUISECruise's CreekHightower, RollaHarmon, Sarah AnnH236 H236 H650162725
HightowerRobert A.15 Mar 1858MNEAR WALTON BOON E CO., KYNEAR WALTON BOONE CO., KYHightower, RollaHarman, Sarah A.H236 H236 H650161695
HightowerRolla A.1 Jul 1855M@ W. W. M. HIGHTOWERON FALMOUTH ROADHightower, Wm. M.Wood, Cynthia AnnH236 H236 W300161827
HildebrandCatherine2 Aug 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYHildebrand, JosephHightower, Mary A.H431 H431 H236158927
HilkerWm.20 Nov 1855MCovington, KYCovington, KYHolker, Wm. (sic)Robins, AnnettaH426 H426 R152159401
Hill23 Nov 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHill, E. D.FooteH400 H400 F300159342
HillEllza May18 Jan 1856F@ M. HILLCruise's CreekHill, MontogomeryYelton, Julia AnnH400 H400 Y435162728
HillGeorg R.13 May 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHill, Geo. R.Angle, ElizabethH400 H400 A524158531
HillLucy F.16 Sep 1859FCRUISES. CR.Kenton Co., KYHill, MontgomeryYelton, JuliaH400 H400 Y435161642
HillMary Jane5 Dec 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYHill, EnochBrenton, SarahH400 H400 B653159597
HillR. Yelton9 Nov 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHill, MontgomeryYelton, JuliaH400 H400 Y435160613
HillRichard H.5 Dec 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHill, IsaacFoster, RhodaH400 H400 F236159591
HillWm. H.1 Feb 1858MCovington, KYCovington, KYHill, W. T.Parlivy, Eliza J.H400 H400 P641158158
HillisAnn25 Dec 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHillis, HenryArmstrong, CatharineH420 H420 A652159542
HillmanAnthony27 Nov 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHillman, AMarinkH450 H450 M652159405
HillsJohn31 Aug 1858MCovington, KYHills, Theo.Feltcamp, AntoniaH420 H420 F432158892
Hineman26 Oct 1859FCovington, KYCovington, KYHineman, TimothyAymer, CatherineH500 H500 A560159181
HinerCharles8 Sep 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHiner, RobertHiner, MelissaH560 H560 H560159066
HingholdMary21 Apr 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHinghold, PhilipSpeaking, ElizabethH524 H524 S125158346
HinkampJos.6 May 1854MCovington, KYCovington, KYHinkamp, JosBenka, Mary (Beneka)H525 H525 B520158466
HintenCarline L.30 Apr 1858FCovington, KYCovington, KYHinten, Jas.Wheat, Sary E.H535 H535 W300158389
Hion30 Sep 1853MCovington, KYHion, Wm.Foley, ElizabethH500 H500 F400159000
Hisindorf5 Feb 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHusindorf, H.Steffen, Mary A.H253 H253 S315159952
HissBarbary16 Feb 1854FCovington, KYCovington, KYHiss, F.Rentz, TerissoH200 H200 R532158100
HitowerJohn B.1 Feb 1856M@ R. HITOWERPINER X ROADS KENTON CO., KYHitower, RollaHarrison, Sarah AnnH360 H360 H625162485
HoavermeirAgnis17 Oct 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHoavermeier, JosephBrgerman, DenaH165 H165 B626160533
HoavermireAgnes17 Oct 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHoavermire, JosephBrigerman, DenaH165 H165 B626160564
HoavermireAgnis17 Oct 1874FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHoavermire, JosephBrgerman, DenaH165 H165 B626160588
HobanEdward6 May 1857MWEST COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYIN WEST COVINGTON KENTON CO., KYHoban, Jas.O'Conner, Cath.H150 H150 O256162047
HobanJames18 Feb 1855M@ J. HOBAN KENTON CO., KYECONOMYHoban, JamesO'Conner, CatharineH150 H150 O256162186
HobsonAlice15 Mar 1855FCovington, KYCovington, KYHobson, JohnHogworth, Eli?H125 H125 H263158212
HockNelly Mary11 Apr 1855F@ J. HOCKNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKEHock, JosephYolle, ElizabethH200 H200 Y400161573
HockWm. F.11 Jun 1856M@ J. HOCKNEAR COV. & LEX. PIKE KENTON CO., KYHock, JosephYoll, ElizabethH200 H200 Y400161586
Hodge24 Oct 1857MCovington, KYCovington, KYHodge, J.Ireland, L. A.H320 H320 I645159185
Hodgkins5 Mar 1852MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHodgkins, Abraham, MaryH325 H325 160039
HodgkinsAbram W.M@ Mary Hodgkin's Kenton Co., KYOn Licking Kenton Co., KYHodgins, AbramHodgkins, MaryH325 H325 H325161553
HodgkinsNicholas Marion16 May 1853MKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHodgkins, AbrahamHodgkins, MaryH325 H325 H325160188
HoekKatherine E.31 Oct 1858FCovington, KYHoek, HenryMeninger, Mag.H200 H200 M260159287
HoelscherJno. A.10 Oct 1859MCovington, KYCovington, KYHoelscher, Jno. MMetgers, Mary E.H426 H426 M326159307
Hoffman1 Nov 1852MCovington, KYCovington, KYHoffman, ThomasH150 H150 159326
Hoffman24 Sep 1852FKenton Co., KYKenton Co., KYHoffman, DanielShotwell, NancyH150 H150 S340160468
Hoffman5 Aug 1853MKenton Co., KYHoffman, EdwardWhaley, MissH150 H150 W400160391