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GenKY - Baker Hunt Collection

The Baker-Hunt collection contains numerous documents relating to the history of the Baker and Hunt families, the history and activities of the Foundation and the history of Covington and Northern Kentucky more generally. The collection was made available through a partnership between the Baker-Hunt Foundation and the Local History Department of the Kenton County Library. Over 500 documents and photos were scanned at the library, amounting to over 3,500 pages of material. Original copies of the documents are housed in the archives of the Baker-Hunt Foundation, but the digital images are readily available to the public for the first time here.

Number of Records: 3,871

  1. 1940 Children's Chorus Concert Program
  2. 1941 Children's Chorus Concert Invitation
  3. 1941 Children's Chorus Program
  4. 1942 Children's Chorus Concert Invitation
  5. 1942 Children's Chorus Concert Program
  6. 1943 Children's Chorus Concert Program
  7. 1944 Children's Chorus Concert Program
  8. 1945 Children's Chorus Concert Program
  9. 5th Annual Culture Club Banquet
  10. 620 Woman's Club 1941-1942
  11. 620 Woman's Club 1980-1981
  12. 620 Woman's Club 1986-1987
  13. 620 Woman's Club 1991-1992
  14. 620 Woman's Club 1992-1993
  15. 6th Annual Culture Club Banquet
  16. A German Requiem Johannes Brahms
  17. Baker Hunt Song Recital 1934
  18. Children's Chorus Concert Program (1938)
  19. Children's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum
  20. Christmas Miracle Play 1933
  21. Christmas Oratorio Program
  22. Cincinnati Federation of Music Clubs presents The Oratorio Guild
  23. Closing Week Programs of Children's Classes
  24. Closing Week Programs of the Children's Chorus - 1938
  25. Dear Brutus 1936
  26. Double Door 1937
  27. Fashion or Life in New York 1936
  28. Glee Club Concert Program
  29. Glee Club Program
  30. Invite Card - Oratorio Guild
  31. Is Life Worth Living?
  32. Junior Players and Children's Chorus Program
  33. Junior Players and The Children's Chorus Program - 1937
  34. Junior Players Present Sir David Wears a Crown
  35. Leadership Training Booklet 1932
  36. Leadership Training Classes for 1936-1937
  37. Memorials 1987-1988 Index
  38. Memorials 1987-1988 Index
  39. Memorials 1994-1995 Index
  40. Memorials 1995-1996 Index
  41. Mother's Day Program 1939
  42. Mount Auburn Music Club Presents The Oratorio Guild
  43. Mount Auburn Music Club Presents The Oratorio Guild
  44. Music Department of Covington Art Club Presents the Oratorio Guild
  45. Oratorio Guild Concert
  46. Oratorio Guild Presents Acis Und Galatea
  47. Oratorio Guild Presents Cora Novissima
  48. Oratorio Guild Presents Requiem Mass
  49. Oratorio Guild Presents Requiem Verdi
  50. Oratorio Guild Presents Stabat Mater
  51. Oratorio Guild Presents The Creation
  52. Oratorio Guild Presents The Seasons
  53. Oratorio Guild Program
  54. Oratorio Guild Program
  55. Oratorio Guild Program
  56. Poor Richard Art and Craft Guild Distinguished Craftmanship
  57. Program Presenting the Work of the Children's Classes
  58. Requiem Mass Program
  59. Six Twenty Newsance
  60. Six Twenty Newsance
  61. Six Twenty Newsance
  62. Six Twenty Newsance
  63. Six Twenty Newsance
  64. Six Twenty Newsance
  65. Six Twenty Newsance
  66. Six Twenty Newsance
  67. Six Twenty Newsance
  68. Six Twenty Newsance
  69. Six Twenty Newsance
  70. Six Twenty Newsance
  71. Six Twenty Newsance
  72. Six Twenty Newsance
  73. Six Twenty Newsance
  74. Six Twenty Newsance
  75. Six Twenty Newsance
  76. Six Twenty Newsance
  77. Six Twenty Newsance
  78. Six Twenty Newsance
  79. Six Twenty Newsance
  80. Six Twenty Newsance
  81. Six Twenty Newsance
  82. Six Twenty Newsance
  83. Six Twenty Newsance
  84. Six Twenty Newsance
  85. The Adult Chorus
  86. The Adult Chorus Program
  87. The Children's Chorus
  88. The Importance of Being Earnest
  89. The Junior Players Present The Knave of Hearts
  90. The Norwood Music Club Presents The Oratorio Guild
  91. The Oratorio Guild in Concert
  92. The Oratorio Guild Presents Saint Paul
  93. Vesper Service and Commencement Program for the Leadership Training Classes
Last NameFirst NameAddressDocumentPagePDFSoundexGenKY ID
Last NameFirst NameAddressDocumentPagePDFSoundexGenKY ID
620 Greenup StreetClosing Week Programs of Children's Classes11939ClosingWeek377755
620 Greenup StreetClosing Week Programs of Children's Classes21939ClosingWeek377756
613 Sandford StreetClosing Week Programs of Children's Classes21939ClosingWeek377757
7th and Greenup StreetsClosing Week Programs of Children's Classes5 (Card)1939ClosingWeek377783
AckleyJohnGlee Club Program41942GleeClubA240378953
AckleyJohnChildren's Chorus Concert Program (1938)41938ChildrensChorusA240379286
AckleyJohn1942 Children's Chorus Concert Program21942ChorusProgramA240377989
AckleyJohn1942 Children's Chorus Concert Program41942ChorusProgramA240378003
AckleyJohn1943 Children's Chorus Concert Program21943ChorusProgramA240378139
AckleyJohn1943 Children's Chorus Concert Program41943ChorusProgramA240378175
AckleyJohn1941 Children's Chorus Program41941ChorusProgramA240377560
AckleyJohnChildren's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum2ChorusProgramA240377424
AckleyJohnChildren's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum4ChorusProgramA240377429
AckleyJohnGlee Club Concert Program41941GleeClubA240378901
AckleyJohn, Jr.Junior Players and The Children's Chorus Program - 193781937ChorusProgramA240378833
AcreeAgnesSix Twenty Newsance3NewsanceMarch1982A260379783
AcreeVirginia1942 Children's Chorus Concert Program41942ChorusProgramA260378083
AdamsDonaldChildren's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum4ChorusProgramA352377452
AdeickLeonardSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceSeptember1987A320380182
AdickMartha620 Woman's Club 1980-198117620WomansClub1980-1981A320376715
AdickMartha620 Woman's Club 1986-198714620WomansClub1986-1987A320376932
AdickMartha620 Woman's Club 1991-199211620WomansClub1991-1992A320377039
AdickMartha620 Woman's Club 1992-199313620WomansClub1992-1993A320377222
AdickMarthaSix Twenty Newsance1NewsanceApril1980A320379677
AdickMarthaSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceDecember1984A320379629
AdickMarthaSix Twenty Newsance1NewsanceFebruary1980A320379704
AdickMarthaSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceOctober1981A320380043
AdickMarthaSix Twenty Newsance3NewsanceSeptember1979A320380168
AdickMarthaSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceSeptember1987A320380183
AhlertWilliamOratorio Guild Concert21940GuildConcertA463379386
AhlertWilliamOratorio Guild Presents Acis Und Galatea8AcisUndGalateaA463377673
AhlertWilliamRequiem Mass Program21939RequiemMassA463379359
AhlertWilliamOratorio Guild Presents Requiem Verdi2RequiemVerdiA463379505
AlfredA.C.The Adult Chorus41934AdultChorusA416380285
AlfredA.C.The Adult Chorus Program41935AdultChorusA416379060
AlfredJuneChildren's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum4ChorusProgramA416377450
AlfredMrs. A.C.The Adult Chorus41934AdultChorusA416380259
AlfredMrs. A.C.The Adult Chorus Program41935AdultChorusA416379035
AllenGwendolynChildren's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum4ChorusProgramA450377451
AllenLoisChristmas Miracle Play 193331933ChristmasA450377787
AllenRuby Lee1945 Children's Chorus Concert Program41945ChorusProgramA450378521
AllenVerna620 Woman's Club 1980-198122620WomansClub1980-1981A450376805
AllenVerna620 Woman's Club 1986-198722620WomansClub1986-1987A450376995
AllenVerna620 Woman's Club 1991-199217620WomansClub1991-1992A450377124
AllenVerna620 Woman's Club 1992-199325620WomansClub1992-1993A450377376
AllmoslechnerMarthaSix Twenty Newsance3NewsanceSeptember1969A452380135
AlterMrs. RobertThe Oratorio Guild in Concert11938OratorioGuildA436380390
AlterMrs. RobertOratorio Guild Concert11940GuildConcertA436379368
AlterRobertOratorio Guild Program31939OratorioGuildProgramA436379321
AlterRobertThe Oratorio Guild in Concert11938OratorioGuildA436380389
AlterRobertThe Oratorio Guild in Concert31938OratorioGuildA436380397
AlterRobertOratorio Guild Concert11940GuildConcertA436379367
AlterRobert S.Oratorio Guild Presents Requiem Mass1RequiemA436377677
AndersonElbertJunior Players Present Sir David Wears a Crown1SirDavidA536378997
AndersonElbertThe Children's Chorus41933ChildrensChorusA536380216
AndersonElbertChristmas Miracle Play 193341933ChristmasA536377808
AndersonElbertJunior Players and Children's Chorus Program81936ChildrensChorusA536379100
AndersonJoyceSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceDecember1984A536379616
AndraudAlbertChristmas Oratorio Program8ChristmasOratorioA536379424
AndraudAndreChristmas Oratorio Program8ChristmasOratorioA536379425
AngelKimSix Twenty Newsance1NewsanceMarch1981A524379732
AngelKimSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceMarch1982A524379761
AngelMaurice LeeJunior Players and Children's Chorus Program81936ChildrensChorusA524379132
AppelJoan1945 Children's Chorus Concert Program41945ChorusProgramA140378449
AppelJoan1942 Children's Chorus Concert Program41942ChorusProgramA140378084
AppelJoan E.1944 Children's Chorus Concert Program41944ChorusProgramA140378369
AppelJoan E.1943 Children's Chorus Concert Program41943ChorusProgramA140378232
ArmstongRobertOratorio Guild Presents The Seasons4TheSeasonsA652377746
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Program21939OratorioGuildProgramA652379316
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Program31939OratorioGuildProgramA652379319
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Program41939OratorioGuildProgramA652379334
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents The Seasons2TheSeasonsA652377724
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents The Seasons3TheSeasonsA652377731
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents Requiem Mass2RequiemA652377689
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents Requiem Mass4RequiemA652377702
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents Requiem Mass7RequiemA652377713
ArmstrongRobertThe Oratorio Guild Presents Saint Paul41938SaintPaulA652380421
ArmstrongRobertThe Norwood Music Club Presents The Oratorio Guild41938NorwoodA652380382
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents Acis Und Galatea2AcisUndGalateaA652377636
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents Acis Und Galatea5AcisUndGalateaA652377645
ArmstrongRobertOratorio Guild Presents Acis Und Galatea8AcisUndGalateaA652377662
ArnoldKathy620 Woman's Club 1992-199313620WomansClub1992-1993A654377223
ArthurArlineJunior Players Present Sir David Wears a Crown1SirDavidA636378993
ArthurArlineChristmas Miracle Play 193331933ChristmasA636377791
ArthurJulian1942 Children's Chorus Concert Program41942ChorusProgramA636378096
ArthurJulian1943 Children's Chorus Concert Program41943ChorusProgramA636378265
AscereThomas1945 Children's Chorus Concert Program41945ChorusProgramA260378574
AshcraftJoyce620 Woman's Club 1986-198714620WomansClub1986-1987A261376933
AshcraftJoyceSix Twenty Newsance2NewsanceOctober1984A261380087
AttigLilaProgram Presenting the Work of the Children's Classes41933ProgramPresentingChildrensA320379026
AttigLila P.Leadership Training Booklet 193211932LeadershipTrainingA320378666
AttigLila P.The Adult Chorus41934AdultChorusA320380277
AyersTheodore1940 Children's Chorus Concert Program41940ChorusProgramA620377923
AylorArthurChildren's Chorus Concert Program (1938)41938ChildrensChorusA460379260
AylorArthurChristmas Miracle Play 193341933ChristmasA460377809
AylorArthurJunior Players and The Children's Chorus Program - 193781937ChorusProgramA460378813
AylorArthurJunior Players and Children's Chorus Program81936ChildrensChorusA460379101
AyresTheodoreChildren's Chorus Program, LaSalette Auditorum4ChorusProgramA620377469