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St. Elizabeth Hospital Documents

Number of Records: 866

St. Elizabeth Hospital was founded in 1861 by Henrietta Cleveland and the Sisters of the Poor of Saint Francis. From its first location on 7th Street in Covington, to its campuses throughout Northern Kentucky today, the organization has over 150 years of history in the community. This collection includes documents regarding St. Elizabeth, as well as the hospitals that it absorbed (e.g. St. Luke and Booth Memorial Hospital). Documents range from meeting minutes, to historical pamphlets, promotional materials, and other ephemera. The collection does not include patient records.

Photographs from this collection can be viewed on our photograph database, Faces and Places.

Last NameFirst NameOrganizationDocumentPagePDFSoundexGenKY ID
Last NameFirst NameOrganizationDocumentPagePDFSoundexGenKY ID
The St. Luke Hospitals: The History 1954-20041ste001017007496607
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-19862ste001030001496758
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-19865ste001030001496763
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-19865ste001030001496764
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-19865ste001030001496765
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-19868ste001030001496770
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198619ste001030001496782
St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198620ste001030001496784
St. Luke HospitalsSt. Luke Hospitals: The History1ste001048001497336
Health AllianceSt. Luke Correspondence1ste001048003497339
St. Luke Community FoundationSt. Luke Correspondence3ste001048003497351
Sketch of Mother and Child1ste001048006497368
Martin's PharmacyDoctor's Bag and X-Ray Tubes Artifact Labels1ste001048007497369
St. LukeSt. Luke Hospital Phase II Architectural Renderings1ste001048009497377
St. LukeSt. Luke Hospital Photo in Sleeve1ste001048011497378
St. LukeSt. Luke 40th Anniversary1ste001048013497382
St. LukeSt. Luke Hospital Anniversary Ball1ste001048019497388
St. LukeSt. Luke Hospital Anniversary Ball Program1ste001048023497389
St. LukeSt. Luke Hospital 35th Anniversary Mailer1ste001048025497454
St.Elizabeth Dedication Ceremony1ste001048025497455
Circle of MercySt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497457
Crusaders ClubSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497458
Knights of Saint GregorySt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497459
Knights of ColumbusSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497460
Knights of Saint JohnSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497461
Catholic War VeteransSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497462
Daughters of IsabellaSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497463
Diocesan Council of Catholic WomenSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497464
Cathoic Order of ForestersSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497465
St. LukeSt. Luke Hospitals 50 Year Anniversary Event1ste001048018497384
Country Cruisers Car ShowSt. Luke Hospitals 50 Year Anniversary Event2ste001048018497387
St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee2ste001031001496948
St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee10ste001031001496950
St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee11ste001031001496951
St. Elizabeth HospitalSt. Elizabeth Contagious and Psychiatric Departments Dedication1ste001048026497456
St. Elizabeth Medical CenterCertificate of Recognition by the Commonwealth1ste001048002497337
St. LukeSt. Luke Envelope1ste001048014497383
St. Luke Hospital bulletin1ste001056002497334
St. Luke Hospital bulletin1ste001056003497335
Aegidia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497151
Anna, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497152
Anna, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth4ste001033001497153
Antonia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth2ste001033001497154
Antonia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497155
Antonia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497156
Antonia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth4ste001033001497157
Apollonia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth20ste001033001497158
Beata, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497160
Blandina, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497161
Blandina, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth21ste001033001497162
Bonaventura, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497163
Cherubina, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth30ste001033001497165
Dominica, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth7ste001033001497167
Dominica, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth8ste001033001497168
Dominica, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth9ste001033001497169
Dominica, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth11ste001033001497170
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth9ste001033001497171
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth10ste001033001497172
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth12ste001033001497173
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth14ste001033001497174
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497175
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497176
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497177
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth20ste001033001497178
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth24ste001033001497179
Emilie, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth25ste001033001497180
Eusebia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth6ste001033001497181
Felicitas, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth2ste001033001497182
Felicitas, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497183
Felicitas, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth9ste001033001497184
Frances, MotherAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497104
Frances, MotherAnnals of Saint Elizabeth24ste001033001497105
Frances, MotherAnnals of Saint Elizabeth28ste001033001497107
Frances, MotherAnnals of Saint Elizabeth34ste001033001497108
Frances, MotherAnnals of Saint Elizabeth25ste001033001497109
Genevieve, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth21ste001033001497186
Gilla, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth29ste001033001497187
Gonslava, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth26ste001033001497188
Gonslava, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth28ste001033001497189
Gutta, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497191
Hildegard, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth24ste001033001497192
Hortulana, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth25ste001033001497193
Hortulana, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth26ste001033001497194
Hortulana, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth29ste001033001497195
Hortulana, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth30ste001033001497196
Hortulana, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth31ste001033001497197
Humpert, Mr.Annals of Saint Elizabeth23ste001033001497118
Hyacintha, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497198
Jacoba, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth7ste001033001497199
Joachim, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497200
Laurentia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497201
Martha, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth12ste001033001497205
Martina, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497206
Norberta, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth20ste001033001497209
Paula, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth10ste001033001497212
Paula, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497213
Paula, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth16ste001033001497214
Paula, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth20ste001033001497215
Paula, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth25ste001033001497216
Pica, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth18ste001033001497217
Placida, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497218
Placida, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth20ste001033001497219
Placida, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth21ste001033001497220
Rosa, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth4ste001033001497221
Rosa, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth7ste001033001497222
Rosa, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497223
Rose, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth2ste001033001497224
Serena, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth7ste001033001497225
Stylita, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001497226
Thecla, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497227
Tobia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth4ste001033001497228
Tobia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth7ste001033001497229
Tobia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth32ste001033001497230
Ursula, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth15ste001033001497231
Vincentia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth25ste001033001497232
Vincentia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth31ste001033001497233
Winfrieda, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth26ste001033001497234
AckermanRichard H., BishopSt. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198622ste001030001A265496613
AckermanRichard, BishopAnnals of Saint Elizabeth37ste001033001A265497053
AegidiusFatherAnnals of Saint Elizabeth30ste001033001A232497095
AfraSisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth33ste001033001A160497242
AidSt. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198614ste001030001A300496775
AirSt. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee22ste001031001A600496991
AirSt. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee23ste001031001A600496995
AirSt. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee23ste001031001A600497029
AirC. W., Dr.St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198616ste001030001A600496622
AirC. Walker, Dr.St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198627ste001030001A600496651
AirGordon W.St. Luke Hospital Anniversary Ball Program7ste001048023A600497437
AllenHarold M.St. Luke Phase II Groundbreaking2ste001048004A450497360
AllnuttRichard A., Dr.St. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198627ste001030001A453496679
AloysiusGeorge, BishopAnnals of Saint Elizabeth19ste001033001A420497051
AndrewsSt. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198627ste001030001A536496810
AnnaPostulantAnnals of Saint Elizabeth3ste001033001A500497147
AntoniaSt. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee11ste001031001A535496945
AntweilerFugentia, SisterAnnals of Saint Elizabeth27ste001033001A534497185
ArgusMr.Annals of Saint Elizabeth35ste001033001A620497135
ArthurSt. Elizabeth Medical Center 125 Years of Caring 1861-198627ste001030001A636496822
AufmwasserHugo , Dr.St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee18ste001031001A152496850
AufmwasserHugo , Dr.St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee29ste001031001A152496910
AverdickJas. A., Dr.St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee18ste001031001A163496847
AverdickJas. A., Dr.St. Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee18ste001031001A163496877