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GenKY - Covington City Directory 1834

City directories were the telephone books of their day. Male heads of household are typically listed. Sometimes, widows or women who owned/operated a business also are listed. A typical entry includes a name, occupation, and a house address.

The Original 1834 Covington City Directory is also available in book form.

Number of Records: 316

Last NameFirst NameAddressOccupationSoundexGenKY ID
Last NameFirst NameAddressOccupationSoundexGenKY ID
AbbottMrs.Greenup b. 3rd and 4thSeamstressA130288222
AbbottThomas4th b. Greenup and ScottLaborerA130288221
AbbottY.4th b. Greenup and ScottLaborerA130288194
AcleyWallgravec. Greenup and FrontInnkeeperA240288195
AdamsEvanBoards at John Morris'A352288225
AdamsJohnBoards at John Morris'A352288223
AdamsRichardGreenup b. 2nd and 3rdTeacherA352288224
AlbroHenry3rd b. Garrard and GreenupLath MakerA416288226
ArnoldJamesMadison b. 3rd and 4thJustice of the PeaceA654288227
AutherWilliamMarket SpaceAuctioneerA360288196
BallRobert H.C. Garrard and Market SpaceInnkeeperB400288228
BarkerWilliam E.Opposite Public SquareBlacksmithB626288229
BarnesGeorge A.2nd n. of GreenupB652288230
BartlesonE.R.Greenup n. of 2ndEditor - Covington InquirerB634288197
BayliesJohnBoards at Covington HotelTailorB420288231
Beal4th b. Scott and MadisonB400288232
BeckTrumanGreenup n. of MarketGrocerB200288233
BellJosephBoards at Thomas Eagen'sCarpenterB400288234
BentonMortimer M.4th b. Scott and GreenupAttorney at LawB535288235
BernardGreenburryG.M. Southgate'sClerkB656288236
BigfordMaryc. 4th and ScottSeamstressB216288237
BladenGeorgeFront n. GreenupPilotB435288238
BlissPlinyFront(Kennedy and B.) Ferry OwnerB420288239
BodwellJoshuaBoards at P. Longshore'sB340288241
BodwellParkerBoards at Amos Owen'sEngineerB340288240
BohannanWilliamAlley b. 2nd and 3rd, Greenup and GarrardLaborerB500288242
BonhamRichardBoards at A. Connelly'sB500288179
BowenJohnMadison n. 5thCarpenterB500288244
BowenSarah (Mrs.)Alley b. 3rd and 4th, Greenup and GarrardB500288243
BradleyNathan2nd n. FactoryCarpenterB634288198
BriceJohnBoards at Covington HotelAttorney at LawB620288245
BrightM.Boards at Jas. Owen'sCigar ManufacturerB623288246
BrookshawJosephn. Rolling MillB620288199
BryantMary (Mrs.)Scott b. 2nd and 3rdB653288247
CallantJohnBoards at Hamilton Martin'sGrocerC453288248
CallantThomas2nd n. of FactoryLaborerC453288249
CarneyThomasBoards at A. Chumbly'sC650288250
CaseyJohn B.c. Market and GreenupTabocconistC000288200
ChandlerJane (Mrs.)c. Garrard and 2ndC534288186
ChildressJamesGarrard b. 3rd and 4thLaborerC436288251
ChristyJacobn. Catholic ChurchTannerC623288252
ChumblyAllenScott b. 2nd and 3rdShoemakerC514288202
ChumblyDavidBoards at A. Chumbly'sC514288201
ClarkJames2nd n. of FactoryC462288253
ClarkJosephBoards at Covington HotelC462288254
ClarkRobertShoemaker at T. Creighon'sC462288255
ClaytonJohn4th n. of GreenupTailorC435288256
ClemensC.Greenup n. 3rdLumber MerchantC452288257
ClemensElizabeth (Mrs.)Scott b. 2nd and 3rdC452288258
ClemensHenryScott b. 2nd and 3rdC452288259
ClineDavidn. Rolling MillWeaverC450288260
ClineWilliamn. Public SquareLaborerC450288261
CoffmanElias3rd b. Garrard and GreenupBricklayerC150288262
ColletJohnn. Rolling MillC430288181
ConnellyAlexanderc. Garrard and 2ndInnkeeperC540288263
CooperIsaac D.3rd b. Garrard and GreenupSheriffC160288264
CottonBoards at Joseph Morse'sRope MakerC350288266
CreightonThos.Greenup n. of 2ndBoot and ShoemakerC623288267
CrierWilliamBoards at Thomas Callant'sC600288268
CunninghamN. (Mrs.)Opposite Public SquareC525288203
DanielsWilliamScott b. 2nd and 3rdIron RollerD542288269
DargonRichardPublic SuareD625288270
DavidsonJamesBoards at Mrs. I. Davidson'sD132288272
DavidsonJane (Mrs.)2nd b. Greenup and GarrardD132288271
DavisBoards at Thomas Eagen'sCabinet MakerD120288274
DavisDavidat Rolling MillD120288275
DavisMichaelBoards at C. Hardy'sCarpenterD120288276
DavisThomasat Rolling MillD120288277
DavisWardBoards at Wm. Horner'sD120288273
DowntonJohnGreenup Opposite Market SquareBakerD535288278
DoyleJamesBoards at Corcoran'sD400288204
DrewHansonc. Madison and 2ndFlour MillD600288279
DunawayEllis3rd b. Garrard and GreenupCabinet MakerD500288280
EagenThomasc. Scott and 5thBoarding HouseE250288281
EdwardsMilton L.Madison n. 5thE363288282
EgglestonSilasMarket SpaceTobacconistE242288205
ElliottWilliamGreenup n. 2ndCooperE430288283
EllisonThomasGreenup b. Front and 2ndMoulderE425288189
EvansDavid4th b. Scott and MadisonTobacconistE152288284
EvensBartlett5th b. Scott and MadisonCarpenterE152288285
FaulknerAmbrosec. Garrard and 3rdCarpenterF425288286
FiefieldGeorgeBoards at T. Callant'sCotton PresserF430288287
FiefieldMatthew2nd n. of FactoryCotton PresserF430288288
FithianThos. M.3rd b. Garrard and GreenupNailerF350288289
FoleyB.M.Boards at A. Connelly'sAttorney at Law Greenup n. 2ndF400288290
FordRichardOpposite Public SquareLaborerF630288206
FrenchRichard C.Greenup b. 4th and 5thCarpenterF652288291
FugerMartinn. Market SpaceF260288207
GageFrederickScott b. 4th and 5thTabocconistG000288292
GardnerRichardFront b. Garrard and GreenupCooperG635288293
GedgeJ.C.John M. CaseyClerkG320288294
GibsonEliza (Mrs.)Greenup n. 4thG125288295
GildersleeveRichardMarket SpaceCarpenterG436288296
GilreathSamuelMadison b. 5th and 6thGunsmithG463288297
GlendenningHarveyW. end of 4thCabinet MakerG453288298
GoodsonJohn A.Head of MadisonCarpenterG325288299
GossageCharlesn. FactoryBlacksmithG000288300
GraceMargaret (Mrs.)Head of GreenupLadies SeminaryG620288302
GraceThomasHead of GreenupG620288301
GrayJ.4th b. Scott and MadisonRiver TraderG600288305
GrayJohn5th b. Scott and MadisonWagon makerG600288303
GrayJohnGreenup Opposite Market SpaceGrocerG600288304
Greenen. Catholic ChurchShip CarpenterG650288306
GreerA.L.c. 3rd and GreenupMerchantG600288308
GreerThomasA.L. Greer'sClerkG600288307
GreggElizabeth (Mrs.)Greenup b. Front and 2ndG620288309
GriffithWilliamBoards at E. Lewis'sG613288310
HammondJosephFront b. Garrard and LickingBoiler MakerH530288188
HardinJohnFront b. Kennedy and LickingH635288311
HardinPeterGarrard b. 2nd and 3rdCarpenterH635288312
HardyChas.n. Public SquareCarpenterH630288313
HarlonJonasFront n. FactoryCoffee HouseH645288314
HawkinsBenjamin2nd n. FrontLaborerH252288315
HebournMilton (Dr.)3rd b. Garrard and GreenupH165288316
HenryClement C.Scott b. 2nd and 3rdLaborerH560288208
HerndonMilton (Dr.)3rd b. Garrard and GreenupH653288317
HicksLewisn. Rolling MillH200288318
HillJames2nd n. FactoryLaborerH400288320
HillJohn2nd b. Greenup and GarrardFerrymanH400288319
HillWilliam2nd n. FactoryLaborerH400288209
HintonThos.4th b. Scott and MadisonClerkH535288321
HoldenSaml.c. 4th and ScottRiver TraderH435288322
HollyJohnGarrard b. 3rd and 4thH400288323
HollyJohn Jr.Boards at John Holly'sEngineerH400288324
HollyWilliamc. Madison and 3rdEngineerH400288325
HopkinsWm.Greenup b. 4th and 5thBrickmakerH125288326
HornerWilliam2nd n. FactoryBakerH656288327
HousleyPeytonc. 4th and ScottBlacksmithH240288328
HowellBerryc. Garrard and FrontLaborerH400288330
HowellWm. L.2nd n. GreenupCarpenterH400288329
HuffWm.Scott b. 2nd and 3rdBrickmakerH100288210
HughsAlexanderc. Madison and 5thH200288332
HughsRichradGreenup n. 4thLaborerH200288331
HunterJamesw. of Madison b. 2nd and 3rdCabinet MakerH536288211
IdleGeorgeat P. Lomgshore'sTeamsterI340288333
IngramIsaacn. FactoryI526288334
JamesWilliamBoards at John Morris'J520288335
JenkinsChas.4th b. Greenup and ScottTabocconistJ525288336
JewittIsaacBoards at J. Paxton'sNail CutterJ300288337
JohnsonA. C.Greenup b. 3rd and 4thIndian DoctorJ525288340
JohnsonJon.Market SpaceCarpenterJ525288338
JohnsonRichardat A. RossSaddlerJ525288339
JohnsonThomas4th b. Greenup and ScottCarpenterJ525288341
JoinerJ.Scott n. of FactoryBrick MakerJ560288342
JonesDavidBoards at E. Lewis'sJ520288344
JonesDavidBoards at T. Davis'Rolling MillJ520288346
JonesRichardGarrard b. 2nd and 3rdLaborerJ520288343
JonesThos. J.Fireman at Rolling MillJ520288345
JordanHenryBoards at J. Owen'sCigar MakerJ635288347
JuberFront n. LickingTinnerJ160288187
KeddHenry2nd n. FactoryGrocerK300288348
KeileyThos.Boards at Jos. Morris'Chair makerK400288349
KelloggJamesFront b. Garrard and LickingRenovatorK420288350
KennedySaml.Garrard b. Front and Second(K. and Bliss) Ferry OwnerK530288352
KennedyThomasc. Garrard and FrontK530288351
KingJohn (Dr.)4th n. LickingK520288184
KinsieThomasBoards at E. Lewis'sK520288353
KitsonJosephScott b. 2nd and 3rdRolling MillK325288354
KroutJacob3rd b. Garrard and GreenupShoe MakerK630288355
LaffenwellJamesScott b. 2nd and 3rdL154288356
LambMiltonc. Greenup and 2ndLaborerL510288357
LancasterElijahn. LickingCarpenterL523288358
LaneWilsonGreenup b. 2nd and 3rdCoffee HouseL500288359
LawrenceSaml.Public SquareLaborerL652288360
LeonardJ.B.Greenup Opposite Covington HotelMerchantL563288362
LeonardSimeon2nd n. FactoryManager of Rolling MillL563288363
LeonardWilliamAlley b. 3rd and 4th, Greenup and GarrardRiver TraderL563288361
LesherCharlesGarrard b. 2nd and 3rdCoach MakerL260288364
LewisEdmundat Rolling MillL200288366
LewisH. (Dr.)n. Market SpaceDoctor - Greenup and 4thL200288365
LightJohn G.Greenup b. 3rd and 4thShoe MakerL230288367
LightfootJas.Boards at E. Dunaway'sCabinet MakerL231288368
LittlefieldCalvin A.w. side of Public SquareBricklayerL341288212
LloydWm.c. Madison and 3rdFireman at Rolling MillL300288369
LogheckerAbramBoards at T. Eagan'sCarpenterL260288370
LongshorePeterw. side of Market SpaceGang SawyerL526288213
LoringC. (Mrs.)Market SpaceL652288371
LovettHenry2nd n. FactoryL130288372
MadduxA.Boards at T. Ellison'sLaborerM320288373
MallerdyHenry2nd n. FactoryLaborerM463288374
ManningDrakeSaddler at W.M. NashM200288375
ManningSaml.Greenup n. 2ndCarpenterM200288376
MarshIsaacOpposite Public SquareCarpenterM620288377
MarshallG.B.Greenup b. 2nd and 3rd; h. c. Madison and 5thMerchant (M&M Coy)M624288378
MartinHamiltonGarrard b. 2nd and 3rdTobacconistM635288383
MartinHarrisonMadison n. 6th; h. Boards at T. Callant'sGrocerM635288380
MartinHiramMarket Space; h. 5th b. Scott and MadisonCabinet MakerM635288379
MartinIsaacMadison n. 6thCollectorM635288381
MartinM.Boards at Thos. Callant'sM635288382
MaxwellJohnat P. Lomngshore'sEngineerM240288384
MaxwellJohnBoards at William Elliott'sCooperM240288385
McArthurJeffersonc. Front and KennedyLaborerM263288386
McCoyJohnBoards at Covington Hotel(Marshall & McCoy) MerchantM200288387
McLaneJamesBoards at Thos. Eagen'sBricklayerM245288388
McMurtryMatthewScott b. 2nd and 3rdMillwrightM256288389
Meffordjacobc. 5th and ScottDraymanM163288390
MelonaGeorge J.4th b. Scott and MadisonPlastererM450288391
MelonaWm.n. Catholic ChurchPlastererM450288214
MetcalfMary (Mrs.)s. side Public SquareM324288392
MillerA.Boards at A. Connelly'sM460288394
MillerDanl.n. Catholic ChurchCarpenterM460288393
MitchellN. (Mrs.)Alley n. Scott and 2ndM324288182
MontgomeryGeorge P.C. 2nd and ScottGrocerM325288395
MooreSarah (Mrs.)Public SquareM600288396
MoorlandAugustusn. Catholic ChurchCarpenterM645288215
MoranHenry A.3rd b. Garrard and GreenupCabinet MakerM650288397
MorrellGeorge W.c. Greenup and 2ndGrocer and Produce MerchantM640288398
MorrisBoards at T. Eagen'sCarpenterM620288399
MorrisJohnn. Rolling MillM620288400
MorrisJoseph5th b. Scott and MadisonCarpenterM620288401
MorseJos.Greenup n. 3rdCarpenterM620288402
MoselyD.B.Boards at Covington HotelM240288403
MusselmanWm.4th b. Greenup and GarrardTobacconistM245288216
MyersN. (Mrs.)Garrard and Public SquareM620288404
NashW.M.Garrard b. 2nd and 3rdSaddlerN200288405
NoahGeorgen. Catholic ChurchSawyerN000288406
OsborneBenjaminMadison b. 2nd and 3rdCabinet MakerO216288407
OwenAmasaFerry HouseO500288191
OwenElijahAlley n. Garrard and 4thStone MasonO500288409
OwenJamesGarrard b. 2nd and 3rdBricklayerO500288217
OwenOwen P.Boards at Mrs. Whitehead'sEngineerO500288408
PainWillisc. 2nd and ScottCarpenterP500288410
PattersonJohnc. Greenup and 2ndBlacksmithP362288411
PattersonWm. C.4th b. Greenup and ScottCarpenterP362288412
PaxtonJosephScott n. 2ndBricklayerP235288413
PeekSpenceMadison n. 5thLaborerP200288414
PeekThos.n. FactoryLaborerP200288416
PeekWm.Scott n. 4thTeamsterP200288415
PettersonJosiah4th b. Greenup and ScottCarpenterP362288417
PhelpsHendersonh. Front e. GarrardMerchant - c. Greenup and 3rdP412288419
PhelpsJeffersonh. c. Garrard and 3rdAttorney at Law - GreenupP412288418
PierceSaml.2nd and ScottGrocerP620288420
PitchyJas. C.5th b. Scott and MadisonCarpenterP320288421
PoorHarrisonw. of MadisonCarpenterP600288422
PorterAndrewGreenup n. FrontLaborerP636288423
PorterRobert2nd n. FactoryCarpenterP636288424
PowersCampbell2nd n. FactoryP620288183
PrattEnosHead of GreenupStone MasonP630288192
PrestonBoards at Covington HotelSchool TeacherP623288425
PriceN.c. Greenup and Public Square(P. & Montague) Covington HotelP620288426
PughJoseph2nd n. FactoryP200288427
RaideCalebc. 2nd and ScottMachinistR300288428
RairdonJeremiah2nd n. KennedyShoe MakerR350288429
RieleyAlfredc. 2nd and GreenupCooperR400288430
RieleyJohnc. 2nd and GreenupCooperR400288431
RimingtonJohn4th b. Scott and MadisonCarpenterR523288432
RoachLewisHead of MadisonCarpenterR200288433
RobertsJoeln. 3rd b. Greenup and GarrardShoe MakerR163288434
RobinsonSimeonn. Catholic ChurchCarpenterR152288437
RobinsonThos.Boards at John Morris'R152288436
RobinsonThos.Boards at Charles Hardy'sCarpenterR152288438
RobinsonWm.Boards at Charles Hardy'sCarpenterR152288435
RockenfieldP.J.B. CaseyTobacconistR251288439
RossAndrewc. Greenup and 4thSaddlerR200288440
RunionPeter3rd b. Garrard and GreenupTurner and WheelwrightR500288441
SalterJos.Boards at T. Eagen'sCarpenterS436288442
SandfordC.h. 3rd b. Madison and ScottSteam Saw MillS531288443
ScholesE. (miss)Garrard b. 2nd and 3rdSchool TeacherS420288218
SempleRobertn. Rolling MillS514288445
SempleRobert Jr.Boards at R. Semple'sS514288444
SenioursDanl.Madison b. 5th and 6thCarpenterS562288446
ShuttJonasScott b. 4th and 5thNailerS300288447
SmithBarneyBoards at John Morris'S530288452
SmithHiramn. 3rd and LickingPilotS530288448
SmithIsaacBoards at J. Smith'sSteam Boat MateS530288451
SmithJamesn. 3rd and LickingPilotS530288449
SmithJamesBoards at Wm. Horner'sS530288450
SmithMadisonBoards at J. Smith'sSteam Boat MateS530288453
SouthgateGeo. M.h. Garrard b. 3rd and 4thMerchant - MarketS323288456
SouthgateJamesBoards at R. Semple'sS323288455
SouthgateWm. M.2nd n. LickingAttorney at Law - GreenupS323288454
SparrowJ.Greenup Opposie Market(S. & Dowton) BakerS160288457
SpraguePhilipBoards at A. Connelly'sTeamsterS162288458
SpringerA.Boards at Mrs. A. Whiteheads'NailerS165288459
St. CalirWm.Front n. GreenupBoat BuilderS324288461
StaniferFrancisBoards at Jos. Paxton'sCooperS351288460
StevensonR.H.2nd n. FactoryLaborerS315288462
StewartBoards at T. Eagen'sCarpenterS363288464
StewartE. (Mrs.)Garrard b. 2nd and 3rdS363288463
StewartJames (Dr.)Boards at P. Bliss'Doctor - Garrard b. 2nd and 3rdS363288465
StewartJohn R.Boards at Covington Hotel(S. & Swem) Tailor - Greenup n. 3rdS363288466
StewartSaml. W.End of 4thS363288219
SwemEphrimh. Scott b. 3rd and 4th(S. & Swem) Tailor - Greenup n. 3rdS500288467
TalbottSamuelBoards at P. Longshore'sT413288468
TalmanStephen2nd n. FactoryCarderT450288469
TaylorJoseph (Captain)3rd b. Madison and ScottT460288470
Tevissarah (Mrs.)Garrard b. 2nd and 3rdT120288220
ThomasJohnMadison b. 2nd and 3rdRolling MillT520288193
ThomasRichardBoards at Thomas Davis'T520288471
ThompsonJamesOpposite Public SquareShip CarpenterT512288472
ThurstonWalkerGarrard n. 2ndTeamsterT623288473
TinderAnthony3rd n. MarketT536288474
TodhunterReesHead of MadisonButcherT536288475
VerryJohnBoards at Thos. Ellison'sPlastererV600288476
WadeWilliamGarrard Opposite Public SquareLumber MerchantW300288477
WadleDavidn. Madison b. 2nd and 3rdLaborerW340288478
WarrentonC.G.Boards at A. Connelly'sTobacconistW653288479
WaymanN. (Mrs.)4th b. Scott and MadisonW500288480
WestermanJoseph5th b. Scott and MadisonPainterW236288481
WestermanWm.5th b. Scott and MadisonPainterW236288482
WhiteheadS. (Mrs.)2nd n. FactoryW300288483
WilletSamuelAlley n. Greenup b. 3rd and 4thStone MasonW430288485
WilletWm.3rd b. Garrard and GreenupTobacconistW430288484
WilliamJosephBoards at John Morris'W450288185
WilliamsJane (Mrs.)4th b. Scott and MadisonW452288487
WilliamsJohnw. Scott b. 2nd and 3rdW452288486
WilliamsJohn Jr.Boards at Jno. WilliamsShoe MakerW452288488
WolfGeorgeClerk - J. Howells'W410288489
WoodyardMosesAlley n. Market SpaceLaborerW363288490
WyattElizabeth (Mrs.)2nd n. FactoryW300288491
WymanDavidc. Greenup and FrontEngineerW500288492
YagerJosephScott b. 2nd and 3rdY260288493
ZellGeorgeMadison n. 5thButcherZ400288494